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    Playing FM not giving a hoot and letting my 3kids run circles around me!!

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  1. ok done that,sorry about that..think im actually going to report it to the police as well as its getting nothing short of ridiculous,can this be closed please.
  2. hello there. i have been getting harrasment and very nasty and abusive messages on steam from someone i used to play online with,how can i go about getting this sorted out please? Sorry if this is the incorrect area,didnt know where else to post.
  3. At the start of a new game,which is more beneficial with regards to the match training slider to enable a team to learn a tactic more quickly during pre-season? All the way to the left? or the right?
  4. Best Skin?

    CFM Skin version 2.0 is superb,i also use it with the logopacks,so shouldnt be any issue in that respect.
  5. excellent,been waiting on this one!!!
  6. Great skin as always Pikawa me and the rest of the guys over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PimpmyFM/ are looking forward to using your great skin
  7. Kit Colour Clashing.

    Thanks Michael, Yes its a custom pack i had personally made for me so im assuming that,that is the problem..Thanks for clearing this up,now at least i know im not going nuts!!! Cheers mate
  8. Kit Colour Clashing.

    Hello folks, Recently ive encountered a few issues with regards to kits whilst watching my matches in the 3d mode,my problem is kits..i know this is the skinning thread but i guess its the next near it..anyway has anyone else been getting the same issues recently in there game? thanks.
  9. Livingston FC

    Will do,im from Lanarkshire myself,not so far from Livingston actually...jsut always thought Livi would be a good challenge,try get them back up to the top tier..Send me a PM with your steam name buddy we can instant chat about this when you are online and that...
  10. Livingston FC

    Thanks for that i'll check this out soon..
  11. Livingston FC

    Ah thats ok mate dont worry...did manage to get a player called Bryan Mavinzi who was on PSG's books looks a decent young player,got him on a free.
  12. Livingston FC

    Thats great thanks,I remember Ryan from when he was at Hamilton he seemed a very good prospect,and funnily that you should mention Celtic,i have them as my senior affiliate so im getting some youngsters on loan from them,seems quite hard recruiting players though especially from abroad ive noticed.
  13. Livingston FC

    What players would you reccomend at Airdrie when u were there? season 27/28 jeezo that commitment!!!
  14. Livingston FC

    Hello folks, Ive quite enjoyed playing lower league scottish football in the past and ive decided to have a bash with Livingston who play in the Scottish league 1.Has anyone ever played as them yet on FM17? How did you get on? Thanks.