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  1. OK thank you guys. I normally have a massive U20 or U21 squad, but just took Valencia over2 months ago and don't have much of reserves.
  2. How many times did you replay each match?
  3. Yes, formations are saved. I have just made a player sub and swapped them with another one in the field. Then, I pressed "confirm" and restarted the match, to see that tactics button was greyed and "cancel changes" looked active but did nothing after I pressed it for several times.
  4. I never knew or checked about the squad requirements for Euro Cup. So now, after I made some transfers in & out during January, I got to a stage where I don't have enough players trained by a club in Spain. So, I cannot register my 25 players squad for Euro Cup, which means I cannot move on with the game. Is there anyway out of this?
  5. And I cannot any further substitution or change of tactic etc.
  6. During the match, I changed formation from 4-2-4 back to 4-2-3-1, so the RHS SC stays in, while the LHS SC is meant to be substituted by an MC/DLP. So, the SC is shown to be at an MC position, but he is not really, until he goes out and replaced by the MC (this is what normally happens). Well, this substitution never happened and the SC kept playing at a MC/DLP position, which is obviously disadvantaging my team. I did press the "cancel pending changes" a few times, but it does not seem to work. Unfortunately, this left me no choice but to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart the match, which I hate doing. It's probably happened 2 or 3 times before. Is there any way out of this?
  7. 30 seasons, I have always been punishing players heavily and if they keep being distracted and useless, like my FBR who let 3 crosses (=3 goals) in his last match for me, they are going straight into the transfer list. If they don't like me, I'll get some new ones. I'll be fining them till they drop dead
  8. The 4-4-2 I used after the December Bayern game, worked well, till we got smashed in the semi-final. This is what I don't get. WHY did they go to such a low performance suddenly, when everything seemed to be rolling? The 4-2-3-1 tactics have worked brilliantly before, even for defending. In my 30 seasons, I never conceded 7 goals before
  9. I took over the team in ruins and I got them up to the 4th position in the league and semi-final in the Cup (my 1st game was against Bayern Munich in December). Everything was rolling and suddenly, in the semi-final, a totally unacceptable performance got us smashed at 5-0 by inferior Hertha. Since that game, they seem to have completely given up!!! Every player who plays under 6.3AR gets a 2 weeks fine and if they complain too much, they get transfer listed. I know that you might say that fines are not for a weekly basis, but this is my way and this is what I always do. What frustrates me most, is that it looks like any opponent, no matter how weak or strong, seem to score with a minimum effort, like a lob from the GK, one header from one striker, pass to the other striker, and he scores. What is it happening? Why my team suddenly got into a nirvana, they cannot score and concede 2/3 of the shots towards the goal?
  10. It's been the 3rd time it does it in the pat few months (in game's months). It also "forgets" to apply changes or substitutions that I have set and confirmed from the tactics tab. It is extremely frustrating, especially that I am an FM player who categorises lot of players, I have millions of live notes about assessed scouted players and when the match freezes, not only I am loosing the match which I usually won, but also all my notes and players assessments. WHAT do you think might be the reason that causes this?
  11. Now this happened too! The opponent player "is playing the ball down the line", but he is actually inside the pitch! Does this affect the match itself?
  12. I mainly use the spacebar but it just never worked this time.
  13. Sometimes, match engine freezes. Most of the times, it doesn't seem to be able to load the blue button -bottom right- for "confirm changes" (Tactics tab during half-time), but by pressing "cancel pending changes", it comes back to normal. Then, I can go back to tactics and it usually does what I want and restarts as normal. This time though, it doesn't seem to work at all. The "cancel pending changes" button is inactive and there is no option for Play button. Any solutions before I press CTRL+ALT+DEL?
  14. I must admit that it went better than expected. 2 wins at 8-0 in 4 days, as well as qualified for quarter finals of the German FA Cup
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