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  1. To much respect got me 10th position to date Although I'm still stack at FM2013, I'll still adopt some of these hints for my tactics too.
  2. 1. I liked the idea of holding the ball and passing it outside their defense, trying to find holes to the wingers and striker, but it rarely works, as the weaker opponents don't do anything else but defending, so they are always standing in front of the penalty area and the stronger opponents who will play defensively, are to solid to break. 2. I have 3 strikers, each one with different characteristics, one all round CF, one Poacher and a Russian giant (2..01m tall), who despite his efforts when he is on, he is always finding himself with 2 CBs and 2 MCs stack on him. Points 3 and 4 might be good and I will try them too.
  3. It's my favorite 4-2-3-1 attacking or control and the most recent 4-4-2 attacking. As expected, I am pulling my defense back, I never score and my strikers get a max of 6.7 AR. For this season, whenever I tried to play wider/control, my defense in the middle looks hollow and I don't seem to get to the opposite penalty area much. To avoid big holes in my defense, I tried to play attacking, but with my defense deep, which made it even worse goal-scoring wise. I can't even score against small to average teams in the league and in one case that I did score 3 (Duisburg), I conceded 2 goals at the end. I tried counter attack and team seems to stick to defending but is not productive in front of goal.
  4. Team: TSG Hoffenheim Competitions: Budesligua, Champions League, German Cup Expectations: European qualification, 1st knockout round, Semi-Final Formations: 4-2-3-1 balanced/attacking and sometimes 4-2-3-1 balanced/control, but now changed to 4-4-2 balanced/attacking and sometimes 4-4-2 balanced/control. Squad: Highly ambitious, highly determined players but low in teamwork. Pitch dimensions: 105x68m (from 101x65m) The only major change that I have done to my quite successful squad/tactics/pitch, is the pitch size, expecting that it would give my wingers more space to stretch the opponents tight defenses. At the moment, it just seems to give my opponents more space to score in the counter-attack A good example of how things go from the start of this horrendous season, is from the last game, against the 1st in the league Frankfurt: They scored 2 goals (one from counter-attack) In the first 13 minutes. Frankfurt play a defensive 4-1-3-2, with all the no creative midfielders. The only really creative player was their 1 striker. Then, they sit back and this is how they will win the league, by the looks of it! Whenever I tried to sit back from the 1st minute, I found my team loosing 2 to 4-0 in the 1st half I pushed the team up, tried play wider to stretch the defense but no good, narrower and run defense, pump ball into the box. When I stick to retain possession, it seems to work better, as kicking the ball forward makes me loose possession easily. In the 2nd half, things improved, by creating more chances, but even when my strikers were at a scoring spot, they didn't seem to have any luck. My team might create more than 10 chances but we just cannot score, no matter if I am using 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2, with any of the players used This is more or less what happens with either good or bad teams, or in some other cases, like with last in the league Dusseldorf, we can't even create enough chances to scrap the match 1-0 and go home with a win. Finally, some of my best players are playing the worse season yet, with overall average rate below 6.80 My 4-2-3-1 tactics last season, gave me 3rd position, 3rd best attack, 4th best defense, using aggressive tackling, retain position, play out of defense, pass into space and occasionally push higher up. It also worked well in other seasons, finishing at the top 5 (after your advice, I haven't given a single fine this season) What on earth happened this season, that I cannot score and win, not even the weakest 3 teams of the league? 1. Are they all playing very defensively, to what is a very strong Hoffenheim side? 2. Have I overvalued my squad? 3. Have I made a major mistake to increase the pitch size? 4. Should I start making major changes in the squad that I have barely changed the past few seasons? 5. Am I getting to old (66yo) to inspire them to play for me?
  5. I have similar problem. I can't play passive football against a team who park the bus, just to save myself from counter-attacks. The problem is that I might create 10-15 chances without scoring and they might have 2 shots, 2 on goal and win 2-0! Especially this season for me has been a disaster.
