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  1. Glad to hear it helped but that's the thing in FM20 you need to keep watching and tweaking. Good luck
  2. Yes we really need a strong ME this year. I'll be playing the demo until I see a clear improvement on FM19 and 20. Especially the issue with the AI and lower mentalities.
  3. I'd guess he's not being isolated enough with a Mez and a WB-s nearby. The mez will drift to the channels, too close to the treq or even an IF cutting in. The WB-s will push up but not as aggressively or wide as a CWB-s. You're probably overloading that area and opening space for the RW.
  4. Yes I'd try a winger on attack while also paying attention if the box 2 box is out of position when opposition initiates a counter OR if he gets too close to the AM-S. The AM generally needs players moving forward and wide around him. With a DLF in front you could use perhaps an aggressive AM but it always depends what sort of player you have there. Does he have good finishing and composure? Can he play in small and crowded spaces?
  5. He's finally the star of the show. Plays as number 10 in a 4231 usually. 16 goals, 14 assists in 36 games so far! Notice he enjoys the team's style of play
  6. That's not entirely true. I have central play in my 4231 even against very defensive teams. You just need to stretch them by careful placement of roles/duties/ppms etc. What happens is that most tactics overload the center opening space only in the flanks but what if you did it the other way? Now, I agree it's much harder on FM20 than it was on FM18 but 18 was too easy and it's not realistic at all as it was mostly a glaring deficiency in the AI tactics and in defending. In real life you can't imagine it would be as linear as asking some team to play generic and symmetric roles and duties and let them enjoy themselves, right? Maybe in the 90s The main issue with more recent FM's is the ambiguity in the TC. I feel that not even most admins here fully understand the implications of every tactical instruction and, more importantly, how they translate to the match engine. You have to watch the games in full and experiment a lot to get where you want.
  7. Nothing too special in that thesis but the ideas are coherent and without sounding too abstract like most things you read around, such as "I want to play attacking football". Instead, he seems to have a clear understanding of how he wants his team to play. I did an interpretation but he as he wrote it's not about a formation or a system but the principles and taking the best of the players available.
  8. I am referring to the 4141 DM Wide with is the same as a 4123 DM Wide. I'm not talking about the flat version which is more or less the same with the exception of wide players starting lower and having different roles available. The point we are discussing here is how irrealistically hard it is to dominate possession with a 4141dm wide formation, against very defensive teams. It's especially obvious after the 3rd season if you're the reigning champion. It is something noticeable in the AI as well. The ideas discussed in other threads are valid and helpful to anyone. The issue here is not winning but playing how you want to. Thanks anyway
  9. I've Ctrl+F'ed through the threads and couldn't find any of your post containing a 4141 dm wide in which you dominate possession against parked buses. I've seen your 433 when your team wasn't top3 and how you changed to a 442/424.
  10. There's tips but I failed to find any practical examples on how to get a 4141 wide to control possession against very defensive sides. (I will take a closer look later) Anyway, these are Benfica's first 10 matches under Zidane, using a 433 in the 3rd season. Their team is very strong but it's fair to say he's just a couple defeats away from losing his job before christmas. My point is that even the AI has issues with a 433 in domestic dominance.
  11. Not much you can do pal. This happens in FM20 much more than in any other version. I consider it a flaw in the ME. Remember how 2nd division teams had 70% possession against Pepe's Barca 433? me neither
  12. The simple solution for high possession against weak teams in FM20 is to not use a 4141 but to change to 2 strikers like a 442 or even a 4231.
  13. Yea I have the same issue with Almada but i play him in the midfield instead. You could use Ronaldo as a IF-A or RMD on the left and use Dybala as a F9 or leave him as a Treq but he will need space to operate since he comes deep as well. edit: my last 3 games. Works beautifully against teams that try to play but otherwise I struggle. I guess I'll have to push up lines and pressing to the max against these weak teams.
  14. Ok then I'd start by removing Counter when playing against inferior teams (most of them) and change the CM roles to something more conservative and central. B2B, AP-S, CM-S, along those lines. Give the flanks space for the widemen while keeping opposition DM's busy. This because your offensive trio is quite aggressive already. Ronaldo upfront, then an IF-S who looks to get into the box and a Trequartista. I like to have 2 attacking the box consistently, in my case i have a DLF-A and a RMD-A and a IF-S on the other side but you should test things out regarding the 3 forwards.
  15. I'm using a 4141 on my save atm but my opinion is that there are more effective formations in the current ME. I feel you're playing half your team's potential in a 4141 but i need more testing. Even the AI is quick to fire managers that use 433 being Liverpool one of the few exceptions but their team is OP and the 4141 is great for UCL where teams don't defend so much.
  16. Don't see why you can't use two roles. Two different players with different attributes and different PPM's will behave very differently even in the same role! I've used a 4222DM with 2 F9's and 2 BWM's before and no two players played the same way. The role is just a set of hardcoded instructions which together with team tactics, player attributes and PPMs will dictate how the player actually plays.
  17. Excellent effort @Novem9 one of the best I've read here lately! One thing though, Mourinho usually uses a more offensive system against teams you're supposed beat. Perhaps not so much in his later stints in England but in Porto he'd use his typical 433 with a DM, wingers and offensive full backs. At Inter he'd use a more defensive cast for tough UCL games but the league was a bit different. Anyway I think you're doing very well although it looks like it's too conservative for a team like Porto in the Portuguese league so you'd have to make some adjustments.
