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  1. Can someone explain to me how you get centre backs to actually mark a loan striker from hoofs over the top? Because I have mark specific player but I still concede goals where I lose the ball in the attacking third and the AI just hoofs the ball instantly down the middle and my two centre-backs are nowhere near the main striker. Its completely stupid and makes no sense but I can't get them to do it, tighter marking, marking specific player etc. Nope a giant hoof over the top apparently bamboozles world class centre backs. And why also when a hoof like this do the players not actually react until the ball the ball is in the air for quite a while, its like they aren't aware of it until it comes into a certain sector.
  2. Does criticising/praising someones training performance have any impact on their future behaviour? Because i see the same offenders training poorly most weeks, and then I tell them off, but they just acknowledge it.
  3. My issue is less with breaking these teams down, I don't have much issues with this, like IRL occasionally a 'park the bus' team might sneak a draw or even snatch a win, especially if the 'good' team doesn't play well. Like for example Southampton frustrated Chelsea at home recently. My team generally will break the oppo down, through a set piece, long shot, mistake, general good play or me changing something like going wider to bomb some crosses in (I literally have like a 4-2-4 formation for this purpose as I have two 6' 4" strikers who are complete forwards but also monsters in the air). The odd loss or draw does not bother me, its probably realistic and probably if I bothered to watch more games more carefully I could probably stop it happening even less. My issue is the amount of teams that do this, the calibre of teams that do this, how they do this and that they continue to do this even when losing. I don't feel that the AI is right in these areas, its happening too often, the wrong teams are doing it and they should be abandoning it more often when they have lost goals. As the example I used above, 2nd placed, good form, worldwide reputation, title chasing Man City did this to me at their own ground. That just wouldn't happen IRL IMO. I don't also mean playing cautiously or counter attack wise, that is fine, I mean literally not trying to win and swapping to massively defensive formations where they barely have a shot. IRL I think only a few teams have tried that away at Man City, other teams have counter attacked them, some try to play them at their pressing game etc. In game I feel the AI would literally park the bus at every attempt. That is my issue.
  4. Ok thanks that is confusing. But I have tweaked him and I am getting a lot more out of him, so I don't think the pressing was the issue (like I said he has good attributes for pressing bar tackling and the team does very well with it). I have given him personalised instructions for the IF-S role, with shorter passing and shoot less often. Hoping that this would make him less hurried in his play and make the better decision more often based on what Spurs08 said about him possibly just shifting the ball on too quickly and shooting too often. Since this change, aside one horror tackle sending off, he has in 10 games managed 6 goals and 7 assists, with an average rating probably close to 8. It's pushed his overall season performance to 36 games, 13 goals and 14 assists which is by far his best season since he joined.
  5. This is the thing the team is performing very well as whole as do others in those positions, just not this guy. The other guy who plays as Inside Forward from the left is generally contributing about more goals and assists from less games., even though is attribute wise a less player. The tactics are like this because well it works, but also I have reached a position where almost every team against me plays very defensively so we basically overwhelm them. This set up is pretty much the default gegen one but ticked up a little because I have had so many teams just park the bus against me. I have a lesser version more like the original for bigger games, that we played since the game started (as I had lesser players), its only this year we have moved up to such an intense level. He also has the work rate, aggression and stamina to do that pressing, in fact aside bravery he is very suited to being a pressing forward. But Inside forward actually has 'less urgent' coded into their instructions. I hear what you are saying on the PPMs though, those are maybe causing problems, especially the first time shots and with power where he might be basically just shooting on sight. Going to try 'shoot less often' with his instructions, drop his passing to shorter from mixed and see if that helps. If not I might try Ramdeuter.
  6. So I have this wonderkid (well he's 22 now) who has amazing attributes, but I simply can't get him to work to any sort of level that matches his ability. Here he is - This is his performance over the last 4 years - I feel its simply not good enough for a guy that has played inside forward/striker regularly for the last four years. Also my coaches don't say he has an issue with consistency or big matches (they don't mention it positively either so I presume he is average in these areas). He either plays as the pressing forward, inside forward support or occasionally the inside forward attack in this set up - But I just can't seem to get much out of him. Any suggestions?
  7. Just re-iterate my point, 2nd placed Man City played this against me at HOME, they are unbeaten in a good 15+ games winning almost all of them and are obviously a top team full of top players, but they do this - Do you realistically see the real life Man City doing this against Liverpool at home? No of course not, they would try to win the game. Which sadly they did in this case because one mistake by my team allowed them to score their only shot on target, but this was like in the 80th minute after I had spent all game trying to break them down as they were basically parking the bus. They are managed by Emery in my game and his standard formation is 4-2-3-1, with an AMR, AML and AMC, as far as I can see he hasn't played this at all this year. Just a clear example IMO that something is wrong with the AI and its approach IMO, And just to re-iterate what others have said, its not about losing (If I had played this match 99 more times then its likely they would have all been draws or wins for me, because the AI doesn't try to win, they just fluked this one), I win almost all of the games like this and will draw the others, in fact this is my first league loss in about 2 years. It's about the challenge and the football, it's just dire to watch and boring, to see good teams not actually try to win the game in the slightest. As bar333 says its just boring, because every game is basically this, trying to break down teams that camp in their own box and don't try to win. I have literally had games with 40-50 shots against PL teams and regularly go past 30 shots. Barely a team shoots at me, I've had multiple PL games this year were the opposition has had 3 shots or less, in 23 PL games only 4 teams have got into double figures for shots against me, and we are talking barely here, the most shots I have conceded all year is 12. In 7 games this year against Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal, between them they have managed just 30 shots on goal in 7 games, because all of them have played this negatively.
