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  1. Ultimately it's your challenge save, so if you want to forego the CWC, ok. The important thing is that you are enjoying it, or at the very least, it doesn't cast you into a deep well of depression.
  2. It's a big that SI are aware of, so hopefully it will be fixed when the big update comes out. https://community.sigames.com/topic/495632-world-official-league-specific-issues/
  3. Vikeologist's FC Košice 2019/20 End of Season Report I’d forgotten how dicey it can be taking over a relegation threatened club in the latter part of a season, but then again, those are often the most ‘prestigious’ jobs you can get in this challenge. Safer jobs will be with lesser clubs. Or, in nations such as Slovakia, there aren’t lesser clubs. I took over Košice in the midseason break, or given there were 12 matches left of the 30 match season, the 60% season break. 12 matches really isn’t very many if you get off to a bad start, even when you’re only a point away from safety. Thankfully after a few matches we got it together, and were safe from relegation with a match to spare. I’d rashly promised the board a mid table place in order to get the job, but we finished 9th of 16 teams, so everybody should be happy. 23 points from the 12 matches is decent enough. I could look for another job, but as I pointed out in my post when I took the job, Košice are a reasonably promising side. We’re in deep financial trouble despite being one of the largest clubs in the division. Luckily there doesn’t seem to be a limit on the number of loanees I can take on, or of clubs prepared to let us have them for free. Top Goalscorer –Oleg Vyshnevskyi – 7 Or 2 goals in the 9 or 10 matches he played for me before injury shortened his season. My ‘best’ striker has not convinced me to keep him around if I can offload him. His strike partner scored 6 goals when I brought him in on loan, but 4 of those were in one match against particularly hapless relegation fodder. Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Maksym Rizie / Martin Takac – 7.38 Takac is a promising 16 year old, but it’s Rizie that’s going to be the first inductee (albeit probably temporarily) into my Challenge XI. Inexplicably out on loan when I took over, I recalled him and changed tactics slightly to utilise him to the max. Man of The Match – A couple of players picked up 3 awards (over the course of a 30 match season), so let’s just not cheapen this award by actually ascribing it to someone. Most Valuable Player– Maksym Rizie Domestic Season Team Position Notes 19/20 FK Košice 9th Took over with 12 matches to go and delivered from relegation International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress 0/32 Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  4. I mean, you're not necessarily going to win both a cup and the league in every nation, but there's 5 you have to win (the big 5 in Europe) Then you have to manage at some point in S Africa Asia N America S America That's another 4, so that really just leaves one other nation potentially.
  5. For the weirdest of reasons, I'm going to start this challenge, at least for a season or two. I'm moving to The Czech Republic / Slovakia in a week, and I just fancy getting to know a bit about the league systems and teams. So I'm going to start off there. (The fact I'm posting this will mean that I was able to get a job there. Maybe this is how I will choose which team to support. If so, I hope I can get a top division job, because otherwise I might be very lonely if and when I go to support 'my team'. Of course, I can get a better job later on. It's been so long since I've done this challenge properly, (at the start of each iteration I do a test save to see what kinds of jobs are available), I'd forgotten how to set it up. I added not only international players in Asia, but also those with continental and national reputation. This is important o ensure there's enough Asian national team jobs, and at the moment, there's loads; 36. Frankly, I may have overdone it. Be interesting to see of that number diminishes if I go deep into the save. I wouldn't say this is a serious or committed attempt on my part though. It would make no sense in the challenge to pick up league titles in both countries, because if you win the league in every nation you need to in order to pick up the landmarks, that covers 9 of the required 10 league titles. I made a mistake straight away and had to restart because I instantly applied for and accepted the Spain U19 job, but that might make it harder to get a club job. So, from one point of view I've set a new record (about 30 seconds) for cheating in this challenge. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to get any job in either of the nations, and this post (and started save) was in vain. I was however able to attract job offers from a couple of the worst reputation teams in Slovakia, so I decided to go with FK Košice, a club that has only existed for a year, though a now defunct club from the town / city had some success in the past, so they're a bit of a newborn sleeping giant. Here are my players bursting with excitement at my appointment.
