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  1. Here you go... Niccolo Lari
  2. ASD L'Aquila 1927 Preseason Update Including Serie C Cup First Phase Serie C 2018/19 | Cup Overview | Transfers | Friendlies | Squad | Transfers Players In: 8 Players Out: 25 Loans In: 2 Total Spend: (€250k) Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 01-07-18 Luca Maniero GK Crotone €0 01-07-18 Matteo Battistini DL Carrerese €0 01-07-18 Giovanni Zaro DC Pro Patria €0 01-07-18 Ivano Feola GK Free €0 05-07-18 Gianmarco Spiezio DR Free €0 11-07-18 Lorenzo Alfonsi AML Free €0 12-07-18 Karlo Butic ST Free €0 21-08-18 Romeo Shahinas AMR Free €0 Shahinas was signed late as our winger got injured, Zaro will start at DC, Battistini at DL, Feola is a starter as well, I brought in Alfonsi as a starter, but Galli finally became competent at AML, and will start over him. Loans In Date Player Pos From Fee 31-08-18 Al Hassan Lamin AML Lazio Loan 01-08-18 Filippo Chiti AMR Empoli Loan I brought in a couple of wingers as cover following some injuries, but I am fairly certain in the end that they will be back-ups or head home. Paid Transfers Out Date Player Pos To Fee 01-07-18 Miodrag Vukajlovic DL Sambenedettese 71k 07-07-18 Jerome Buhler AMR Pistoiese 14.5k 08-07-18 Gianmarco Carta DL Piacenza 40k 19-08-18 Niccolo Lari DM Bari 125k Friendlies To go unbeaten throughout the preseason has good and bad things, we looked good in all the games, but we also didn't really face a big challenge, so we need to hope that this form continues into the new season. Serie C Cup - First Phase - Group G A win and a loss saw us eliminated this year, is fine with me, I'd rather concentrate on the league right now anyway. Starting Line-up (With Tactic) A change is also Serpieri becomes the Captain of the squad. The biggest battle this season is probably going to be Spinozzi vs Lauro for the DM slot, as Lari was third behind those 2 I felt happy to get as much as I did for him, and I will be turning that transfer funds into a great situation. I'm hoping to make it higher in the playoffs this season, our squad is one of the better ones in the league, going to be fun, I think. If anyone wants to see a particular player then let me know.
  3. So I have 3 Serie A clubs chasing Niccolo Lari (DM), am thinking if I could get 100k upfront i might sell him...
  4. ASD L'Aquila 1927 End of Season Update Serie C 2017/18 The Current Season The Quick Reference Predicted: 20th Actual: 10th Serie C Cup: Lost 3rd Round vs Livorno The Manager: Jono Newton - History Finances: €1.1M Season Tickets: 449 (^129) The Squad: First Team, Under 20s, Under 18s Transfers: 2017/18 - Loans The Season in General A bad financial loss for the squad through this season, I think I may have signed too many players, there are only 91 players on our books after all. I will definitely need to look into this, will be aiming to cut some players/transfer them if I can as I aim to cut the numbers, and also try to only have subs of 20yo or younger. The League We had some trouble early on in the season and jumped up and down in the league positions, but around the middle of the season we moved into 10th (Last Playoff Spot) and never looked back again, at one point we were 10pts behind 9th & 8 points ahead of 11th, ended a lot closer, but was interesting to be all alone for a period of time. The 10 game streak without a win in the middle of the season was really the big deal for our playoff shot. In the end we met a team that we had two 0-0 draws with in the season, Our Playoff game ended 2-1 after they scored at 90+1 in the game and we were out of the playoffs. Player Stats Team Stats Serie C Cup We were knocked out before mid-season update, so those details are there. Serie C Cup Stats The Club's History League Records L'Aquila Calcio 1927 Year Division Pos Serie C Cup Europe Achievements 2017/18 Serie C/B 10th 3rd Round N/A Made Promotion Playoffs Club Records & Competition History All Records: Goals (Season) - Ziga Smrtik - 20 Assts (Season) - Michael Pittnauer - 12 Clean Sheets (Season) - Stefano Faggiano - 15 