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  1. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    certainly could have been worse...
  2. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    fantastic @fabreth and congratulations on promotion @XaW
  3. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    fantastic first season in the top division @Andrew Haines - impressive. Torpedo Moscow are a team that i have thought about managing before. Love the look of Abrudean too - fantastic potential... @XaW - solid first season there, especially after Christmas. bodes well for next season.
  4. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    well done on the title @Kaiserwatman. good luck in the CL. welcome and good luck in Russia @Andrew Haines
  5. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    unlucky mate. Good luck with Dinamo
  6. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    welcome to the challenge and good luck in Russia @Andrew Haines. Russia is a country i have always been tempted to try but never got round to. i will follow your progress with interest.
  7. really being quite poor with my updates but the save is pulling me in and i am currently moving on with the save. I am now into July 2022 and am planning for my first season in Europe after having won the League Cup and also finishing the Premier League season in 6th. It is only early July but i am already extremely excited by my new arrivals, most notably Granit Xhaha, Romelu Lukaku and also Gabriel Jesus. There is also a little more money left in the pot for maybe one more signing or two. I am hopeful of doing a little update in the next week to show the progress i have been making.
  8. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    congratulations on your promotion @Kaiserwatman - great achievement! good luck next season.
  9. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    welcome to the challenge @Kaiserwatman and congratulations on dominating the league and winning promotion. good to see a Turkish save again too. Good luck next season.
  10. i have just realised that i haven't updated my progress in a while. i will try and do a little mini update in the next few days but i am into September 2021 and we are still in the Premier League having finished 14th, 16th, 11th and most recently 10th. We have been FA cup finalists and have gone close a couple of times as well. Only Joe Wildsmith, Tom Lees and Jordan Rhodes remain in the first team squad with George Hirst on the fringes and out on loan for first team experience.
  11. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    completely understand that sentiment...
  12. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    good to hear that your L'Aquila save is continuing.... look forward to an update
  13. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    welcome back @GoalieManPat121 and good luck with Cuneo. Also well done on first season survival @Muttley84, always the first aim season one. good luck next season.
  14. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    oooh, i am debating coming 'home' again..... decisions, decisions...
  15. @YeltoSWFC - I have had major issues in getting a prolific striker season on season. As for Mcgugan he was impossible to shift and i was only able to move him when his contract expired in June 2018. i tried everything but no one was willing to take him. I only managed to get him out on loan once, to Bolton. Good luck with the save