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  1. russia sounds alright,never done a save there,just looking for a one last short save before the turnaround for fm20..
  2. Wondering what nations have relatively short seasons,have known that others are shorter than others,what ones are they though? cheers guys.
  3. Great save there Nobby,which leagues and nations did you setup for this out of interest?.. *Ignore that found it in the OP *
  4. Is there any limit to how many senior affiliates that you can have? Im playing as Linfield and cant seem to get any other than Rangers who are already there. Many thanks.
  5. whats the latest link for this skin please..Looks great
  6. I join the club in November 2018, sixteen games into the season. Here is how the table currently stands after my first two games. So still no further forward in pulling away from the relegation zone with two points out of a possible six,still early days though so sort this out. Board Expectations I have to avoid relegation or i will be out a job at the end of the season,this was put to me when appointed. FA Cup: Reach First Round (Put out in 4th qual. round before appointed) FA Trophy: Reach Second Round
  7. It certainly was,not too sure everything wil be like that - Thank you
  8. Indeed it was,quite astonishing to be honest - Thank you
  9. Wow what a game to kick off with in my first game in charge.. We went into this game hoping to get a win to start moving clear of the relegation places,and incredible EIGHT first half goals!! Looking at the squad there is a lot of dead wood in the club and people will be moved on,the rebuilding work starts now.
  10. Name: Hemel Hempstead FC Nickname: - The Tudors Year Founded: 1885 Stadium: Vauxhall Road (Capacity 3,152) Status: Semi Professional So nine months of job searching has came to an end as Hemel Hempstead give me a chance to the end of the season to avoid relegation from the Vanarama South,the team currently in 17th place are only 1pt above the relegation zone but im confident we can pull this off,as there is still 26 games to go in the season. First game is against Hampton&Richmond who are struggling like ourselves in 19th place - Lets do this!!
  11. So after 9months of constant rejections we are no futher forward to getting a job,have no idea why..The search goes on
  12. So we have had a few clubs offering job interviews lets attend them and see where go from there.the clubs are Gaziantepspor, 17M in debt doubt this is a viable solution,seems they are in big trouble..also start off with a 36pt deduction.. Shanghai Shenxin who play in the Jia league is an interesting option little bit of money for players.. Berco SC,an amateur club in Portugal's lowest league.Wont consider an amatuer team unless its the last option.. Concord Rangers,who are in the Vanarama south.Couple of decent players is a possibility.. So having missed out on all of these interviews we go on holiday for a few months and see what arises..
  13. I have started my career as fictional Portugese manager Bruno Moreira,he is 39, My past experience is that of a Sunday League. I had a look at what jobs were available and immediately applied for them all. Things were underway, and all I had to do was wait for a response from teams who were interested in my services.
  14. Hello everyone.. After reading some fab career saves in the forum, I have decided to start my own save,my last one most possibly before fm20 comes along Im usind the transfer DB from over at Sortitoutsi.net to keep squads and teams upto date as much as possible. Introduction Ive chosen a varied selection nations to play in,not too much as my lappy aint the most powerful but enough to give the save a decent run,where i will end up i dont know. Countries/Leagues (The lowest league available is listed next to the country) Brazil - Serie C Argentina - Primera B England - Vanarama North/South France - Championnat National 2 Germany - 3. Liga China - Jia League South Korea - Hana Bank League 2 Portugal - Campeonato de Portugal Hungary - NB II League Turkey - TFF 2 Lig Im using a medium database with a player count of about 55,000 more than enough i think personally Game Objectives I don't really have anyof these in this save, except too have good fun playing in some leagues i havent done so before Aims And Ambitions I don't really have any aims in my save, except that I want to have a fun save. Im hoping that this is a successful and enjoyable save,and unearth some decent players young and old I hope that you enjoy my journey in my last save for FM19 I hope that you, (if there are any of you), enjoy following my journey.
  15. this one works fine - https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/17/google-earth-stadium-backgrounds
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