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    Currently managing Brondby and letting my 3kids run circles around me!!

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  1. Started of with Fram,jesus what a reality check we have here i have to say
  2. Hmm that does sound like a viable option,i may keep an eye out for national vacancies...
  3. still seems a lot of no game time to me guess its just a case of umpteen friendlies then?
  4. Hello. After looking through some diffrent leagues that i dont usually play,i came across the Icelandic league which only runs for four months between May and September each season. Now my question here is,has anyone ever managed in Iceland before and how and what on earth are you supposed to do after the season has finished considering you have eight months until the start of the new season.Seems a bit odd to me personally. Cheers lads.
  5. Tell her to do one,i always seem to find that works out well from a personal point of view
  6. True must like doing it the ol' fashioned way
  7. who knows he could even be reading this :/ Fair play just thought id put this out there anyways..surprising to see such diffrent opinions though in all honesty.
  8. Cheers KUBI what does he edit exactly?
  9. haha that was due to me and lazy typing rather than having to write Nottingham
  10. But surely in the contrary though,its for sure not a cool thing to do,making money out of someone else's hard work,which is clearly a lot more than putiing on a memory stick etc. I for one have reported it and i hope like minded people like myself do too - Shocking!!!
  11. Apologies first of all if this shouldnt be posted but things like this really do get to me,i came across this on ebay earlier and it seems that someone there is making a few quid out of the authors of graphics which the community makes for us all to share - FOR FREE. I have reported this to the powers that be,but what do ou all make of this? Me? Absolutely stinks!!!
  12. On behalf of a friend here,how would he remove Nottm Forest's transfer embargo? can't mind how to do it. Any help greatly appreciated on this. Apologies if this is in the wrong area.
  13. Yeh,the last 3 games i have tweaked it a little to a ever so more controlling rhythm of play,after looking at the teams in the league i shouldnt really be playing counter unless its against Copenhagen or Mijytlland (dubious spelling there :p) or Larger european games,played counter against Aberdeen in first leg match return switched to controlling formation and have just really went from there with it in the next games against Hobro IK which i won 3-1 and Randers which was a narrow 1-0 loss,overall coming along nicely,and after a few matches i will post up again. On another note,if anyone fancies a bash with it feel free to ask for a link and i'll be happy to upload it on the OP.
  14. i have no idea about the editor and in all honesty never will to be honest,generally what i do is what my scout comes up with in the next opposition report and take it from there,just lost a match to a set piece so may actually have to do that.Also made some slight tweaks but nothing too major incase i upset the balance of the team,just gotta find the correct "tweak" really...