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  1. I got my first ever FM son on FM19 and i've played every version since it was possible. I got him in the 19/20 season so only the second season He's not very good Goalkeeper (conference north standard), despite that i've had him on the bench in cup finals, and since i've been England manager he's played in goal against the rubbish teams and hes the designated pen and free kick taker. At 21 years old, hes won the checkatrade trophy, the European Championship, the European International League, the Confederations Cup, the Community Shield and the Carabo Cup. Hes also been capped 27 times scoring 9 goals! He's not good enough to play for my club team though so only gets on the bench and will come on as sub if were winning by a lot. He missed out on a prem medal last season as he only played 9 games because i forgot he needed to play 10 games. I'll make sure in the future he gets 10 games in so he gets league winners medals too.
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