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  1. Forgot all about this one,yeah if you have the updated file i'll give it a bash,as i think the original link as others have stated is dead unfortunately
  2. Think that clears this one up then really think i will just cap my DB at roughly 60k thanks for all the input guys on this,this afternoon. Sorry if the things i was asking was a tad stupid at times just again never sure!!!
  3. Seems a bit more respectable looking i think now
  4. Jeez that does sound bad actually now that i sit and think about that!!! Never actually took that into account,what about my amended setup pictured above...As i said ive never been too sure about this aspect of the game in its own,that was a bit of an eyeopener Cougar2010!!!
  5. Revised it and got it down to a more lower amount of players though - Star system doesn't seem to have changed though :/
  6. Hello everyone, First of all apologies if this is in the wrong place,its not a technical issue nor a bug hence why i havent posted over in that relevant section of the forum.Im getting a new save started up and im looking for some advice on the general setup and nation/player selection,i.e the best way to have it set up. How would you set your game up? would this be reccomended what i have enclosed in my screenshots? Cheers for reading folks - i do appreciate your advice on this one.
  7. You can get graphical modifications that can sort this out - i too used to have the same problem as yourself.Head over to FmScout and you will see various files i.e ball pack and pitch texture files,which make the pitch darker so you can see the ball better.
  8. So three games into my managerial career at North Ferriby this is what i am up against,we have just achieved a very respectable 0-0 draw against Wrexham,despite being up against it for the most of the match,but the question is what exactly was the last manager doing here if anything!!! Still confident i can turn this around though.
  9. CURRENT LEAGUE PERFORMANCE The club as you can see is in dire straits in the league and desperately fighting for survival.Radical changes are needing made if we are to maintain our status in this division.Out of 24 games(4 of them being pre-season fiendlies we have won two which is not acceptable.My first game is the FA Cup 1st round against Newport who are 17th in league two,given our current demise i do not expect a result to be honest. We lost in the FA Cup 1st Round match as expected completely outplayed although the only positive to take out of this game was it took Newport until the 72nd minute to get a goal,hopefully we can now turn our attention to the league campaign at hand.Looks like a mammoth task to be fair.
  10. A NEW OPPORTUNITY BECKONS So North Ferriby United who sit rock bottom of the Vanarama Conference after 19 games played of the season have hired Mcallister in to try change the clubs fortunes and keep there place in the division.After a very brief spell over in Germany with Bremen II,we now have a much clearer objective of whats happening,it looks a tough job indeed and certainly a fair drop in player and club stature.The club have only gave me a deal until the end of the season so lets hope we can kick on and give the fans something to cheer about.
  11. A PERIOD OF DELIBERATION So after a bit of thinking i have decided to resign from the club after just a few days in,Reason being that i overlooked that the main team has a major say on matters with the team and various others.maybe should have guessed so being a 2nd team to a main team. So the task of getting a new job continues,and i pack my bags and leave Bremen a lot sooner than anticipated.
  12. BACKROOM STAFF The backroom and coaching team is literally non existent as you can see and is one of the first things i shall be addressing at my arrival at the club,i'll be looking for these guys to be moving on swiftly,to enable me to get my own team in immediately.
  13. FIRST TEAM SQUAD Overall the side doesnt look that bad and for a team thats to be fighting relegation im surprised actually.One or two players needed i think nothing radical.
  14. Hello folks and welcome to the thread,as you can see its another unemployed career save in the forum but i find these kind are the best,so after a bit of stopping and starting and unable to get settled into a save i thought i would give this type of save a bash.Ive seen some really good threads on here with similar reading so yeh why not give it a bash. My aim is really to get started via the unemployed route obviously and see how my career progression comes along hopefully no sackings or any other mishaps either. So here we go - lets get the action started. JOB SUCCESS I applied for several jobs over the UK and Europe that i thought i had a realistic chance of getting a start with after numerous knockbacks,the only team to offer me an interview at least was Werder Bremen II who play in the 3rd tier of German football,never managed in Germany before so all new to this area of the game.
  15. Looks an interesting thread you have going here mate,not really found myself settled in a save as of yet in the latter stages of FM16 might get something like this setup myself actually - Will be keepoing an eye on this one - Good luck with the rest of your career!!!