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  1. incredible @aldojags - nothing like a bit of late drama in the final!!!! fantastic mate... Congratulations
  2. If you want to play as a lower league team, could try taking over a promoted team at the end of the first season. You'd also be eligible for this challenge: give it a little read and see if you feel inspired...
  3. it's been a great read @Rumple43 - looking forward to seeing how you get on in South Africa
  4. better luck this time @DazRTaylor. Fine with holidaying two seasons. Good luck
  5. keep going @aldojags - you're not far off making that next step in Europe, and you are bringing in some good players there. @Thebaker - tough season there but it was a step up and you survived so mission accomplished. Good luck next season.
  6. great to read the progress going on here. Makes me want to jump in but just concerned left it too late to give it a proper go with the amount of time i get to play. Plus i have got the Owls into the Premier League.......
  7. also, if you decide to do another thread like this for FM21, can you link it here, so i can follow it? This has been a great read (and not just because it is the Owls....)
  8. very emotional wrap up.... obviously well written as usual... Couldn't spot any local journalists in the photos though.....
  9. congrats on promotion @Biscotti - looking forwards to seeing the big boys visit Sestao Stadium....
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