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  1. Spanish Second Divsion B1 2019/20 Preseason Signings Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 13.07.19 Julen Arellano DL N/A Free 17.07.19 Lander AML N/A Free 24.07.19 Javi Gadea DC N/A Free 31.07.19 Iñaki Olaortua DC R.Santander €14.5k Loans In Date Player Pos From Wages 10.07.19 Raúl Vallejo MC Numantia 0% 13.07.19 Pierre Cornud DL Mallorca 50% 30.08.19 Steven Prieto ST Oviedo 0% Paid Transfers Out Date Player Pos To Fee 15.07.19 Manuel Medori AMC E.Merida €34k First note of Medori out, while he is good for this level, he could play striker, but as an attacking midfielder he wasn't needed for us right now, I got what I could and sent him off. Steven Prieto (ST) - Should be our starter, he came late so hasn't played in preseason, but I look forward to him playing a big part. Iñaki Olaortua (DC) - This guy is going to be in charge at the back, no question he will stop a lot of attacks and make a difference. Raúl Vallejo (MC) - Some great long range goals in the preseason, I can see Vallejo scoring some stunners in season, am looking forward to it. My Head of Youth Development has also made about 10 signings for the youth squad, which will be useful if injuries happen, and I am happy to let him continue doing this as they all look to be ok players who can cover for us. Tactic & Lineup My standard starting line-up here, 6 of my 7 players signed are starting, Lopez is average, but I can't find a DM, Perron, Paya, Rodri & Robert are definitely good enough for this level, we should be able to avoid relegation with this squad.
  2. The annoying part is missing out on the loan striker the second time around...going with a slow and steady improvement this time to try and avoid the issues with finances for later in the season.
  3. Thanks @2481 would you believe I spent an hour on that save (After taking over) and then windows did updates and I lost that progress, have got back past that point again, but was frustrating.
  4. I knew that would be your thoughts, but we're going there. First job to overtake our Senior Affiliate...S.Gijon.
  5. Spanish Second Divsion B1 2019/20 2.0 The Beginning Here we are as I take over CD Lealtad Villaviciosa in Spain, the club is based in Villaviciosa, a city in the North of Spain, The club is nicknamed "The Leales" (Loyals), before 2014 they had been a regional only club, but since then they have spent 4/5 seasons in the 2nd Division B, I will be aiming to get them higher and hopefully succeed to become the first club from Asturias to ever win the Spanish League Title. The two highest ranked clubs in Asturias are Real Oviedo (Just promoted to La Liga in 2018/19) & Real Sporting de Gijón who are currently in the Segunda Division. Both of these teams have their B Team in our division. League History Manager Profile Club Overview Squad 1 - Squad 2 The first season here in Spain will be tough as when you take over on July 10th there is almost a full squad signed on the books already. Our Wage budget is €64,883, and we are already spending €58,873. That means we have to make do with a lot of loans and cheap signings, unless we can get rid of some of the guys costing us lots.
  6. Wow @rlipscombe that is a stunner of a season, promoted back to back as Champions is huge. I'm just about to look into the details, but looks like you had an awesome run.
