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  1. Hi I was wondering how well this will play fm? https://www.coolblue.nl/en/product/841947/acer-aspire-5-a515-54-73eg.html
  2. Nice season, congratz on the title! With the new tactic how does that combo of wm-a(with cut inside?) and cm-a work? On paper it looks like they attack the same area and I'd suggest swapping the cm-a and cm-s. I allways use a left winger too create space for the cm-a to run into. Plus you'll have more cover from a supporting player on your exposed flank and you could if necessary occasionally make him a cm-d. I'd train luke anderson to one of your central mide roles, proberbly the supporting one. This because he has long range passes ppm, vision, passing and so he could set up attacks to wich the other four players can run into. If he had better defensive skills i'd made him a playmaking dm.
  3. I'm playing with allmost the same set-up, am-a is a ap-s, centre mids are switched and thr wb-a is a cwb-a. And I'm having loads of succes with it, althoug that's in fm15
  4. I'll always make a shortlist of players who used to play for me and at least once a season I'll go thru this list and check how they are doing
  5. That has been a really nice season! Tough to beat that but I look forward to see the progress next season.
  6. That won't work. Skipping the full game will cost them greatly and touch is a version off the full game wich are sold together. So skipping touch is pointless. Having said that some extra flexibility would be great!
  7. Really interesting thread! Just how I like to play my games so I will follow this one. I like the way you are not using the player search options outside your shortlist, will use that in my current Feyenoord save. One small tip I will give you, wich will help you earn some extra cash negotiate monthly fees when you loan out players. When a player is 4mil or less you can ask up to 10% of what there worth. Wich will add up to 100% of there starting transfer price when you loan them out for a full season. Every now and then I'll sign a bosman just to loan them out for 1 or 2 seasons, then you can sell them for a small fee to a scottish team. They in turn can make a good profit on said player.
  8. I'm playing with a similair set-up. Anchorman=bwm-d Because its a semi replica of how feyenoord play in real life, and the press like a madman in that area. Aml = ap-s I prefer how that role behaves, it almost creates a box with the 3 other central midfielders. Tm = f9 I'm just a fan of this role :-) Works great, love the regista in this set-up!
  9. Why not play FMT? Maybe its allready been suggested and you've explained why, but that game excludes all of this. I've only missed teamtalks when I wanted to yell at them
  10. I hope not I'v been playing it voor 20 years (32 now) and hope to be playing it the rest of my days ;-) By the time I can play the fullgame/fmt on my mobile it will be the only game I play
  11. Keep it coming! I don't commend much, neither here or on your site but I have been a long time reader of your stuff. I would really mis your content because it gives me some clue every time I start with a new FM (I don't get every version I skip one or two years)
  12. Thats football. A lot of it is tactics, quality and money, but there's still a big part of luck involved. And luck is something you can have an influence on. In holland we have a saying "geluk dwing je af" wich means something like you force your own luck. I think thats form and your team has that at the moment. You will run in some form of bad results. You allready had one you had 3 games in a row you didnt win! But you came back with a 3-0 win against atletico, and I think in that result lies a part of the anwser to your question. In that game you where able to change momentum. You've mastered the basics the next step in your proces is to alter those when you need too, A plan b or 'a formation 2.0'
  13. Wow that are some good results!!! Third in la liga (why is it calledfirst division?) 17 against in 21 games inc 10 against from just the 4 games with most conceded. So that means 7 against in 17 other matches. 35 scored in those 21 matches and you have some momentum because the numbers are now better the in the beginning. I think you need to be a bit more positive towards yourself. Maybe you think you don't understand, but I guess you know a bit more then you think. Good stuff, keep going!!
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