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  1. They are all important but I tend to leave roles with take more risks for players with higher vision. Naturally it's more complex than that. I wouldn't use a player with low decisions and composure in a deep position. For the same reason I prefer high flair players in the most advanced positions. Keeping possession is a balance between risk and reward.
  2. I'm running a similar system with Porto (crl) actually. After a very easy first season playing a more direct style. So far so good. I'm undefeated but I'm still tweaking things game by game as despite playing good football the results are narrow. Hopefully I'll have something good at least halfway through the season. What I found out is that a playmaker from deep will actually attract opposition to press him and unlock space for more advanced CM's. Works well as, with the more patient approach, he will eventually get into dangerous areas and play a through ball for either the WB's or a pe
  3. Struggling to understand why you would use Counter in a possession system. Besides, ticking Higher tempo on a Positive mentality might force things out too much. After these 2 I'd observe the matches and see which player is running out of options. I'd also ask to work ball into box and change the winger to another role who doesn't look to dribble wide and self-isolate from teammates .
  4. If you want a possession heavy system aka patient build up, you don't need attacking wingbacks. Besides they greatly undermine your defensive solidity. The HB as well is a bit tricky as it may create unwanted gaps in your defensive midfield. I'd remove the be more expressive shout and change messi to a trequartista perhaps. The IF-A has good freedom and a suitable duty for a player like God but might be too advanced. You need someone providing width and someone keeping CB's busy.
  5. Great results while sticking to the initial plan! Very curious to see what you will do with more resources.
  6. Brilliant thread! Even if you lose every remaining game I really enjoyed the reasoning behind every tactical decision. Keep it up 👍 PS: R. Eremenko! one of my favourite players. Rare to see such elegance on the field these days. No doubt a dying breed.
  7. The BWM on support will leave position early to press rather far from his original position. With the ball, he will attempt low risk plays which can be good for two reasons. Allows you to keep the ball better and he will "think" less with the ball, which means he will release it faster and thus, increase the overall tempo of ball circulation.
  8. Start with balanced mentality for a possession based system like Tuchel is known for. I haven't watched his Chelsea side so I can't give specifics but that's where I'd start. Then you need to pay attention to roles. Wingback roles differ greatly in behavior and if you're using a player with low dribbling and flair as a CWB you will, literally, run into trouble lol. Basically with a 3CB system you're probably going to be doubled up in the flanks so make sure your CB's can deal with plenty of crosses. Then it's a matter of adjusting the right LOE and defensive line so you don't give too muc
  9. That's a shame. I'm starting my save now! it's freaking saturday can't let it go to waste! I was happy with the earlier version of the transfer's mod.
  10. My first season in FM21: 4th division, expexted to be relegated, no signings: champions. Changed formations a couple times due to lack of options like no LB or just 2 center midfielders. No team instructions except an adjustment or two. My feeling in just one season is that once you're solid at the back, the AI has difficulties creating consistent danger. Sure the end of season stats may seem realistic but I never felt overwhelmed by any opponent. I had no issues regarding over defensive sides because i wasn't a favorite by any stretch. The game however feels more arcad
  11. Padroense FC Season 1 review First season is done and we kind of breezed through the league with only 2 defeats in 25 games. We didn't have a great start with a simple 433 while I was trying to know the squad. We had no left backs, no u19s players and no more than 2 capable CM's so we naturally changed to a 343 system (5-2-3 Wide) to reinforce the central defence and make use of our attacking trio. Overall we weren't spectacular all the time but I thought we were quite balanced. In the play offs we drew away with Setubal and then beat them 3-1 at home with an attacki
  12. Dial down the sugar lad Just remember, FM is a game of numbers and attributes.
  13. I don't notice any blocked crosses at all. I have wb-s on both sides and IF and IW up front. No team instructions. Do you have work ball into the box? do you have at least one striker attacking near the CBs and someone else behind the FB? are you giving opposition too much time to regroup?
  14. @flauta kicmayou can't expect to do well in La Liga with a 2 man midfield consisting of Rakitik and Oliver. Tactics are important ye but the players are even more! I'm managing a team expected to be relegated and I'm 2nd atm. My tactic has no team instructions and we have just 2 attack duties.
  15. Anyone else having some delays signing staff? I offered them contracts in pre-season but only in December they are accepting and they were without club.
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