  7. Looks like it'll be a restart...still going with same club, but my save was corrupted (Oh well)
  8. Also need to catch up on the thread and see what everyone has been doing,
  9. Pretty awesome to get to go on a trip to somewhere as awesome as that for work! Taken a month back at work to get things under control again, along with busy personal life, and I finally have time to play again. Hoping to step back in today and see where I am at and if I remember what I was doing... (Should've played on the plane)
  10. Hey All, I am still alive, work got chaotic, especially in the lead up to my trip to Barbados for User Testing, but finally back home now and looking forward to cracking back into this after Christmas
  11. Spanish Second Divsion B1 2019/20 Mid Season Update: January 5th 2019 Fixtures Date Opposition H/A Result Goalscorers Att. 03.11.19 Arandina A 2-1 J.Gaspar (5), C.Carrasco (34) 909 10.11.19 Coruña B H 3-0 Robert (pen 26), S.Gassama (48,80) 588 17.11.19 G. Torrelavega A 3-3 Rodri (15), Y.Yalike (53),Robert (70) 4555 24.11.19 Guijuelo H 2-3 S.Gassama (24,45+2) 597 01.12.19 Vigo B A 0-3 959 08.12.19 Coruxzo A 0-3 1411 15.12.19 Somozas H 1-1 Robert (52) 567 22.12.19 Burgos A 1-2 Rodri (14) 3304 05.01.20 Extremadura A 2-0 D.Gordo (69), Robert (83) 925 That period of games didn't go as well as the last lot, have had some trouble, and the senior players got annoyed at me as well. Hoping to turn around our abysmyl run in the new year. The 3-3 draw was a problematic one, and feel like that was where it started to fall apart, I know the team is better than that, hopefully the final game vs Extremadura will be the start of a turn around. (Note: We haven't played R.Santader yet, we play them for the first time next week. Players Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 18.11.19 Ander Dulce MC Free €0 18.11.19 Xabier Cárdenas MC Free €0 30.11.19 Lander AML Free €0 04.01.20 Julen Arellano DL Tudelano €0 04.01.20 Diego Gordo DM Logroñés €13,000 Midseason additions were made, mostly in an attempt to fix some of our midfield issues, a few youngsters for back-ups in the middle, and a new left winger who could do a better job. One thing that is rough in Spain is that you can only register 22 total players, only 16 of those can be over 23 at the middle of the season. Further replacements need to be under 19. I have 21 players in my squad who will not be able to feature at all, will be something to keep in control in future seasons. Diego Gordo, Arellano & Lander went straight into the team for the Extremadura game, I felt like all three were great additions, but Gordo really stood out, not only did he score a goal, but he also managed to control the play at the back. Looking forward to see some of these players get more time in the side. Player of the Quarter: Sekou Gassama (STC): He played 7 games for 4 goals, and 3 assists. The League We have slipped to tenth, not really in the Promotion or relegation hunt. Playoffs are 7pts away, and the relegation spots are 10pts away. Hoping to have some better runs in the second half, but will take a considered effort.
  12. @Biscotti Good Luck, am looking forward to following your adventures in Poland.
  13. Spanish Second Divsion B1 2019/20 Quarter Season Update: November 1st 2019 Fixtures Date Opposition H/A Result Goalscorers Att. 01.09.2019 Extremadura H 1-0 OG (9) 575 08.09.2019 Ferrol H 2-2 Rodri (20,87) 584 15.09.2019 Ponferrada A 1-2 Gaspar (45+2) 2799 22.09.2019 Langreo H 1-0 Robert (10) 671 25.09.2019 Pontevedra A 0-0 3290 29.09.2019 S. Gijon B H 1-2 Gassama (80) 752 06.10.2019 Unionistas A 1-1 Gassama (20) 238 13.10.2019 Salamanca H 2-2 Gassama (2), OG (30) 564 20.10.2019 Mérida A 1-0 Makharadze (88) 3587 27.10.2019 R. Oviedo B H 2-0 Gaspar (pen 89), Amandi (90+2) 560 We've actually done better than I expected, I was hoping to get above relegation and stay there, but with 4 wins, 5 clean sheets and 4 draws through 10 games we are actually competing for the playoff spots. The last two games both had late goals for us to get the wins, but that is just making sure we get the job done. Players Surprisingly the stars of the season so far have all been players that were on the squad before I took over. Edu Paya (DR) - Edu has been great getting up and down the field this season, he has a couple of assists, but his defence has kept us in it, the only player with an average rating above 7 Robert (AMR) - The right winger has provided 3 goals to his team mates, and is always around the attacks as we go forwards. Rodri (MC) - Rodri is a player that I really like, he doesn't look to have the skills needed to get the job done, but his effort is amazing, and he even scored a brace in the second game of our season. The League I am delighted to be in 5th at this stage of the season, are a lot of teams in the area, but we are now 7pts above the relegation spots, and safety is more important to me than a promotion.
  14. I also wanted to point out this guy who while he is not great is my clubs best youth prospect and will get some game time with my wingers playing internationally. YP0: Isaac (AMLR)
  15. Yeah should be awesome. Loving Yago, should be a good attacking wing back. Liangming will miss games for Internationals (1 already), is only a Sub for China. Unlike Hao Runze (DC) who is a starter (China) & Marc Rebes (DM) who starts for Andorra (Both these guys are bench players for me)
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