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  1. Currently playing with Sheffield wednesday. I’ve had decent sucsess with a 4-3-3 formation ending 7th in the first season and currently placed in 5th season 2. Agree with ED that you should probably try to limit those TI’s. I play a possession style on positive mentality. Penney did a great job for me as left back first season, so that might be a tip for you as well.
  2. I'm a Pochettino fan as well and I have tried to replicate his style on FM with mixed results, so I'll be following this thread with interest. My thoughts on your tactic: Pochettino is know for quite aggressive pressing (not gegenpressing) combined with a high defensive line, so I would argue that you should probably use higher or much higher d-line in your team instructions. Maybe combine that with a Sweeper Keeper? And regarding the striker role: As you describe in the OP Alli or even Son is often more advanced than Kane. However I don't think you will be able to replecate tha
  3. Really appreciate the in-depth response, alanschu14, thanks! I'm certainly aiming to build a determined, professional squad, so this will hopefully improve in future seasons. My current squad personality is fairly professonal, which is not great. Do you know if staff personality also impact club personality, or is it first team players only?
  4. Hi, I'm currently playing with Nottingham Forest 2nd season and doing reasonably well. However I've noticed that some of my young players with high determination (Yeates (21y.o), B.Johnson (17y.o) & Appiah (18y.o) ) have a negative development of the determination stats. These guys had Determination 18-20, but all have lost 1-2 stat points over the season. I'm not tutoring any of them. Average Determination of my squad is 12,5, does that impact my highly determined players in a negative way?
  5. Hi. Thanks for your reply. If anything your posts has really thought me a lot on how I can use different mentalities and shapes to what I usually apply. My usual approach would be to set up in a control/fluid system and expect to dominate matches, however I've probably been far to aggresive in terms of risk and the roles I selected in the past. The counter/structured I now use is probably one of the most dominating systems I have made and it helped me to a 4th place finish with Souton in season 2. Appreciate the work you put in to this forum to help strugglers like me understand the game a
  6. Herne. I have followed this great thread for a while now. Can you explain why you changed from the defensive/structured tactic? Was it unsucsessful or other reasons? Would be interesting to see how it performed as the tactic inspired me to a 4-3-3 counter/structured high pressing tactic I'm currently using with Souton. Keep up the god work☺
  7. Just wanted to say that this thread is fantastic, Herne! Great work! You should consider adding this to the stickies as there are a lot of great advise here which certainly will help a lot of people.
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