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  1. some great progress - really good to see. Still searching for a home should I decide to leave my Owls save behind and come back 'home'. Currently have potential saves in France, Germany, Italy as well as considering Belgium, Portugal, Norway and Brazil.......
  2. Ha ha!! I have been investigating possible countries and teams... Watch this space!
  3. the cheek of it!!! Probably has a sense of realism though i guess....??
  4. @aldojagsfeel your pain... that point in the challenge where you are beginning to top the leagues domestically but where the players don't want to join, partly possibly as a result of club reputation maybe but also the leagues standing...
  5. @SolnaRoyal - another great update. Making some good progress. As @Biscotti says, not stealing at all... Just taking inspiration from others - we have all done it. @Biscotti - feel your frustration but good progress. Like your desire to have a Basque core - Going 'full Bilbao' is always going to be a challenge (tempting though....)
  6. @jmarchand - great work in getting the new contract agreed for Matas. At least now if/when he does leave you'll get a good fee for him. Not that he isn't potentially worth more than that for you going forwards.
  7. oooooh you tease!!! Show us the title win.... And as for relegating the Blunts with a thumping win....
  8. great to hear Muça is coming back... Seeing the progress is making me get twitchy to take on the challenge... Might have to do some research on leagues while i carry on with my Sheffield Wednesday save..........
  9. great stuff @Biscotti - delighted for you. Good luck next season. How are you feeling about the step up and your chances?
  10. Bizarre.... This is one of the few areas i think is a bit of a disappointment on the save - i often find the report doesn't seem to tally with what has been produced. I tend not to pay too much attention to the report nowaays....
  11. some great progress again - @jmarchandwell done on making the group stages. Enjoy the ride (and the money)
  12. Personally i don't see too much of an issue really. I don't believe it would affect your overall chances of completing too much...
  13. @aldojags - unlucky there. You have some promising youngsters there - like the look of Avramov and Tenev. Fingers crossed you can make that last bit and make it to Europe next season - fingers crossed the youth perform for you.
  14. fingers crossed for you next season @Britrock, if nothing else than for you to hopefully keep Fabio Caires - he looks a great prospect.
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