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  1. Yes, I like to interact like that too Thanks for the tip. It's really painful to find female staff without the filter..
  2. Will try to ask again. Guys, please, is there a possibility to filter male and female staff on advanced search in Beta? Thx!
  3. Guys, is it possible to filter male and female staff in the advanced search in BETA? As in every save I would like to hire some female staff, but it's damn hard to find them.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I think it would be cool to implement a possibility to read gifs.. Wanted to make my staff (explayers) profiles a bit fancy with my favourite goals from their careers
  5. Hi guys, just wondering if it is somehow possible to have a GIF (animated "moving" picture") as a profile picture. Thanks
  6. Oh, that's bad news as I was able to bring Iver Fossum ..do you at least have any idea why did it happen? The game was saved and closed, just the restart of the computer wasn't usual..
  7. It is uploaded. The name of the file is: Nottingham_Forest_Till_I_Die.fm (don't laugh )
  8. I tried it, but unfortunately it didn't help.. there are no previous versions available. Any other ideas?
  9. Hi SI, yesterday I was playing FM. When I finished playing, I saved, quit the game and shut down the computer via start.. When turning off with some windows update in queue, the power went suddenly out in my whole apartment. When I turned my computer on again, my save could not be loaded.. other saves are ok. I am on Win10. Could you please check my problem? Is my save definitely lost? I am ready to upload the save, if necessary.. Thanks guys
  10. Hi thanks for help. As I said, I realized my skin had own 3D kits.. Deleting them helped. And about you other notions: Of course the game doesn't leave the kits blank, when I delete the folders. It uses the basic team colours, which you can see and change in editor. Cheers!
  11. Ok, I solved it. My skin had its own 3D kits. I probably won the most stupid user prize Neat.
  12. I deleted the ones, that I downloaded and added, from graphics folder. The default ones are in graphics.fmf in the Football Manager 2016/Data. I used the resource archiver to extract it, deleted the kits, made a new archive and copied over the original one. Still they are loading.
  13. Hi guys, I have a problem with my 3D kits. I wanted to remove the licenced/default ones from english championship. So I used the resource archiver, deleted them from graphics.fmf and rewrote the original one. But the kits are still showing.. I don't get it.. I deleted all downloaded kits, deleted the licenced ones. There are none of them right now, yet they are still loaded in every game? How is it possible? Thanks
  14. Finally solved. I installed FM to my ssd a now it's all ok. It was problem with my hdd. It doesn't seem to be corrupted, but there was very slow response.
  15. Update: Tried to uninstall MSE, the lag stayed. HDD solutions not working. It's driving me crazy. Out of ideas.
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