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  1. after struggling to get into a Big Euro Nation save, time for a dabble with my club. Going to be a challenge to sort out the squad and wage structure. Who to (try and) sell and who to keep...
  2. i tend to find that it is a necessary 'evil'(??) if you like to get loan deals in in the first couple of seasons, particularly as you build your reputation. been busy @Shankly84! look forward to hearing your progress...
  3. welcome @Britrock - Milano City were a club i considered. Will be interesting seeing if you can challenge the big two in years to come. They MIGHT be useful clubs to use in the loan market - what sort of relationship (if at all) do you have with either or both out of interest?
  4. sorry for the lack of updates - had an unsuccessful first season with Palermo which ended with me being sacked despite being on edge of playoff places (boards requirement). Had a little dabble in Germany which isn't grabbing me so just dipping my toe in another country, not one of the 'big 5' to see if that grabs me. HOPING this one pulls me in....
  5. congratulations again @Andrew Haines - double promotion is a great achievement
  6. great first season @Andrew Haines. Good season from Benca - looks a steady player so a great return from him. dominated the league - good luck next season.
  7. like the look of your Brazilians @Biscotti. good luck next season and the push for a European place. sounds like it isn't far away now. As for me, my Italian job is over. It appears the Palermo board weren't happy we me being on the edge of the promotion playoffs in March (their requirements for the season) and they booted me. Bit bitter about it to be honest but there you go. Off to my next destination - Germany
  8. unlucky mate - bit harsh after survival season one. Did they have any other concerns when you stayed up?? Brutal
  9. good solid first season there @Tecmo. Muirhead looks a decent prospect and hopefully he can handle the step up in quality. good luck next season.
  10. THINK that might have been last years' game which would now have been corrected in line (i think)?? might be wrong though. Last year you had to holiday two seasons if i recall correctly.
  11. Spain would be tricky to try and crack the big two (three if you include Atletico..)
  12. good to see you back @Crispypaul. Good luck in Sweden As for me, i am currently playing the first season of a save. So far it's not going overly well and having a lot of draws. Currently under a bit of pressure on my job. Will see if i make it through and survive...
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