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    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Agree and I would argue this is Van Dijks biggest weakness as well, he has 14 in game but is prone to switching off at times, his should be more like 11 and Lovren's should be more like 8-9 IMO. --------------------- On a side note, nothing specific but Leicester only won 3 games all season on my game and two of those were when they were already relegated, they were pretty woeful. Might just be a one off but if others are seeing them struggle it might be something to look at. ------------------- Also said it last year as well (and I think this contributed to their over the top dominance in game) but Pogba is over rated again, compare him to De Bruyne - +1 long shots Same free kick taking? Only -1 passing, to the best passer in the league 17 penalty taking? +2 technique over De Bruyne? 3 more flair? Sorry but Pogba has been nowhere near De Bruyne's level for the last couple of seasons and yet arguably he is better in game, Pogba certainly should have better physicals and better defensive stats but passing, long shots, penalty taking, flair, freekick taking and technique are all way too high IMO.
  2. 'Players have an upper limit to how adept they can become in a position' That IMO is silly and unrealistic. Please fix this SI, I understand players taking longer to adapt to a position, but not being able to get above a certain level is just silly as players IRL clearly can completely change position over time and become known as natural in that position.
  3. Well they stole our players so I am going to steal their tactic! I'm not bitter honest, especially not about Van Dijk being WAY better in this years game than last after just 6 months at pool! If you haven't twigged yet, it's going to be a Southampton career. About the Club and why I have chosen them Well as a suffering fan I have to escape into the fantasy world of FM to cheer me up from the current mess Southampton are in IRL, probably aside Newcastle and Man Utd fans I doubt there is a unhappier bunch of PL fans out there, from prodding the glass ceiling with multiple top 8 finishes we have have plummeted down to relegation fare with a serious of bad decisions throughout the club. Bad managers, bad signings, sold to a Chinese owner who doesn't seem to have any money, the club over the last couple of seasons have become experts at not scoring at home and giving away leads. Some of our most expensive signings currently are out on loan, whilst other highly paid players are sat in the reserves nowhere near the team. Previous to this, after returning from the brink of bankruptcy, back to back promotions from League 1 and the Championship were followed with Premier League finishes of 14th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 8th. It also saw the club send England players to World Cup in 2014 and lose most of our better players to the likes of Spurs, Man Utd and of course Liverpool, with a total of 6 former Southampton players now currently making up the Liverpool squad. The base of a good club is still there with top training facilities, a top youth academy, a solid stadium and at least a few decent players kicking about the place. Why the Gegenpress? Well aside from obviously stealing it from Liverpool, I have always liked this pressing style of play and it was something the club did under Pochettino and I wondered whether this was style was achievable with a fairly mediocre mid level (maybe even worse) Premier League team. There is also some method in my madness as one thing the current Southampton team in game has is work rate. Ings, Austin, Ward-Prowse, Hojberg, Lemina, Romeu, Betrand, and several others all have at least 15 plus work rate and most have very good stamina. Also it seems that despite being crocked for the majority of his time at Liverpool, Danny Ings has picked up Liverpool's style of play and is well suited as a 'pressing forward' (the new role that replaces defensive forward) and is pretty much going to be my boot leg Firminho, as long as we can get enough WD-40 into his knees to get him playing (I am hoping him and perennial crock Austin can alternate their trips to the treatment room). This should give me something to build around, with only really the 'Mane' and the 'Salah' to be added to form the front 3. The aim is to Gegenpress everyone, no switching to some deep counter attack or park the bus style away from home against better teams, I want to see how well the team can cope with strategy and apply it, especially with the new tactics and training modules in FM19. I will be using the tactics creator, with probably a few tweaks once the tactic is built. The Squad Won't go into every player here but will just cover some key players that I will be using in my team. Angus Gunn Highly rated young English keeper, in real life is currently 2nd choice behind McCarthy but will be first choice for me as there is little to chose between them and Gunn has the potential to become a leading PL keeper. He's not fully suited to the sweeper keeper role I need so will need some training in this area. Ryan Bertrand Club Captain in real life and a will be a key player for me in game, as well as a good mentor due to his professional mentality. Is a current England international and will be crucial as a wing back providing the team with width as the inside forwards sit a bit narrower. Cedric Like Bertrand, Cedric will be crucial on the right hand side, plenty of pace though he is not that great going forward (his poor crossing is well known IRL) and this will be someone I will look the upgrade in the future but other areas will need the attention first. Oriol Romeu Has been a key player over the last few years in real life and will be my anchor man/half back in the formation to protect the centre-backs, especially with the wingers pushing on. Pierre-Emile Hojberg Starting to establish himself in real life and show the kind of talent that saw him playing for Bayern Munich at just 17, has plenty of potential and although is most suited to being a DLP, it is likely I will use him mainly as a Mezzala or Carrilero in a midfield 3. James Ward-Prowse Will be the third member of my central midfield, again decent potential and adds plenty of value with just his set piece ability alone but is also well suited to the DLP role as well as being able to do the Mezzala role. Danny Ings Starts the game on loan but is joining permanently the following season, whilst he maybe lacks the pace I would want from a lone striker he has good all round attributes as well as good work rate, stamina and teamwork that make him suited to the pressing forward role. Transfer Strategy Using real life knowledge of the team I identified some key areas to improve really before even looking at the squad in game. These are - 1. Central Defence - More quality is needed here, both Vestergaard and Hoedt are decent but not top quality so If I could get someone better here then it would be a big bonus to the defence. 2. Physical DM, Romeu is good quality in this position but there is no real cover for him in the squad and he maybe lacks the physical strength and size to dominate here, something the midfield is lacking generally and since Wanyama left IRL. 3. Pace in the wide areas, lacking both in game and IRL, this is a key area of recruitment as these players need to have quality, pace and work rate so it will be hard to find players here. Transfers Out This shows the outs for the whole season, the major sales in the first summer were Redmond and Long, bringing around an extra £12 million in transfer funds. Yes I know I just said above I wanted pace going forward and I sold two quick players, but both lack the quality and really I don't like either player IRL, Redmond barely produces any end product (which shows in his in game attributes) and Long just doesn't score goals, finishing and composure of 11 is just not going to cut it. January saw Gabbiadini, Forster and Armstrong go as none of them got much game time. Transfers In Soucek - Was found by scouts, he is a physical DM to challenge Romeu who has plenty of size and strength. Marin - This is a 17 year old wide player from Dinamo, not quite first team ready but offers squad depths and plenty of potential to improve. Was found by scouting Dynamo as they are a great place for cheap young talent. De Light - Pretty much a 'no brainer', as soon as the scouts told me there was some interest I had to try to sign him, probably the best young defender in the game, plenty of potential, and is the sort of ball playing defender I need for my system. Almiron - Another cheap find by the scouts, has good pace and dribbling ability so have tried to convert him into an inside forward, also crucially has good work rate. Pavon - Another South American, has good pace, work rate and dribbling ability, plus the ability to play on either flank. Talisca - Was signed in Janaury, he has excellent technical stats and another one I am trying to re-train into an inside forward. That is it for now, I will update with the first season details and transfers for season 2.
  4. City won the league in mine and almost went unbeaten (but drew a lot), aside my Southampton team finishing 2nd, it then went Arsenal, Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs. Liverpool were probably the most surprising along with Spurs (Poch got sacked on mine and is now managing West Ham), but I noticed Liverpool had like 12 injuries at one point and when I beat them Firminho, Salah, Mane and Sturridge were all injured. Oh and Man City won the Champions league beating Barca in the quarters, A.Madrid semis and Inter in the final. Aguero scored 42 in 46 in all competitions. Another odd thing in mine (IMO at least) is Leicester got relegated, they only won 3 games all season and 2 of those were after they got relegated, they only managed 24 points and still didn't finish bottom.
  5. tajj7