Most League Apps (Career) - Nicolas Zane - 67 Youngest Player - Felice Cordoni - 16yrs, 174 Days Oldest Player - Carlos Biason - 31yrs 347 Days Competition history: U20s: Group 3 - Winners 2017/18 U18s: Group 3 - 2nd 2017/18 The Players The Squad Current Teams Stats Key: First XI, Second XI, Youth, Leaving. Goalkeepers 22. Stefano Faggiano (GK) - Start of the season he was looking to be behind our other signings, but he cracked the team for 38 starts and achieved 15 Clean sheets over that time. I was hoping here that he would return for next year, but I couldn't get an agreement, hopefully he can get a loan back. Defense 5. Gianmarco Carta (DL) - I was never 100% sure he would start, but he did and did very well at left back, he managed 2 PoM games even though he didn't really participate in any goals. 2. Pietro Gecchele (DR) - One of the best players in our squad, through 37 games he managed 4 assts and 2 PoM. Delighted that he will be around for next season as well. 3. Bryan Roux (DC) - 32 games & a 6.85 Rating, he was solid without getting involved in goals. 4. Riccardo Serpieri (DC) - 34 games with a rating over 7. 27. Richard Barzaghi (DL) 25. Marco Iudica (DC) 23. Emanuele Sembroni (DC) Midfield 24. Emanuele Spinozzi (DM) - He mostly played when Lauro was out, but he managed to get 27 games, mostly off the bench and was nearly as good as Lauro. 13. Michele Lauro (DM) - Announced earlier as our Youth player 0, he looked to have massive potential and he continued to play well in the team all season, he ended up as the Fans Player of the Year which is amazing for someone of his age. With 30 games, 4 goals & a 7.11 Avg Rating. 14. Marven Maietti (MC) - Our second MC, he managed to play in 36 games with an average rating of 6.84, not great, but I just want solid midfielders. 6. Remo Basso (MC) - I loved this guy as one of my core MC in this team, he played as many games as he could, the stats don't bare out his team placement. 7. Nicolas Zane (MC) - The third guy who played a lot of midfield games, gaining 5 assists in that time. 37. Al Hassan Lamin (AMRL) - A late loan signing for the club, he came in and managed to get himself straight into the team with some injuries. Once he was in the team, he didn't let go as he made 13 appearances for 2 goals and 13 assists mostly playing on the Left Wing. 33. Dario Meadows (AML) - He played a lot of games on the left wing, 20 games with 4 goals. 15. Michael Pittnauer (AMR) - Our main right winger, he played 31 games, with 7 goals and 12 assists, his 3 assts in the Serie C Cup were the most of anyone in the compatition. 28. Diego Acunza (MC) 18. Niccolo Lari (DM) 11. Giovani Malcore (AML) 10. Alfredo Varsi (AMRL) Strikers 9. Ziga Smrtnik (ST) - 20 goals in 34 games is good in anyones books, delighted to have this guy on the books, he manages to get on the end of a lot of balls, and his scoring touch is showing. 36. Pierluigi Zanini (ST) 93. Manuel Ruggerio (ST) The Best of the Best The 100+ Club No Current Members The Awards L'Avila Fans PoY: Michele Lauro Goal of Season: Dario Meadows Signing of Season: Mario Iudica Young PoY: Michele Lauro Best XI: Faggiano, Gechelle, Serpieri, Roux, Carti, Lauro, Zane, Maietti, Pittnauer, Meadows, Smrtnik Subs: Zanini, Iudica, Basso, Spinozzi, Malcore, Sembroni, Lamin Thoughts of the Future Predicted Finish: Odds: Expectations: Transfer Budget: Wage Budget: The Signings: The Youth: Update will Follow EoS Report My own personal Expectations are to get promoted, I will tell the board & team that I want us to make the playoffs. Getting wages under control should be priority number 1, after that we will see.
  5. A final day 3-3 draw with Como has seen us into the playoffs in 10th. I am not hopeful given results against some of the teams from 2nd to 4th Drawn Pistoiese in the Playoffs, both our games this season ended 0-0 It looked like headed for a third draw, our Goalie was AMAZZING...and then...
  6. It looks like I will make the playoffs, am in 10th (Final playoff spot), and 4pts ahead of 11th with 2-3 games to go), been in 10th for about 20 straight games.
