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  1. Hey Max, I have uploaded "Lower_Leagues_Rule_Wrong_Rules_News.fm" hopefully that helps.
  2. So I did play a bit further in the above game, and it was sucking me in, but nowhere near as much time as I used to. But in saying that I did get FM17 when I finally found a sale for it below $60 NZ, so have started a game in Portugal...I love it too much as FC Crato. You might get updates, or you might not, and who knows when full version comes out I might just start again, but liking the club
  3. The News item for Rule changes when coming into the PT Championship states that Match Squad must contain no more than 1 player over 23, but the Rules page of the Championship does not show this rule at all. I have a save game if you require it.
  4. resolved

    One is Fede Obama, other is Salomon Obama?
  5. Hey Lucas, This also happened with me when I logged into Twitch the first time, I had CSGo commentary coming through in the background, I quit the game, and it isn't there when I loaded it up again.
  6. If you have a quick search of some of the older threads there were some great short challenge idea threads, and they really took off. I ran one, will see if I can find it, where I used holiday games to certain points and then made a scenario from there, things like a big team near bottom at Christmas, save them, and similar. Definitely worth doing. Is probably best if you do it with a loaded save game though as otherwise some of the set-up sections can cause a huge difference between games.
  7. SURPRISE! Enjoying the game again now
  8. I do indeed. Normally I leave the 1 shirt blank...but in this case I just wanted to use it.
  9. I did it in Google Sheets and just copied it into here, was only way I could think of doing a table
  10. LLR's Bringing it Back ADRCB Argentina Campeonato de Portugal Preseason 2016/17 Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 3/7/16 Vitor Hugo MC Pontassolense €0 4/7/16 Diogo Gois MC Canical €0 5/7/16 Marcos GK Portosantense €0 6/7/16 Mickael Bernardo ST Machico €0 6/7/16 Ernesto Sanchez AML Canical €0 7/7/16 Tony Coelho AMR Canicense €0 11/7/16 Fabio Adriano ST SC Santacruzense €0 15/7/16 Celsinho DR Pontassolense €0 17/7/16 Octavio Lima MC Xavelhas €0 17/7/16 Miguel Barbosa DL Maritimo C €0 18/7/16 Ezequiel DC Camara de Lobos €0 22/7/16 Roberto Correia MC Camara de Lobos €0 22/7/16 Andrezinho ST SC Santacruzense €0 26/7/16 Tevinho AMRL S. Vicente €0 26/7/16 Helton Delgado DC Pontassolense €0 27/7/16 Filipinho MC Camara de Lobos €0 27/7/16 Lucas Serra AMR Camacha €0 28/7/16 Fabio Santana DL Machico €0 28/7/16 Joao Andre DC Maio Funchal €0 28/7/16 Paulo Cesat DL Canical €0 1/8/16 Nelson Meneses DR Machico €0 Friendlies We really should've won all these games, but we had some issues in the middle of the run, was mostly about building fitness & cohesion anyway. Hoping that this group that has come together can continue to function as they did during this period. Pre-Season Star Mickael Bernardo (ST) - 7 apps, 5G, 2A - A great run for the striker who joined the club, he plays as a Poacher in-front of his striking partner. Tactics & Expected Starters My aim for the season is to avoid relegation and nothing else.
  11. LLR's Bringing it Back ADRCB Argentina Campeonato de Portugal I'm back and into this thread again, I got a new laptop and managed to start a game and found a team i LOVE the look of, I have created a New Zealand Argentinian Manager for the club because it seems appropriate, I am going to post the opening screenshots in this post, I just need to upload them first. I have also made my signings, and completed the Pre-Season so will give a Transfers update after that. Club Overview Club History Jono Newton (Manager) - Personal, Nationalities Squad Finances Facilities - The ground is owned by the local council, and is shared by at least 2 other clubs (I played two "Away" games here during pre-season)
  12. He's Back.... I got a new Laptop, and it appears to have removed some of my issues...have started a new game in Portugal as Bairro da Argentina...will post the first update and probably Pre-season in a little while... I do need to figure out the new forum posting, but it looks like I can use HTML, so that might actually make it easier for me.
  13. I am now looking into the possibility of purchasing FM16, and was wondering what people's thoughts on it now that it has been out a while were
  14. Nice to see someone taking this over. Thanks Iseemonsters​ I will probably be around to read the thread and add comments, but just don;t seem to have time for FM as much anymore Maybwe i need to get my daughter into it so I can play with her ;P
  15. Hey Guys, as you have noticed I haven't reallybeen playing this year, all the extra bits in the game have made it hard for me, and I seem to have lost the time and motivation to play FM. So in saying that I won't be purchasing FM16 at this stage, and think someone else should take over the running of the challenge. Sorry guys. If you need any help I am willing to participate where I can to help out, just give me a yell.