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  1. That is weird all round, would raise it as a bug.
  2. My last two saves basically seem to have the option where nothing really changes, I still need and struggle to get work permits for non-EU players but can sign any EU player I want with no restrictions.
  3. Clear cut chances

    A lot of chances the game counts as 'clear cut' when you actually watch them, they are not. And several that are counted as half chances or not even recorded at all are often more what you might think a 'clear' chance is. Like I have had players missing passes across the box, along the floor from about 6 yards and often the game only counts that as a half chance, and then had players who dribble through 2/3 players and take a 25 yard shot that goes wide and those are counted as clear cut. In a recent youtubers vid I watched, he conceded a goal where a fullback crosses from very deep right to the far post where the player then scored on the volley from a tight angle. The game registered this as a clear cut chance, whereas I would imagine most human players upon watching it would probably not even class it as a half chance and would not expect their players to score chances like that regularly (and might more chastise the player for not squaring the ball it is such a tight angle). So personally I would ignore it and just see what chances your players miss, if it looks like they miss goals you think the probably shouldn't and do this often it might highlight a problem. They seem to be using this 'expected goals' stat in real life now, maybe in future games we will get that.
  4. You just have to find what works for your players, I got promoted using a very fluid 4-4-1-1, with a slightly higher line, passing out from the back and very high pressing. I just tried to find players that worked for it, if your players are better than the league in those needed attributes it should work. I concentrated on faster centre backs and generally players with good work rate, stamina and decision making, as well as decent enough technical attributes if I could find them, focusing on more well rounded jack of all trades, master of none type players. The average passing probably in the conference and the north.south is probably like 5 or 6. So having lots of players with like 8-11 passing could easily mean you have a very good passing team for the league, obviously depending on other attributes.
  5. Thanks, I think taking the next step is going to be very hard. Also the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and in particular Man City seem to underperform hard, most of these teams I struggle against, especially away from home but they then seem to lose games they shouldn't against other lesser AI teams. Basically my team is like Spurs good enough to beat all the teams outside the top 6 but not good enough to beat the top 6, but they seem to drop loads of points against teams I beat pretty easily. Man City's team on paper is like twice as good as mine, they have pretty much a world class player in every position but seem to underperform all the time, they have had 3 different managers I think since I got into the PL.
  6. Billericay First TWO seasons in the Premier League Update (2023/24 Season & 2024/25 Season) I have been super busy so I am going to have to do these two updates together, apologies. 2023/24 Season - First Season in the Premier League The first season in the Premier League was a great success, if you had offered me 7th at the start of the season I would have bitten your hands off as we were predicted 19th (though after I signed our star loanee striker Mputu permanently I was pretty confident of staying up). However the season promised so much more, on a promotion high we were hovering around the Champions League places for most of the season before this happened - 5 wins from our last 15 league games, that lone bright spark of a win at home to Spurs surrounded by 5 losses including a 5-0 hammering at home by Swansea! Overall though, taken as a whole is was a very good season - Certainly plenty to build on for the next year. We were pretty poor in the cups - Losing 1-0 at home to Burnley in the League cup quarter finals, who we beat in both league games, was very disappointing, especially as they went on to win it. Away to Man City in the fourth round of the FA Cup was just bad luck with the draw. Stadium wise we borrowed Selhurst Park from Crystal Palace whilst our stadium that was originally built so we could enter the Football League was upgraded again to meet Premier League standards. No idea why the average attendance there says 100% full, as it has about 26k capacity so 16k does not sell it out, though we did actually fill in a few occasions and that average attendance is higher than the whole capacity of our new ground which is only going to be 13k. In fact for our first season we had more season ticket holders than our new ground will hold full stop. I think a new new stadium might be in order but no idea how long that will take as I currently have no option to ask about expanding the stadium. Squad wise we performed well - Though the poor form at the end of the year really dented the average ratings. Defensively we are poor and that is going to be my main area of focus for the next season. Mputu finished Premier League top goalscorer with 26 goals in the league and makes the questioning by my fans and board of his £26 million transfer fee look silly. Motoba