  7. Thats a pretty nice group for Europe, good Luck @wynter As for me...season coming to a close, we're 15pts from relegation, with 6 games remaining (Pretty safe given it's also 10pts back to 11th) And then this... They only wanted a 1yr contract, I convinced them stabilty of two was better...
  8. Lost 6 Starters during the Winter Break, all to injury...first game back against the team leading the division...just a 1-0 loss so happy enough, 2nd game vs the team in 2nd 2-1 loss...but means we have played the top 2 teams, and still in Playoff hunt.
  9. ASD L'Aquila 1927 Midseason Update Serie C 2017/18 | Table | Transfers | Squad Stats | League Fixtures | Cup Fixtures | Transfers Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 31-08-17 Timo Righetti MC Free €0 31-08-17 Marco Iudica DC Free €0 31-08-17 Giulio Gambardella DR Free €0 31-08-17 Marvin Maietti MC Free €0 31-08-17 Emanuele Spinozzi DM Free €0 31-08-17 Michael Pittnauer AMR Free €0 19-09-17 Diego Acunzo MC Free €0 30-11-17 Samuele Pigazzini AMRL Free €0 Future Tranfers 03-01-18 Diego Abis GK Aprilia €0 03-01-18 Alessio Adamo AMC Castel del Piano €0 03-01-18 Elton Copa GK Gallipoli €0 03-01-18 Yuri Galli AMC Accademia Pavese €0 03-01-18 Niccolo Lari DM Esperia Viareggio €0 03-01-18 Manuel Ruggiero ST Renato Curi Angolana €0 I added two more starters during this period, Maietti & Pittnauer will start for the team, Spinozzi was going to but the form of Lauro has kept him out of the squad. Now down to just a single loan player in my starting XI Serie C Cup I had wanted this to be the preseason warm-up we needed, but a surprise series of wins in the group stage saw us through to the 2nd Round (Not sure why we got to skip the 1st round, was before draw was done) In the second round we travelled to Terrana, and were delighted to turn around a 2-0 halftime deficit and win the game 4-2 with four different goalscorers getting involved, it was just awesome. We then met Livorno in the 3rd round, I never thought we'd be in this match as they are comfortably winning our division and had already beaten us 3-2 with us needing a penalty to even make that close, when we scored first I tried to pull back a bit, it backfired as they then ripped us apart scoring 3 in the first half, in the second we were closer to scoring, than they were, but it was very tight and we couldn't finish it off. Serie C The table above shows it all, was a bit of a rollercoaster early on as we only won 2 of our first 6 games, but we have only lost 1 game since then through 13 and have gone 9 league games without defeat which has moved us up to the playoff positions instead of being in the playout situation. I really enjoyed our 3-0 result over Siena (12th) which saw Malcore score twice. Squad Update Mostly happy with the squad, my 10 outfielders are all signed for next season, I've been chasing a lot of youth for the reserve teams, and most happily is that Lauro has played 21 games with 3 goals, 2 assists & a 7.09 average rating.
  10. This is part of some good news, love this achievement...Down 2-0 at half time, come back and win (It helped that they had 10 men :P) Had to add this as well...one of my subs is sitting in middle of the pitch It shows me as having 12 outfielders on the pitch in 2D view...is hilarious (Not interacting with the play...someone has posted bug already)
  11. Good Luck @wynter Hopefully you can get us a Cup to drag around
  12. Welcome to Italy @rlipscombe looking forward to following along.
  13. THanks Max, I will do that. Cheers.
  14. Well that is not ideal, luckily I brought in another midfielder in the days leading up to this injury...Trampolines have now been banned in the L'Aquila training regime.
  15. Youth Players Update I forgot to point out my star young player. 13. Michele Lauro (YP0) - DM/MC | Profile 2017 | Lauro will be starting at DM for our squad, mostly as I have been unable to find a quality replacement, but he showed in Pre-Season with a 7.06 Avg Rating, and then 7.15 in the Cup games that he can do a great job for us in the middle. Awards Aug 29 '17 - U19 PoW 2nd & ToW Oct 31 '17 - U19 PoW 2nd & ToW & Oct ToM