  18. The best approach is making your strategy stronger than theirs which is quite straightforward but potent nevertheless. They bomb their fb's and press you high so you have to find way to bypass the press, prevent guys like Salah of cutting inside and deal with the crosses. I lost against them in the first season with Porto but trashed them in the second season playing a quick transition system. Positive mentality, medium block press. But my team was all geared towards the system, dynamics, style of play etc. So you have to plan in advance for the season and build a team along how you want to play. If you do it you'll be much closer to beating them easily.
  19. From your description (good amount of shots but low conversion rate) it seems you're giving too much time for the opposition to regroup or already finding the box too crowded. You can back off your pressure a bit to lure them out a bit and then explore the vertical space or/and make your transitions quicker. The first one is self-explanatory, for the 2nd you can replace regroup with counter and perhaps tweak some roles. For instance, a CWB-s is great and all but he will run with the ball often which is slower than a vertical pass. Sometimes it's better to use a (deceptively) simple FB-s/FB-a. Pay attention to the front 3 as well. Are the overlaps working? perhaps use a striker that likes to come deep. A DLF will hold the ball and slow you down. It's not necessarily bad but in FM20 you have to pay attention and tweak things if required. PS: I didn't check your tactic throughtly but this is what I'd check first. Imo you should figure your things out otherwise it's someone's tactic and not fun at all!
  20. Excellent thread! I've been using a similar system based on Sérgio Conceição's 442 with Porto, which, in turn, uses Sachi's elements. I couldn't help but test your system with my squad after all the players are perfectly suited to this type of football. Just a couple notes: you sure you don't like 1-2s? they work really well for me, but my players are technically sound. I'd also say I concede a CCC due every other game coming behind the stopper. He's not the fastest player but I just notice it's a bit vulnerable there, at least for now, during the first 4 games. But overall, it's very effective, even against defensive teams.
  21. Season 1 2019/2020 review The league was a walk in the park but we lost a lot of the firepower after the winter break. There's 2 reasons for that, at least. Firstly, the Chinese from Guangzhou came in January and beat Marega's and Baró release clauses, 30M and 40M respectively. Marega was on 20 goals for us but the plan was to sell him by the end of season. Baró is one of the brightest prospects in world football but we couldn't offer him +300k euros per month so soon. So he went to rot in the east. Losing Marega was a big blow. He was key to us. Goals, defending, stretching and creating space. We changed into a more patient build up by unticking 'counter' and using more technical wide attackers. Secondly, we gave more game time to youngsters, namely: and our only transfer (4.8M) Both are ready in terms of personality, just need game time to improve. We also won the cups where we played our 2nd strings often. We had a great run and after a 0-0 in Turin I thought we could make it. We even were winning 1-0 at HT but Higuain scored against the run of play and then CR7 punished us on the break when we were going all out. Our slow CB's kind of limited our options and of course we badly missed Marega's pace and power. It's vital I can keep Alex Telles. A FB with 17 crossing makes it much easier against parked buses. There's no Marega to get to the end of those lovely crosses though and we will be on the market for that kind of forward. We'll also try to profit on some players who are well valued but don't fit in the long term project. We'll also be on the market for a class right back and a CB perhaps, while blending in some of the youngsters. I really enjoyed playing the whole season on a "balanced" mentality. We didn't rush things but kept opposition pinned back while we looked for openings. We didn't have the players (especially without Marega) to play a faster or more direct game so I just tried to get the best of the players we have and also keeping in mind the type of youngsters that are coming through. They certainly fit a more technical style but it doesn't mean we will only play short passing and Messi wannabe's. No, Barcelona also had a Pedro that gave width and pace to the team. In modern football you need a plan A, B and C. So perhaps I'll add a 3CB system next season. The difficult part starts now!
  22. Sorry mate it was just a joke Try reseting the skin or the equivalent of it in the options. I've had that issue before!
  23. That's a common bug that happens when you download exploit tactics.
  24. Season 1 winter review First half of the season is gone and it went better than expected! Only conceded goals twice, once against Gil Vicente and another vs Sporting. We were 2-0 down, made some small changes and scored 4 goals in the 2nd half. We had a worrying start in the UCL. Draw and defeat at home against a very interesting Atalanta. We adjusted our systems a bit and ended up 1st, beating Chelsea twice, and convincingly to be honest. As you can see in the schedule, we've been using mostly a 4231 and a 2DM variant on tough games. This is the main system but the instructions aren't set in stone. Sometimes we play wider or shorter passing, depends how things are going. This tactic allows us to have more control than we could with the 442. It's not too different anyway. We have Otávio pushing DM's back giving space to the 2 center mids. Marega has been a force with 9 goals in 11. We used this against Chelsea. Kept the overall individual mentalities while reducing risks and increasing compactness. We got Spurs next. But our priority is to be league champions and then sell all these older players with bad or average personalities. Benfica won't let go and, sometimes, it's just 1 slip (that's right Steve) that dictates winners or losers of this marathon!
  25. We survived August and PSV. We lost in the first leg once again and i noticed we gave them too much space. So against Benfica we used a more compact version of our tactic and easily outshot them even though we had to rotate the squad. Then at home we battered PSV 3-0 and assured the CL entry money. One issue that some fans may not like is a lack of possession stats. But it doesn't mean we don't control the match. Against PSV they had 61% possession but just 3 shots on target against 18. With a 442 against 433 and the likes you have to let them have the ball in some area of the field otherwise there will be holes all over. Once our next generation of more technical players come through we then will change into a more possession based system but for now this is what we have. Players that may lack a bit in technical attributes but will give it 200% every game.
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