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  1. Im thinking of possibly narrowing it down to a German save or some sort of Scandinavian type save,although my poll (link is posted a few posts earlier suggests otherwise)
  2. Some interesting choices in there Crispypaul - Thanks!!!
  3. Yeh Parma has actually been in the back of my mind actually to be honest too.
  4. Fantastic lads,thanks everyone so far for there suggestions,keep them coming!! i also have a poll running at the moment if anyone wishes to participate in,to include there vote -:
  5. Have you checked the La Liga table lately they are going downhill fast!!!
  6. Parma,Valencia,Hertha Berlin all seem a decent shout...
  7. Thanks Foumeuss, Nah bored with the Rangers stuff done that in the last 2 editions of FM looking for something a little diffrent to be honest.
  8. Hello folks, Had a look around the forum there for a list of "fallen giants" as an idea im looking into possibly for FM17 i can think of a few from the top of my head Valencia,Stuttgart to name a very few. Is there like a shortlist or some sort of thing similar showing teams who have fallen from grace over the years. Apologies in advance if this has been overlooked. Thanks *Edit* I also have this running in conjunction with this thread,please take the time to vote guys - thanks
  9. After two weeks of posting up,this is sahping up quite nicely,rather surprised about the opinion of you guys so far though - Great though.Cmon guys get voting!!!Still time to choose your preferred selection for me
  10. No thats not possible,players must be online at the same time.
  11. Thanks for voting so far everyone,for those that havent - Cmon get involved folks!!!
  12. Shame on you waiting on a manager getting the sack -Thanks for voting
  13. Looking for some ideas for a new save for when FM17 comes along.I'll be leaving this poll on the forum right up until release date and then get started.Im hoping that the FM communit can help me choose,and i will be quite interested in the responses and choices that you guys provide. Thanks for participating.
  14. Yes that seems true the luxury of the european competitions is like a big carrot dangling in front of you...hoping i can get a senior affiliate maybe,that might help too.