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  1. I have the setting set to my responsibility. I also have a vacancy for at Cheif Scout, who doesn't get signed automatic. I'm playing a youth only save, so I don't need those two positions, if they only affect transfers. Might hire the two to get a better scouting range for youth intakes, but I'm playing in England, so my perception is that it shouldn't be nessasary.
  2. Thanks, I didn't think so. The DoF should probably be mentioned in the manual. For some reason, the club keeps trying to hire one anyway, even though I'm in charge of staff signings. Should probably post that in bugs forum.
  3. The title. If you are hands on and want to do your own transfers and contracts, is there any use for a DoF? Does he have other functions in FM Touch, eg. securing better sponsor deals or the like?
  4. I spent way too much time reading this thread, so I might as well make a few comments: 1. Players shouldn't have a CA boost because they played well. They played well with the CA level they have already. Similarly if a player suddenly plays a bad season, they shouldn't have their CA lowered, as this will create a downward spiral, and they will play worse next season. They were perfectly capable of playing bad with their current CA. If players get a boost to attributes after a data update because they have been playing well, it is only because the human researcher got it wrong in the first place. Guessing how much a player improved last season or will improve next season is really difficult for researchers. 2. Players also learn from their mistakes. Sometimes they train harder after a bad game. Therefore a bad performance shouldn't stop them from learning. 3. Players spend so much more time in training than they do in matches. So they practice technical attributes (long shots, free kick taking etc.) 100 times more in training, than they do in game. Similarly with physical attributes. So match time shouldn't improve these much. I do however believe, that games improve some of the mental attributes in a way, that training cannot. Since the CA is tied between these categories (this is the best model we have, since it allows researchers to model players to play like they do in real life), match experience also matters in the development model today. Perhaps there could be separate CA for these categories for new-gens. 4. One reason a lot of players haven't experienced development after the age of 24, is probably because the player manager is so good at developing them before that age, and are mostly buying youth instead of older players for this reason. This is myself included. I usually buy young and sell early. But I have seen improvements in reserves older than 24, who I have suddenly had to rely on. In my experience, really high PA players keep improving through, unless they are as good as Mbappe when they are young. If you want to experience more Jamie Vardy's and Luca Tony's, you need to be a small club that takes a gamble on an over-performing lower league player, and give him playing time, even when he loses form Is SI's model perfect? Probably not, but it is pretty good, and I'm sure they continually improve it and listen to feedback from us.
  5. I switched to FMT the season after it came out, due to having less time to play than usual. It fit me better at the time, as I don't want to do press conferences, team talks etc. However I missed some control of e.g. youth teams, and the balance would be off in the leagues I played (youth intake would be too old (19) with too low ability, both frustrating for me, as I play youth-only challenges, and with the effect of reducing the quality of the AI teams in the league (Denmark)). Last year I tried full FM, and was able to delegate team talks, training, press conferences etc., so it felt just as smooth as FMT. However, there are loads of news items stopping the game processing each day, requiring me to push continue each day. If only they could let the game continue past unimportant news items, or give you some way of getting less news items, FM full would be perfect for me. Right now none of the versions fit me perfectly.
  6. Just so you are aware, you need to get your board to build a new stadium for it to be named after you. Had a stadium named after me during a Dafuge-challenge 10-12 years ago. From then on I've mostly played youth challenges, and haven't had any big honors
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