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  1. That does seem tough, especially for confidence. I am hopefully in a position now whereby i can make a start in the challenge in the next few days. Just need to decide on where to go and an interesting team to be..
  2. good luck with the new save @Tecmo @Biscotti - not a bad performance at all there against Fiorentina. What was the score? As for me, i am struggling a bit at present with my Sheffield Wednesday save so i might be dipping my toes in the challenge...
  3. FM18 Sheffield Wednesday Thread

    finally managed to get round to starting a save with the Owls.... Will post something once the transfer window has shut. (given that "Carlos had a dream" but got sacked, maybe it's time to rethink the header!!)
  4. good improvement there @Biscotti but seriously bad luck with the form in the latter part of the season. Hopefully you can eradicate that next season and get the title and promotion that you probably deserved this season.
  5. I don't feel like you should stop posting as it's not entirely clear in the OP if that means loading leagues as view-only or not. But if you consider the great regens you're finding with them on view only, and assume the view-only aspect isn't affecting that fact, imagine how many more there'd be with them on full playable From my point of view i am happy for you @The_Gato_In_Goal to continue in the challenge as you are. It isn't clear as to whether it is allowed or not so for this year (at least) we will allow it to continue. If it proves that there is an advantage to it them we can review it for FM19. Good luck with your save.
  6. fantastic work @The_Gato_In_Goal - that's the way to do it domestically. the hard work starts now though (unless you maintain your tremendous strike rate next season!