  6. As expected, I am pulling my defense back, I never score and my strikers get a max of 6.7 AR. I try to play wider/control, my defense in the middle looks hollow. I can't even win small to average teams in the league. I tried counter attack and team is only defending. I am desperate, suddenly it looks like the whole team gave up on me. I haven't even given a single warning for a fine this season, which is really good compare to other seasons.
  7. This is a good point, I will reconsider and see how it works, thank you.
  8. Team: TSG Hoffenheim Competitions: Budesligua, Champions League, German Cup Expectations: European qualification, 1st knockout round, Semi-Final Formations: 4-2-3-1 balanced/attacking and sometimes 4-2-3-1 balanced/control. Squad: Highly ambitious, higly determined players but low in teamwork. Pitch dimensions: 105x68m (from 101x65m) I am using this formation for the past 10 seasons that I am coaching the team and won one Cup, a few 3rd and 2nd positions, never the League. Most seasons, it provided me with one of the 5 best defenses (my culture is that a good team starts from a good defense) and in the top half of attacks. This season, I decided to make minor changes to the squad, even if my club is rich, and even less in tactics. I only increased the width by 2 for the attacking version and 4 clicks up from narrow setting for the control version. I only made 7 transfers, of which only 2 were 2 19yo (signed for free) for the 1st squad for future investment. I have 3 players for most of the positions, mainly promoting youth back-up players from the reserves. I have only sold 2 players I was using a lot and one more because he asked for transfer. Still have a 34 players squad with a few long-term injured. The problem: I started with a 2-5 win against AA Gent in the CL best placed and it all seemed nice, till the league kicked off. I struggled to get a 1-2 win away to newly promoted Werder Bremen and only won once the weak Bayer Leverkusen in the next 7 games. My defense leaks from left, right and center. The opponent wingers and strikers literally walk in the penalty area, pass the ball like if my players are not there and they score easily and comfortably. In the attack, my strikers seem to love the posts at the moment and they struggle to get shots in. What I think might be wrong, but not sure: Sometimes, increasing the width of the tactics, as I increased the pitch width by 4 meters, overloaded my center-backs who could not always cope well, especially with fast and agile strikers. But instead, my full-backs are the ones who struggle and I noticed a few times my CBs running outside the penalty area to cover the skinned full-back. In some other cases, it looks like my players are in position but not willing to put-up a fight and this is what frustrates me! The opponents look like they just walk through them! Next, I am playing Barcelona away and I don't want to think what will happen if I don't make some positive changes. What do you suggest guys?
  9. OK thank you guys. I normally have a massive U20 or U21 squad, but just took Valencia over2 months ago and don't have much of reserves.
  10. Yes, formations are saved. I have just made a player sub and swapped them with another one in the field. Then, I pressed "confirm" and restarted the match, to see that tactics button was greyed and "cancel changes" looked active but did nothing after I pressed it for several times.
  11. I never knew or checked about the squad requirements for Euro Cup. So now, after I made some transfers in & out during January, I got to a stage where I don't have enough players trained by a club in Spain. So, I cannot register my 25 players squad for Euro Cup, which means I cannot move on with the game. Is there anyway out of this?
  12. And I cannot any further substitution or change of tactic etc.
  13. During the match, I changed formation from 4-2-4 back to 4-2-3-1, so the RHS SC stays in, while the LHS SC is meant to be substituted by an MC/DLP. So, the SC is shown to be at an MC position, but he is not really, until he goes out and replaced by the MC (this is what normally happens). Well, this substitution never happened and the SC kept playing at a MC/DLP position, which is obviously disadvantaging my team. I did press the "cancel pending changes" a few times, but it does not seem to work. Unfortunately, this left me no choice but to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart the match, which I hate doing. It's probably happened 2 or 3 times before. Is there any way out of this?
  14. 30 seasons, I have always been punishing players heavily and if they keep being distracted and useless, like my FBR who let 3 crosses (=3 goals) in his last match for me, they are going straight into the transfer list. If they don't like me, I'll get some new ones. I'll be fining them till they drop dead
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