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  1. Vanarama National League North Season-2022-2023 After last season 5th place finish i was looking to build a strong side so i could challenge for promotion. League Table- As you can see we went on and became champions by one point on the last game of the season. FA CUP-Score line dose not reflect on how poor we were on the day Guiseley were better than us beat us 1-0. Buildbase FA Trophy -- Stronger side Wrexham beat us 1-0 but we played well to try and get a reply but was not to happen and they beat us 2-1. Finances- a lot worse than previous years due to contracts so looks like will have to try and sort that out. Transfer History - A lot going on here trying to get the right depth in the squad and trying to off load people who do not want be at my club. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: TOP SCORER- Charlie Watt MOST ASSIST- Jayden Campbell PLAYER OF THE SEASON- Charlie Watt MOST MAN OF THE MATCH AWARDS- Alex Perry POTENTIAL YOUNG PLAYER -Antonin Kominek Career Overview: Season Team League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-2021 Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National North 5TH NONE 2021-2022 Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National North 4TH NONE 2022-2023 Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National North 1st Champions NEXT SEASON Hopefully with the right transfers i can try to avoid relegation and try and sort the finances out is a must.
  2. Vanarama National League North- Season 2021-22 So after finish in 5th place last season i was looking forward this season slight improvement but not by lot. League Table-As you can see we finished in 4th place. playoffs - just missing out on this thanks to my hometown team South Shields beating us in the first game. FA CUP- we had decent run in this got to the first round got beat by stronger team Ipswich. Buildbase FA Trophy - Got to the 3rd round in this one again by Wealdstone 3-0. Finances Summary - Looking lot better now i am no longer in the red thank to player sale and good cup runs. Transfer History- Had bit clear out and sold one player for £4.9k wich will rise to £7.25k with addons. KEY PLAYERS PROFILES: TOP SCORER- Aaron Pilkington MOST ASSIST- Mohammed Sangaré Fans Player of the season- Aaron Pilkington Most Man Of The Match Awards- Max Haygarth Potential Young Star- Antonin Kominek Career Overview: Season Team League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-2021 Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National North 5TH NONE 2021-2022 Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National North 4TH NONE NEXT SEASON: Hopefully promotion after missing out again but if we get good up run i be happy with than.
  3. decided to load fm up again after few months away and this time gone to serbia , to try this challenge i have gone with this team FK Timočanin Club Profile General information Facilities Current team- Current Team Club Vision Current history
  4. Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National League North- 2020=2021 Season Preview/Season Review / Avoiding Relegation was my main goal for the season we were Predicted to finish in 19th place. League Table - As you can see we some how managed to avoid relegation and finish in 5th place . FA CUP-- A First Round loss to Hartlepool United FC. Buildbase FA Trophy- Kettering Town FC knocked us out in the qualifying round they were stronger and better than us. playoffs- We were going into playoff first round under poor form so was not hopefully of getting anything from this game. squad- The Players i had were decent but still room for improvement. Youth Candidates - Looks like a decent intake hopefully can keep a hold of the players. Transfer History- Load of free transfers here and one player on loan. Finances- Spending -1.17k P/w over my wage budget so will have to try and off load some players to balance it out. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: Top Scorer- Michael Coulson Most Assist- Chris Dawson/ Dennis Gyamfi Best Passer- Thomas Taylor Most Man Of The Match Awards- Riley Harbottle/ Lewis Gilboy Fans Player of the Season- -Chris Dawson Potential Youth Player- Jackson Reed Career Overview: Season Team League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-2021 Scarborough Athletic Vanarama National North 5TH NONE Next Season: Squad Over haul and hopefully avoid relegation again and try push on in the cup games
  5. this challenge is hard but fun i got sacked in Slovenia, so going to try it again but maybe England or Scotland
  6. NK Svoboda Ljubljana not play much football manager lately decided to re start this after many fails decided to go to Slovenia. Manager Profile Club Profile Current Team General Information
  7. just got much faster pc and installed football manager thought i give this start and went for Merthyr Town. Manager Profile Current Team Club Information Facilities Club Vision
  8. no problem are you doing save this year
  9. Could i ask could i see the save file if that is OK
  10. Decided to give this a crack to play along side my other save,
  11. South Shields-Season 2020-2021-Vanarama National League North The media prediction for my first season was to finish in the bottom half of the table in 13th place so i was expecting it to be a hard season for us. League Table - Wining the League my first time of asking was a joy even with the 110 points total i was shocked at how well we did in my first season. FA CUP- - We did well in this we managed to get to the first round but a strong Carlisle United beat us 2-1. FA Trophy-- Again we went all the way to the semi finals only to get beat by Maidstone United but the scoreline dose not reflect on how well i thought we played. Squad-- I got rid of most of the older players and focused on youth but kept one or two older placers keep the balance of the team. Transfer History-- All free transfers so did not spend much of our budget on buying players. Finance Summary-- I over spent on the better players to try and get them on long turn deals and they signed. KEY PLAYER PROFILES : Top Scorer- Jason Gilchrist Most Assist- Luke Daly Highest Average Rating- D'Mani Mellor Most Valuable Player- Ethan Galbraith Top Youth Prospect- Kieran Charlton Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 National League North 1St Champions NEXT SEASON: I'm Feeling quit optimistic about our chances of avoiding relegation if we get the right signings.
  12. David Clark decided to try this again with my home town team south shields current squad-
  13. here my first ever crack at this My Profile Shanghai Shenxin Shanghai Shenxin Current Players Chinese Jia League Current Table
  14. Decided have one more crack at this after several fail attempts got my home town team South Shields Squad
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