is probably my best other signing, he is a 20 year old Japanese regen winger who has great pace and is very highly rated by scouts and coaches. He is also the one that came out as gay (see a few pages back) and already has like 40 caps for his country. He only cost me like £1.5 million and is now worth over £40 million. Sadly most of the promotions team are no longer here, Kehinde just about managed some appearances but has now gone out on loan. 2024/25 Season - Second Season in the Premier League The second season saw us progress nicely from our first season, in the transfer window I addressed some major areas of concern that I think caused us our poor run of form last year. This was getting in better defenders in every position (though I really have struggled to find good full backs buying two wingers and converting them) and also adding to our attacking options so I could rotate more and have more cover for when players were injured or out of form. I also tightened up my tactics a bit, playing more defensively away from home, especially against the better clubs. It worked pretty well - Champions League football secured next year, it was very tight with four team from 2nd to 5th covered by just 4 points. Man Utd are way off in the distance, no one can catch them it seems and I have a lot of work to try and close that gap. I believe this was their fourth or even 5th title in a row and no one else but Man Utd or Man City have won league since the save started. We also had a much better go in the cups reaching our first ever FA Cup final - Sadly we lost 3-0 to Man Utd, though were actually the better team for 70 minutes before they scored 3 late goals, the first being from a corner and then two counter attack goals as I tried to get back into the game. Our tiny stadium was obviously completely sold out every game. Squad wise Motoba really kicked on this season getting an amazing 22 assists and 11 goals from just 33 games. I think it is unlikely I will be able to keep him, both Monaco and Chelsea are interested in him and we have already fallen out over his agreed fee (because apparently wanting at least £80 million for my best player who is valued over £50 million is me being unreasonable!) Marcus Edwards, signed for just £5.5 million in the first Premier League season has also had an excellent season, he seems to be just hitting his peak and has also fully mastered the inside winger on the left position. Mputu wasn't quite as good as his first season in the league, despite him developing nicely but luckily I signed a very good German re-gen on a free who provided quality back up. And probably my best signing was Jorge Chavez, a Mexican regen left-back, who I have converted into a centre-back because he was 6' 2" and had very good jumping, he added much needed consistentcy and leadership to my back line. Overall I am very happy with my squad, the average age is like 21, my oldest players aside my back up keeper are 26, with most players 18-22 and have bags of potential. So I can't see much need to get new additions in, though we will need a bit more depth with the Champions League games. The big issue I have is keeping them as the wages are already creeping up with some of these players now wanting £90 - 120k a week, which we simply can't afford, especially with a limited 13k stadium. We have got to a very decent level of youth set up now though and have already had several quality youngsters into the club so I might be able to sell off a star player a season to balance to books and hopefully bring in the youngsters to fill the gaps. Closing the gap to Man Utd, Man City etc. is going to be tough, these clubs pay £250k a week to half their squads, have regens in their U23s that walk into my side (One of my best players this season is a 19 year old regen on loan from Chelsea who has got nowhere near their first team) and spend around £150 million a year usually on peak age regens who are world class. I will do an update on some of my better players, my best youth regens, my manager profile and the state of the club facilities wise etc.
  7. Just had this regen come through my youth intake -
  8. Yeh long ball seems too effective, I'm hoping the big update fixes it, IIRC someone raised it in the bugs/ME forum. Plus it still happens a lot at the higher level, from what I have seen it seems to be the way the defenders interact with the ball in the air, quite a few times I have seen big hoofs played from the back and my defenders are still moving forward rather than moving with the attacker. A guy in the career forum got Cambridge up to the PL and then won it play hoof ball. So yeh I think there are some issues.
  9. Cheers, must have missed that somehow.
  10. I presume doing the England job is fine?
  11. Not seen this before, knew it was new in the game, but interesting to see it's one of my players -
  12. Yeh that was the point I was trying to make, Billericay are an easier team to do this challenge with for sure, but I'd never done a lower league save before and I was planning to do a very fluid tactic so I thought I'd go with them. Hence why I said it wasn't that unrealistic, if the Billericay owner IRL keeps up his spending they will be a league club in no time. And yeh I could easily pick up released Premiership academy players in the first season, even from clubs like Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs etc. as I could easily pay these players 1k - 1.5k a week in the Conference South.
