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  1. 31 shots on goal,only 8 of them on target jeezo.Not so good. How could i improve this? Playing as Linfield in Northern Ireland.
  2. seems to have sorted it by lowering the settings to very low and moving to GPU assisted.whats the diffrence between GPU assisted and software just out of curiosity..
  3. yes as per stated above in the picture in previous post.
  4. That is the setting it is currently on.Sorry i forgot to SS that part...
  5. This is what i have at present.Surely if i pot it to very low it would look shocking?...
  6. Morning/Afternoon folks. Bit an issue ive noticed when playing FM17 with regards to the ME.I ran FM16 ok with no issues and it seemed ok,but now this is very stuttery and laggy. Any ideas how i can get this sorted before the main game is released? Cheers Steff.
  7. Superb Dan,Looking forward to getting started with Stamford on it.
  8. No it does this when "the players are warming up" notification comes up.Yes both 2D and 3D.Nope nothing custom running in-game as i said before. Cheers Neil.
  9. I have been enjoying the new FM17 but for some reason when I a match play it kicks me out of the game and the error message I get is Football Manger 2017 17.0.1b889157 has stopped working A problem caused the programme to stop working correctly Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Is anyone able to help this is stopping me from playing? Thanks in advance guys - hope u can help me out here... I have included the message i get and what my graphica settings are sitting at.I am not running any custom graphics or anything.
  10. ah **** thats right :/
  11. just pointless to be honest hes faffed about with the editor,just as bad as cheating i think.i dint listen to the whole video his voice was irritating... I for one certainly wont be using any stupid editors,thas for sure!!