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  1. Win 10 Opera (tried with and without turbo), Mozzila Firefox, and Edge. When I click on the text and icon of the not-loaded image it takes me to http://i1.wp.com/sisportscentre.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/2.jpg and the browser says: Sorry, the parameters you provided were not valid
  2. Images of the original post are not loading, is there a way to fix that? I tried different browsers, and image reloader extension without success.
  3. Actually guide to football manager explicitly says physios rolls are reducing chance of injury occurring, reducing length of injury and reducing recovery after injury is gone. Besides that they do also estimate the length of the injury.
  4. For people complaining about injuries I will suggest something that made a difference and worked for me. It is a common misconception that physios in the team just predict the length of recovery from injury. I followed this misconception and fired 5 of 8 of all physios from my team to save money and staff space. Got a early season injury galore leading to my team missing 6 first team players and one important substitute in 7th or 8th round of the championship. Than I read that physios do more than predict injuries - even tho people couldn't explain what exactly they said that more physios makes them have less workload and can attend more attention to every player needing it. Next time I hired one to go to maximum 9 and felt a massive difference in injury proness without changing anything about, training, pre-season load or anything like that. Continued hireing maximum number of physios in my subsequent saves and never had the injury galore anymore.
  5. Inside forwards popularity

    I'm sorry for getting the Robben thing wrong. My experience that produced frustration is all with younger players that have no PPMs though... I am not sure I am understood. The thing that I am complaining about is that you get so many players with right attributes to play winger who are right footed but natural in AML position and just competent or so in AMR position, and they keep playing bad like wingers because the position is awkward... And they are hard to retrain to AMR position even tho they are already versatile (they can play ML AMC ST) and young (19-23). And after all the frustration when you give up and try to play them as winger in their natural position even tho they have wrong foot for it they just play as inside forwards or in between or they play bad...
  6. I might be wrong and I could be disconnected with modern football tendencies but I felt I had to say something about this. There is just too many inside forwards in the game. And most of them are pretty hard to be made to work. Inside forward tendencies to sit pretty narrow in the shoulder of defenders and cut inside from wide positions creating congestion in the center of opposition third just invites any of the defenders to just disposes them or make all their passing options (but backwards) impossible. If you can understand me, when you have wingers they tend to stretch back 4 of the opposition wide and get themselves in 1v1 situations or draw other defenders out of position and create surplus of other attacking players. Inside forwards draw opposition defense even closer to each other, more narrow and tight making them spoiled for choice of who is going to tackle. OK I understand exceptional players like Messi and Ronaldo are inside forwards making the role so popular but those are exceptional players. Heaving someone with huge dribbling capabilities, great shot and incredible creativity, vision, flair and passing ability is obviously great for your team. Ribery and Roben are examples of wingers that could play like inside forwards and had both feet pretty decent but in this game this doesn't work because IF don't wanna fulfill winger role even when you assign it to them (if on wrong side to their preferred foot) or they simply suck at it (right side for their foot but awkward position). And popularity if the role is so out of proportion and this game produces so many useless inside forwards. Why? Because: -they refuse to dribble wide -they refuse to run with the ball wide even when they have space and pace -they just don't produce enough creative passes -they loose ball too often -they get greedy and shoot wide too much -even when they get in scoring opportunities their finishing lets them down. Only good thing they produce is that they open space for wing backs to have a go and cross but the defensive line is usually already so dense especially if you have 2 inside forwards that there is odd to be some defender that is gonna clear the cross in front of your attackers. And there are just not enough defensively sound tactics that are gonna push wing backs forward so often. Why do so many right footed players have natural AML position (and vice-versa) when they have obvious winger characteristics (pace, crossing)? Why do those players have so hard time playing like wingers on the right side if right footed and vice-versa despite having all the right attributes? Why are they so hard to retrain to the position even if they are young and versatile? I'm thinking about moving this to fm16 feedback thread too but I hope it is gonna get noticed more here.
