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  1. Hello there. I have a problem with my game it seems.when i load up FM18 it loads up ok,but i am then unable to choose any nations as the section of the game thre is blank for some reason,ie flags nation(s) choice etc I am not using any custom database's and only the official one used in-game. Please help.
  2. Hi all. Since the start of getting fm18 i have started 2 seperate saves Rangers and Coventry and have been dismissed rather quickly in both after a short 6 month period at each club,my question is what exactly am i doing wrong? I use two formations in each but it clearly doesnt work them being a 442 and a 4231 setup. Any advice would be great as im clearly not doing too good so far
  3. Looking to start online game, casual players

  4. [FM18] [Skin] Aurum18

    thanks for the skin,been waiting on a low-res one
  5. New Game

    Haha yes will do if it gets enough votes then i certainly will try!!!
  6. Hello everyone. Not been about for a bit so i have decided to get involved with FM18 looks a cracking game... Going to get a new save started up over the next few days,so im looking for some advice on what team i should go.
  7. ok done that,sorry about that..think im actually going to report it to the police as well as its getting nothing short of ridiculous,can this be closed please.
  8. hello there. i have been getting harrasment and very nasty and abusive messages on steam from someone i used to play online with,how can i go about getting this sorted out please? Sorry if this is the incorrect area,didnt know where else to post.
  9. At the start of a new game,which is more beneficial with regards to the match training slider to enable a team to learn a tactic more quickly during pre-season? All the way to the left? or the right?
  10. Best Skin?

    CFM Skin version 2.0 is superb,i also use it with the logopacks,so shouldnt be any issue in that respect.
  11. excellent,been waiting on this one!!!