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  1. Depends a bit on context. If the player is on massive wages, short contract, or a myriad of other factors can really hit how much the AI are willing to bid for a player. I usually try to NOT transfer list my player, but offer him out and NOT setting him on the transfer list if I want to get rid. In my experience it will give fewer bids, but if there are takers, the bids are often higher.
  2. If you have put a player on the transfer list, you shouldn't expect to get much though. That means you have told everyone you want this player gone, and why would they pay a premium then? Players on the transfer list rarely gets more than close to their in game value, and that's pushing it in many cases. Especially those on high wages, those are likely to go for free, really.
  3. SI cannot replicate stadiums due to licensing, unfortunately, and therefore talks about circumventing that is not allowed on this forum, sorry.
  4. Teie IF - Youth intake 2038 Seems like I'm in for a load of defenders. Nice to get some more there. That's a pretty good intake! And lots of defenders at the preview said. Very happy with this intake. Looks like a really nice left back. No big issues, but needs some work going forward. Statistics:
  5. Yeah, he is insane, and I'm not a tactical genius, so I'm only using him as a regular Winger - Attack on the left midfield strata. Could probably get even more from him if I were better at that. But with those numbers I'm not complaining!
  6. We are not horribly off, only 5 points this season, but I also never felt we really were close. So I think with a few more improvements, and a few more seasons to get the players to mature (if I can keep them!) and we should have a chance. In other news: He really had a spectacular season! An average of more than 5 key passes per 90 is amazing!
  7. Teie IF Season 2037 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances No Europe for us this season (other than the knockout rounds that started in our pre-season), so we could focus on the domestic matches. And things went really well as we finished in a very good 3rd place and are qualified for the Europa League next season. We started quite poorly, but in the end things went better and better as the season went on. I think the reason is that I got rid of a lot of the older regulars since the young up and coming players are now equal or better now. So a lot went out, either loan or sold,
  8. Welcome! More than happy to see new people here. It's a tough challenge, but it's oh so rewarding even coming close to anything resembling trophies playing this way. If you love to dive deep, then come on in, set up a spreadsheet and dig away!
  9. Yeah, it's not correct, but if I understand it correctly, the licence still enforces the rule at 17. See here and some more comments down that thread.
  10. The game have the kits that are licensed, and talk about non-licensed things cannot be discussed on the forum, sorry.
  11. So we just got knocked out of the European cups, we beat Romanian CFR Cluj before losing to Athletic Club of Spain in the 2nd knockout round.
  12. Teie IF - Youth intake 2037 Looks promising and a fair few positions as well. Well now, can't really complain about that! Quite a few good players and nice personalities for the most part as well. Apparently a winger that can also play centrally, but I'm thinking about converting him a right back. Granted a bit lack of speed, but he has everything else, and I'm getting a bit lacking at that position. Any thoughts about it? The English striker from Wrose (that I found out is north of Bradford after a quick check of Google maps), and he is very talented. N
  13. Yeah, I'm shutting down players who thinks they are too big quite fast and I've obviously gotten a reputation since it rarely happens anymore...
  14. Don't give in to contract demands if you think they are too high. I'm refusing unless I think the demand is reasonable and if they get annoyed then I tell them to stuff it. And 99% of the time that works fine. If a player really moans on, then I sell him. I have no proof, other than my own anecdotal evidence, but it seems to me that if you accept contract demands, them more and more throws themselves on the same wave and want more. So my advise is to not give in to demands, tell them to stuff it and when they have accepted that, THEN give them a new contract if you want. That seems to wor
  15. Teie IF Season 2036 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We are now a professional football team! Though, it did not have the distinct showing on the pitch, as we did pretty much the same as last year. We got 3 points more, but one spot lower, so no Europe for us next season. It does seem to have helped the improvement of some of the players though, as some have have explosive improvements throughout the season. So now, we need to focus on becoming a team that can get into Europe on a regular basis and get some of that sweet European cash on a regular basis. In Norgesmest
  16. This is a tactics discussion, so I'm moving the thread there. If you want any input to make this work, please upload a screenshot of your tactics, roles and instructions so people can try to identify possible improvements.
  17. If that happens, please report it in the bugs section and upload a save showing it so SI can fix it.
  18. Teie IF - Youth intake 2036 Promising, very promising, I need a new striker. Nice, nice, but the average is not that good. Still, I'd like to have more like this. He has loads of good attributes, but I have no idea what he is. Poor finishing, excellent passing, but horrible vision. Speed merchant on the wing? Statistics:
  19. Teie IF Season 2035 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We kept up the form from last season and once again fought at the top half. As the season plodded along we were caught in a massive fight with Rosenborg for 3rd place while Molde, Aalesund and Odd were chasing behind us. Vålerenga and Bodø/Glimt ran away early on, so the fight was for 3rd and the rest of the European spots. In the end we lost the final match away to winners Vålerenga and Rosenborg picked up a point to get past us. But we still finished in a very good 4th place! Also, just as the season was drawing c
  20. Certainly there are something strange at foot, but it's not a clear issue for everyone. And for certain users, I'm sure there could be tactical issues causing it. I've seen something strange with one of my midfielders, but the others are not having it, so it could be that player who does not fit the roles are punished more than they should? I have no idea, but it seems to be more common in some tactical setups than others. So while one might see this as a major issue, another doesn't notice at all. So if it is indeed something that needs fixing, it's not just a simple blanket fix, but a more n
  21. Yeah, I'll give him whatever he wants as long as I can tie him down to a long contract. We are not in financial dire either, so I don't think the board will sell unless we get a silly bid.
  22. Go ahead and join us, most never finish anyway, but we post updates and encourage each other and give tips and such. There's not many rules, except don't buy players and don't cheat, but other than that it's only things to do with the holiday a season and take over a newly promoted club to the lowest tier things. In the thread, some go very fast and some go very slow, but it's all about having fun and a real challenge.
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