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  1. I am now looking into the possibility of purchasing FM16, and was wondering what people's thoughts on it now that it has been out a while were
  2. Nice to see someone taking this over. Thanks Iseemonsters​ I will probably be around to read the thread and add comments, but just don;t seem to have time for FM as much anymore Maybwe i need to get my daughter into it so I can play with her ;P
  3. Hey Guys, as you have noticed I haven't reallybeen playing this year, all the extra bits in the game have made it hard for me, and I seem to have lost the time and motivation to play FM. So in saying that I won't be purchasing FM16 at this stage, and think someone else should take over the running of the challenge. Sorry guys. If you need any help I am willing to participate where I can to help out, just give me a yell.