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  1. Just finished a season and had 22 penalties in total awarded from 59 games, which is more than 1 every 3 games. 50 goals in total from set pieces in the league, and 4 penalties were missed as well.
  2. A lot of these problems have been there for a while but have steadily got worse, when they should be getting better. Also I don't complain about having massive number of shots and the opposition scoring from 1-2, that happens IRL, it's the frequency it happens and the efficiency of chances as explained above, top teams in Europe have a 15-20% efficiency of scouring goals, in FM you are lucky to get 11-13% with top top players and AI teams that are very good like Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern, Real if you go look at their numbers in game in other leagues, often some of these teams are sub 10
  3. This is a typical 'It's your tactics' response that insults the intelligence of people giving feedback. I watch my games, I watch my strikers miss multiple good chances, I watch my wide players shoot from stupid angles when there are multiple options in the middle for them to pass to, runners created by my tactics. And then I watch the AI who has done nothing all game ping one in from 30 yards with a player who IRL has scored 1 goal in whole career and has a long shots of 9. And then watch my strikers miss good chances again. You can also get a good appreciation of the match b
  4. There is also a shots to goals conversation ratio problem. Currently this year Dortmund are scoring from over 20% of their shots, and there are several clubs across Europe who have over 15%, yet in my game I, with a frontline of Haaland and Kane, have only a 14% shots to goals conversion rate, which is the best in the league. For the AI, teams like Liverpool have 9% and Chelsea have just 7%, despite both having very good attackers (and still being in the top 4) Barcelona have 9% as well, Real Madrid just 11%, Dortmund have 14%, Bayern Munich with Lewandoski still have just 10%.
  5. Yeh they are kind of silly, I've scored 68 goals in my Man City save so far this season 28 of which have been from set pieces. Which is over 40% of goals from set pieces. Plus that doesn't include at least 2-3 goals where I have scored from the second phase of set pieces either. I've only conceded 13 in all competitions, but 5 of those have been from set pieces as well.
  6. I mean from both sides, not just against me, but yes pretty much every game I will see plays like this. Often they don't have to beat many players, like 1-3, because they just out pace everyone, even if they are not that fast and my defenders are faster, because the defenders do odd things like run away from them or move backwards, when they are supposed to be running alongside them. But yes very commonly I see players make dribbles from deep inside their own half that result in chances.
  7. No not true at all. Just watch the ME, people can dribble 60-70 yards with ease, and players with dribbling, pace, acceleration and agility will go past players with ease. It's how a player like Troare will do well even with poor technical and mental attributes, because the ME massively favours physical ones. Players like Rashford are at times unplaybable, even as a centre-forward, even when IRL he has struggled in that position, in game he will just spin his marker and get away from him. Players consistently can run faster with the ball than players without as well.
  8. You only have to actually watch games to see how bad this years ME really is. I could write a 10000 word essay on all the issues. Some things may indeed be how the graphical engine represents what is actually happening, but that is IMO no real excuse, because all we as end users see is what is happening on the pitch and if it looks dumb, stupid and completely unrealistic then people will rightly be unhappy. If the graphical engine can't properly represent what is happening, then what is happening shouldn't simply happen. There is a very clear problem with set pieces, ther
  9. He is right though, players with pace, dribbling, agility etc. overperform because in the ME they can dribble like 70 yards past multiple people with ease
  10. Yes dribbling is a real issue, far too many goals and chances scored by players who just run like 40-70 yards around players like they are not there. From my experience, watching this, defenders just don't react when a player turns or moves, and they do odd things like run in the wrong direction, like instead of running at an angle to cut the distance to an attacker they run like parallel to them, stuff like that.
  11. Corners is around the 7-10 sort of range I'd say. Free kicks is a lot dependent on the team, lesser teams tend to foul a lot, like I just beat Dynamo 6-0 with Man City and they did 25 fouls, but then looking at it a lot of these are not in that dangerous positions. I'd also say direct free kicks is probably about fine from my experience. For example Ward-Prowse in real life scores about 2-4 direct free kicks a seasons for Southampton, and in game he might score like 3-6, but that is playing for better teams who are likely to create more chances, attack more and therefore get fo
  12. The set piece problem can turn good players into gods. I mean - And that is not even his best, I've had 30+ assist seasons out of JWP. AND that is pretty much always from a DMC position with either a SV or DLP role, so a position where he is more deep than most other midfielders and attackers. Another thing I would like to see a big improvement on and this has been a problem for years, is AI squad building, they are terrible at it. I mean I can join a club a few seasons in - And spend over £400 million on transfers AND make a profit, because there is
  13. The way the ME currently works, pace, acceleration, agility and dribbling will make him pretty amazing alone, even if his other stats are pretty poor. It's also likely a current ability problem, physical attributes like that are weighted very highly for wingers/attackers, he starts the game with 145 currently ability which is pretty much the same as Jimenez and Jota for Wolves, but that pace, acceleration and strengths will use up a lot of his PA. If he had like even low teens like 12-14s in other attacking stats his CA has to go up a lot, you can go try it yourself in the editor. G
  14. Charging into to tackles, that is not how you press, diving in is stupid at all levels of football. Again, the formation is irrelevant because I have watched the positions on the pitch and how my team plays, the average positions of my team are basically no different to a 4-3-3 with a DM, I could move the wingers up to the AML and AMR positions and it makes very little difference, I have been using attacking MRs and MLs multiple times and they play high up the pitch, press well and get into good positions. The same roles further forward don't make a huge difference. As I showed abo
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