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  1. Rooney aint doing too great for me so far with only 1 goal in his 14 appearances,and having made him captain i probably wil keep until the summer if i am still there that is.Although he is playing in midfield.My other academy lad Tom Davies is on a decent run of form with an average rating of 7.00.My focus is getting defenders in as Williams,Jagielka and Keane are just not cutting it.At the January window just now will post up my next update of my transfer activity.Still 17th in the table as i write this.
  2. Ive had a horrendous start with Everton.although i have progressed to the knockout stages of the Europa League with a tie against Koln waiting on me.The defence is horrendous and we ship goals left right and centre but up front Niasse&Tosun seem to be getting a decent pairing going.Really need heres my results so far since starting the challenge,could be doing a lot better in my opinion. League Table as it stands,we are in a real fight it seems.Too many big players underperforming.
  3. Yeh i would agree on that hes been cleaining up Koeman's mess.Done a bit of blogging myself and it does take up time like you say.Probably not blog too much just do bits here and there.Anyway wont ramble too much i'll keep to the task at hand
  4. Haha yes.it seems about the only thing that big sam has done that has been half decent...Merseyside is blue (Well in FM18 anyway!! ) IRL i couldnt care less..
  5. Cheers for the reply.. Yeah with the age thing i did actually figure that out not long after i done it,maths aint my strong point as you can tell!! Yip i will post like quarterly updates etc throughout this challenge,seems weird SAF is in at Swansea right enough. And upon loading up my game well trying to,it seems i corrupted the save by shutting down too quickly yesterday,so it appears not to be Swansea after all but a similar struggling team in real-life and that is Everton,apologies everyone it was a genuine mistake on my part!!! Let the games begin as they say - good luck to all Seems they have had a decent run in the Europa League despite the carnage in the premiership.. Sorry Sammy but you gotta go,you certainly havent been helping the cause it seems.
  6. Like doing challenges and this has certainly caught the eye of myself.As a Rangers fan i hope he gets on the mend soon..Screenshot to follow.How often do we post up though? In at Swansea who are languishing as you can see.One win in eleven games says it all!!!
  7. Do you watch extended or key? I quite like the 2D version as well..
  8. Hi folks Whats everyones ideas of scouting with your save(s)? Do you set the assignments yourself or let your chief scout do it for you? I personally think it would be better doing it yourself to gather more players needed for your team. Interesting to see everyones thoughts on this one..
  9. bit of a long shot here,anybody know what the lowest league a semi pro team would be in?
  10. steff91

    [FM18] New Scottish League System

    Drumchapel are not from the East of Scotland,which i seen in the above screenshot..
  11. steff91

    Cant connect

    Hmm the two exceptions seemed to do the trick,my mate can now connect and we can enjoy the game!! Thanks for the help guys. Can this thread be closed now please.
  12. steff91

    Cant connect

    It could be possible but i do not know how to check on either.Especially the firewall option...If i could have an idea how to check both i will certainly give them a go. Thanks.
  13. steff91

    Cant connect

    Hi Felix. I can join games with no difficulty at all,which makes it seem all the more odd.But if i am hosting it seems that nobody can connect,as it just freezes on the afore mentioned screen details a couple of posts before. Im at my wits end at at a loss of what to do next? Any suggestions.
  14. steff91

    Cant connect

    anybody? anything in response??
  15. steff91

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    where can i find the link for version 1.3 of this? Seems the other links in the OP are for earlier releases.am i wrong...