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  1. The 'park the bus' defend deep problem has been prevalent in the last two versions IMO, the AI does it too often anyway and its too easy for them to do. being constantly under that pressure the whole game but barely conceding any chances often against superior opposition, in better form.
  2. Time to try the new version, fingers crossed more in hope than expectation.
  3. The AI has been stupidly defensive for the last two versions, if you are semi-decent then they basically park the bus against you, and even if you score they just don't change their mentality. I click on their tactics a lot during the game and it's 4-5-1s or even 5-4-1s with defensive mentality, often with two DMs in front as well, it makes every game dull as ditchwater for me because you spend the whole time trying to break down teams that just camp in their box. I was playing Molde in Norway and they are a good team yes, but not that good and teams who are predicted to finish like 3rd or 4th in the league at home play like this. But the same problem existed in FM19, I was in the second season of my saints save, had finished 5th the first season and was 2nd about half way through the season, I played Wolves, away who were 4th in the league and they played a flat back 5 with two DMs and a defensive mentality against me, essentially a Champions league chasing team facing a similar level team AT HOME and they parked the bus like they were a non-league club playing Man City.
  4. Beta ME is not much better IMO. The long ball thing is way better. But it's like watching FIFA still, with someone kid playing on easy mode. Players with good dribbling are just stupid, they just go through players, they pick up the ball and go 50-60 yards and beat men far too easily. If defenders make a tackle, then it goes nowhere, it seems to bounce straight back to the attacker again, I;ve conceded goals where my defence has tackled the ball 3/4 times and every time the attacker just has the ball back right at their feet and continues on normally. Just had Kovavecic pick up the ball in his own half and just run at my defender and no one goes near him, they let him just run straight through and score. Both centre-backs are marking no one, yet they just stand and let him run through. It's like their are Messis every game pulling of these long mazy dribbles against multiple opponents. I also have a penalty taker who is basically perfect at penalties (created him to see how it it was working) and he has missed 3 out of 4, this has been common in FM generally, even if a player has great penalty stats, he misses loads. Some players barely ever miss penalties, the best ones should be scoring 95% plus. Seems 1 step forward and 2 back for me. There are some nice aspects and nice play, but overall its just as bad.
  5. I gave up a while ago which is really sad, probably had 100s of hours on FM19 by this point. I just can't watch yet another hoof over the top that is first time, is pinpoint and is more often than not being done by a player not capable of such a pass, as my defender instead of just heading these hoofs away is baffingly moving forward, whilst the ball is in the air, letting the striker run freely in behind, even if they don't have much pace, that then leads to a 1v1 that the striker misses most of the time. Or watch another player with high pace/acceleration and dribbling pick up the ball with his back to goal and a quality defender on his back, which would be where in real football he'd 99/100 have to pass the ball but instead just turns my defender like he is literally not there and I am watching a game of FIFA on easy mode against the AI. It's just too depressing and frustrating.
  6. This basically, it's made me stop playing. Hoofs over the top, which are often first time, from average defenders with at best average passing and average visions, if not bad stats for this, sometimes on their weaker foot but their passes are the kind of wonder passes that Gerrard was famed for. To then strikers often with not great pace and acceleration, anticipation etc. but who react way earlier to this pass than my world class centre-backs. And it doesn't matter if you drop the line, it still happens, and what is the MOST frustrating thing about it is if you watch the play in slow motion you can see that the defenders do not react to the ball in the air but the attackers are already moving, it's like my defenders literally cannot see more than 20-30 yards and only see the ball when it is much closer to them and then react, which is far too late. Ever which way you look at it these long balls are problematic - The players doing them are often nowhere near good enough to pull of these passes. Their passing, visions, technique etc. is just not good enough. The ball is just too perfect, it drops perfectly to the striker in their stride whereas in reality these balls run on into the space, which is where sweeper keepers should come in. The defenders don't react at all, I think I could literally design the perfect defender for defending against balls over the top, 20 in every important attribute and they would still get down by these because they do not react when the ball is played but when it is a lot nearer to them. It just makes the whole thing frustrating to watch, the vast majority of these passes should be meat and drink to good defenders, average premier league centre backs and full backs playing first time 70-80 yard balls, that is pretty much the definition of aimless play and its why so many sides play out from the back most of the time, or if they play long its into the channels where the space is and the players making the pass take touches and set themselves like they would for cross field passes.
