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  1. Why has this not been fixed? Like the absurd angles players score from is just a joke, do goalkeepers not know where there post are? In some situations they don't even do anything, they just stand there about 2-3 feet away from their near post and that is where the shot goes. Just had a game where the AI scored 4 goals all through the near post, all were greater than like a 60 degree angle, is there any point actually playing a goalkeeper, it's goalkeeping 101 not to concede so easily there, yet doesn;t matter the keeper goal after goal is scored from a tight angle
  2. Antony Kay ended up being a brilliant assistant manager in my Billericay save when doing the Dafuge challenge. Not sure if this happens every time but might be worth keeping him on as a staff member.
  3. tajj7

    Strange Loan Moves

    I would, it was a first teamer and they were both competing for promotion.
  4. I'd say what is most annoying is you have a wanted player, said player then gets talked about in press speculation for a move, where a transfer fee is mentioned, yet the club then bids nowhere near what that bid is, which makes no sense to me. IRL press speculation and leaks etc. generally get the transfer fees about right, but in FM I had for example a defender valued at over £40 million, the press speculated that PSG would buy him for £76 million, the player even agreed that value with me as an acceptable fee I'd accept to let him go, yet when PSG finally bid it's like £40 million and they don't negotiate. Also it is annoying when a player is wanted by a club for like months and months and months, but they never make a bid, but the player still gets unsettled and asks for a move, and when you go 'well there is no bid' they always say that is not good enough and get annoyed.
  5. tajj7

    Strange Loan Moves

    Saw an odd one in a youtuber experiment where Villa loaned a player to Huddersfield whilst both were in the Championship.
  6. Billericay Season 2026/27 - Challenge Complete League Table - Man Utd pushed us all the way Champions League - Of course is was Man Utd in the final, we overcame a group of Bayern, Vitesse and Juventus, finishing 2nd in the group to Bayern. Then beating Wolfsburg in the 2nd Round, Atletico Madrid on away goals in the quarters and a 4-3 aggregate win over the mighty Real Madrid in the Semi-final, before a text book counter attacking performance to see off Man Utd 2-0 in the final. FA Cup - We also picked up the FA Cup, with a narrow 2-1 win over Crystal Palace in the final, though we dominated the game - Squad performance - Key player - Captain fantastic Benito Mputu had his best season for the club scoring 39 goals in all competitions with 18 assists - He has been a superb signing, ever since I got him on loan in our promotion season - Overall Club progress - I'll do another post later on with some other key players that helped complete the challenge.
  7. Billericay Season 8 (I think) Update - 2025/26. A season of improvement, but ultimately a disappointing one. We improved on our 3rd place last year, to finish runners up in the league - 91 points, 96 goals but still not enough to overtake the juggernaut that is Man Utd. That points total would have been enough to win the league in 5 of the 8 seasons since the save started but not enough this year. We improved in every area, though defensively we are still prone to conceding goals against top opposition, hence the 42 goals conceded to Man Utd's 20, yes they conceded just 20 goals all year. Man Utd were just an immovable wall that blocked us at pretty much every opportunity - Knocking us out of the FA Cup and Champions League, we did have a spell through the mid season on top of the league but it was only because Man Utd were away at the World Club Championship so were sitting on 4 games in hand for a while. They also went on to win the Champions League as well, their second in a row and I think their fourth since the save started. Quarter finals though for our first season in the Champions League was a decent success, Billericay mixing it with the European powerhouses. And of course in the one competition they don't knock us out off, the League Cup, Liverpool beat us in the final with their only chance and only shot on target. As you can see above the stadium is stuck on 13,250 capacity and we can't do anything about it for another 20 years I think thanks to the hard coded new stadium rule. The rest of the facilities are looking pretty good though - Still the overall progress has been fantastic - Players Here is my squad and their performance this year - Here are some of my top talents - Club captain, hero of the championship season when on loan and has turned into a fantastic player. Has hit over 23 league goals over the the last 3 seasons he is basically turning into my Harry Kane. Probably my best performer, average around 7.7 throughout his whole career, won every award going this year and only cost me £1.3 million. Managed 17 goals and 23 assists in all competitions this year from the MR position, with a 7.77 average rating. My best defender, which probably highlights my problem as my team going forward are much better than at the back, but Bheki is developing nicely and hopefully has more PA to improve. Was bought in the first season in the PL in the January window, was highly rated by my scouts after watching him for 6 months, I bought him early with his £20 million release clause after seeing he was wanted by several top clubs, with the board and fans thinking it was a poor deal for the club but he has developed fantastically and £20 million now looks cheap. This guy has just been signed for a fee that will eventually reach £111 million, from Swansea of all places as well. (There are some absurd talents at the middling PL clubs), I wanted a second top quality striker and one that was good in the air as well (Mputu's main weakness), this guy was actually my second choice, my first a regen from Stoke called Howell agreed to go to Man City, despite them paying him £50k a week less, finishing below me the last two seasons and him having been my top target for over year and him saying he was 'desperate' for the move. Youth Talents The heavy investment in the youth academy, coaching etc. is finally paying off, here are some of the best prospects from the youth academy - My current best prospect, started around 10 games in the league last year and is still only 17, coaches seem to have downgraded his potential to 4 star but is already close to decent premier league level at 17. From the same youth intake as Wilson, though has not got as close to first team because of my attacking talent but has been performing very well on loan last year and is now spending the season in the Championship. From this years intake, I really like his starting mentals for a centre-back as finding defenders with good decisions and concentration is rare, just a shame his anticipation is so low. World News Thought I'd also highlight a few stories in my save that stood out, firstly - Yep, England have won the World Cup, beating Germany in the final, under the stewardship of Marco Silva, the recently sacked Watford manager in real life. As well as - Stoke sell £195 million worth of strikers, Stoke who have never finished higher than 9th in the 8 seasons since the save started. PL money at it's finest. Also whilst it looks potentially good that Man Utd have sold their star striker and top scorer, they bough Moises Keane for £75 million who is just as good and have like 3 other world class strikers.
  8. Try to get 'develop young players for the first team' as a philosophy, add it in to a contract renewal, generally after that I found the board would agree to anything 'youth' related Cool club choice BTW, sad that IRL they have no coppers playing for them!
  9. tajj7

    Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 (Very Fluid)

    Basically yes. Key areas for me are work rate, decisions, concentration as these you can't train. Things like passing, first touch, technique, stamina you can work on as long as they are not too low. I also like to have lots of determined players as I think that helps with the other mental attributes, but of course you can tutor that. You need all round players that can do pretty much everything well, so in young players I'll take players that have 10-13s (depending on age) in lots of areas over a player that might have stand out attributes in a few areas. With this style of playing, you need complete players, very few of these are ready to buy, so a lot of this is about moulding young players into the players you want. Dolberg, De Ligt and Van Der Beek are good examples of young well rounded players at the start of the game that work well in the system, but that is because they are from Ajax and Ajax develop their players this way IRL. Should remember though that I think they have variable PA, so on some saves they will become top level, other saves they might only hit good. I had Van De Beek on another save and he barely improved past his starting attributes. Focused training, tutoring, and choosing the right players to mould are key IMO. It's not just about choosing a tactic and style of play, your scouting, youth development etc. all have to be focused around the same goal.
  10. Yeh would be good to get some actual fan feedback. Has anyone ever looked whether it ties up with the fan confidence?
  11. With the lower leagues, if you had them under contract it's rare for any of the clubs around you to actually have any transfer funds to buy him and if you just kept renewing his contract then they would never bother. Most clubs that level get people on frees and loans. Trouble is the PA/CA system means that the guy probably has a fairly low PA, so most of the league clubs would not be interested and they would know that he doesn't have a high enough PA to turn into their level player. In reality though if a 16-18 year old was banging in goals for a conference side, then a league club would likely take a punt on him, hell a 25 year old banging in goals at that level would probably be looked at by League 1 and 2 clubs and attract a proper transfer fee (Jamie Vardy as the most high profile example) In my experience my better performing players attract bids, for example in my current Billericay save, my right winger got 20 assists in the league last season and has had bids from Chelsea, Arsenal, and Monaco.
  12. it's ok but it highlights some odd stuff and shows some odd comments. As shown above, there is basically a pro, indffierent and anti, comment on everything.
  13. The original stadium I don't think meets league standards so pretty sure they build a new one, unless you have the original stadium?
  14. New stadium, after you have already had one is hard coded to 20 or 25 years I believe, silly rule but if your game was like mine and you built a new stadium to get into the football league, then that is it for a while. Have the same issue it's capped to 13250.