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  1. Thank you both. Is this also doable without having FM21 or the FM21 editor?
  2. As seen in this topic, you can import FM20 files into FM21. What I would like to know, if this is backwards compatible too? If I find a real nice update for FM21, can I then find all mentioned lines and change them into the FM20 lines and then use those files in FM20? I would like to use this for transfer updates and league standings updates (most of them are more than a year old, and the FM21 ones are up to date) and use those files in combination with some newly created leagues that were made for FM20. Can this be done, without crashing my game?
  3. So I just finished my FM2018 savegame (though I might continue playing that). I was raised on a inland boat, and sailed (?) the rivers of western Europe, where my parents deliverd their cargo. As such, I saw many rivers and canals in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Nowadays, you could travel from the North Sea port of Rotterdam (in The Netherlands) to the Black Sea port of Constanta (Romania). Though I never sailed the Donau (Danube), I was always intrigued by the idea to go from the Eastern part of Europe to the Western part of Europe, by boat. Thus, when I started this save on FM, I set myself a challenge: become champions and cup winners in each of the 9 nations between those two ports. (I skipped Moldavia and Ukraine as they lay not on this route). I loaded some files from Sortitoutsi, to change some names and update a lot of transfers and I loaded a lot of Timo's nations and cups, to spice up my game. My setup was as follows: every league of the following 9 nations: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands, so I could travel alongside the river shores of the Donau (Danube), Main and Rhine from Black Sea to North Sea. As I had to play in nations with minor competions, I allowed myself to use genie scout and I used a skin with instant result. Though I mostly used instant result, I didn't do this in the important cup matches or in the 2nd phase (after the group stages) of the European tournaments, thus still getting a connection with my team in the process. I used a 5-2-3 tactic from Knap and 95% of my new signings are 21 or younger. Most of the time more than 80% of my team was 25 years or younger and I stayed on this course to buy young ones, let them play a lot and sell them in their prime. This might not be to the taste of everyone, but it suited my needs and wishes, so I was happy with it. My first stop was Farul Constanta, a small club from Constanta at the Black Sea coast. It was not before 2022 that I won my first cup and a year later we won the league title too. First part of the challenge was finished and I could look out for a job in a Donau city located in Bulgaria. However, the managers there wouldn't sack or leave, and when they did, I missed it, so I had to continue my time in Romania. After 17 league titles in a row and a Champions League title along the way, I finally was able to move to Dunav (meaning Donau/Danube) in the city of Ruse. It took my until 2042 to get my boys to win the Bulgarian title and until 2044 to win the Bulgarian cup with Dunav. After Dunav, I went to IMT in Beograd. The Industry Machines and Traktor factory workers club of the city. It was not easy to beat Partizan and Red Star and all the other bigger and better teams in Serbia, but we finally managed to win the league title in 2060 and the national cup in 2061. The 3rd nation of my journey was now finished and this meant I also finished a third of my challenge. Now I had to find a job in Croatia. That wasn't easy. Croatia had not many big cities along the Danube and the small towns that were there, were not always represented in the FM database. I finally found a job at BSK Bijelo Brdo, in a village far away in Croatia. Here, my first title, meant also my first double prize, as we won both the cup and the title in 2073. We were now so far in this save that Eastern Europe was now a force to be reckoned in Europe. At the start of your save, you might have one or 2 teams from Scandinavia or Eastern Europe in your Champions League and Europa League groups, but now 40 or even 50 percent of the teams competing in the main stage, were from the East. Really nice to see that my hard work paid of. Not only for my teams, but for the competions as well. After Croatia I went to Slovakia and became the manager of Inter Bratislava. In 2074 we won the cup and a year later, in 2075 we won the title too. Now, for the first time in my save I could look to teams that where already good or even great, as I went on to became the manager of Ferencvaros in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. We had some finances to spend and I was able to buy a lot of new players with great potential, right away. Our first prize came again the form of winning the double, as in 2073 we won the league and the cup. Meanwhile Austria became a force of nature in my save, without me doing anything. The best clubs came from Vienna, Salzburg and Mattersburg, but I signed with LASK (from Linz). IN 2087 we won the Austrian title and 2 years later, in 2089 we won the cup. We also won 2 Champions Leagues in a row and became the best team in the world. With only 2 nations to go, i finally was able to go to my strongest nation: Germany. They'd won multiple Champions Leagues with Bayern, Leverkusen and Wolfsburg. I signed a contract with FC Köln and tried to be better than those world beating clubs. In 2094 we won the league and in 2095 the cup too. I was now at 8/9 of my challenge and had only one nation to go: The Netherlands. I hoped for Feyenoord, but they had a good manager, so I looked further and Excelsior (also from Rotterdam) offered me their manager job. Vitesse was the main team of Holland. Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV only won a few titles in the last 30 years and Utrecht surpassed them. Vitesse won 14 titles in a row, before I finally changed a lot of 2nd placed for Excelsior's first cup title in 2102 and first league title 2104. After 31758 in game days I finished my challenge, becoming league winner and cup winner in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and The Netherland. I won the CL with Farul from Romania and 2 times with LASK form Austria; was 8 times national manager (USA, England, Italy, Spain, Brazil (2 times), Nigeria and France) and won 4 World Cups. My players won the European Golden Boy, the European Golden Shoe and lots of other titles and most of all, I had great fun doing this. I started this save on 14 february 2019 and I finished it on 21 september 2021, winning 46 league titles (all levels), 78 cups, 9 promotions and 1 relegation. When I think about my "career" playing FM games I always think about my first try at FM in the 90's where me and my brother trained Barcelona and Real Madrid and had months of fun. Almost 30 years later in real life, I now have a new favorite save. ❤😊
  4. Hi Knap, I just finished my savegame with this extraordinary tactic. I choose clubs along the Donau, Main and Rhine, to travel from the Black Sea, to the North Sea. My teams where Farul (Romania), Dunav (Bulgaria), IMT (Serbia), Bijelo Brdo (Kroatia), Inter Bratislava (Slovakia), Ferencvaros (Hungary), LASK (Austria), Köln (Germany) and Excelsior (The Netherlands) I played lots of matches and scored tons of goals. Thanks to your tactic I won promotions, national league titles, Champions Leagues and World Cups. This was really an amazing save and I want to say a big thank you to you I want to start a new save with FM20 now. Is there a really nice tactic you could recommend me that has comparable scoring chances and wing play?
  5. I would like to suggest that more teams sign new managers and not only the few top teams. I found out in my long term save that only clubs with a very high reputation sign new managers, if those nations are not loaded. I described this problem in detail here: In my save I loaded Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. Only teams from these 9 nations signed new managers. For all the other unselected nations, only 16 teams signed managers: Arsenal, Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool, Spurs, Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli, Barça, Atlético, Real, Sevilla, PSG and Benfica. Porto did it only once. And Inter stopped doing this in 2081. Each and every other team did not sign new managers. After sacking or retiring, those teams are managerless, for decades. Furthermore, teams without a manager NEVER win any European continental cup. Champions League: In all those seasons, all winners, and all runners-up came from my 9 nations, or from the 16 teams with managers. No exceptions. Though a decent amount of usual suspects and new winners emerged through the years, it always where clubs from these 9+16 Europa League: here I see exactly the same as in the Champions League: every winner, each runner-up is from this pool of 9+16 clubs. The Europa League has 2 unique exceptions however. In the first few season Lille (from France) and Porto (from Portugal) reached the final and lost. Both teams where still having their managers at that time. Lille had their original manager, Porto their unique second one. After these 2 exeptions all finals were with the 9+16 Though my game world looked like it changed organicly at first, in fact, it keeps the big teams at the top, if they're not from a nation that is playable, a team can only win a significant European trophy when it has a manager. So each team can do this in the first few years, but after it is without leadership, it is not capable of winning anymore. furthermore, it won't even be able to play a continental final. How this is done in other regions I am not sure, as the top teams from South-America etc still win continental competitions, but non of them has a manager. I do not know what of this is pure random luck and what is hard-coded, but I think this needs a bit of a revamp. Suggestions: I would like to see that more teams from unloaded nations sign managers, so that at least each and every team that has some significance has someone leading them and that more teams are able to win European competitions And/or I would like to see that we have more control over how many teams are really active in your game. For example: you select The Netherlands and Germany as playable nations and then click on a amount of other teams that will be active in different tasks: like top 10, top 50, top 100 or top 200 teams per continent (or per nation) are able to (a) sign managers, (b) sign staff, (c) scout for talent, (d) sign players from competiting teams/leagues and (e) will try their best to win continental competitions. We already have an option to load extra players from nations, regions en continents, by selection of top teams, continental active teams, national reputation players, etc. If this would be possible for the "activeness" of teams in your game, this would be an awesome addition. It still has limitations, but those limitations are stretched a lot wider than it is right now. I hope it is clear what I mean (the problem mentioned in the linked topic and the suggestions for a solution). If there are other possible ideas to solve this; or if there are options that solve this n the game already, feel free to post them here. Thanks for reading!
  6. Anyone who knows a bit more about this?
  7. I hope the Japan issue wil be sorted out in the next few years. Next, I also would like to see Paraquay, Costa Rica, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Vietnam. They have great teams that are continental beaters, and/or lots of potential.