  6. Vikeologist's Palermo 2032/33 End of Season Report Palermo won the Copa Italia for the first time in our 133 year history. The club had lost 3 times in the final, so it was nice to put that ghost to rest, and we did it in style winning 6-1 in the final. Like last year’s Europa League, it doesn’t make any difference with the challenge, but nice nonetheless. Almost half way through the season it seemed that we might even complete the challenge. We won every group stage match in the Champions League, and were top of the table, but lost ground in the league which we never made up. A Champions league spot looked safe, but a few bad results meant that we went into the final match of the season in 3rd, but only 2 points ahead of the Europa League 5th spot. We only drew, but luckily the team in 5th lost, so it wasn’t as stressful or disastrous as it could have been. Top Goalscorer – Corrado Varsallona YP8a - 29 My star gaygen striker. He’ll soon be the club’s record holder. The fact that he was inured the last few matches of the season may be a factor in the nerve wracking finish. He was the only striker of my Gang of 4 to hit the net on a regular basis. Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Luciano Campi YP5g – 7.62 Fifth year in a row. As inevitable as the changing of the seasons. Last Remaining Legacy Player - Mirko Grasso YP0c Technically that was Danilo Ambro, who left at the end of his contract a year ago. Mirko came through in the intake during the initial holiday year. (Thus the YP0 designation). He’s 29 now, so hopefully has a few years left. He’s been a starter for all 13 seasons, although I switched him from central defender to wing back a couple of seasons ago. He has 424 league appearances to his name. I can’t be bothered to calculate what the total is if you include cups. He may well get to the 500 appearances mark, because there’s not really any youngsters snapping at his heels. I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned him before, because he’s not fantastic. He has only one 7+ average season. Man of The Match – Luciano Campi YP5g- 8 Most Valuable Players– Luciano Campi YP5g / Corrado Varsallona YP8a I don’t know where I’d be without these two. They’ve been carrying us for quite a few seasons now. There's a third player who's probably as good as them; Giovanni Pierpaoli YP5a, but I have to play him slightly out of position because he's the best left winger I have. It is tempting to move him to central midfield and see how good he could be, and blood a youngster. Season Division Position Notes 20/21 C/C 8th Eliminated in 2nd round of promotion playoffs. 21/22 C/C 8th Eliminated in 3rd round of playoffs 22/23 C/C 2nd Eliminated in Quarterfinals of playoffs. 23/24 C/C 1st Won league and Super C Cup easily. 24/25 B 4th Lost in playoffs S/F 25/26 B 2nd W7 D1 of last 8 matches. Automatic promotion. 26/27 A 13th Flirted with relegation, but it never got inside our pants. 27/28 A 16th Went backwards. 28/29 A 10th Changed formation. Missed out on European qualification on last day. 29/30 A 5th Dropped out of Champions League qualifying spot at the end, but still qualified for Europe for first time. 30/31 A 5th Same position, same points. Reached S/F of Europa League 31/32 A 3rd Champions League qualification. Europa League winners. 32/33 A 4th Terrible second half league performance. CL Q/F, Won Copa Italia.
  7. Vikeologist's Palermo 2032/33 Champions League Report As I do every time I’m in the Champions League for this challenge, I’m going to up the tension by taking you through round by round. I say I do this every time. This is only my second Youth Challenge time in the Champions League. My one previous campaign was about 2 years ago with Chita, where I won the league once, and then never again had a title or Champions League appearance. Group Stage 1st Knockout Round (if applicable) Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) Final (if applicable)
  8. Vikeologist's Palermo 2032/33 Youth Intake Report Before I start, I've noticed that (as far as I am aware) I have never had a single non-Italian come through in an intake. I have plenty of foreign coaches, and my youth recruitment (and all other facilities) are maxxed out and have been for some time, so I find this slightly weird. I'm not complaining. The last thing I need is someone with small African nation second nationality that's going to disappear for ACONS and the like. Anyway. My thirteenth intake. Unlucky for some; well, definitely for me. This was supposed to be a golden generation, but it certainly doesn’t seem like one. I’ve had a few bad intakes, but this one looks the pits. Of course, potential is all relative. We’re one of the top clubs in the world I guess, so maybe some of these 3 starrers will turn out ok. Their personalities, (and I’m referring to the entire intake) are dreadful. But that’s something that I’m able to change. Enzo Toso YP13d- The five that I’ve offered contracts to were all 3 star potential, but this is the guy that my DoF singled out, albeit unenthusiastically. He’s determined, which is something I guess. Has the most current ability of all of them, but that's not saying much. So much for that lot then. Let’s look back 4 years to YP9. Gianluca Allegretti YP9a = Was described as promising. For half a season he was one of my starting strikers, but I have 4 good ones, and 2 spots. Allegretti is pretty much 4th of 4 at the moment, though I do strive to get him as many matches as possible. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do much when he gets the chance. He only has 2 goals so far this season. If he gets more opportunities though, he could still be a star. Salvatore Nicolosi YP9b – Defensive midfielder / defender let go for free. Santo Marangio YP9c – A striker on loan to Serie B clubs for the last 2 seasons where he’s been doing ok, but given that my oldest striker is only 26, he’ll probably never even get a game for us. Giuseppe Martino YP9d – Goalie that I sold for 100k. I forget which one of you had trouble with goalies, but I’ve had a surfeit of promising goalies. Plenty of other intakees have now been sold and are plying their trades in the lower leagues, plus one guy who I’ve just set for release in the summer. Nonetheless, it looked as though there was only 1 good player, but Marangio looks ok as well. Could end up playing top tier football eventually, but probably not with us.
