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  1. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    He is a loanee youngster from Roma, so this could be considered why it is the case. I found after a few failed first seasons last year that having a majority of loaned youth from Seire A can actually lead to a dominating team in Serie C. Whereas if you just sign players that will come you end up mid table as that is what all the Serie C teams do, and you fight them for every player.
  2. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    Newton’s Sicilian Adventure Igea Virtus Barcellona, Serie C, Italy Preseason 2018/19 Conquering the Cup Transfer Activity Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 01.07.2018 Orlando Viteritti DRLC Rende €0 15.07.2018 Andrea Bacigalupo DM Savona €0 19.07.2018 Florent Chaigneau GK €0 20.07.2018 Jacopo Coletta GK €0 23.07.2018 Marco Preti ST €0 28.07.2018 Matteo Cavagna MC €0 28.07.2018 Marcello Barcella AM/MC €0 05.08.2018 Alessio Perrin DR Prata €0 13.08.2018 Francesco Forte GK Rende €37,500 15.08.2018 Aniello Coppola DM/MC Cassino €0 15.08.2018 Nicolo Musumeci DC Ilario Lorenzini €0 16.08.2018 Riccardo Hinek DRC Sasso Marconi €0 Loans In Date Player Pos From Fee 03.07.2018 Stefano Ciavattini DC Roma €0 03.07.2018 Nicolo Casale DC Verona €0 04.07.2018 Andrea Tripicchio AMRL Crotone €0 07.07.2018 Marco Olivieri AML Empoli €0 09.07.2018 Antonio Loi AMR/ST Salernitana €0 12.07.2018 Gerardo Nevio Carrafiello AML Salernitana €0 27.07.2018 Andrea Marcucci DM/MC Roma €0 27.07.2018 Michele Volpe ST Frosinone €0 27.07.2018 Mattia Trovato AMR Fiorentina €0 27.07.2018 Kevin Biondi AMR Catania €0 28.07.2018 Luca Coccolo DLC Juventus €0 28.07.2018 Andrea Rizzo Pinna MC Atalanta €0 28.07.2018 Hans Nicolussi Caviglia MRC Juventus €0 03.08.2018 Giuseppe Scalera DR Bari €0 07.08.2018 Armando Anastasio ML Napoli €0 31.08.2018 Nicola Danieli DM/MC Chievo €0 We made a lot of moves in the Preseason to try and make our team more competitive when the season eventually came around. The key transfer was the paid one for Francesco Forte in goal, he will be key part of our progress this season, and the price nearly doubles to 66k if he plays 20 games on this season. Andrea Rizzo Pinna (MC) & Marco Olivieri (AML) were very key loan signings for us, there are a few here who won’t last the season, but I am hoping some of the younger permanent signings can make a difference. Friendlies This run of results was against a lot of poor teams, I didn’t really want to stress the players out in the preseason too much. The interesting one was the loss, we scored an own goal early, and the confidence was gone, was just delighted to see them perk up and beat Forte’s team, he didn’t play for them, but I had been watching him already at this stage. Serie C Cup We started really well, we were up 3-0 against Reggina and nearly collapsed, it was good to see the boys turn it around against Catania and win that one without losing our lead. This has seen us through to the 1st round, with a draw against Catanzaro. The Tactic I’m having some fun with this, I am using a range of roles that I haven’t used before, and it really seems to be working, the defence stays back and protects really well, while the Front 5 work together to get the goals, Rizzo, Olivieri seem to get in the middle for goals a lot with Volpe grabbing some as well. This Season I hope to just avoid relegation, anything past that will be a bonus for me.
  3. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    I've finished my first pre-season, will hopefully have a quick rundown of our signings, loanees and the Serie C Cup in here later tonight.
  4. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    Thanks for the support guys, and the kit was one reason, Barcelona was another part of it. Good Luck in Holland @wynter, think Katwijk was one of my attempts last season.