  7. Match engine this year feels much better. Changes to training are disappointing though! Inability to change individual training workload independent of the team workload is a big minus. Also who ever thought of the idea that you can't cancel PPM training!?!? Central midfield you can't train differently for attack or defense roles. Also MC role doesn't train tackling and marking anymore!?!? Transfer prices are ok, i don't see why are people complaining. But no single scouting or offer remains private. As soon as I get a scout report card on someone press leaks it!?!? Every single above average player that seemed good for the price I have put on the shortlist. All of them and I talk about 25 players got signed by a bigger club next transfer window despite those clubs heaven't really been needing them. All the good options just disappear!?!? It didn't happen before! I could track player for 3 years on my shortlist and sign him when the circumstances are right. But now they snatch them away from me first! I am forced to go for too expensive deals... And than I go for expensive deal, and look the miracle bigger club from my league makes an offer too... What are budgets for if you can't use them? If this is intended Than there should be mechanism to notify me if a bit smaller clubs are eyeing a good deal, so I can also snatch me some!
  8. Am I missing something blatantly obvious or there is no way to set individual training workload in fm16?
  9. Jumping reach for keepers just affects situations outside their box where they are not allowed to use hands. It comes into play if goalkeeper rushes out and is forced to used head to deflect the ball or something similar. I red this in a guide on another SI supported affiliate site.
  10. I watch extended, and just sometimes comprehensive when I really feel it is needed. But I heard a very good technique that is not too much time consuming. One guy who is really good with tactics always watches first 15 min. of the game in full to see how tactics work and if adjustment needs to be made and the rest of the game he just watches key. I just plan to try it out tomorrow already.
  11. I'm 5th season in my unemployed save. I have started as a International footballer with no coaching licences. Now I managed to promote a team into Serie A and overachieve next season and I hope I will get a job in a top club soon. But I am worried about media handling. That's my weakest attribute on about 30%. I always send AM to conferences, but I answer most of other questions that appear from the media. I have noticed that in all my job interviews they mentioned my media handling is low. Will this affect my chances of getting a world-class job? What do you guys think in general how important media handling is for your manager attributes and for relationship with the board?
  12. Update! After hiring 4 more physios for my younger teams seems like my injuries have gone as I continued towards the end of the season in my save. Would be nice if SI would incorporate an indicator of how well your team is covered with physiotherapy. Only thing certain is that the community is uncertain how it really works.
  13. This is most likely a myth. I did some research on the subject. Official game manual and some guides to FM says physios do much more than just estimate injury recovery time. They reduce chance of injury, they reduce recovery time, and they estimate recovery time. This is also logical. If a healthy player has massage after physically demanding game his muscles will recover faster and he will have less chance of muscle damage in the next games. Nothing can prevent someone's heavy tackle breaking your leg but some massage and cream can prevent muscle injury by just running. The thing that remains unclear, and what I asked is how many does a squad need and why would my club have 8 to start with.
  14. Just took a job in Spartak Moscow in my unemployed save and I've seen the club has 7 or 8 physios, most of whom were rubbish. So I terminate 4 or 5 physio's contracts and leave 2 physios and the head physio. But as soon as season started my injuries were piling up every game. Long ones too. 3 weeks to multiple month. I now have 7 important players out (and at least 4-5 youngsters) after 2 month and I think it has to do with reduction in number of physios. Training ain't it because the workload isn't high. I have almost 30 members in main squad and about another 35 in u21 and u19 squads. So I decided to hire some average physios to cover the youngster squads and ease the workload on the main ones, because I couldn't hire main physios because coaches have taken all the allowed positions (for some reason they share it :/). Any clues how many physios I should have generally when I asses my staff?
  15. I play this game 10 years now, and I like to think I am good at it. With good understanding of tactics, player development and all other stuff that matters. But i tend to play top tier leagues. Sometimes with weaker clubs but still top divisions. I had a few lower league saves and had some fun with it. What I never tried is Journeyman style. I was thinking about starting unemployed with no coaching badges but with good footballing experience, maybe professional footballer, so not really starting from the bottom but somewhere in the middle. But before i start I'd like to read some guide or tips for starting unemployed and can't seem to find any content on that topic except manager stories. Any guides or suggestions?