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  1. fingers crossed for you @Biscotti. Really hoping you manage to complete before FM21 (no pressure though!)
  2. well done @Andrew Haines - your persistence finally paid off and a combination of a good squad, great form and a tactical tweak certainly helped you finally overtake Celtic and Rangers (and bizarrely Hamilton!)
  3. Genius!! Made me chuckle did this section... Tricky one, for me between Pauly or Moriba... If it was me, i'd go for Pauly. Looking forward to seeing who you go for...
  4. I agree. Sometimes one step back helps propel you two steps forward... Good luck
  5. good to see you return @Tecmo. Sorry to hear you got relegated but at least the board have faith you can bounce back next season. Good luck
  6. Ha ha! It has seemed to be quieter in general. Guess the effect of FM21 being on the horizon... I'm still checking in!
  7. well done @jmarchand - a great improvement on the previous season. Sounds like those signings were key - sometimes as much as you may like some people, you have to look at it objectively and make decisions. (i am currently having a save as my team, and whilst Barry Bannan is rated 1.5-stars, and doesn't really play much any more, I just can't let him go as he has been a great player for us IRL and my favourite player. I even made him Director of Football even though he isn't very good!)
  8. hopefully a case of one step backwards, for two steps forwards. The new signings look promising and the additions of Premier League rejects hopefully is pointing to an upturn of form again next season. good luck
  9. Great to see Telmo Silva back. I bet you are glad you inserted that clause!! Would say that will be a fine deal if you get another three years out of him. His stats are still there for now and he might be the key to breaking the ceiling you seem to have at the moment. Good luck for next season - really have my fingers crossed you can complete the challenge. You've certainly put in the work!!
  10. can't say that I have noticed that before.... Might well have happened though...
  11. Ok - Obviously it is an idea at the moment and I haven't looked into all of the detail as yet. I appreciate that it may require some tweaking for some countries.
  12. Yes that is what I was thinking. Europe is great with the familiarity of the countries but exploring deep into South America, or in Asia might be interesting for some. It would be interesting to see how those countries compare as a challenge compared to Europe.
  13. I am considering the idea of expanding the 'European Small Club to Big Club Challenge' for FM21 to a 'Global (less England obviously as we have a successful thread for that) Small Club to Big Club Challenge. Previous versions of the game had other threads for different continents (South America in particular) but there wasn't one for FM20. I am wondering whether there would be interest in expanding the challenge to cover those countries not currently falling under a thread? Obviously there are countries with no relegation from the bottom divisions and I am not sure of the set-up of some
  14. That would certainly suggest things are going pretty well in the EURO Cup for you....
  15. tricky season there @Thebaker - slight downturn domestically and in Europe but it was a tough group to be drawn in. Like the look of the potential of Ndiaye - he could become a star for you. Good luck for next season. Is there any option to give a new contract to Okrah to increase his minimum transfer fee? Good luck next season.
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