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  1. Daniel Braaten was uncatchable. Luke Moore from Aston Villa scored like crazy. Robinho and Diego from Brazil should be also mentioned.
  2. I see. English is not my native language, so maybe I misrepresent the meaning. Important is, that I know now ;-)
  3. Thanks for the answer. But it doesn't say wheter you can terminate the loan (for example if the player get injured for 6 months or more) and have another loan instead - still within the six players. I personally would read it like that: you can't have more than six long term loan players at the time.
  4. Hi, I just started a new save with Boreham Wood in Vanarama. Of course I planned to rely on loan players, but I have small problem. There is a 6 long term loaned in players restriction, which is fine. But when I terminated loans of two players, who were already on the team, it still says I have 2 loans, though factualy I have no loans in the team at all. Does it mean, that even if you termintate a loan, it still counts as a one from six for the whole season? Or is it a bug? Thanks
  5. Hi FMers, would you like to have important or historic figures still in the database, altough they didn't become coaches or managers? For example Ian Wright who is working on TV, but is still let's say "VIP" in football. I personally would like to have at least his profile in the game (maybe with some possibility to get back to game as a coach one day, if he makes his makes his licences. And you can try to persuade him to make licences or join your team). If you can keep history (profile) of a player in you save, after he finishes his career, I think you can also have the same for a player that is already retired. There is always a possibility that he will get back to the game. Thanks for your input!
  6. Thank you guys.. As ThinkZebras wrote above how is it possible that a few of my coaches (freshly retired players from 35 to 39) have better physiotheraphy attribute than someone who is a seasoned professional in physiotheraphy. I get what you are saying, but it still doesn't fully make sense to me.
  7. Ok, I see. But how to evaluate how risky is to sign physios with rating of 1 in comparsion with rating of 20. I have found a physio whose rating is 4, but he is model professional with high determination etc. I honestly don't know if I should sign him, or sign someone else with worse personality but higher physiotheraphy rating..
  8. Hi FMers! I was always obsessed with having the best possible staff in every club I managed. I was just wondering if the staff like physios shouldn't always have a "good" attribute in physiotherapy. In other words the person has a degree in physiotheraphy so it doesn't make sense to me, that there are so many physios, that have 1 - 5 in physiotheraphy. Shouldn't they always have this attribute set for example in range from 10 to 20? I get there is always a space to get better even in the physiotheraphy, but attribute set to 1, when the person had graduated in it? Same applies to sports science in my eyes as it is a university matter and they wouldn't let graduate someone, who is bad. That would be risky for society in both physiotherapy and sports science. Other coaching or judging attributes are of course diverse and that's alright, because you can be very good or very weak in coaching and have corresponding licence. What do you think?
  9. Yes, I like to interact like that too Thanks for the tip. It's really painful to find female staff without the filter..
  10. Will try to ask again. Guys, please, is there a possibility to filter male and female staff on advanced search in Beta? Thx!
  11. Guys, is it possible to filter male and female staff in the advanced search in BETA? As in every save I would like to hire some female staff, but it's damn hard to find them.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I think it would be cool to implement a possibility to read gifs.. Wanted to make my staff (explayers) profiles a bit fancy with my favourite goals from their careers
  13. Hi guys, just wondering if it is somehow possible to have a GIF (animated "moving" picture") as a profile picture. Thanks
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