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  1. well done on retaining the title @yezzko. Europe seemed tough but still learning. Spyrka had a good season - can't ask for much more from a winger too. good luck next season.
  2. good to see you regain your title @yezzko Krizan looks great and someone who you can hopefully build your team around.
  3. congratulations @yezzko. good luck next season. hopefully the new sponsorship deal and the promotion will steady your finances somewhat
  4. oh dear... not good to hear! do you have the players to switch back?
  5. not quite sure how i missed your update @Tecmo - been busy and then on holiday so that hasn't helped... steady season - hopefully the change in tactic will help. like the look of Cermelj and Miskovic looks a decent prospect. Good luck next season. As for me, i need to get my act together and do an update. hopefully i iwll get time to do it in the next few days.
  6. alternatively could try one of the challenges on here... Big Euro, Dafuge etc...
  7. welcome @yezzko and good luck. Look forward to seeing how you get on with Kosice. They're the sort of club i like to manage. I'll be interested t osee how you get on.
  8. He looks like a great signing... All the attributes i look for in a wide man.
  9. still playing as Bari - just been really bad at doing reviews!! (not setting a good example...) I THINK i am due a couple so will TRY and get them done at some point soon.
  10. feeling bad that i haven't posted an update in a while... need to get my act together at some point. Just finding the time to get it done at the moment with other commitments. Hope those of you playing the challenge are enjoying it and also having success
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