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  1. @jmarchand - just back from a weeks holiday. Wow another great season, and close to perfection in the league. That goal difference is insane. congrats on another CL title - that semi against Salzburg must have been crazy. Luciano Leon is indeed a star - quite how he is still with you and not kidnapped by one of the big clubs in the 'big' leagues is impressive. i am sure that his valuation is hampered by playing in Croatia - in Spain he'd be valued well into nine figures. Good luck for next season - fingers crossed for the perfect season....
  2. Yep, international management is allowed... Why would we want to stifle success???
  3. Ha ha... Me too. enjoying life in the Premier League....
  4. @iseemonsters1 - good to see you back, and congrats on maintaining the national dominance. The Copa Libertadores is the big one but i sense it's coming closer. Mesa looks a player of great potential. @Biscotti - good to see you bounce back with promotion. Saizar looks very promising and Zang looks exciting too. Good luck next season.
  5. Yes next season will be interesting - see what team we can put out. Club is a mess - feel a little sorry for Chansiri - think he was really badly advised in the early years and gambled on investing to get promoted. Since then we have been burdened by that financially and obviously Covid hasn't helped. Think we need a reset, a clear out and build to go again. Maybe take a little inspiration from those across the city... (did i say that out loud???)
  6. good to have another update... Sounds like you have spent a lot of the summer sorting out the staff and developing the youth facilities. Also good to see Sheffield Wednesday represented in the World Cup Final - let's face it, it's not something that is going to happen in real life for a while!
  7. Personally i am not averse to the idea. I might be wrong but i don't know if it is that different to loading countries / regions...? I guess it would potentially make the challenge harder(??). I think traditionally it has been there to make the challenge easier for those with slower computers as there would be slower processing speeds otherwise. Unless others have an issue with it i am happy to allow it...
  8. @jmarchand - LOVE the potential of Luciano Leon. some of those mental stats... the future looks bright...
  9. fantastic @Siepe1990 - great season. Kabadayi is a dream of a striker - those technical stats. Good luck for next season.
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