  8. The AI is ridiculously negative IMO in this years game. Teams park the bus at home, teams that are in good form, there is no real life reasoning for it, For example I went away to a 4th placed Wolves who were in good form, they had been playing an attacking wing back formation against pretty much everyone. Against me? Nah they slip to a flat back 5 with two DMs and two normal defensive wingers sitting in front and literally play anti-football AT HOME, to a team two places above them. All the pre-match scouting is pointless, because it would have told me how they play normally, not their park the bus formation. Regardless of breaking it down, the AI IMO in this years game does it far too often, I have had Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City, challenging for the title do it, and again its not more compact counter attack football, it's literally every man behind the ball packing the box like they are a non league team playing an PL team in the FA Cup away from home. For example in one home game against Chelsea I had 39 shots to their 2, they had two long shots, at no point did they try to win the game, they just tried their hardest to not lose, which they did anyway. They also don't see to care about actually trying to win even if they are losing, I went away to Everton, who parked the bus at home but scored two early goals against them and was 2-0 up after about 25 minutes, again the AI just sat with their same negative park the bus formation until about the 80th minute, by which time I was 3-0 up. I don't find it particularly challenging, most of the time I find ways to beat these teams, I have good set piece takers, tall centre backs, a very good striker in the air so we can bomb some crosses in etc. My team is currently on an 86 league game unbeaten run, and I don't feel that this is because my team is so amazing and unbeatable, I feel this is because the AI is often too negative and very rarely tries to actually beat me in any way, they play to not lose and hope they score a corner or long shot, but I have top defenders and very good consistent goalkeeper so this doesn't happen for them and because they are so negative I relentlessly attack and almost always will score at least 1 goal.
  9. The highlighted Man City game was originally on the Wednesday, they moved it 1 day, I don't believe that would happen IRL
  10. This guy has literally just come through my youth intake, considering my main striker is Timo Werner, it's like they made a mould of him to make this regen - This guy I signed just before he turned 18, he has incredible attributes for his age and pretty much has become a first teamer this season, I am re-training him to be an insider forward - And this guy my scouts picked up ages ago and I didn't move for him, he started off at Rosario Central and then moved for Cruz Azul, my scouts then alerted me again and after seeing his progression and that he had a £21 million release clause I had to pick him up, though if I had gone for him originally it would have cost me less than half that. Again another teenager with amazing attributes for his ages, haven't quite got him to perform yet though, possibly struggling to settle. Aguero Mk 2 I reckon -
  11. Just to update on this one, one season on and the board confidence is saying the same thing with regards possession and we are joint top in the league for possession with 57%.
  12. It was the same last year, with Utd being generally dominant under Mourinho for years. I still think it's AI v AI football style, direct football seems to be more effective, long balls over the top in this years version and last still seem to be too effective IMO. It's difficult to describe but top level centre-back just don't seem to react to hoofs over the top whereas in real life 9/10 those sort of passes would be bread and butter to them.
  13. Especially considering who it is and not some sort of complete mismatch game in a friendly or cup etc. - Anyone got any worse examples?
  14. Had the same problem but deleting the cache and preferences folder worked for me, it gave me the tick box to confirm I had read the policies and then after I had done the yes/no and entered my age it allowed me to continue. The tick box for the preferences wasn't there first time.
  15. Probably the main criticism I have is not that the PA is fixed and not dynamic, but more that players like Vardy or less extreme examples don't really happen. A high percentage of high PA players seem to be found by the bigger clubs and generally become good. I can't remember from all my times in a game some mid or earlys 20s player who might have bummed around league 1, suddenly having a good season, being picked up by a higher level AI club and going on to being a top level player. Nor do I see many players who are massive wonderkids that fall from grace, the game doesn't seem to create controversial players, it seems to create lots of professional youngsters, the amount of model citizen newgens seems a bit silly and I feel like years down the line there are too many very high PA players. I remember in last years version getting 10+ years into the game and especially at middling PL teams you'd have guys that are clearly like 170-180 CA that you only really see at the start of the game at clubs like Real Madrid etc. I remember last years game doing the Dafuge challenge I bought a German midfielder from Everton who was basically Lampard levels of complete midfielder, I actually struggle to think of a guy in real life world football who was as good as this guy and yet he'd gone from some mid level bundesliga team to a poor Everton team, to be signed by another slightly higher PL team (me as Billericay) and late on I signed a guy who got relegated from Swansea who was basically Suarez levels pretty much, an insane striker. Yet these players weren't in or picked up by your City's or Barcelonas because all these squads had several players like this as well. It would be interesting to do a save and see how many high CA/PA players are in the game each year and whether this goes up with the regens. And also how many high PA regens fail to get good.
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