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  1. Haha, I've let both the hair and beard grow during covid, so it's quite long now!
  2. Aside from some strangeness in the eyes and a bit of glitter in the beard, this is not a horrible recreation of me tbh.
  3. We Mods can't say much, since we are not in the know in regards to what SI have as plans for the game. Any comment would have to come from SI staff.
  4. There is a known bug about ball colour that SI know about.
  5. There are skins available that enables this already. Just google and you'll find it.
  6. I have 2 centre backs in my squad. One is absolutely terrible, the other is 37 years old... I've started to retrain a fullback with decent jumping and heading, but I need that intake with good defenders!
  7. Well, Neil said they will implement it when everything is ready, so it's likely to be added whenever it's clarified and ready.
  8. The link you posted even say the seeding system and the format is not ready yet...
  9. There is another thread where SI have answered. The format is still not 100% confirmed. They will add it when UEFA have gotten all things set up and locked in.
  10. Well, you say they are worth more than the release clause the agent locks in, so I'd say there is a case for it to be called a bug. Or at least something to be tweaked a bit. So if you report it and upload a save showing it, the worst you can get is a "this in intended", at best will mean it will be fixed.
  11. @GunmaN1905 - Please report this in the bugs section. The beta is meant to find things like this, so if you report it, it can be improved for the full release.
  12. I really didn't get along with the Turkish game, so I'm doing something I always like. England! Or more specific, a Welsh club in England! So here's to becoming a Welsh superpower in England!
  13. Another quick reminder that this is a beta FEEDBACK thread, not a place to report bugs. Please use the bug tracker for errors/bugs/faults in the game, and this thread for feedback.
  14. Find the button that says "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences" and tick it, that makes the Reload skin-button appear.
  15. They are guidelines. Scouting and talking to agents will make it more accurate. However, there is the possibility of buying for lower than the value, and selling for higher than the value in the right circumstances.
  16. Well, I'm having a go in Turkey. Don't know if it will stick or not as I have plans to work on the lower leagues in Norway in the editor when it's out, but I'll play it for now. Let's see how it goes. So who did I pick to take over? Nananananananananannananna BATMAN! Yes, expect a fair few Batman puns as I've taken over Batman Petrol Spor! They are from the city of Batman, Turkey. Not far from the Syrian border, that seems nice and cozy... The club itself is not much to brag about. But it will be interesting anyway. Anyway, here I am:
  17. @darren1983 - Turkey is June 20th. Save on June 1st (could be a few days later, but 15th is too late) to get new teams.
  18. The policy seems to be that these things will be implemented when they are officially announced. And since this doesn't seem to be official yet, that would be the reason. If UEFA gives an official announcement it should be implemented at the next possible update.
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