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  1. i just transferred my graphics over from my full fat FM structure and it looks great,all we need now is a FMT enabled skin,im hooked
  2. Yeh ive always had the full game just never tried using it,maybe i have been one of the turn nose up people i dunno May well give it a bash in the next few days
  3. Evening folks,now ive always wondered this as it says in the title,would i enjoy playing FMT after so many years playing the full version of FM? Ive always been intrigued so see what the diffrence actually is,does it run faster or something? Sorry for the lack of knowledge with this,just rather curious as i said.. Cheers lads
  4. AFFILIATE CLUB ANNOUNCED Dundee have agreed an affilation with us that will pocket us an annual fee of 13k,this will help massively,hopefully can send us some young lads down too in the process
  5. FINANCES Finances are pretty bleak,pretty much knew this would be the case when i started the save,its really a case of stopping folk in the street asking if they want a game with us
  6. FIRST TEAM SQUAD Whole squad needs evaluated as its literally just been thrown together buy the looks of things,one player who does stand out though is Andy Dowie,a wealth of experience at Championship/League one level he could be invaluable for us even at the age of 37
  7. Really the initial outlook is that the chairman wants us to be self sustainable at least which i personally think is manageable, Media have us down for a 6th place finish,long as we can give a good account of ourselves thats all i ask of the lads..
  8. The club plays at the tiny Alliance Park which is based within Strathclyde Country Park in North Lanarkshire,a very basic ground as you can get indeed,with a capacity of only 500 (100 seats in these tiny two stands as seen),nicknamed the "Braves" From 2018 onwards, the senior team began to operate separately from the academy after launching a membership scheme, Our Football Club. In 2019 they were rebranded as Caledonian Braves and thats where there story began,a relatively new club as you can see,basic as it gets really. Save direction is pretty simple,try my best to improve the stature
  9. Hello folks and welcome to my first career thread of FM 21' and that is with a team actually quite local to myself,Caley Braves with mozza's incredible yearly Scottish lower league database,which is a fantastic piece of work every year it can be found below in the last section of this OP.. Personally i find playing at this level is very realistic and a good challenge as well,have seen some cracking saves based with clubs at this level Last season Scottish clubs in the lower league voted to reconstruct the Scottish football pyramid and we now go down to tier 7 with a path up all the way to
  10. Hi everyone,im looking to try and remove the "subs" section at the bottom of the matchday screen,i know that you can minimize it,but its a bit of a pain haveing to do that all the time? is it possible? Cheers lads
  11. hi guys was wondering if there is any compatible mods that allow a manager face to be added to newly made profile as per previous editions of fm? Thanks in advance
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