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  1. Yeah i have wondered if i'm doing a Pep and wanting perfection when it's unlikely. My starting DLP has run with ball often and he seems to get quite a lot of assists which is good. Mainly looking to dominate the ball and pin the other team into their half. Only problem is when i do that they're so compact in their half my players sometimes struggle to find openings.
  2. I've been dominating games but I am struggling (or think i am) of converting the domination into clear cut chances and goals. I score but sometimes t's late in the game through a longshot or from a set piece and i don't like the thought on relying on set pieces when i have dominated the game so much. Any thoughts/ideas would be great. Striker has 13 goals in 13 starts so i don't feel like the issue is him but i'm not an expert in tactics. Thanks
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