  9. Yes, but not as much as Lazio, who've just finished 7th; in Serie B.
  10. Vikeologist's Palermo 2030/31 End of Season Report We finally managed to finish in the top 4; (3rd in fact) and qualify for the Champions League. The far bigger story though was that we won the Europa League. We had a fairly easy path to the final, but I was delighted to pick up a 2-1 victory over Chelsea there. We were still a long way from challenging for the title, but I threw my young left back Mattias Camillucci YP11a straight into the first team, and he was an improvement, even though he still doesn’t have as many stars as his predecessors. The problem may be that I have lots of good players, but few excellent ones. Last summer, one of my goalies, Davide Reda was my first player to be called up to the senior Italy squad, and even picked up a cap. I’m not sure why. At the time he was my backup goalie, although I had started him in almost all the European matches the previous season. Frankly he’s nowhere as good as the 3 goalies who are normally in the international squad. I may have wasted the potential of other goalies by not playing them instead of Reda in the past. At the moment, I rotate between 2 goalies, and neither of them are happy about it. My other goalie, Luciano Campi YP5g, won the Serie A goalie of the year. Top Goalscorer – Vanni Lugli YP7d - 30 A year ago Lugli was 4th on the depth chart, and seemingly on his way out because he wasn’t prepared to re-up his contract which had 2 years to run. So I gave him a chance, and in pre-season he was awful, but once the season started he was on fire. He didn’t keep up his rate of goals throughout the season, but he scored both our goals in the 2-1 victory over Chelsea in the Europa League final. He wasn’t our top league goalscorer. That was Varsallona, who topped the Serie A charts. The surprise was Fantini. You may remember him as the star striker who doesn’t score, but when given the opportunity he did this season, with 19 goals from 19 starts, (and lots of sub appearances). Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Luciano Campi YP5g – 7.89 Fourth year in a row, and a new high. Most Valuable Judas - A.A. Morabito YP4c I’m pleased to report that none of the players who abandoned us for supposedly better clubs have fared well. None of them have picked up a senior (Italian) cap. Morabito left us 5 years ago for our Europa League opponents, Chelsea, but was long gone by the time of the final. Now plays in Russia for Spartak Moscow, although he doesn’t play much. As far as I can tell, only 1 Judas is with another Serie A club. They’re all failures. Man of The Match – Vanni Lugli YP7d- 8 Most Valuable Player– Luciano Campi YP5g Season Division Position Notes 20/21 C/C 8th Eliminated in 2nd round of promotion playoffs. 21/22 C/C 8th Eliminated in 3rd round of playoffs 22/23 C/C 2nd Eliminated in Quarterfinals of playoffs. 23/24 C/C 1st Won league and Super C Cup easily. 24/25 B 4th Lost in playoffs S/F 25/26 B 2nd W7 D1 of last 8 matches. Automatic promotion. 26/27 A 13th Flirted with relegation, but it never got inside our pants. 27/28 A 16th Went backwards. 28/29 A 10th Changed formation. Missed out on European qualification on last day. 29/30 A 5th Dropped out of Champions League qualifying spot at the end, but still qualified for Europe for first time. 30/31 A 5th Same position, same points. Reached S/F of Europa League 31/32 A 3rd Champions League qualification. Europa League winners.
