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  1. Hey guys, here's my annual check-in! Sad to see this forum in a bit of a slump but I'm sure it'll bounce back. I rarely have the time to post anymore but if I do start a file that ticks the boxes, I can see myself flitting in and out. Hope everyone's very well
  2. Apologies for the lack of info in this thread guys - the console releases have taken up most of my spare time so I've put this file on the shelf. It's been a fun one - my first youth challenge - and something I'll definitely try again. Not sure when I'll be back but thanks for your support and comments in here.
  3. First FC Encamp, now Lusitanos! What a strange season this has been. Two of the three Andorran powerhouses (us being the third) have sacked their manager in 2036-37.
  4. I've just been constantly in awe of Munoz. Love him and yes, to score 20 Premier League goals is superb. Very proud. Thanks very much @TheMakeleleRole, really appreciate the kind words, makes it all worthwhile. I'm glad someone enjoyed 'The Cutlass' 1. Yes, bang on. Our average for our key starters is £3.3k p/w. However, I've pushed the boat out on our star keeper Maximillien Masson (YP28b). He's always open to renewing his contract after the transfer window so although it costs us, it's worth it to get him tied down to fresh five-year-deals. 2. Haha glad you noticed. For some reason I chose not to track his progress - I guess because it was early on in the save and he didn't have the most inspiring move. That said, he's scored 58 goals in 92 appearances for Andorra, as well as over 100 career league goals. So here's his screenshot and career history! 3. Yes - you're spot on with this observation. My tactic in those years was heavily reliant on marauding full-backs and even though Ortega isn't much good on paper, he thrived. 4. It will, yeah. To be honest, I'm struggling for time at the moment so haven't made much progress recently. It will peter out and as you can tell I won't be winning any European trophies anytime soon! Sad to not make further progress but I'm pleased with what I've produced both on the file and on these forums - it's definitely been one of my more enjoyable saves. Still deciding what to do with FM17 but I reckon there's a strong chance I'll do another youth-only save and try to keep it going all year. No promises just yet though!
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you're enjoying the read As for Munoz, here's his career stats: On top of that he's got a quite incredible 69 goals in 78 caps for Andorra. Whatever he ends up setting (he's still only 28), I doubt that will ever be beaten.
  6. Big news in Andorran football. Encamp have had a shocking first half of the season and are only 8 points above the relegation zone after finishing 3rd last year. It's led to the sacking of Garcia; the man who's been in charge since 2017!
  7. Ha glad you've been paying attention . It's the database pack I used. In hindsight, I'd have liked to have looked into it more than I did and not just grab the first one I saw. I think claasen's version would have had the proper structure. That said, I've enjoyed the 20-team division - more games has been good for player development, even if seasons do take longer. And yeah, it has most of the senior clubs in the top flight. Division 2 has 11 teams.
  8. Sarrio probably won't be ending his career at Levante then
  9. Thought I'd let you see how the season is shaping up. We flew out of the blocks but have recently lost a couple. The big surprise is seeing Sporting Engordany at the top - they've done nothing for 20 years! Beyond that Sant Julia, Lusitanos and Encamp are all struggling. The European curse, I'm tellin' ya!
  10. Hahaha good spot. Dammit. I meant a home win over Austria - pretty impressive result!
  11. Oh in national team news - the new manager has got them off to a flying European League start! Wins in Hungary and at home over Andorra have them sitting on the brink of another promotion! Surely Andorra can't rise to Division B can they?
  12. So, given there's no European updates or national team fixtures for me to report on, I thought I'd give you an idea of who the big Andorran sides are signing this season. In at No.1 is Alex Roman, a right-back signed by champions Sant Julia for £77k off Liga Adelante side Mirandes. He looks like just a solid addition to the squad if you ask me. Next up is Igor Sesma, who moved to Les Bons for an Andorran transfer record! The £475k deal took the former Sociedad youngster from non-league Spanish football to Andorra... This looks like a bad deal to me. We move onto Lusitanos's new centre-back, the Italian Massimiliano D'Antonio who swapped Fiorentina for Andorra for a fee of £56k. This looks like a good deal for a very handy defender. Finally we have FC Encamp's new playmaker, Roberto Larrucea. The 23-year-old pink-haired Spaniard moves from Zaragoza for £240k. He's got nine La Liga appearances under his belt and quite simply looks excellent. I'm jealous!
  13. Annoyed. Sant Julia lost in the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League = out of Europe completely. Encamp, Lusitanos and FK Santa Coloma went out in the 2nd or 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League. That means the fine coefficient I've been working on as the trendsetters of Andorran football has been dealt a blow. Not sure how big just yet but we'll probably see the league rep fall as well as club reputations. Rubbish.
  14. I know! That's what I'm hoping too @PleasedToMichu