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  1. Hey all - I've been away for ages, blame Red Dead Unexpectedly got back into my Taranto file this last week and have made it to Serie A. Unfortunately didn't remember to take screenshots as I guess I see the uploading of reports too time consuming now so I'll just drop in and give you snippets. Know this doesn't qualify me for the challenge but know that we're doing nicely, I'm already very fond of the file and I can see the rest of you are doing very nicely too. @rlipscombe you beat me to Serie A by a season, great job! The influx of cash is very, very welcome. Enjoy and good luck, everyone
  2. Hello chaps, just to let you know I'm still alive, just been away the last week. We're going well and currently top in December. Nice to see some new faces in here too - good luck!
  3. Season 1 (2019/20) | Serie C2/C Squad | Best XI | Transfers | Results 1 | Results 2 End of Season Awards | Finances Average Att: 2,944 After a solid enough start we slipped into a real slump forcing me to change our approach completely. Out went our possession-first style and in came a slow tempo, attacking free-form effort. We reaped the rewards immediately, shot up the table and ended up 7th, qualifying for the playoffs. Despite easing past Virtus Francavilla 3-2 in the first round, our 2-2 draw away at Carrarrese saw us dumped out on the nonsense higher seed rule. Still, a strong start to this career and gives me much to work with in season two. I'll be massively trimming the squad in the summer. We have about 50 players in the U20s and U18s alone and a horde of loanees in the squad so I'll be aiming to reduce that to make the squad much more manageable and less of a blight on our finances. Though our bank balance looks worrying, new commercial deals and TV rights will see us back into the black and on firmer footing. I'll be scouring the market for castoffs and loans again though. Simone Bastoni (DM/MLC) - brought in on loan and delivered the goods from midfield. Our player of the season and signing on a free in the summer. Daniele Sarzi (D/WBL) - a rare purchase over the course of the season and did very well in the attacking wing-back position. Rated a decent Serie B player. Giuseppe Cammarata (ST) - the prospect. Scored a few but could have had many more. His pace gets him a lot of chances. High hopes. Bit of a surprise! Manager of the year :).
  4. Just spent my entire budget on this guy as soon as the January window opened. Have to say I'm delighted. He's got huge potential and we're lacking a main striker really. This came from a recommendation from my DoF. 100% recommend asking them for transfer recommendations. Hadn't used that function before but he gave me five very good options. Hoping for big things here.
  5. Nice work, looking forward to seeing your progress @Biscotti! Here's the majority of our results this season. We're currently sat in 11th. Not sure I've ever lost so many home games in a row! Thank goodness we turned it around, with the 1-0 win at rivals Catania, a particular highlight.
  6. How's everyone getting on? After a wobbly start at Taranto we've gone on a great run of four wins and a loss to push us up the table. There's only about four places in Serie C that don't get in the playoffs or relegation spots so by maintaining this form we'll make the promotion playoffs. Think we're a long way off the quality needed to go up but I'm enjoying it so far. The 3-5-2 I'm playing is gradually coming together too. Will post some screenshots later.
  7. Beginnings - Taranto FC - Serie C/C Domestic League History My Profile Club Overview So I'm starting up again and as you'll have seen it's a return to a favourite of mine. I think it was maybe 10 years ago that I had a Taranto file that ran until the 2020s (long file back then!) and I loved every minute of it. I think in the end the file got corrupted so I never won any major trophies, though we did establish ourselves in Serie A and brought through a couple of great Italian talents - Ciro Brunetti (the next Totti) for one. But as great as the file was, it always felt like I had unfinished business, so I'm back at the 30,000 Erasmo Iacovone stadium ready to do business. We're in the third tier and I'll be updating you as I go along. Transfers and tactics update will be the first, probably tomorrow.
  8. Back where it all began, where my username came from, back at the Erasmo Iacovone! (full update to come in due course)
  9. So I've decided to put this on hold for a bit and try a file in Italy. Much as I like Portugal I've had a real desire to fire up a new file now that I've got more experience of the lower leagues. Will update when I've picked a team and done my holidaying.
  10. Not a terrible start but we'll need to improve if we're to make the top two again this season. We so nearly clung on against Benfica B by the way. Reduced to 10 men 5 minutes in but grabbed the first goal. Conceded twice in the last 10 minutes
  11. The four divisions of the third tier have been drawn for the new season and not only do we have Benfica B again, we also have Real who came 3rd last season as well as Benfica CB, who have just been relegated from the second flight. Fully expect this season to be our toughest yet so I'll need to make some quality signings on that front in the summer. Will drop them into this post as and when they're made. Rodrigo Parreira (AMRL) - my new right winger. Can cover on the left if needs be but has impressive attributes for this standard. Should do well. Serginho (DM/MC) - we lacked a bit of depth in central midfield last year so this was a priority. He's athletic, works hard and can see a pass. Ideal for that engine room role.
  12. Not entirely sure why my screenshots look so tiny. If anyone has any tips, do let me know!
  13. Alta De Lisboa 2020-21 Season Review - Campeonato de Portugal Serie C Media Prediction: 7th| Final position: 2nd Much improved season on last year's 4th-place finish and that mostly came from a tactical switch to an asymmetrical 4-4-1-1 that's working nicely. our two best players came in on loan and played a huge part, especially the forward Iacovelli. Unfortunately we lost the quarter final of the promotion playoff to Lusitania 2-1 on aggregate. The 2-0 loss in the second leg really stung, particularly as the goal was a free-kick straight at the keeper. Lusitania ended up clinching promotion, so at least we lost to the best. In the Taca de Portugal we reached the third round again, this time losing 1-0 at home to top-flight Maritimo. Star Men - Squad 1 | Squad 2 Iacovelli (ST) - 26 goals in 31 games says it all. He was deadly, equalled the single season third-tier record and won player of the year across the four divisions. Only on loan though and we won't be able to bring him back sadly. Unsurprisingly he was heavily recognised by the fans too. Tiago Bicho (M/AMC) - another loanee and a special talent. Absolutely ran things as the AP in the hole and collected a good number of goals and assists. Will be hard to replace. Nilton Varela (DLC) - had to fend off some bids for him in the pre-season but he got his head down and had a great season. Will be tough to keep hold of him again. Andrey Yago (D/WBL) - such a talented wing-back at this level and almost ever-present. A mainstay. Pedro Ganches (DLC) - also had to field a lot of bids for him and I did promise him promotion. He seems happy enough right now though so fingers crossed I can keep the spine together. The tactics changed mid-season but the XI was mostly the same. Youth Prospects Afonso Rodrigues (MC/AMLC) - the best of the intake and actually could be very handy should those 7-9 stats move into double figures. He's versatile too, which I like. Miguel Silva (AMC/ST) - he's been with us for a year now after coming through the academy in my first intake and I think he'll get games next year. One to keep an eye on. Transfer History Definitely calmed the transfers down this year as I look to build more of a core at the club. Iacovelli was the main signing on loan but Rai Raimundo and Hugo Santos were very good bits of business. Finances This was taken just after the competition prize money dropped into the accounts, putting us back in the black. A figure of this size will see us through about 80% of the season with our current wage bill so we're just about balancing the books for now. Pleased to not have that looming over us anyway. Manager Profile Manager History Club Profile Club Info
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