  8. Why/how are players selected for the best teams ever (nations and clubs)? We know how great Maradona, Pele and Cruijff were back in their days. And we can see every week how great Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are. My save is in 2095 right now (FM2018) and after Messi and Ronaldo retired, Mbappe was one of the best players in history. It shouldn't be easy to be selected for a Best XI and if you make it, it shouldn't be easy to lose your place. How in heaven's sake are worldclass players like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappé not in their nations Best XI anymore, or not in their past clubs Best XI anymore as there are no players with more goals, more assists, more personal prizes or more league/cup wins in my career? There have been other great players ofcourse. Some of them scored buckets of goals and won lots of prizes. But there are only few of them that are really better than these footballing heroes. Yes, if you guide a very small team from the countryside of Croatia to back to back Champions League wins, it would be normal that in a few years you have an entirely new best XI. And if you win the World Cup with San Marino, it makes sense too. But what if you are managing Brazil, The Netherlands, Real Madrid or Ajax? It wouldn't make sense at all that their best players ever are replaced so easily. It would take someone of the quality of Messi to replace Johan Cruijff at Ajax's Best XI. Someone with the quality of Pele to replace Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid's Best XI. It would be nice that when the game decides to add a player to a Best XI, that you can always view their statistics and bio. Those things have been tracked to know if they should be in a team, so it would be a great addition if you can see why. (And to compare them with the players that where there before.) Players like Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappé and greatest players in history like Maradonna, Cruijff and Pele should not be easily replaced and if so, it would be a great addition to see why another player should be there instead of them.
  9. Two years ago, I posted this idea What I would like to have is the following: A way to export a lot more of the statistics that are already in the game OR a way to show them in-game, like at your manager profile If you, like me, are playing a long term save, you have created a unique footballing world for yourself. I am in 2095 right now and my game is full of statistics, rivalries, new big teams, interesting league wins, etc. It is really fun to see how FM organicly transformed the footballing world you know, to something entirely new. I like my savegame a lot (otherwise I would be playing it for two years ofcourse) and I would very much like to be able to find statistics that are in the game, but are nowhere to be found when you play it. For example: FM keeps track of top goals scorers, youngest player, red cards, etc. However, it shows only the best/worst of them in most cases. Like youngest player to ever score a goal for The Netherlands. Or oldest player on the pitch for the team you are managing. For other statistics it keeps track and publishes lists of those. Like highest attendance or longest winning streaks are viewable year by year. If it isn't viewable, it doesn't mean that it isn't there, as FM keeps track of all goal scorers in the league and you can view the stats of every player. So why not only show my club or league top scorer, but also the entire top 10 in it's history, or my top 100 goal scorers throughout my career? Another example: I would like to be able to see what are my most feared opponents per club for the teams I have managed, but also througout my entire career. It could be that I have lost the most continental cup matches from Atlético Madrid and Red Star Belgrade when I was at Ferencvaros and the most league matches vs Vasas. For my entire career, it could be that Atlético and Red Star where fairly easy, as I always won vs them when managing 1FC Köln and LASK Linz Aother one: I tend to buy young players and train them into world beaters. To what teams did I sell the most players? From what clubs did I buy the most players? Which club spended the most money at my last managed team? From what club did I buy so much that it dwarves all my other expenses? Are there clubs that I bought from or sold to, at each and every of my previous teams? And: why/how are players selected for the best teams ever (nations and clubs)? How in heaven's sake are worldclass players like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappé not in their nations Best XI anymore, or not in their past clubs Best XI anymore as there are no players with more goals, more assists, more personal prizes or more league/cup wins in my career? There have been other great players ofcourse. Some of them scored buckets of goals and won lots of prizes. It would be nice that if the game decides to add a player to a Best XI, that you can always view their statistics and bio. Those things have been tracked to know if they should be in a team, so it would be a great addition if you can see why. (And to compare them with the players that where there before.) Players like Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappé and greatest players in history like Maradonna, Cruijff and Pele should not be easily replaced in a Best XI. I posted more about Best XI's here These are just a few of the many things that I would like to find out about my game. Dear SI people, would such things be possible and, if yes, be available for us in the (near) future? I am still playing FM18 by the way, so if this is already in a later game, or planned for FM22, I would be very very happy. Thanks for reading this.
  10. Is this possible? I'm in 2095 right now and it would be great to be able to browse your game like this. As the game keeps track of about everything, wouldn't it be just a case of exporting the already available data? And if not possible to extract this right now, it would be a nice addition to next FM games. It could also be just another tab on your manager profile, containing "clubs most bought from or sold to"; "best winning streaks" (not only the highest); "most feared opponents", "player that scored most goals for me in 1 season"; "player that scored most for me in his career"; and so on, and so further I continued this request in the Feature Request Forum:
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on these forums in between. As I am Dutch, I am almost always loading the Dutch leagues, or at least scout in them. Could I use your file but have the Dutch setup like standard? Or do some editing myself to get it right?
