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  1. End of Season 2034-35 - FS Massana - The Club General - Facilities - Finances - Competition Overview - End of Season Awards - Overall Best XI OTHER BUSINESS: - Training facilities are being upgraded again - Youth facilities upgrade was cancelled though
  2. End of Season 2034-35 - FS Massana - The Players Squad Statistics Top goalscorer: Carlos Pereira (YP22d) - He led the way again although a late-season slump in form meant we had a tough run of results really elongating the title race. Highest rating: Ruben Simoes (YP27b) - a name we've not seen much. Our back-up right-back was simply excellent when Ortega was missing. Hot prospect: Alvaro Soler (YP32d) - I love his versatility and he really gave us a good option off the bench at times. Notable impact: Jorge Portilla (YP30a) - How can we say farewell to this man without a comment on his season. He stayed fit and was brilliant even though he knows he's off to Berlin in the summer. Big fan of his and he's developed magnificently at the club. He'll be a huge player for the national team and hopefully a couple of big European teams too. Worth a Shout: Noa Le Breton (YP24a) - First time in years that he's stayed fit all season and he had a good impact from the right flank, contributing goals and assists. Pleasing because he IS a good player.
  3. End of Season 2034-35 - FS Massana - Competitions Lliga Grup Becier: WINNERS! Analysis: We won our fourth consecutive title this year, firmly taking control of the domestic scene again. That said, it took a fortunate last day to see us over the line as we lost needing a point, thankfully runners-up Sant Julia could only draw. We had a highly entertaining couple of games against them - with both sides winning 4-0 at each other's ground! No big injuries this year meant we had a full-strength team to choose from (until Ivan Lopez was sold by the board) although both forwards underwhelmed scoring just 42 goals between them. Not good enough for title winners really. CopaConstitucio: Quarter-finals Analysis: Not much to report here. No treble this year as we fell 1-0 on aggregate to Aldosa in the quarters. Not good enough this time around. Champions League: 3rd Qualifying Round Analysis: We beat Shamrock Rovers in the 2nd qualifying round, setting up a 3rd round clash with Dinamo Bucharest which we really blew. A 5-3 loss at home was bad enough but it was because of the 2-0 away leg win. We were good enough to progress but we were eliminated on away goals. Europa League: Group Stage Analysis: A genuine success. We started by beating Rangers 2-1 on aggregate in the playoff before taking on giants such as Bayern Munich, Spartak Moscow and the lesser-known CFR Cluj. Amazingly enough we finished the group only losing once, drawing home and away with Bayern and narrowly missing out on the knockouts. Supercopa Andorra: WINNERS! Analysis: Simple enough. Carlos Gil scored a screamer to grab a 1-1 draw at Aldosa and we comfortably beat them 2-0 in the second leg to pick up our second trophy of the season.
  4. Hahahaha fair point Here's a question: can I see your list of club legends, icons and favoured personnel?
  5. What you need is a bit of Ossie Ardiles's 4-1-5 formation of mid-90s Tottenham. Go wild!
  6. We needed it too - our ranking had slipped back into the 80s after wins against minnows in the European League. Thankfully we're back up to 71st with a friendly against Singapore coming up and a tough qualifier in Poland. So Picon's actually been around the houses already. He started at Ranger's FC, left on a free for Sant Julia, loaned to Extremenya before they spent £42k on him. A year ago Inter Club d'Escaldes signed him for £39k before Casa Benfica doubled that, snapping him up for £82k. He's first choice here so hopefully he'll continue to develop.
  7. It really was. I'm hoping we can replicate that in the coming years but with Portilla leaving this summer I reckon we'll do well just to make the groups
  8. Thought I'd quickly show you this rarest of things - an Andorran international who DOESN'T have a trace of Massana in his blood. I mean, he's pretty damn good to be honest. I'm starting to think he's the best centre-back in Andorra and is the only non-Massana coached player to make the starting XI. Quite nice to see an actual Andorran youth product emerge at somewhere other than our academy. Few more please!
  9. Euro 2036 Qualifiers, Group E No complaints here. That's the toughest game we'll have in this group and we only narrowly lost and that was largely thanks to the FIVE injuries we picked up. We finished with 10 men but even like that we still went toe to toe with the mighty French. Genuinely, we could have nicked a point and it sets up a great return game when that comes around. Despite the raft of injuries and subsequent call-ups for players not really ever considered international class, we managed to get a strong enough team out and did enough to pick up our first win against the lowest ranked team in the group. With us leading 2-0 at HT it was a chance to rest Portilla and Arroyo for the league campaign, which incidentally is NOT going well... So, two games in and the results us and the media expected. I'm pretty pleased with both games - with a touch more luck we'd have got something in France and that just has to give us a boost for the rest of this campaign. Reminder that 2nd-place can qualify and that we have a playoff via the European League to come as well. So we're in a healthy position at the moment... :)
  10. Meanwhile in national team news, we've picked up FIVE injuries in one game away in France in our first Euro 2036 qualifier. More on that soon... But FIVE. FFS. That's half my starting XI
  11. Glad you like him as well @tyler16, I was getting dangerously close to switching to a three-man defence but I reckon Estevez is the left-back we've been crying out for
  12. Youth Intake - 2035 On the face of it this isn't much of an intake. The one position we don't need is a keeper. Andorra's No.1 is our man at the moment and is tied down to a five-year deal. Plus I always just find it a bit depressing getting keepers in intakes as your best prospects I've highlighted his key attributes as it can be difficult to really assess a keeper when they're young. I don't think he'll be anything special and that one-on-one attribute is awful. Our coaches have a lot of work on. Now then, I wasn't going to tag anyone else but after realising their PAs are getting put up against Portilla (5 star), these 1.5 stars may not mean much. The best player in last year's intake was a right-back so we've got another one through here to compete with him in the reserves. Mentally and physically he's pretty good but he's not got much about him technically. He'll take about four or five years to develop to a point where I might actually think of him as first-team squad ready. This is more like it. We badly lack a left-back and I reckon Estevez could become a first-team regular in a year or two. He's got a great personality, good fitness and decent base technicals. If we can work on his pace and his marking and crossing he'll be very useful. I like this dude's versatility. He can already defend, it's just about rounding him a bit more and working on those physicals. Overall, really not the worst intake, despite my initial apprehension.
  13. Well this didn't last long... This new board have been threatening to sell my players over my head for a while now and although I successfully convinced them not to do it last time with Lopez, they took matters into their own hands. I think we get a 40% sell-on from any profit made if/when Olympiacos sell him but that's not much compensation for a player who'd already become a key man for us at 16. He's great as he's so versatile too. And if you're interested in what his attributes look like, here he is in his new club colours:
  14. Europa League Round-Up Our third consecutive group stage appearance in the Europa League was our best yet! I've put together a tactic now (the Pep style I mentioned earlier on this page) that is really good at keeping games tight, especially against good teams. And sure, we only won one game in the group, but we also only lost one and that wasn't even to the mighty Bayern Munich! If we'd only been a bit better against Cluj we'd have qualified for the knockout stages for the first time in the club's history. It does bode really well though and I'm very proud of our showing this year. Plus it gave us a good boost on the coefficients
  15. Euro 2036 Qualifiers Draw I think this is quite a hard group. I'll take your best advice and thoughts on the draw but France will obviously win it and then you've got a very capable Poland, an Albania side that beat us home and away in the European League a couple of years ago and Lithuania who should also be able to handle themselves. It'll be a good test anyway as the national team is definitely improving as players age and mature.