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  1. In my save, he's listed as the Assistant Manager, a position he's held since the start of the game, apparently. The starting manager of the NYRB in FM21, is apparently Tony Jouaux.
  2. If you join the available managerial job at MLS debutants Charlotte FC, and have chosen start dates for a league such as England, where the MLS doesn't begin until 2021 as a result... You're given a Wage Budget of £2,326 per week, and £400K per week next season, but are told in the Club Vision to "prepare the club for joining the MLS" by the end of the current season, which typically means to buy MLS-quality Players for the start of the next season and get them into Match Fitness and Sharpness with a slew of friendlies... Although, I can't do either of those things, and will enter the MLS unprepared. It'd make more sense for that wage budget to be available now, rather than later.
  3. Yeah, that could work, ideally I'd do it over November and December, but there's a problem with that too... The way I'm dealing with World Cup Years in which there are December Dates, is triggering a November and December Break for the Group Stage such as during Qatar 2022. I'm worried taking another two month break elsewhere might leave not enough days for the 30 Matchdays in the Main Group Stage to be scheduled.
  4. I considered having multiple stages before, by taking the group stage, and making another Group Stage which happened at the same time as the other Group Stage and kept the teams in the same groups, but the problem I had there is because they had matching matchdays (Saturdays and Wednesdays), they'd clash and constantly reschedule each other, creating a horrible mess, and I couldn't figure out a way to circumvent that.
  5. I'm experimenting with a MLS-inspired Premier League where there's a Group Stage consisting of 32 Teams, split into a North and South Group, both consisting of 16 Teams, who play teams in their own group home and away, but play teams from the other group once at a Neutral Venue... I've got the games to happen with Fixture Plan Rules, but they're all Home Match Rules. How can I make it so the games played between Group 0 and 1 are listed as Neutral?
  6. I'm making a Combined League in England with clubs from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland in one League System. I've had to alter how some of the competitions in England work to facilitate new clubs taking part in them. One of these is the Leasing.com Trophy, which I altered to basically have two competitions within it, a Senior and Junior Phase, where the best Senior and Junior Team would meet in a Super Final. There is a Stage 0 and Stage 1 that are both Group Stages for the Senior and Junior Phases which both happen at the same time, then a Stage 2 and 3 that happen concurrently too and are Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals for the Senior / Junior Phases, and Stage 4 that is simply a Super Final for the two Phases to meet at. Although, when I try and test this competition. It gives me an error about rankings not matching up to the amount of teams? How can I fix this? All images are attached below.
  7. @Wolf_pd So, I've tried a few more times changing little details here or there, but still the same issues happen? I don't know why, the first season is fine but future seasons the table is broken. I don't know whether the terms of the affiliation prevent the two clubs from being in the same division, but the check is being done with Division Level rather than the specific division. Premier League and Premier League II are both Division Level 0, but in different nations. I'm not exactly sure what to do to fix this.
  8. @Wolf_pd The latest version is available at the Steam Workshop item I linked, although I can upload the file if you can't obtain it that way?
  9. I've attached an image which shows my issue. I've made an II / Reserve Database for England but I have a problem, despite the fact that the II Leagues and the Main League stuff being in two separate nations (England, and England Reserves [which I've made by editing Czechoslovakia]), I get this 'bug' where the playoff spots skip over II Clubs where their Main Club is in the main league above, and if a Main Club from a league above an II Club falls into a Division Level where their II Club is, it relegates the II Club from their II League down. Is there any way to fix this? The II Clubs were made separately and affiliations make them II Clubs, and I could understand why a Main Club and their II Club can't be in the same division, but why is this applying to a club in a division, in a different nation?
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