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  1. Just so you are aware, you need to get your board to build a new stadium for it to be named after you. Had a stadium named after me during a Dafuge-challenge 10-12 years ago. From then on I've mostly played youth challenges, and haven't had any big honors
  2. I'm also experiencing this problem. I bought the game last week, so it should be up to date with patches. I gather a training unit is something from the full FM?
  3. Exactly this! ...wierd E: The last 4-5 editions I've been playing youth only saves in Denmark and Iceland. I've started a few games over the years to test tactics in the top divisions (maybe 2 in total), but I stick to my main save until I get tired of it (Iceland became unplayable) or the new version comes out.
  4. You have gone on about wingers yes, but my point is all positions generally have other positions they can play as well. You looked at players who could play at both AML/R. My point is that there is a lot more of these in the starting database, because players who are otherwise ST, AMC, DR, MC etc. also have these positions because the researcher once has seen them play there. So my point is that positions in the initial database are inflated, and thus not comparable to regens. Just check the top clubs at the start of the game. Pretty most of the offensive players can play M(L/C/R), AM(L/C/R), S. I agree that it should be a lot more common to be able to play AML/R at the same time, but the comparison to the initial database is probably flawed. I will however say this. I checked some of the players at the top clubs when they only have regens, and the position diversity has gotten a lot better since some versions ago. I mostly play in the lower leagues, where position diversity is very limited, as it probably should be. I do miss the wingers who can play on both sides though.
  5. A point that hasn't been mentioned in the thread yet, is the fact that players in the original database tend to be able to play loads more positions than regens. Often this is a result of the researcher seeing them used in those positions. However, regens used in positions they aren't trained in, don't get this easy positional accomplishment. So, original players probably have more positions than they actually are accomplished in, while regens probably can play in more positions than they have.
  6. Wow, just read all 7 pages in one setting and your save and dedication is very impressive as well as inspiring! Congratulations on the enormous achivement of reaching the CL group twice! You must have your finances set for a very long time. May I ask how you 'play' the game? I seem to remember reading that you holiday through natioal games? And how much detail do you put into youth development?
  7. It's a real pitty to se it end, but understandable. I was absolutely amazed when I saw that you had run the save for almost 120(!) years! Such dedication, very well played! Just a warning, Iceland has had problems in FM, and I don't think they are fixed or will be fixed for FM17. I did youth saves there in 14 (late) and 15, but stopped in 15 when I found out that the league quality had been dropping massively. Because of their semi-pro status and long winter break, Icelandic clubs can't buy foreign players and their own players don't develop, so the average CA of the league drops a lot when you get to the regen stage. Just something to look into before you start.
  8. Gramm0

    FM16 Draft

    Are there any clans/groups that play this regularly? Played one with 5 players and it was a blast. I see potential in it, but it might also become stale, not sure yet.
  9. Great to see Zemanek performing! I always look for him in your updates. I expect great things from the young kid
  10. Many good comments above, but to expand further; "Howcome all these guides etc state that unless you have a balanced tactic you will probably struggle" - This is the key to understanding the guides. If you build a balanced tactic according to the guides, the probability that you will struggle will be smaller. If you build your tactic with conventionally 'bad' roles, you will probably struggle if you do not know what you are doing. Lets say you build 100 tactics that contradict the guides. 95 of those will probably struggle, but perhaps 5 of them have hit a goldmine, an exploit or is getting the maximum out of 1-2 really good players. The last 5 will be shared in the mentioned section. The other 95 will not. In this topic, it is important to understand one reason the guides were created in the first place; people come to forums like this, struggling with unbalanced tactics, asking how they can improve them. The natural answer to them is to make their tactics more balanced. Edit: By the way, I would love to see some examples of posted tactics that go against the guides. It would be interesting to figure out why they are working.
  11. One of the greatest one-liners I've heard from a commentator; "Another example of how Rommedahl's first touch most often also is his last touch" - Troels Bech, during a Danish national team match some years ago.
  12. Looking forward to see how you progress! You have a very high potential squad, but looks like you have to get promoted soon to be able to keep them... quite a challenge. Best of luck
  13. Looking forward to following your progress! Zemanek looks pretty good if played to his strengths, perhaps in some kind of poacher role, especially for a 14 year old. I see he has already scored as well. Congrats on the award.
  14. Really looking forward to watching this develop! Germany sounds like a very interesting place to play in today's football climate, with great club structures and lots of German talent. God speed and may you have lots of luck in your European games (not overly much of course )! Edit: Make sure to buy one of those penthouse apartments overlooking the pitch... once you become a regular in Champions League and are facing the likes of Barcelona, they will become the most expensive property in town
  15. Congrats on the son! At least he's fairly professional Very well done getting so far in Europe! You must be financially secure for the rest of the save.
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