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  1. I usually take a team from the bottom league to the top, then when i'm bored of winning i'll move on to another club at the bottom do the same. I focus on developing a club over a long period and usually only sign young players to develop them into stars. On FM22 i might try a journeyman save starting at the bottom as usual but rather than developing a club and generally siging youth i'll focus on me instead and signing players for instant success and move onto bigger clubs when i can and care less about the long term future of club i'm managing. More short term club management of a few seasons instead of spending upto 20 seasons at a club. Either that or a youth only challenge starting at the bottom, i've been put off doing that my seeing how rubbish my youth intakes have been while staying at a club long term, in my current save i took Lancaster from the Conference North to the best in Europe over 20 years and in that time i don't think i would have had a full starting 11 and subs anywhere near good enough to get out of non league, i'm not sure how people manage to do it so at some point i want to experience that for myself.
  2. I now only have one save on FM, i like to build my own FM world and if i want a new challenge i'll just start it on my current save at a new club. FM19 was my longest where i managed 4 clubs over about 50 seasons and had 107 days played on it (though i play working from home, while watching Netflix or playing other games so not all that time is actually playing but a lot of it is) I skipped FM20 but on FM21 my one and only save which i started in Beta is currently in 2050 so into my 30th season over 2 clubs and i have 99 days played (as above, not all actively playing all the time)
  3. This may not be popular but i ruined Liverpool on a save by getting rid of all their players for cheap and then spent the money on rubbish players giving them massive 5 year contracts with 50% yearly wage increases and 3 year optional extentions and a human manager who would holiday the seasons until he got sacked and i'd replace him with a new one. As the club plummited down the leagues their wage bill rose and eventually they were paying out around £200 million a week in wages which just kept increasing their debt. There were a couple of things i noticed: The club quite often got taken over and their debt wiped The club would often have money invested to clear debt Very often, like almost monthly the debt would be refinanced which cleared the debt and the club would take out a loan to pay it back, except the loan amount didnt always go up Some seasons the club would loan out rubbish players to conference national and north/south clubs but they would have massive loan fees so those clubs who should have no money were paying uptp £5m to £7m in loan fees which is unrealisic but maybe a way of the club trying to clear their debt. This only happened if i didnt have a human manager in control at the time. Then the worst thing that happened is i think due to the limitation in the total number allowed so once the club went into i think about £2b debt the number changed to a positive number so sometimes the club finance screen will show a positive number for the wage expenditure and the club would get a massive injection of cash making them rich again, at least for a little bit until the wages consumed it all again. No matter how much debt they went into they would always get rescued, although most seasons they went into administration too. An interesting point is that after being relegated from the conf north, the season after they came back up and had no debt, had millions in the bank and a £90m transfer budget although they still had a couple of players getting paid £12.5m a week.
  4. Its definately a problem late in the game, i'm about 25 seasons into my save and alot of the big clubs play players way past their prime as its based on their high CA and reputation. For example i noticed Arsenal signed a 38 year old striker for £10.75M and played him in most of their league games getting 4 goals in 28 games. The player is still in the England squad too at 38. Its happened in all versions of FM and is one of the reasons why the game gets too easy when you manage a big club as you can easily create teams full of wonderkids while the AI teams end up being full of older players.
  5. I'm in 2043 on my save and the biggest fee so far has been £219m
  6. I'm currently managing Lancaster and the board wanted me to play defensive, direct counter-attacking which was ok with me as thats how we were playing and it was working as we made our way up the leagues. Then when the patch came out at the start of this year, my tactic stopped working, not sure what changed but something changed and i could no longer win playing the way we were so i changed to a slow posession based tactic that i got working and winning games. My board were not happy and the vision was showing red grading for what they wanted me to do, however as i was wininng games and overachieveing my overall rating from the board was still good so it never became an issue, now they want me to play attacking posession football so all it good.
  7. This happened on my save after the first 3 seasons i played during Beta, the first patch stopped record assists being recorded. Now every season i get messages about one of my players breaking the record for assists in a season which was 12 assists when we were a rubbish team and its easily beaten now so the messages are annoying
  8. They'be been ok on my save but nothing special. I'm in the 2036/2037 season and the most dominant English team has been Chelsea, followed by Man City, Man United, Tottenham and Liverpool. Liverpool have only won the Premiership once in the save back in the 2021/2022 season, Chelsea won 5 times, City 5, United 2 and Tottenham 2 then my Lancaster team won last season. Liverpool have also only won 1 FA Cup and 1 Carabao Cup, though they have won the Champions League twice and Euro Cup 3 times but they have been far from being the best English club on the save
  9. i don't intentionally do it but i was a bit disappointed when i got Lancaster promoted to the Premiership in my second Championship season as i was expecting it to take longer and i didn't want to admit that FM21 is a bit easy. It was hard in non league but once i got into League 2 it got too easy to move up the leagues and i was hoping it would take 4 or 5 seasons to get promoted out of the Championship.
  10. My seasons take quite a long time as i play FM while doing other things such as working from home, watching netflix, playing other games on a second monitor or xbox. I also do alot of the things myself so theres often a lot getting done between games and pre-season can take ages so a season can take me up to a week to get through. I'm in my 16th season and i started it on 10th November in Beta so thats 15 full seasons in 14 weeks. If you set your staff to do everything and you holiday between games i could imagine you could get through a season quite quickly.
  11. From my experience corners seem ok, I don't concede many goals but attacking the near post with your biggest players seems a bit broken as i do get quite a few goals from corners. Throw ins however seem to be totally broken, especially your attacking ones as players often throw direct to the oppostion who then go up and score and i've noticed players do not go where you ask them too as i've set mine to have all 4 defenders told to stay back and a wide man taking a short throw in with 2 players going short but often my full backs are going forward, players don't go short and i'll have 1 defender left 1 on 1 with the attacker so when they give the ball away from the throw in, one long ball later the their striker is through. There are a few threads in the bugs forum about throw ins and i believe (hope) its being looked into.
  12. There isn't a limit now as far as i can see as on my save with Lancaster we got a new stadium when we got into the Championship as ours was less than the minimum, however what could be a bug is that they built one too small for the Premiership even if expanded so when we got promoted 2 years later they had to build us another new stadium. The stadiums were only completed 3 years apart and they sold the first one to part fund the second one, both strangely were named the same after one of the club icons which annoyed me as i'm the only club legend.
  13. I saw something yesterday i think on Reddit where someone got a newgen that was Steven Gerrards son. A comment said that its possible that anyone in game can get newgens related to them. I've not seen it happen myself though. Here is the link
  14. I often get offers for my star players for less than half their value who then get unhappy that i wont let them leave while when i try signing anyone they want upto 100x their value and their players never get unhappy about bids rejected. Selling and buying players in FM is often a ball ache.
  15. Liverpool aren't op in my save. In 9 Seasons its gone Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Chelsea 3 in a row, Man City and Chelsea. It seems Chelsea are the best team in England on my save. Liverpool have also won some domestic and European cups but no team is dominating them.
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