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  1. @2481- good opening post there - looking forward to seeing how you get on. Italy (for me anyway) has been an enjoyable county to manage in so far. good luck.
  2. welcome and good luck @2481. Good to see another in Italy and another phoenix club....
  3. looking forward to seeing you back soon @Crispypaul
  4. Thanks @Biscotti - still here and checking in on the page most nights to see what is going on. Just finding time to compile the end of season post and get it uploaded. I am actually in November now... Congratulations on the title! Unlucky against Sporting in the Champions League qualifying round but well done on topping the Europa League group! Unlucky against Hamburg but it will have been a learning experience for the team. You seem to have got some good players there - like the look of Krzczuk and i agree you need to tie him down to a new deal. Good luck next season
  5. @uroszila - welcome to the challenge and good luck with Merida. Playing on Touch is fine for the challenge - the more the merrier. Merida are a club i have heard of and one that would fit into my own personal criteria of choosing a team in one that has been in the top leagues before and trying to get them back so i approve of your choice!!
  6. Bari Serie C Season 2019-20 League Table Graph Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 I am keeping this review brief (i'll be more detailed in later reviews) but our first season in Serie C saw us crowned champions. We started steady but then went on an incredible unbeaten run in the middle third of the season which saw us rise up the league finally hitting top spot with 4 games to go where we held on until the end. Whilst i thought pre-seaon we could make the play-offs i am over the moon to get promotion first time round. In terms of players we relied a lot on loanees to get the quality required but our top goalscorers (Ngombo and Floriano, both with 10) were our own players. For next season, we'll aim to survive and go from there. We should be good enough to do this but time will tell.
  7. welcome and good luck @Balahara. Wondered where you had disappeared to @Lower Leagues Rule - nice trip to Barbados eh!
  8. cheers @Tecmo. bit surprised but i'll take it... was hoping / expecting a top half finish but over-achieved for sure.
  9. season complete.... quite happy with that.
  10. good luck @Tecmo - good history to the club. When looking at clubs i have seen their history and thought it'd be an interesting save. Good luck
  11. sorry to hear that @Tecmo. Sounds like the team let you down though. Good luck wherever you go next.
  12. rlipscombe

    FM19 Non-European Challenge

    good luck @GloryFan2002 with the challenge . will keep a keen eye on it and might pop over at some point to give it a go.
  13. good turnaround. good luck avoiding the relegation spots
  14. sounds like a great club for you... Good luck
  15. good to see some new players... looking forward to seeing who you choose @Mr_Demus, @Tecmo and @Crispypaul