  7. Yep it's very hard to watch and frustrating. Long balls over the top are far too effective, this has been an issue for the last two versions IMO, defenders just don't react to the ball in the air, and also the people playing the balls often are not good passers, with average to poor attributes for passing, vision, technique etc. but are able to ping these perfect, often first time balls over the top that my defenders cannot read at all. The vast majority of hoofs over the top should be meat and drink to good defenders, watch any high level game and if a team scores from one they always say it's defensive error and good defenders shouldn't allow that to happen (i.e Liverpool v Everton) and even then often the passes are played by very good passers of the ball, but in game it happens so often and you get random average centre-backs and full backs with the passing range of Xabi Alonso or something. Then there is all the shooting from stupid angles, time and time again, sometimes I get it, players will be greedy/not see the pass, but again it happens over and over, you are screaming at your player to cut it back and they don't, even with good attributes for vision, teamwork, composure and instructions for low crosses, work the ball into the box etc. GKs are just too good, it's great they make some really good saves and that they make far less silly errors, but now average keepers can make some insane saves, at times they teleport across the screen, just had De Gea save a free kick going to corner, which was a great save but he palms out to my player who first time puts into the opposite corner, should be an easy goal but no somehow in an instant despite just doing a full length dive he is up again and dives right across the goal. Penalties and 1v1s they just save all the time, but too many 1v1s are just put straight at the keeper. Players with pace and dribbling are too effective, even players with like 15s for dribbling and pace/acceleration look like Messi, they pick the ball up deep and go past like 3/4 players like they aren't there, and strikers who are not good playing no.9, playing with their backs to goal like Martial and Rashford, come deep to get the ball and just instantly spin their marker then dribble round like 2/3 players.
  8. Switched to commentary only, bored of seeing the long ball over the top failures over and over, it;s been like this since FM19, IRL long balls over the top against good centre backs shouldn't work unless the ball is brilliant or there is a mistake but they work in game because the defenders react to a ball in the air far later than the attackers and it just looks stupid. No defender IRL would see some hit a long ball and continue walking forward, whilst letting the guy who he is marking run in behind, it's just dumb to watch. Pretty much every team does it, regardless of how they play, hoof balls from defenders acting like wonder balls because defenders act like brainless idiots , that or they are literally blind.
  9. That is because hoof balls over the top work far too well, it's why Man Utd do so well in game when they are poor IRL, they play with either Rashford or Martial as long strikers and just hoof the ball over the top to them, and centre backs play like Sunday league footballers. IRL neither of those players can play as long striker very well, but in game they have pace and just run in behind all the time from long hoof forwards because good centre backs are incapable of reacting to high balls and incapable of marking lone strikers like this. Also anyone who has pace, agility and dribbling is completely OP, they pick up the ball and run past 4-5 players, usually turning the first. So again those players work, that is all they do, but they can do this time and time again to be effective. Watching Rashford score Maradonna esque goals just gets old. Same problem happened in FM19, if any long first time clearance or long ball over the top, the defenders don't react to the ball until it's travelled a certain distance but the attackers react way easier. Watch replays of the long hoofs in slow motions, the attackers are running in behind, whilst your centre-backs are either not moving or are baffingly still moving forward, they don;t react until its too late, its like they have a different zone of reaction to the ball. Keepers are similar, still don't react to certain things and still do some absurdly dumb things. I hoped this years engine would be better, but it really isn't.
