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  1. Good Luck @rlipscombe looking for ward to seeing your progress in Germany And welcome back @G-Wiz, good luck in Scotland, I had some fun their with Elgin a fewyears back
  2. Looking forward to hearing from you G-Wiz, hope the surgery goes well and you find a team you enjoy.
  3. I see the "Unwilling to Experiment" message is still a thing, I have changed my tactics, but I didn't change my formation because I don't have the players to do anything else with... I have 2 total strikers a 4-4-2 (As my Ass Man suggests) will never work... I don't get it, at least realise the tactics have changed come on...
  4. Jono Capewell | Águia Vimioso | Portugal | 2020/21 Preseason Update Transfers In Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 07.07.20 Nuno Sualehe DM FA Free 07.07.20 André Rego DC FA Free 10.07.20 Jorge Sousa GK FA Free 11.07.20 Fonseca AML Aliados Lordelo €0 15.07.20
  5. Jono Capewell | Águia Vimioso | Portugal | 2020/21 Guess Who's Back.... Yup, I am back, have decided to give this a go with FM20, after playing some FM10 this year. My Club I have been hired by Águia Vimioso in Portugal, they are a very small club from Vimioso a small town in the extreme North-East of Portugal, the stadium seats 1000, which is 1/4 of the population of the town. The first piece of news after I took the job was a denial of the possible takeover, I really hope it doesn't occur and we get a chance to develop here. The club is so small they don't even hav
  6. Spanish Second Divsion B1 2019/20 Preseason Signings Transfers In Date Player Pos From Fee 13.07.19 Julen Arellano DL N/A Free 17.07.19 Lander AML N/A Free 24.07.19 Javi Gadea DC N/A Free 31.07.19 Iñaki Olaortua DC R.Santander €14.5k Loans In Date
  7. The annoying part is missing out on the loan striker the second time around...going with a slow and steady improvement this time to try and avoid the issues with finances for later in the season.
  8. Thanks @2481 would you believe I spent an hour on that save (After taking over) and then windows did updates and I lost that progress, have got back past that point again, but was frustrating.
  9. I knew that would be your thoughts, but we're going there. First job to overtake our Senior Affiliate...S.Gijon.
  10. Spanish Second Divsion B1 2019/20 2.0 The Beginning Here we are as I take over CD Lealtad Villaviciosa in Spain, the club is based in Villaviciosa, a city in the North of Spain, The club is nicknamed "The Leales" (Loyals), before 2014 they had been a regional only club, but since then they have spent 4/5 seasons in the 2nd Division B, I will be aiming to get them higher and hopefully succeed to become the first club from Asturias to ever win the Spanish League Title. The two highest ranked clubs in Asturias are Real Oviedo (Just promoted to La Liga in 2018/19) & Real Sporting de
  11. Wow @rlipscombe that is a stunner of a season, promoted back to back as Champions is huge. I'm just about to look into the details, but looks like you had an awesome run.
  12. Looks like it'll be a restart...still going with same club, but my save was corrupted (Oh well)
  13. Also need to catch up on the thread and see what everyone has been doing,
  14. Pretty awesome to get to go on a trip to somewhere as awesome as that for work! Taken a month back at work to get things under control again, along with busy personal life, and I finally have time to play again. Hoping to step back in today and see where I am at and if I remember what I was doing... (Should've played on the plane)
  15. Hey All, I am still alive, work got chaotic, especially in the lead up to my trip to Barbados for User Testing, but finally back home now and looking forward to cracking back into this after Christmas
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