    Shame the national team is not working, just had Brexit and now my scouts are telling me players like Werner are not going to get a work permit.
  6. tajj7

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Yeh he's quality, I am re-training him as an inside forward on the right and he is doing alright, signed him for just £4.5 million but he does want usually around £70k a week though most prem clubs can probably afford that.
  7. Ok, bit annoying cos I don't like big scrolling first team squads but it makes logical sense I suppose.
  8. Might be a silly question but how do I add U18 and U23 players to a mentoring group? I only see first team players, do those players have to be moved to the first team squad?
  9. Having similar, several players have this as a negative, whilst at the same time I have several midfielders who are complaining about lack of first team football and I have like 7 centre-mids of first team quality.
  10. Why has this not been fixed? Like the absurd angles players score from is just a joke, do goalkeepers not know where there post are? In some situations they don't even do anything, they just stand there about 2-3 feet away from their near post and that is where the shot goes. Just had a game where the AI scored 4 goals all through the near post, all were greater than like a 60 degree angle, is there any point actually playing a goalkeeper, it's goalkeeping 101 not to concede so easily there, yet doesn;t matter the keeper goal after goal is scored from a tight angle
  11. Antony Kay ended up being a brilliant assistant manager in my Billericay save when doing the Dafuge challenge. Not sure if this happens every time but might be worth keeping him on as a staff member.
  12. tajj7

    Strange Loan Moves

    I would, it was a first teamer and they were both competing for promotion.
  13. I'd say what is most annoying is you have a wanted player, said player then gets talked about in press speculation for a move, where a transfer fee is mentioned, yet the club then bids nowhere near what that bid is, which makes no sense to me. IRL press speculation and leaks etc. generally get the transfer fees about right, but in FM I had for example a defender valued at over £40 million, the press speculated that PSG would buy him for £76 million, the player even agreed that value with me as an acceptable fee I'd accept to let him go, yet when PSG finally bid it's like £40 million and they don't negotiate. Also it is annoying when a player is wanted by a club for like months and months and months, but they never make a bid, but the player still gets unsettled and asks for a move, and when you go 'well there is no bid' they always say that is not good enough and get annoyed.
  14. tajj7

    Strange Loan Moves

    Saw an odd one in a youtuber experiment where Villa loaned a player to Huddersfield whilst both were in the Championship.