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  1. Decided after my failed try in Wales i wanted to try Scotland and got East Kilbride. General Profile Club information Current Squad Club History
  2. So that went well i was relegated first time of asking so going to re start challenge with different team nation me think Manager Profile Welsh Premier League Penybont Squad Transfer History
  3. i am a bit late at trying this years challenge decided to head off to Wales for this one. Penybont profile Penybont_ History Penybont Players MY PROFILE
  4. finally getting around to try this challenge just loaded Italy up and i am new manager of David Clark is the new manager of FC Bari 1908 Squad 1/Squad 2 ,
  5. got sacked on my kettering save so going to re load challenge again hopefully get my home town team.
  6. Kettering Town- Vanarama National League North - 2019/20 The media prediction for my first season was 22nd, So I knew this season would be tough one. So i was looking to pick few decent players to help with the lack of depth we had. League Table- An 15th place finish to the season was a solid season to me we were nearly dragged into the relegation battle in mid season with our form dropping but in January our reinforcements helped us pick up some wins and we pulled away from relegation zone. FA TROPHY- We had a few good wins, but couldn't quite complete with Tranmere Rovers in the third round we were beat 3-2. FA CUP- I was bit shocked at this result because i thought that we should of beat Bamber Bridge but they were the better of the two teams. Squad- I think by adding two or three more players we could have a decent squad for next season. Transfer History -Free transfers to give me bit more depth. Finances - I was try to stay in my means of wages but went over slightly but hopefully will be getting rid some deadwood try bring back up. Key Player Profiles: Top scorer- James Akintunde. Most assists -Dion Kelly-Evans. Highest average rating -Aaron O'Connor. Most valuable player -Ben Milnes. Top youth product --Fatih Serdar Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 National League North 15th Next Season: As long as we get the right signings I think we manage to avoid Relegation hopefully.
  7. late starter to this years challenge gone for Kettering Town manager profile2 manager profile 1
  8. good solid first season there well done
  9. Billericay Town F.C-Vanarama National League South 2018-2019 League Table Past Positions -This was a slightly disappointing season for us as we were had been tip to finish in the playoff spots but our poor form at the end of the season let us down and we slip down the League to finish in 9th place. Competitions Review -As you can see a bit of a poor season in the league but had bit run in cups. Finances -try to stay in budget but did not manage it we are in the red. Squad- Small squad will be looking to try and improve the squad with more depth needed. Transfer History- Had bit clear out to try reduce wage bill but did not work. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: Rob Swaine- Club captain did well to lead the team and had some decent performances too. Kevin Foley-Had Decent season from him will be nice to see if can get another good season from him next season. Sam Deering-One best players at the club for me was joy to watch him this year. Season Team League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018-2019 Billericay Town Vanarama National League South 9th None NEXT SEASON: Avoid relegation try and improve the squad
  10. hi there first of all sorry if this has been asked, but can anyone help me fix this problem , every time i go to save screen shot my screen is bury but the game is working fine.
  11. Bit late at starting this years challenge Dulwich Hamlet have named there new manager as David Clark
  12. Come back to this as my fm2017 has to many error reports, so i try it again with FK Chiko Byaga
  13. could i have my thread deleted as too many errors and crash dump in my save
  14. can i have this thread title changed not deleted , i would like changed to Dave From English Manager To European Hall Of Fame Quest. thanks
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