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  1. welcome @Vipertitan. Never too late to join in. Good luck in Wales.
  2. Hope you get into this save then - be good to see you back @XaW
  3. sounds like the perfect excuse to play in Bulgaria....
  4. hey @aldojags, your name does ring a bell... I'm not too bad thanks all things considered. How are you?
  5. season has been completed. Not too much time so i'll post the season review in the next few days.
  6. double congratulations there then @Crispypaul... Can be difficult making time to play the game at times with young children,
  7. great debut season in the top flight there. Looking at your previous history of winning the title in your second season, (with the exception of 1 league) you're nailed on for the title next season...
  8. like the look and potential of Johansson @Andrew Haines
  9. Good to see you back @Andrew Haines and to see your progress with Stockholm. Hopefully your survival in the Superettan will be the boost you need and that you strengthen and push up the league next season. A solid defence is always a good starting point and hopefully you will be able to add the attacking threat this season.
  10. Like the look of Kraljevic @Dexter Morgan. Got great potential and not bad already to be fair. Klaric looks a player to watch as well.
  11. making some good progress @Dexter Morgan - that title can't be too far off now. Good progress in Europe too. Hopefully you'll be able to keep that young back line together for a few seasons yet. Dolencic-Fiolic looks to be a VERY promising young stiker too. Good luck keeping hold of him...
  12. there are a few good challenges on this thread, and obviously from a biased point of view (as i am running it this year... ) i can recommend the All-European Small Club to Big Club Challenge where you pick a team promoted at the end of the first season to the lowest playable league and take them to domestic and European glory... Have a look at the thread if you are interested.
  13. Sounds harsh @Andrew Haines - i have gone through similar with Bari but have managed to hang on to my job.
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