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  1. I mentioned some elements of the game that I thought that affects the youth recruitement. My judgement on bad youth intake for 2 years in a row, was obviously made based on the fact of the years previous to these past 2 seasons. I am enough OCD to keep screenshots of the youth players that I am signing up (so that I can observe with their development) to know that the intake of the past 2 seasons was just a massive disaster.
  2. After 30 seasons being heavily inclined to develop my youth squad, I can reassure you that center-backs with positioning '3', strikers with first touch and finishing between 4 to 7 and goalies with handling '6', won't go anywhere in Budesligua, unless we are looking for new cleaners
  3. In FM2013 I have the option for HoYD, DoF or Assy man.
  4. "First question is - ARE they actually getting worse? You mention stars, which would be relative to your club and squad, so has your club and squad improved over the years? 2 seasons would also be a very small sample size so it's difficult to draw too many conclusions from it." My club is placed between 2nd and 6th place, this year I'm between 1st and 2nd and being in March, I am also playing in German Cup as well as Euro Cup. I thought that the DoF I had in charge to bring youth talent in, as well the established youth recruitement, would help? I am just comparing the
  5. Why youth intake is getting worse every season? I have around 30-35% of the 1st team being members of my U19s and although my team is rich, I only make 1 to 3 1st team players transfers per season and I count a lot on youth intake, to develop my own players. A few years back, with "average" staff bringing me the youth in, I'd get 1-2 talented players, 2-3 average to good and the rest I wouldn't bother to sign them up. The past 2 seasons, with a "good" DoF, with really good features for finding young talent, established youth recruitement (please see pics) I got the worse batch o
  6. It's 2nd tme it's doing it, but 4 subs allowed in one game doesn't sound any better
  7. No, the real one, I am playing my 30th season, I don't know if that's got anything to do with it?
  8. 2 unusual things happend so far this season: I played 2 matches in a row in December, no rest day in between, which has happened once before. Is this supposed to be normal? The weirdest, most unusual thing that I've ever came across since I started playing CM1999 to FM 2013, is that in this last match I was allowed to make 4 substitutions Please, refer to pics below. Anyone who has came across the same things before?
  9. To much respect got me 10th position to date Although I'm still stack at FM2013, I'll still adopt some of these hints for my tactics too.
  10. 1. I liked the idea of holding the ball and passing it outside their defense, trying to find holes to the wingers and striker, but it rarely works, as the weaker opponents don't do anything else but defending, so they are always standing in front of the penalty area and the stronger opponents who will play defensively, are to solid to break. 2. I have 3 strikers, each one with different characteristics, one all round CF, one Poacher and a Russian giant (2..01m tall), who despite his efforts when he is on, he is always finding himself with 2 CBs and 2 MCs stack on him. Points 3 and 4
  11. It's my favorite 4-2-3-1 attacking or control and the most recent 4-4-2 attacking. As expected, I am pulling my defense back, I never score and my strikers get a max of 6.7 AR. For this season, whenever I tried to play wider/control, my defense in the middle looks hollow and I don't seem to get to the opposite penalty area much. To avoid big holes in my defense, I tried to play attacking, but with my defense deep, which made it even worse goal-scoring wise. I can't even score against small to average teams in the league and in one case that I did score 3 (Duisburg), I conce
  12. Team: TSG Hoffenheim Competitions: Budesligua, Champions League, German Cup Expectations: European qualification, 1st knockout round, Semi-Final Formations: 4-2-3-1 balanced/attacking and sometimes 4-2-3-1 balanced/control, but now changed to 4-4-2 balanced/attacking and sometimes 4-4-2 balanced/control. Squad: Highly ambitious, highly determined players but low in teamwork. Pitch dimensions: 105x68m (from 101x65m) The only major change that I have done to my quite successful squad/tactics/pitch, is the pitch size, expecting that it would give my wingers more spac
  13. I have similar problem. I can't play passive football against a team who park the bus, just to save myself from counter-attacks. The problem is that I might create 10-15 chances without scoring and they might have 2 shots, 2 on goal and win 2-0! Especially this season for me has been a disaster.
  14. As expected, I am pulling my defense back, I never score and my strikers get a max of 6.7 AR. I try to play wider/control, my defense in the middle looks hollow. I can't even win small to average teams in the league. I tried counter attack and team is only defending. I am desperate, suddenly it looks like the whole team gave up on me. I haven't even given a single warning for a fine this season, which is really good compare to other seasons.
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