  12. Hi @Daveincid and @majesticeternity First of all, thank you both for this editor file. It looks great and could give a lot of extra depth to this game. I am still playing FM18 at the moment (long term save that is not quite finished yet) but I am already looking for a perfect setup for my FM20 savegame. When reading your last comment, would you say to not use this file anymore, or is it still good enough?
  13. Prediction semifinals: England vs Germany -> England // France vs Netherlands -> Netherlands Prediciton finals: Germany 4th, France 3rd, England 2nd, Netherlands 1st (or so I hope)
  14. Sam, what about this ↑ And what kind of setup (editor files and in game leagues) do you advise to enjoy your DB at its fullest? (I am going to use SoritouiSI's live update and their fix and probably some of Timo's nations)
  15. @Carlito85 Thanks for being so kind! Of all your files, which ones reflect the real life competitons the most? I am chosing between 41/42 because they have the most cups, but for a long term save, I most often chose the most realistic setup 1. That makes sense. The Sortitoutsi Live Update does transfers and continental cup qualifications, I suspect by editing the league position the club had. That might cause conflicts too? It does not change those cups, I think. 2. OK, I will use file A then 3. So it will be a choice between new Fifa Club World Cup or CC merger. 4. I will follow your work. Happy helping with thinking about options, if you need that I'll try a new game, to see if it works. Thanks again!
  16. Is this compatible with Timo's nations and Sortitousi's live update or fix? Files 41 and 42 contain both the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Cup. Do I then need the A-file (compatible with Europa League) or B-file (compatible with UEFA Cup) for the new Fifa World Club Cup format? (This question goes the same for the other new cups. Do I need the A-file or the B-file, if I chose an UEFA setup that contains both the Europa League and the UEFA Cup?) Why is the Americas merger not compatible with the new Fifa World Club Cup? Is the AFC file compatible with the new Fifa World Club Cup? Do you have plans for an CAF reshape? Like in Asia, the CAF nations are grouped in regions. Could there be regional cups in your file? Perhaps in a way that winners are also qualified for a specific continental cup? And what about (inter-)regional cups like the ARAB Champions League (containing teams from North Africa and the Middle East) or the GCC Champions League (containing clubs from Gulf nations) Will those leagues be compatible with your work? Sorry for so many questions. I really like to play in a lot of different leagues and cups, so these files could be great for me. Thank you for all your hard work.
  17. Though some things sound logical, I do find it very complicated. Sorry.
  18. @sporadicsmiles Your health is the most important thing you have (alongside your family). So stay save, stay strong, get well soon and surely don't worry about FM. Take care!
  19. What will happen with newgen managers or players that become managers after years of playing? Will they be better too, or will the game - after all those years - return to be at the same level that SI had set for the managers?
  20. Does that mean recreate / add rules to the 6 Gulf nations' leagues too? Or is setting it in the cuprules of the GCC CL enough? Would be easiest, I presume, if you could then set the following, for example for Saudi-Arabia: Nr 1-4 in AFC CL, nr 1-2 in Arab CL, nr 3-4 in GCC CL, or someting like that
  21. Just fairly simple. The 2 best teams from Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait qualifying for a groupstage of 3 clubs each. Playing eachother 2 times, means every club plays 4 matches in the groupstage. 1st and 2nd place teams advance to a normal knock-out tournament. Quarter finals = 1 leg; Semi Finals = 2 legs; Final is 1 leg. Groupmatches in February and March Knock-outmatches in April and May As it seams the teams are pretty randomly chosen from the participating nations, I am not sure on how to select them. The easiest way would be to select league winner and cup winner (with runner-up if both champions are the same) but I guess that would be making a very high chance of a very full or unplayable calender. I really like to be able to play in 3 different Champions Leagues in the same year, but maybe that is not realistic. So if league winners play in the Asian Champions League and possible the Arab Champions League too, there should be another rule to specify the correct teams. Like the 2 highest teams that are not in the Arab CL that year. I am not really sure about the selection rules of the Arab CL, I would have to look into that the prevent clubs getting in both regional Champions Leagues (as all Gulf clubs play in the Arab CL too)
  22. I've looked into activating / recreating the now defunct GCC (Gulf Club Counsil) Champions League. It is already in the SI db. I asked some questions about how to do that in de simple questions thread, but I cannot find out how to add clubs by league position (like league champions or cup winners). I got some very nice and helpful tips, but still felt very lost in the editor. Is there someone who can point me out to a step by step guide on how to do such a thing? Or, wants to make it for me? Ideally I want to be able to manage a Saudi team (already got Timo's pack) and participate in the AFC CL, Arab CL and Gulf CL (without having problems with too many fixtures close to eachother when playing in those competitions) If there already is such a file that does this, I would be very grateful. I already have a file by Claassen that does this for FM 2018. Is that perhaps possible to use that and convert it for FM2020?
  23. Tried to do that, but when clicking continental rules I couldn't find it. It still gives me the same options Perhaps I better do a request in the request thread
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