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  1. Hello, I was looking through the editor for clubs with good youth recruitment/coaching in UK & Ireland and found this club called "22nd Old Boys". They've got some of the regions best facilities and youth recruitment/coaching. They've also got an value of around 5 million euros despite being an amateur club in the 10th tier of Northern Ireland. This seems a little suspect to be honest. I'm not sure what these attributes are based off.
  2. Hi, Found this bug. Albu was promoted to captain from vice captain but then started complaining about being stripped as vice-captain.
  3. Any good tycoon saves out there someone is sitting on but not sharing?
  4. Hello there, Not sure if this classifies as a bug, but I think it's worth pointing out. I was playing as Sheffield United vs Man City. We get a freekick at 14:11 out wide on the left side. It ends up resulting in a counter attack for Man City and specifically Aguero. I have three players back from the freekick and the one player Aguero is running towards is Baldock who is on the right side. Now Baldock has a PI telling him to mark a specific player here, so does Stevens (on the left). Is this my fault for telling them to mark specific players or would it be considered a bug? The player th
  5. Good lord. Hoping for an update soon on the match engine. Just seen 5-6 penalties and 4-5 red cards in 3 matches.
  6. Wales doesn't work with the database updates from Sortitoutsi, any chance of a new version?
  7. Pretty sure it has to do with the graphics quality in preferences. It says it's for 3D but it affects 2D classic as well.
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