  13. It's a game though, it is supposed to be fun, no one really think it completely reflects real life. I mean you chose players and managers based on numbers being higher than other numbers. It's the fantasy/dream nature which is fun, regular football is most of the time boringly predictable, especially with the money in the game. Plus loads of people are struggling so not sure they would welcome the game being made more difficult. Several teams have also got 2/3 straight promotions IRL. My club Southampton went from League 1 to the PL and the following year finished 8th with largely the same squad bring players like Lambert, Schneiderlin, Lallana, and Fonte with them from League 1. So it is hardly that far fetched, I'm sure if someone pumped millions into a League 2 or National league club they could get them to several straight promotions. One thing I will say is that there are too many good players just available on frees, AI clubs seem to just let people run down their contracts who could clearly do a job for them, pretty much my promotions were built on free transfers from higher clubs. Now of course I had plenty of wage budget to spare at Billericay because of the owner so I could sign basically anyone interested without much worry for wage budget but still, someone like Jonathan Leko was rated as a leading Championship player by my scouts/coaches and was only 23, and West Brom just let him go for nothing. Until my PL season, I had spent less than a £1 million on transfer fees in total but had signed over 50 players.
  14. Why wouldn't I enjoy the game? I'm having fun, it's not as easy as it looks on paper. I've developed this formation over 100s of games on other saves and together with good player indentification got it working very well. Plus Billericay are like the Man City of the lower leagues, wage budget wise they are way higher than most clubs even into league 1, IRL the owner is throwing money at them but managing them himself, even then they are on for promotion this season. Could easily see them being in League 1/2 in the next 3/4 years with that sort of spending.
  15. Billericay in the Premier League - The Journey so far update So from our humble National League South beginnings and with an owner who was willing to shore up our spending, we have now made it to money gravy train that is the Premier League. My humble manager has grown quite a lot - Though no idea why I am so good at Goalkeeper coaching! The club has come on massively, 6 straight promotions if you include the one before I arrived - Facilities wise we are still getting there - We are currently borrowing Selhurst Park from Crystal Palace as our imaginatively named Billericay Stadium, built for entrance into the Football League is being expanded from 5000 seats to 12500 seats, which already looks to be too small as we have sold nearly 12000 season tickets and have already had attendances of around 16000 in Selhurst Park. I have constantly badgered the board about investing in facilities but due to the way they fund the club we only ever really have money at the end of each season as the owner basically lets us get into debt, then provides a cash injection. I also on my first new contract inserted the 'develops players from the youth team' philosophy and this meant they have been amicable to upgrading the youth related facilities, so the youth coaching and youth recruitment is at a decent level. My Board also seem keen on the whole coach thing generally as they currently allow me to have 12 coaches, I even had the option for 8 back in League 1 so we have had the best coaching staff in the league pretty much since I started. Hopefully with the PL money coming in I can start investing in more facility upgrades. Myself, Elliot List and Kehinde are now club legends, List sadly is on loan at a lower league club, he is basically a good league 1 player so PL is way above his level. It's quite cool to develop a club like this and be basically making the history of the club, a key player from our non-league days, Sam Deering is now a scout and regularly comments in pre-match media items. Here is the legend himself Tosin Kehinde - Signed at the very beginning, he was the club's highest earner (after I got rid of £3k a week Jamie O'Hara) but was worth every penny and is now the club's all time appearance holder. The Premier League might be a step too far for him but it's great to see him get international recognition and hopefully he will make an appearance against Man Utd, the club that released him all those years ago. Here is my new club legend - Newly capped for England, currently the top scorer in the Premier League as well, my captain and record signing. The Board are actually a bit unhappy about how much I spent, the fee rises to near £40 million but is based on a lot of clauses, despite not playing him ever Bournemouth were not that stupid that they didn't fight to let him go. About 70% of my transfer budget went into him, but when he scored that many goals I just had to sign him permanently especially as the club is now his favourite club and I'm his favourite personnel. I also think this is a case of CA blindness by the AI, because in the Championship my scouts and coaches only rated him as a good championship player, but I think because he has all the stats in the right areas he makes the most of his CA, so it's unlikely his PA is massive (though he has improved) but I still think if he just improves a little in those key areas he will be top class, even if he doesn't hit top level CA. Here are two other regens that I have managed to pick up that I think are going to be huge signings - And yes the eagle-eyed of you will notice I am 2nd in the league but don't get carried away, it's only 8 games and we have beaten pretty much everyone in the bottom 6.