  10. First Season update League table - Solid second place actually finishing above Real Madrid in the end, but nowhere near Barcelona who just ran away with it basically. Squad Performers - Williams and Villalibre led the way with goals finishing on 17 and 18 respectively, pretty much a 1 in 2 record for both strikers in a two striker formation is pretty decent. Ibai Gomez was probably the surprise package racking up 11 goals and 11 assists, completely outperforming the more talented Munain, and Benat performed very well in his roaming playmaker role. Transfers first season - Nothing really on the ins aside a young player my DOF signed, on the outs front De Marco and Garcia wanted to leave due to lack of footbal. Transfers season 2 - Rodrigues I actually signed at the start of the first season but he has only just joined as he was out on loan, obviously Merino was the big one, I noticed he was wanted by lots of clubs and was looking to leave Sociedad, they wouldn't negotiate a deal less than his release clause so I just decided to go for it as I only have Benat for my roaming playmaker position, who is 33 and is declining, so Merino is a clear upgrade for that role, a good age, can still improve a little as well, so should become a lynchpin of my midfield for years to come hopefully. On the outs, Herrerin wanted to go for a new challenge, oddly Inter and Liverpool were after him, and I agreed deals with both for £4.9 million, the board blocked both moves, and when I told them he wanted to leave for a new challenge on the Liverpool deal they said that wasn't a good reason, so in talking to them about blocking the Inter deal I said I didn't need him and they agreed to sell him! Disappointingly despite raising £25 million in sales and not using any of my first season transfer budget, that £41 million spend is it for both seasons, which is pretty stingy by the board IMO, IIRC the first season budget was about £25 million, so not only have they basically given me no transfer budget for the 2nd season despite getting them Champions league football, they have also taken about £10 million from the sales raised as well. Youth Prospects - These are the best two players I have had, I think the striker looks potentially better as he has the better starting attributes though still some odd ones, he is potentially looking like a target man that is good at set pieces. The centre-back is going to need some work but this is fine as I have 3 good centre backs and they will be good for a few years yet.
  11. Finished my first season, finished 2nd, 17 points behind an invincible Barcelona team, cheeky board gave me a transfer budget of £32 million, the exact budget I still had from the main season, so effectively have given me no transfer budget. I'll do full season update tomorrow.
  12. I'd say Man Utd winning the league that easily is the more troubling aspect of that screenshot, still IMO do in game far better then they do IRL and seem to build back to challenging for the title far too quickly as well.
  13. Aside the problem everyone has mentioned, people shooting from absurd angles, for me its going ok, if anything in my Bilbao save I seem to be winning games from very little, neither striker I have is world class but they are probably scoring from about every 2/3 chances they get.
  14. Yeh never really used him and he got unhappy, used Williams and Villalibre as main strikers, and whilst Villalibre started slowly (scored about 1 in 9 I think) as he's improved a bit he's ended up having a good season, with both of them now over 15 goals in the league, so both are slightly better than I in 2. The first 11 is pretty strong, we've easily been the 3rd best team in the league (if not second) plus some of the younger players like Simon, Nunez and Villalibre have developed over the season so probably will have a stronger first 11 next season than the start of the game. But I've been quite lucky with injuries only having a few minor ones here and there (and Yuri just got a 3 month one but that was with only 5 games left of the season) but I noticed our form was not as good as we picked up about 5/6 injuries at once (a lot of which were annoyingly the flu or viruses) because the squad depth outside the first 11 is just not the same level. I've barely rotated because the first team is so obvious, only the 3 centre-backs have seen rotation/competition really and Cordoba has forced himself into first team reckoning with some good games.
  15. 4 games to go in my first season and we are currently sitting 2nd, though at no point have we ever been in a title race as Barcelona are currently on for an invincibles season. I have Socieadad (a), A,Madrid (a), Barcelona (h), and Valladollid (h) as my last 4 games though so I think 3rd will be more realistic as I am 8 points clear of A.Madrid in 4th so should hopefully hold them off. Youth intake was ok, one four star striker, one 4 star centre-back and a 3/12 winger who probably will struggle as his stats are all over the place. Next season worries me as the players just aren't there for a quality squad to take on Champions league football, I have Fernandes coming in as another left back option, but that is about it and about 5 players from the first team squad have gone or are going (Mikel San Jose is going on a free, De Marcos has gone, Aduriz is retiring, Raul Garcia has gone and Kodro has gone). Have like £35 million from this years budget left and whatever they are going to give me for next year, but not many options, Merino from Sociedad is an option as he wants to leave but they only want his release clause which is £39 million. Odriozola is playing regularly for Madrid so is unlikley. I really want Oyarzabal, as he would be a perfect roaming playmaker for my system and currently the aging Benat plays this role (but as a volante) but he's not interested, I am hoping the lure of champions league football might help there, but I'd have to see on how much budget I get as well because again I'd presume I'd need to hit his £65 million release clause.