  11. Vikeologist's Palermo 2031/32 Youth Intake Report Just one good player, and or maybe lots of good players and 1 wonderkid. I’m not holding my breath. Calogero Bellomonte YP12a – I have 3 good central defenders, and a right back who used to be one, but that’s it, so fresh blood may be useful, and of course he might turn out to be a superstar. Can’t see him getting a lot of games, and his professional personality means that I don’t need to elevate him to the first team quickly, because I want to preserve his professionalism. I have 2 Model Citizen players and 14 Resolutes, but they all take after the first Mod Cit I had, including a low professional attribute I’d guess. It’s like having a prize winning bull whose sperm produces a thousand offspring, all with the same genetic defect. Talking of gentic defects, he's not the tallest at 180cm. Antonino Plescia YP12b – A striker. Good luck getting any games with us. Matteo Fabbri YP12c – A second kid with professional personality, and his determination is 15, so I’ll chuck him in a training group with Bellomonte, and I guess somebody who’s Resolute, and try to introduce that professional DNA into the squad. Vikeologist’s Youth Eugenics Challenge. Alberto Cacco YP12d – Always good to have a goalie in the youth team, especially since I didn’t have one before. Let’s look back 4 years to the YP8 intake Corrado Varsallona YP8a – Hey, it’s my Gaygen. My star striker. He’s had a rough season. His goal tally has been OK, (every 148 minutes), but 2 others are scoring much more regularly, so he’s getting rotated a bit. The worse thing is that his determination plummeted from 14 to 4 overnight. It will be difficult to get it back up much since he’s 21 now, and anyway quite an influential figure in the squad. Riccardo Negro YP8b – A goalie, and he might have been great, but I have so many promising goalkeepers, none of whom have ever completely fulfilled that promise. Currently in his second season on loan in Serie C. Getting lots of matches, but probably never with us. Michele Brigante YP8c – Didn’t know who he was. Turns out I sold him on a free transfer ages ago. By all signs, a total dud. Indeed the only other 3 I even gave youth contracts to have all left the club. But at least I have Corrado.
  12. You're probably not the first person to do this challenge to have a L'il Wang.
  13. It was your post that got things changed. You originally mentioned Gibraltar as an official SI add on, but the only one I've seen either in GD or Steam is Canada. Is Canada the only one, or do you have a link to an official Gibraltar one? If it's only Canada I could clarify that in the original post. I'd have thought that Gibraltar would be too much of a hot potato, although better than Tibet I suppose.
  14. Vikeologist's Palermo 2030/31 End of Season Report We finished in the same league position (5th), with the same number of points. At least our goal difference was (significantly) better. A bit disappointing to be back in the Europa League, but at least i can give some of my backups a run out in the group stage. We reached the semi-final of the Europa League where we were knocked out by AC Milan, who also eliminated us from the Copa Italia at the Q/F stage. I made some changes to my starters this year. I dropped my goalie of the last 7 seasons, Davide Reda. His replacement wasn’t immediately better but edged ahead by the end of the season. He’s 23 so maybe I left it too late. UPDATE: After the season, Reda (and not my starter Roberto Pastore YP5b who's supposedly better) becomes my first ever player to be called up to the full Italy national side. I also dropped my starting striker of the last 7 seasons, and club record goal scorer, Alessio Fantini. I definitely should have done this before, because as with the goalie situation, I have more promising long term options. Fantini has 83 goals in 285 league appearances. He’s still supposed to be my 2nd best striker, and he’s OK, but really he’s 4th on my depth chart now. Left back is a weakness, and I’ve already given quite a few matches to my latest youth intake starlet. If he can improve, I should have a pretty good side, but I don’t have a lot of depth, because predictably, some players who haven’t played as much haven’t realised their potential. Top Goalscorer –Corrado Varsallona YP8a- 33 Scoring goals has been a long term problem with my side because of Fantini not producing, but a big improvement here with my ‘gaygen’ smashing the club’s single season record. One of the problems with a Varsallona-Fantini partnership is that they’re both exclusively left footed, and it really helps to pair Carrado with a right footer. I have 2 promising strikers. Neither of them actually scored as regularly as Fantini this season, but hopefully that will improve next season. I must admit though that he only scored slightly more goals in the league than last season. Playing in the Europa League pumps up everybody's goal tally. Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Luciano Campi YP5g – 7.52 His third year in a row. He’s now the highest paid player at the club at £105k a week, but then again that wouldn’t put him in the top 15 earners at champs Inter. He is tied up for a long time and os going nowhere. Having done Most Gay Player and Most Psycho Player the last 2 seasons, I can’t think of a special award this year. If anybody has a suggestion… Man of The Match – Luciano Campi - 8 Most Valuable Players– Luciano Campi YP5g / Corrado Varsallona YP8a – Yet again, I’m not choosing between my 2 favourite children. Season Division Position Notes 20/21 C/C 8th Eliminated in 2nd round of promotion playoffs. 21/22 C/C 8th Eliminated in 3rd round of playoffs 22/23 C/C 2nd Eliminated in Quarterfinals of playoffs. 23/24 C/C 1st Won league and Super C Cup easily. 24/25 B 4th Lost in playoffs S/F 25/26 B 2nd W7 D1 of last 8 matches. Automatic promotion. 26/27 A 13th Flirted with relegation, but it never got inside our pants. 27/28 A 16th Went backwards. 28/29 A 10th Changed formation. Missed out on European qualification on last day. 29/30 A 5th Dropped out of Champions League qualifying spot at the end, but still qualified for Europe for first time. 30/31 A 5th Same position, same points. Reached S/F of Europa League
  15. You can find out the actual reset date by subtracting the lowest division and seeing what date that would come into effect. (And then adding that division back, because you'll need it). June 29 according to a poster who started in Belgium. As for the earlier date when the previously unplayable teams will be selected if you want a choice, I can't help you.
