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  1. wow you are a man in demand on the international stage! Jaap Stam is a slightly left-field appointment... Has he much pedigree as a manager before then?
  2. Time to catch up on the progress in the thread after a holiday… @Biscotti - wow – the offer of the Spanish job… Must be making waves across Europe. Unlucky in the league this season – I am sure you’ll be back next year. @XaW – Great first season in the top league and Europe to boot. Fantastic. Good luck next season. As for me I have reached February and the end of the transfer window. Time to push on to the end of the season…
  3. @XaW - fantastic work mate with back to back promotions! good luck in the 'big' league next season. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.
  4. @XaW - congratulations on the title and promotion. Hopefully promotion will help with the finances. You’ve got a few decent players who’ll hopefully help you next season. @Andrew Haines - some good progress there. You seem to be having to rebuild each year when the vultures circle but it doesn’t appear to be affecting you too much. Good luck next season.
  5. Been a little while since I posted last, mainly due to being immersed in my Como save and not having too much time recently to check on the forums. So… @Crispypaul - serious congratulations on being the first person to complete the challenge this year. @Andrew Haines – making some quick progress through the seasons. Was a shame to see you relegated but well done for bouncing back straight away. Seems like it was one step backwards for two steps forwards. @RocheBag - welcome back into the fold. FM18 certainly is a big step up since FM14. Good luck in Norway. @XaW - welcome back to the challenge – good luck in Belgium As for me I have made it to January. Started poorly and I have some work to do with my squad I think. In mid table but about 12 points off the top places with still plenty of games to go. Need to go on a good run after an important January transfer window.
  6. Como Serie B – Season 2019 – 2020 Season Review Serie B - Final Position: 8th Graph Italian Cup - Quarter Finals Competitions - Review Transfers 1 Transfers 2 Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 Como Team of the Year: Team Finances Club Details Key Players: M: Roberto Biancu - On loan from Calgiari, he was a steady prescence in the centre of the park. M: Alessandro Gabrielloni - A steady prescence on the left side, he became the clubs record appearance maker. Not good enough though, he’ll likely not be around next season. M: Cristiano Lombardi - On loan from Lazio, he was great on the right and weighed in with goals and assists. We’ll miss him next season. ST: Simone Palombi - On loan from Lazio, he’d have been a revelation had it not been for La Gumina. Great understudy. ST: Antonino La Gumina - Signed on a permanent deal from Palermo, he took Serie B in his stride and scored another 20 goals. Led the line superbly. So a season of consolidation and a survival fight pre-season turned into something I could only have dreamt of. We had some great performances and we managed to get an 8th placed finish. Added to a run to the quarter finals of the Italian Cup, I couldn’t have asked for more. We relied overly on loanees again so I want to try and make the squad a bit more permanent, but I won’t be afraid to bring in the loanees again. Finances have been transformed too.
  7. @Andrew Haines making some good progress there. looking forward to a season of consolidation before another promotion as champions... @Jambo98 welcome to the challenge and a great first season in Belgium. N'diaye looks a handful upfront with his pace. good luck next season.
  8. @Andrew Haines - congratulations on the title and promotion. good luck next season. @Jambo98 - welcome to the challenge and good luck with Liege. I like a club with a good back story. As for me, i have just finished my second season. will try and put an update up in the next few days
  9. @ashton321 - shame to hear as you were doing so well in Sweden but i fully understand your decision. Looking forward to seeing where you go.
  10. @Tecmo - thanks. I feel a bit mixed on it if i am honest. Obviously i would never turn down the opportunity of promotion especially from a league that historically has been a little tricky to get out of, but i am a little concerned about whether we are up to the challenge of Serie B. we shall see how pre-season goes in terms of recruitment etc.
  11. @Biscotti - Thanks. It certainly is a slight concern for me too. Survival is really my only aim this season. Another decent season for you too.
  12. Como Season 2018 - 2019 - Serie C End of Season Review Serie C/A - Final Position: 6th Serie C Play-offs: Winners Transfers 1 Transfers 2 Squad 1 Squad 2 Como Team of the Year: Team Finances: Key Players: GK: Mirco Miori - On loan goalkeeper from Atalanta was a beast in the goal. Key performer in our unlikely promotion AMR: Cristiano Lombardi - Joined on loan from Lazio in January, he weighed in with some important goals and assists ST: Antonino La Gumina - Another to join on loan in January, this time from Palermo, he was great and added a cutting edge upfront that we had been lacking So all in all a season which completely exceeded all expecations and hopes i had at the start of the challenge. We were mid-table until the turn of the year but a few key signings and an 18-match unbeaten run saw us reach the Serie C play-off final which we managed to win, sealing an unlikely promotion to Serie B. As a result i was named Manager of the Year, something which was also a shock given Pro Vercellis' dominance of the league. So onto next season we go and the daunting prospect of Serie B where we'll meet 'giants' Bari, Brescia and Parma amongst others. Target will simply be survival.
  13. FINALLY finished my first season in Italy. Been a bit of a roller-coaster season. Will try and get a season review up in the coming days.