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  1. incredible achievement @GoalieManPat121 - congratulations on being the first completion of the challenge (i think??) this season - especially given you achieved it in Portugal... where will you go from here?
  2. that's tough going @Georgex. The Chairman does seem to have high ambitions in the first season, which i thankfully met. Financially it can be a bit tough too with the high wages at the club already. As for advice, try and find a settled formation. I tried a large number of players and only once i found a settled team we went on a good run that led to promotion. Forestieri was key for me - keep him happy and also at the club if possible. good luck with it.
  3. so i have now reached 1st February so another update. After 26 games we sit 14th on 27 points, 3 above the drop zone and 7 above 20th. goals scored is an issue with none of our strikers being prolific. As a result, i have splashed £3.2m on Josip Drmic, a Swiss striker, from Borussia Monchengladbach. I also signed a fellow Swiss, Steven Zuber from Hoffenheim for £3.6m. Zuber is a left sided player, another area where we lack a bit of class. We reached the quarter finals of the EFL cup and we are into the 5th round of the FA Cup. Financially we are fine, as a result of being in the Premier League. As for the run-in, i will be happy to achieve survial and anything else from here is a bonus.
  4. little update as we have made it to mid-October and 10 league games... we sit in 11th with a record of 4-1-5, 6 points above the relegation places. goals are proving a little tricky so far, as is consistency. top goalscorer so far is Forestieri with a miserly 3 goals. Fliting between 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 asymetrical formations. i will do an update when i make it to January.
  5. well done on getting the tile second season @The Art of Drowning. you certainly do have a youthful squad. good luck in the Premier Division next season.
  6. He only scored 1 goal in 25 appearances for Blackburn last season @nextqprmanager - Still early days for me in the Premier League. My coaches think he has the potential to be a decent premier League player in the future. He seems to have been scaled down a bit on this update - He was better when the game was first released.
  7. End of Season 2016-2017 A great first season with me exceeding our chairmans expectations in achieving automatic promotion as runners up to QPR. It might have even been the title had we turned a few of our draws into wins. Still we will be playing in the Premier League next season. As the league graph below shows, we really hit our stride in the second half of the season and our 17-match unbeaten run pushed us in the automatic places with a few games to go: In terms of transfers we relied primarily on the existing squad with a few additions, mainly on loan. Indeed Thomas Rogne was the only player signed for a fee. As for the squad, we played with a large number of players this season, as i tried to decide on a tactic and also the main players for the season. As for key players, Fernando Forestieri was our main striker supported by either Jordan Rhodes or Gary Hooper. As for the new season, i will no doubt need to strengthen the squad. Survival will be my aim (and hopefully the Chairman's) and anything else will be a bonus.
  8. Finally made it to the end of the first season... after a seventeen match unbeaten run at the end of the season we managed to secure promotion on the final day finishing in 2nd. I will post a season review in the next few days all being well if I get a bit of time. For now I am going to enjoy the moment and begin planning for next season...
  9. decent start to the season @Andy Sava and then WOW! not wanting to take any shine off the result, but i have found on previous versions that bigger teams' B teams can be there for the taking... great result nonetheless.
  10. welcome back @Andy Sava - good to see a new game in the challenge. good look toppling Espanyol and then Barcelona to be top dogs in Barcelona! you might encourage me to kick start a save in the challenge again this year if i don't achieve promotion with the Owls!
  11. it might well be. history suggests that Holland have always provided good youngsters...
  12. we have had people play with teams in Holland but i don't think we have ever had a completion in Holland.....
  13. decided that i am going to start a new save with the Owls now that the transfer window has closed and with an updated database. will post something in the next couple of days. Nearing the end of the August transfer window.
  14. seriously frustrating @GoalieManPat121 - but congratulations on making the group stages...