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  1. @Muttley84 - congrats on the promotion - IF i end up going to Germany once i start the challenge you have set the bar high! Good luck next season in Bundesliga 2. As for ordering a shirt, i have thought similar on more than one previous occasion! @ashton321 - oh mate i feel for you. Hopefully you can save something there and can continue in the save. @Botas - you are more than welcome to come back to the challenge. Hopefully you can choose a team and country to go to.
  2. South American FM 18 Challenge

    @ashton321 - not a problem in taking my template. If i had done the thread i would have done the same. As Fabreth said, it could have been done as a 'rest of the world' thread but I would keep it at this personally (except for maybe adding USA to make it an 'Americas' thread.....) Completely up to you though, as it is your thread.... Good luck with it.
  3. That's a good profit on him for one year and 50% of £31m wouldn't be bad either... Sometimes the money is too good to turn down. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  4. 1860 Munich

    you could always sim for a year and then play them from there - You would be eligible for the Big Euro Nation Challenge too then, not that i am plugging the challenge at all.
  5. Good luck @Lenzar - 1860 Munich are a good team for this challenge, and one i had considered playing myself as they meet my usual criteria for this challenge. Good luck.
  6. @Crispypaul - welcome and good luck with Lyn - a club whose name rings a bell for me going back a few years. I seem to remember them being one of the top teams in Norway for a time.
  7. Thanks - opening post updated. @ashton321 - unlucky with your First Vienna save. Well done in your first season with Moss though - it is a name that i remember from my time playing Gundo several years ago. Andreassen looks to be a star of the future - good luck getting him back next season. Unlucky with the stadium expansion though - is it do do with league regulations or something like that? It isn't like your facilities were that bad to start with...
  8. @GoalieManPat121 - good luck in Finland. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. @DodgeeD - that's a bit of a blow to lose your keeper. good luck finding a replacement and in strengthening your defence. @Muttley84 - good luck with Lokomotiv Leipzig. i am looking forward to seeing if you can overturn RB Leipzig and become the top team in Leipzig. @ashton321 - well done on survival. Hopefully you can build on this for next season. the financial situation doesn't sound great so i hope that you can work within this and maintain your survival in the top league.
  9. @wynter - good luck in Holland. @ashton321 - good to see you back. fantastic first season there. Like the look of Eichinger and £50k could be a steal. Good luck next season in the top league. Also, i am loving the badge too...