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  1. it might well be. history suggests that Holland have always provided good youngsters...
  2. we have had people play with teams in Holland but i don't think we have ever had a completion in Holland.....
  3. decided that i am going to start a new save with the Owls now that the transfer window has closed and with an updated database. will post something in the next couple of days. Nearing the end of the August transfer window.
  4. seriously frustrating @GoalieManPat121 - but congratulations on making the group stages...
  5. good luck in Italy @dj clark boy and @Tecmo... who wouldn't want to manage a team like Gladiator???
  6. good luck in Turkey @dj clark boy
  7. started a game again with the Owls... Joao has just put 5 past QPR at Hillsborough....
  8. that's tough going @Tecmo. glad to see that form has picked up now though. might have to use your experiences as a lesson for my own French football adventure.....
  9. congratulations @GoalieManPat121
  10. Solid season there @Lower Leagues Rule. Finances are tough in Serie C – I am finding that out! Seriously unlucky in the playoffs – that must have been gutting. Some solid players there – the goals of Smrtnik definitely will have helped. Hopefully I will have a striker that has that sort of form! Interesting to see how Riccardo Serpieri got in as I have signed him too. Good luck next season.
  11. could have been a tougher draw... good luck with it.
  12. can't grumble too much with that then...
  13. @Amethyst21 - good solid first season in the Bundesliga. Unlucky with the cup run – though I guess getting knocked out by the winners is some comfort. Von Piechowski’s performances belied his stats and you have a solid team there. A goalscorer and who knows where you could finish with a few other additions. @Lower Leagues Rule - looks like a solid season there so far. You have to be happy really overall. Good luck for the rest of the season. @fabreth - well done on surviving the first season in the Premier Division – just!! Good luck next season.
  14. @fabreth - congratulations on the promotion! @wynter - congratulation on winning the cup! Fantastic achievement.