  16. Vikeologist's Palermo 2030/31 Youth Intake Report I was promised a golden generation, but it looks as though there’s only 2 good players. Normally I wouldn’t even give a youth contract to players without 3 star potential, but I need to have some players for my youth squad. I might treat it as an experiment. If any of my players tagged just YP11 even play in Serie C it will be a miracle, and none of them even have good personalities. If they don’t improve in a year I’ll cut the lot of them loose. However, the 2 good players just might be very good indeed, especially the top one. Mattias Camillucci YP11a – A left back, and frankly it’s a weak element of my first team. My left backs have just never developed or even played very well. Mattias isn’t good enough for the first team yet, but if I have nothing to play for at the end of the season, I may definitely throw him in. Also, he has a resilient personality, so hopefully I can refine that fairly quickly. Probably put him straight into the first team squad to work on that personality. Santo Noto YP11b – A defensive midfielder. My 10a player was also a defensive midfielder, and I haven’t completely given up on him, but as with Camillucci, I’ll promote him to the first team squad straight away, to improve on his temperamental personality. Let’s go back in time 4 years to see how my YP7 did. Before looking, I’m going to guess that not many of them turned out to be starters. Aurelio Ortolano YP7a – My top 2 YP6 players are my starters in defence, and Ortolano has never threatened to displace either of them. He’s a reasonable backup. My HoYD thought he was the best prospect. My assistant manager didn’t. My assistant manager was right, which is worrying since my HoYD is supposed to be the best at recognising ability and potential. Giulio Asero YP7b – A left back. One of the ones who’s disappointed as related above. Maybe if I’d given him more chances… At least one manager has bemoaned the lack of good players in recent intakes, but perhaps it’s because after a while we give new intakes less chances. I just don’t think he’s much better than my starter though. Alessandro Zini YP7c – A winger I sold for £600k to Udinese for whom he hasn’t played a game. Vanni Lugli YP7d – A striker that I was a bit excited about because he was so tall, and he’s racked up a fair few appearances as a sub, but was overtaken by a far more promising striker in my YP8 intake. He is actually fairly good, and has a good strike rate, but he’s 4th in my depth chart and I play 2 strikers so the fates are against him. Actually for the entire 4 seasons, I’ve thought his surname was Luigi, which shows the lack of attention I’ve given him. He only has 2 years left on his contract, and won't sign a new one, so I don’t think he’s taken the neglect well. I may have to engineer a way to give him more games. I actually tagged all the way down to 7i, but none of them have turned out to be any good, although some of them are still with us, albeit out on loan. All in all, a bad intake, but as discussed, that may be partly because of lack of opportunity. Maybe a wasted intake.
  17. Is Skirpan your only goalie? Does he have any potential? Not that that will ever make up for the fact that he's too small.
  18. Congrats on the title. Are you the first to win the league this year? Your links don't work for me, but Pham Ba must be in his thirties by now. How are your finances? Are you swimming in money?
  19. Varsallona's a good player and all, but in our current contract negotiations he's demanding that this is how he enters the pitch every home match.
  20. I've been tracking my poached players. For the first time this season, AFAIK, we faced one of our poached players. Well, he was on the bench. He's yet to make a first team appearance. He's about the only player we've had poached that would have even be good enough to earn a contract with us, and even that is borderline. Hopefully we're big enough now that we'll never have a good player poached.
  21. I've come to the conclusion that these are so meaningless, I'm not even posting them anymore. It turns out to be a shower as often as a generation.
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