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  1. Yeah, no big weaknesses at such a young age makes me hopeful. And the good thing is that I can let him develop a bit slower than I usually do, because of my other great right back: Looking at the comparison, I'd say Donte is a bit better going forward, while Kristian is a bit better at defending. Both can develop nicely though, so it's a nice problem to have!
  2. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2026/27 (Season 6) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, there we go, promotion at last! With last season in mind, the goal was set, and we delivered. Even if we didn't play that much better than last season, the other teams around did noticeably worse. For the most part the team was just about the same, but we had a breakout season for your young Ivorian striker Franck Koné 24e. I've held him back due to his low finishing, but gave him some games at the end of last season, and he did well enough so I
  3. Our Faroese midfielder Teitur Jakobsen 25e became the first of our youth players to get capped!
  4. Yeah, those are fine. The rule is to cancel if possible, but since the red (x) is not highlighted then they should not be possible to cancel. So they are to be considered part of the original squad and can be used as any other player you start with.
  5. Yeah, at least the VNL to L2 are the one I think is usually the hardest. At the very least I'm building a solid foundation now that I'm entering another season down here in the VNS. We just had another takeover though, this time a Local Businessman, and unsurprisingly no investments.
  6. Yeah, it really gives my team an edge in all future intakes. Now, I only could manage to get out of the lowest tier....
  7. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2025/26 (Season 5) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Before the season even started we had a big blow to our aspirations, as we lost out on the super talent that got picked off us by Birmingham. So that was quite annoying, but we made due. I continued with the same 4-4-2 still, as it had started to work wonders towards the end of last season. The good run continued into this season as we established ourselves among the top from an early stage. The big dog of the league, Dag & Red, are still professi
  8. Ouch! Welcome to the club for sackings, @ATW! There's a lot of us in here!
  9. I know! Yeah, I was so giddy I didn't manage to give him a real contract initially. So in retrospect I could have kept him, but I doubt for a long time. As soon he got offers, I knew he was lost, so I tried to offer him out for less now (£9k is nothing), but 50% sell on, but he went with one of the youth contract ones instead. Quite pissed at that really.
  10. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2024/25 (Season 4) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Wow, what a season it was, but not in a good way. We have been unbelievably unlucky this season, especially defensively. The team is starting to look better, with more and more youngsters filling out the ranks, but that comes with a cost. Young players make more mistakes, and screws up more, and in general do dumb things that lead to goals against. But this season was exceptionally so. We finished in a respectably 12th place, but our expected position
  11. Step one done there, @darren1983, congrats! Now for the easy part!
  12. As far as I know there are no planned official updates, but I assume someone will make one if they haven't already. You could check the editors section here, or just have a look at google.
  13. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2023/24 (Season 3) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season was a slight improvement to the last few ones. It also included more youth players than before, and the ones we got the first season have started to really push out a few of the original players now. The emergence of Ryan Doyle 23f, have pushed the striker roles a bit towards a target man, due to his height and jumping, but making him one do make him more of a focal point than I actually want. So I'm still switching around to try to get th
  14. Head into preferences and search for Screen Flow, from there you can set things up like this: That should give you the results you want. You can head into Scouting and press the "Filter"-button in the top right, from there you can select what types of messages go where. So trial and error there to set it up as you want.
  15. It really is. One intake can change so many things fast. So it's a bit like a stair with long steps. You stay there for a while, but suddenly you get an intake and take a step or two fast before it's back to going slowly again.
  16. Have you downloaded a game at any point? I've heard that if you do so, then your HOF will be updated from that. Not tested it myself though.
  17. I've been toying with the idea, but I'm not a very good tactician (without losing A LOT!), so whenever I have something that sort of works, I tend to not change the basis. So perhaps I'll make it my future test tactic, but a wide target man? I really need to get one of them in a future intake to do so! None of my wingers have more than 8 in jumping reach!
  18. I did Folkestone in FM20, I think, but never finished it, so here I go again. I posted the first one, but it's almost at the bottom of the last page here, so easy to miss I expect. I'm happy to see they are still useful, I always like to keep on players as staff if they are anywhere near decent (or at least have a good personality), so if they become such for me, don't be surprised to see them still with me in the later years.
  19. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2022/23 (Season 2) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season went just about the as the first one, except now I had substitutes and could actually rotate a few players now and then. Some of the youngsters were regulars, and with more game time, they keep improving and becoming better and better. I'm still sticking with my customary 4-4-2 hoofball, and I believe I will for quite some years still. The major problem is that we concede a lot more goals than we should, and quite frankly some of them are
  20. @hyrule_king: I can't get your screenshot links to work (other than the ones who are embedded).
  21. And I can also point back to your 3rd thread regarding this, with just about the same answers then: For the future, please keep this to this topic and don't start new ones about the same thing.
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