  5. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    Newton's Sicilian Adventure Igea Virtus Barcellona, Serie C, Italy New Beginnings The Manager Jono Newton is a 35 year old Manager, he was born in Feilding, New Zealand, of Italian heritage, with no professional Management experience, he has been hired after some stunning results with the Tawa Under 9s in his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. The world was shocked when Igea Virtus hired him after promotion from Serie D. He will be out to show the world that anyone can be a Football Manager, as he attempts to run this Sicilian Team to the top of Europe. Profile | History The Club Igea Virtus Barcellona is a small club based on the Northern coast of Sicily. They play at Carlo Stagno D'Alcontres and the ground has basic training facilities and poor youth facilities. The club is affectionately known as Giallorossi (Yellow & Reds), they have fierce rivalries with Gela, Acireale & Vigor Lamezia who are all in the Serie D. Overview | Staff | Squad | Facilities | Finances The Players The team has some solid pieces, but we really need to improve across the board if we want t0o compete with the other teams and have any chance at promotion, but we do have a wage busget of €22,675, and only spending €7,490.
  6. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    I did have a goo laugh that all three teams I shortlisted had oval stadiums, two with athletics tracks and one that formerly did, but is gone now. If the players don't do their jobs then I will be sending them for laps. Reminds me of my best attempt at Dafuge challenge with Gateshead.
  7. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    Newton's Sicilian Adventure Igea Virtus Barcellona, Serie C, Italy New Beginnings I have decided on joining Igea Virtus Barcellona in Sicily, a small club who have only been around a few seasons, BUT have history of previous clubs back to 1946, just like every other team in Italy. This makes for some confusing times when you google teams in Italy. I am going to look to become the best side in Sicily, challenge made easier with the relegation of Palermo (I'll advise where they are once I load up the game, and provide updates on their seasons as well...
  8. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    After 50 loads, I never got Viareggio...so a new decision to be made...Latina, Igea Virtus, or Potenza...will decide while I sleep off m,y drunkeness from the All Whites 0-0 draw. Decide in the morning.
  9. [Italy] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Thanks Olly. If you do need anything just give me a buzz, I don't delete savegames so will still have them.
  10. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    I think with tests we found that rather than making it harder it makes it easier as it generates more regens of a quality of the lower levels, but at the higher teams that can be easily grabbed cheaply or free as they get released immediately. (I am not sure, but it was back around FM10 that we did some testing around it)
  11. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    With Portugal the biggest issue with the new league layout is getting out of the bottom level, by the time you get through the playoffs and into the 2nd level you should be well and truly strong enough to make it straight to the top division. Once there getting Top 4 is easy, then it's a matter of slowly knocking off the Big 3: Sporting, Benfica and the scum that is Porto
  12. [Italy] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Hey Guys, I am working on one of the small club => big club challenges. Am finding that the display in "Season Summary" page of the teams promoted from Serie D doesn't match the actual promoted teams when looking at the Serie C tables themselves for the new season. I have a save game before the process happens on June 29th, and currently 14 examples from June 30th with the Summary and the tables. I'm still running 1 day holidays hunting for a particular team, should be able to provide a bunch of data if you need it.
  13. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    I haven't seen them yet, but I am going to keep going until I get Viareggio I think. Especially as I had decided on them when I thought I had them with just 3 saves created. I'll definitely post a list of the teams I have in my save games. I have 33 teams now: Como, Mantova, Pavia, Pro Patria, Varese, Lupa Roma, Rimini, Savona, Tuttocuoio, Latina, Lumezzane, Matelica, Rieti, Messina, Taranto, Lecco, Campobasso, Cavese, Vibonese, San Marino, Igea Virtus, Pro Sesto, Potenza, Forli, L'Aquila, Pergolettese, Massese, Nocerina, Campodarsego, Nuorese, Gela, Unione Sanremo & Vis Pesaro
  14. FM18 All-European (less England) Challenge

    Right, at least it is not no different teams being promoted like last season. I've seen at least 20 different teams, though most aren't the ones on the Season Summary page...