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  1. great debut season in the top flight there. Looking at your previous history of winning the title in your second season, (with the exception of 1 league) you're nailed on for the title next season...
  2. Good to see you back @Andrew Haines and to see your progress with Stockholm. Hopefully your survival in the Superettan will be the boost you need and that you strengthen and push up the league next season. A solid defence is always a good starting point and hopefully you will be able to add the attacking threat this season.
  3. Like the look of Kraljevic @Dexter Morgan. Got great potential and not bad already to be fair. Klaric looks a player to watch as well.
  4. making some good progress @Dexter Morgan - that title can't be too far off now. Good progress in Europe too. Hopefully you'll be able to keep that young back line together for a few seasons yet. Dolencic-Fiolic looks to be a VERY promising young stiker too. Good luck keeping hold of him...
  5. there are a few good challenges on this thread, and obviously from a biased point of view (as i am running it this year... ) i can recommend the All-European Small Club to Big Club Challenge where you pick a team promoted at the end of the first season to the lowest playable league and take them to domestic and European glory... Have a look at the thread if you are interested.
  6. Sounds harsh @Andrew Haines - i have gone through similar with Bari but have managed to hang on to my job.
  7. S. S. C. Bari Serie A Season 2021/22 Media Prediction: 18th League Table: 19th (relegated) League Graph: Finances After last seasons shock promotion, I was under no illusions as to how much of a struggle Serie A would be for us. Given our heavy reliance on loanees the squad was quite threadbare and needed major work. I had hoped to rely less on loanees but given our lowly reputation in the top division the permanent deals didn’t happen quite as I had hoped and we once more looked to loanees to add quality to the team. We started slowly with one win in our first ten matches. 3 wins out of 3 in November gave us hope before losing all 5 matches in December. Things didn’t improve much in 2022 save a brief run in March and we ended the season with 5 straight defeats again to end up relegated on the final day. In the cup we lost in the 4th qualifying round against fellow Serie A debutants Salernitana. As I mentioned before, we (again) relied heavily on loanees to form the basis of the squad as our transfers showed. This was less to do with our financial position and more the fact that the quality of players i needed weren't interested in joining permanently. The standout players were: Transfers 1 Transfers 2 Transfers 3 Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 GK Lukasz Skorupski - Polish goalkeeper who came in and did pretty well under difficult circumstances. CM: Luca Valzania - Italian central midfielder, Luca was our top goalscorer (which says a lot for our strikers..) ST: Atdhe Nuhiu - One of my cult heroes in real life, i couldn't turn down the chance to sign 'Big Dave'. Mirroring real life, he didn't bring the goals i had hoped for. hopefully he'll suit Serie B better So after falling back into Serie B I will be hoping to bounce straight back again. Our finances have had a big boost and will hopefully help us add more permanent players (though I said that last season) We shall see.
  8. congratulations @enigmatic on promotion - sounds like a nail biter at the end! Good luck in Bundesliga 2 next saeason.
  9. Congratulations on the title win! In some ways there is never the right time to be promoted and i understand your feelings with my current Bari save, but you have made it. I have similar issues scoring goals too. Good luck next season.
  10. Being solid at the back is always the first thing to sort out in my book
  11. welcome @XaW - it's good to have you here. Looking forward to seeing how you get on in Hungary. Looks like a good little club to try and develop.
  12. well done @iseemonsters1, part one of the challenge completed. Sounds very nail biting towards the end there - not sure i would have been able to handle it!! Vanheusden is a player i have on loan currently so it's good to see him doing well for you too. Enjoy the Champions League next season, as wel las establishing yourself at the top of Swiss football once more.
  13. don't blame you @2481 for taking the Italy job. Think i would have. And don't blame you for picking Valzania too
  14. @2481 - congratulations on retaining your Serie A title... Europe seems to still be a bit of a jump in the latter stages but i am sure you will get there in the next couple of seasons. And an offer to be Italy manager too - you also have decisions to make! @Balahara - welcome and good luck in the Czech Republic. They certainly do provide some good youth prospects - good luck finding a few! As for me, i have reached the January transfer window. Time to see if i can build on the squad a little (with not much money in the pot.) Might need some wheeling and dealing...
  15. Wow... not the worst offer... from my point of view, international management is allowed so i think you should definitely go for it - i would.
  16. i THINK i might have given them a brief go at one time as well...
  17. good luck @Crispypaul - you and Norway seem to go well together. Lyn are a good club too
  18. @2481 - 6th - i'll settle for that! Just couldn't seem to get the strikers firing.. @Lower Leagues Rule - unlucky with the Windows Update - i can imagine it was frustrating
  19. good luck @Lower Leagues Rule. Whilst i have an issue in making them the best team in Asturias overtaking Real Oviedo , i wish you all the best...
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