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  1. I'm not asking for it to be a game language but rather it be a language in the database. Other examples from the game besides Welsh and Irish would be Quechua and Aymara which are indigenous languages in South American from the Peru, Chile and Bolivian region.
  2. Would be nice if Māori was added as a language for New Zealand much like Welsh and Irish for Wales and Ireland. Māori is an official New Zealand language and as such would be fitting for this to be reflected in game. That's all :)
  3. Dorking Wanderers Season 9 - 2027/28 League - First year in League 1 and from my past experiences in FM I felt we could be a mid table team and if we had some good runs we could have an outside shot for a play off spot. And that is exactly what happened, the first few months of the season we had to fight for everything while we adjusted to the new level of talent we were facing. We weren't in any danger but we still struggled more than we we did good. However, come Christmas time we flipped a switch and we started playing to a higher standard and put on a very good secon
  4. Dorking Wanderers Season 8 - 2026/27 League - Third year in League 2 after falling in the playoffs the past 2 years I was pushing for automatic promotion harder than ever. I felt I made some very good signings and my squad was stronger than ever. We got a new center piece striker who hit the ground running and we were feeling really good the first half of the season. Then came January 5th, a match against Leyton Orient saw our star striker go down for the season with damage to his cruciate ligaments. A huge blow for our team but this meant Keston Williams would be back i
  5. Dorking Wanderers Season 7 - 2025/26 League - I actually finished this season around Christmas time but apparently never posted my update so this will be brief. Finished in 5th but we were on a poor run going in. We lost in the first round of the playoffs which meant we were staying in League 2 for a third year. Cups - EFL and FA Cup both say us crashing out in our first games against Wigan and Sunderland respectively, shame on the FA cup once again. We did find success in the EFL Trophy which say us make it all the way to the Southern Quarter Final. Not a big money
  6. Dorking Wanderers Season 7 - 2025/26 League - Another solid year in League 2 ended in playoff disappointment again. We had a real good chance of getting automatic promotion but coming down the stretch we let the nerves get to us and couldn't find a win. On the last day of the season we still had a chance to get automatic promotion with us sitting on 79 points and facing Rochdale. However we just couldn't find a way to get the ball in the net and we drew the game and Rochdale moved up above Ebbsfleet. So off to the playoffs again and this year we face Eastleigh in the fir
  7. Dorking Wanderers Season 6 - 2024/25 League - First season in professional football and what a great first season we had in League 2. We proved that we could compete in this league and always had chance to win the 3 points. Up until December we had a realistic chance of gaining automatic promotion but ultimately this proved to be too much for us. Instead we stayed in the promotion places and ended up finishing 5th. Unfortunately we came up short losing to Leyton Orient in the play off final by a score of 2-0. That of course was disappointing as we put togethe
  8. Dorking Wanderers Season 5 - 2023/24 League - After last seasons disappointing season I brought in a few new faces to push us forward. Unlike last season my new recruits made the impact I was hoping for. We had a great first half of the season and were keeping up with the league leaders. Unfortunately we had a dip in form coming towards the end of the season and fell out of the playoff spots. Luckily in the final stretch we found our form again and made the playoffs on the last day. Our hot streak continued in the playoffs beating Tranmere, Dag & Red and then Eastlei
  9. Dorking Wanderers Season 4 - 2022/23 League - Second season in the National League and losing out in the playoffs last year I was optimistic of this year especially with some talent we brought in. However, things just didn't click for us and our season saw us put in inconsistent performances all year which saw us finish 13th. When things seemed like they were back on track we would lose form and drop down the table. Ultimately we missed out on the playoffs which left me frustrated. Maybe I was being too loyal to some players that just aren't up to standards and this open
  10. Dorking Wanderers Season 3 - 2021/22 League - First season in the National league so I was unsure of how our team would fare. We had a slow start to the campaign so we had to work our way back into the playoff positions. We were ways off the top teams in terms of ability and the highest we managed to make it was 4th place. York were by far the best team in the league this year and this showed in the final table. We made it past the first round of the playoffs but ultimately lost the semi finals to Maidstone who went on to win the final. We were missing our starting LW wh
  11. Dorking Wanderers Season 2 - 2020/21 League - Wow what a year this was which saw the Wanderers become the champions! My defense was revamped with new starters which really made a huge difference. This year we scored the most goals and conceded the least in the league. Incredibly we started the season unbeaten in 31 games, by far the longest run I have ever been on in any FM. We made it all the way until February 27th before we ended up losing a heart breaker by a 94th minute goal. We did have more draws than I would have liked by I believe this is s
  12. Dorking Wanderers Season 1 - 2019/20 League - First season you never know how it is going to turn out. We started off slow as we weren't able to attract quality players but were never in any danger. In October we were finally able to sign our top target Zane Banton who we had on trial during pre-season but either refused to sign or then was demanding too high of wages. His pace at this level is lethal, as soon as we got him our fortunes changed and we started climbing up and challenging the play off spots. We had a terrible spell in February and March were we only picked
  13. Starting the challenge from the start of FM19 with Dorking Wanderers. Last year I started late and kind of stopped posting updates....but not this year!
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