  16. I'm playing a 4-2-2-2 with two DMs so just don't have space for him.
  17. Yeh his physicals surprise me, yeh he has just turned 33 but he has natural fitness of 16 so I thought he'd be fine for the rest of the season at least but has started to decline a lot in barely 3 months, I might do the same and sell him in January, to be honest he doesn't fit my system anyway.
  18. Started my save now, 8 games and doing pretty well only lost the 1 game away to Barcelona and have already beaten Valencia, Athletic Madrid and Sociedad at home. Not signed anyone but some 16 year old from Celta that my DOF did and the Fernandes guy as a another left back option but didn't notice he was on loan so he won't join until next year. I have about 4 players weirdly wanted by Chinese clubs, so hopefully that won't be a problem. Strikers is the issue, Williams is doing ok, but actually had his best game as an inverted winger when I got injuries. I've tried Raul Garcia as the DLF he has all the stats for it but has performed so bad even the board have voiced concerns about his performances! His attributes are also plummeting like a stone already Probably my best performer has been Ibai Gomez, together with my centre-mid combo of Dani Garia and Benat.
  19. Started a Bilbao save last night, not had much chance but to look at the squad, set some scouting assignments and sack most of the staff. I noticed the squad is ageing, which gives me an itch, I typically don't like having a load of 29-32 year olds knocking about but I presume I'll need to curb that side of my FM play.
  20. And he was born there, it's literally his home town club.
  21. As in board takeover? In my Southampton save in the beta, news about a possible takeover has popped a couple times, so probably can happen fairly easily but I doubt the owner has been set to sell or looking for offers like say Newcastle are, where IRL Ashley is actively looking to sell the club. At the same time IRL I doubt our owner is that entwined to the club that he wouldn't sell. So I'd guess that Southampton in game are fairly neutral in this regard, owner not looking for offers nor loves the club.
  22. It gets worse, 3 seasons in, at just 20, he's pretty much one of the top 3 strikers in the world - One of the other ones being Moise Keane, both of them have been over rated, they are two raw prospects IRL, Kean maybe has more to show IRL but considering he cant break into the Everton team at the moment shows in reality he is a talented youngster but still very much a prospect, yet these guys are pretty much world class superstars on the game within a few seasons. Have to say as well that this is consistent IMO from the Man Utd researcher, they have been too strong in the game for the last 3 versions now, the rest of the team seems toned down at least (unlike last year where Pogba was a better playmaker and set piece taker than De Bruyne and Martial consistently scored well in the league), but Greenwood basically drags them up again. Plus they over spend in game IMO, they seem IRL to be more working within a budget but in my game they have spent £450 million in the last two seasons spending like £100 plus million on one player.
  23. My thoughts and approach to this sort of stuff has basically been accumulated from several years of basically reading this forum, reading the in-depth guides from some of the what I will call 'magic' posters on here that go into big depth in their approach to saves, people like Cleon, Ozil etc. so your approach here which is also very in depth is likely to inspire and inform a lot of people. Mine is just a more lazy approach because I don't write down! One other thing I do is basically visualise for a role the typical things I want that player to be doing, then work out how that player might do that, and from there you realise what attributes are important.
  24. In the FM20 Beta I have across two seasons basically sold most of the Southampton squad that starts the game (plus all the dross on loan), most of the players I offered out I had set it pre-set the value for sale at 75% of their value, pretty much all of them I got clubs to pay that value or in some cases just above. Also players that want to go for whatever reason, I just agree a fee with them if I can, start quite high and they usually then knock it down a bit. Both Nathan Redmond and Thilo Kehrer want to move to bigger clubs but have been sitting there for about 9 months transfer listed with no one making offers at the asking price. Hell I agreed to sell Redmond in the summer because I managed to negotiate an Arsenal offer to over £86 million, but he turned them down twice.
  25. Agree, think they are set up nicely for an easier youth only challenge, basically only use the players they have and academy prospects, especially as their 'older' players most of them are not that old so wouldn't need replacing straight away so you could have at least 3-4 youth intakes to get some players in.
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