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  1. Looking forward to it Pikawa as well as the guys over at PimpFM....
  2. Someone please just lock this - its clearly going nowhere.
  3. FIRST TEAM SQUAD There seems a mixture of youth and a few wise old heads here to steady the ship at times but it looks like that wholesale changes have to made if we are to survive relegation which the board expect. BACKROOM STAFF Most of the backroom staff can go as statwise they dont look upto much with the exception of Inge Lindquist who looks the best of a bad lot,i'll be bringing my own team in over the coming days.
  4. LEAGUE TABLE I arrive at the club halfway through there domestic season with the side in 11th place in the table with the bottom 7 teams being relegated to the 2.Division (4th tier),no pressure eh?
  5. So here i am in Harstad,Norway Harstad IL Founded: March 1st,1903 Honours: Northern Norwegian Cup 9 times,Norwegian Third division group 17,22,6,8 (all lower leagues i imagine) ) Ground: Harstad Stadion Capacity: 6,000 (500 seated) )
  6. Lucas can this thread be closed please as this was a few days back prior to our previous discussions - Thanks.
  7. JOURNEYMAN CAREER - SCANDINAVIAN ADVENTURES Hello there and welcome to my journeyman career thread,which i have decided to do based in Scandinavia,as you may have guessed that given the title.As some of you may or may not know i was very briefly doing one which was pretty much the same but was based in Asia for that one,but not long after the issues with the 17.3 update i had decided to hang off,wait till those were fixed and start again,so ive chosen to do this in Scandinavia,the reason behind that is i feel its quite a decent area of Europe to compete in as well as discovering some good teams&players and ive had a couple of decent saves in previous editions of FM so yeah why not have a crack at this then. NATIONS LOADED Well as i am playing in this area i have obviously got all countries from Scandinavia loaded up that being Iceland,Faroe Islands,(which i obtained from Claasens DB),Norway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark and ive also added players from Scotland and England just to add some players to the DB as well as them being nearest countries too to Scandinavia,thus giving me a database size of 24,000 that will do for me.If i need any more added i guess i can do that later,but for the time being lets concentrate here. MANAGER STATS As with my manager i have decided to keep a bit of realism here i catch a first flight out of Glasgow and start trawling across Scandinavia armed only with a 12pack of tennents lager and a mobile phone full of contacts in the hope that someone somewhere will take a chance on the scottish rookie.I dont really have any main aims for this career to be honest just spend some time in this lovely region of the world and see here i end up,so lets go time to get some job applications out there....... JOB VACANCIES As you can see there's not a lot to choose from but ive applied for the eight currently available,only ones i remotely recognise are the bottom two from Iceland and the Faroe Islands respectively.
  8. Can a moderator please delete a thread that i posted up please,as i will be making a new one with regards to the 17.3.1 update/fix.. It can be found here - Thank you.
  9. Never tried a journeyman save actually..i may give this a bash with something similar - good luck on your travels..
  10. Hello Just wondering if there is an ETA for a fix for the slow processing problem? As it stands all our games are unplayable
  11. Cheers Neil hope it can get fixed asap
  12. Please can you create your own thread/story Nabil.....
  13. Hello there, Unfortunately after the update coming out the game has been very slow especially in between days where it is processing,takes a good few minutes at least. I am only using the logopack and the facepack i do not use any anti virus or internet security of any kind,and i am using the football manager dark skin at present. Database size is only around 20,000 Any ideas or suggestions as its now literally unplayable im afraid. Cheers Steff.