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  1. Summary: Wrong offside decisions by referees Description of Issue: Referees calls offside for a players that take no part in the play or are nowhere near the ball path. Steps to Reproduce: No certain repro. Occurred mostly for set pieces or with long shots. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Videos are related to matches uploaded as attachments because cloud was unavailable at the moment of posting. I'm don't know how match engine works in these situations but from what I've observed I think it might be related to too big radius aroun
  2. If anyone would care for reserve team achievements. I'd rather have more direct control over B team than some historical data stuff. The things you pointed out are just not worth it at all in terms of Football Manager and the drawback is huge.
  3. That's why I never liked the 'Affiliate B-team' thing. Why they can't set all B teams as part of main club? Affiliate B-team only brings issues and limitations. Them being semi-pro or even amateur for other clubs (while main club is semi-pro or pro) makes for example that you can only hire staff on semi-pro/temporary contracts which sometimes limits by a lot people that you can actually hire. I wish I'd be able to just break this affiliation and ask board for u-23 team because it would probably be part of main team but it's not possible legitimate way to break affiliation with B-club as f
  4. Summary: Cannot access 'Coaching team overview' tab for affiliate B team through 'Staff' ribbon Description of Issue: Player is unable to find 'coaching team overview' tab for affiliate B team in 'Staff' ribbon. It is accessible through 'Training' ribbon -> 'Coaches' and then Coaching team. It is important because it's only place where player can see coaching limits for this team. Steps to Reproduce: Play with a team that has B team affiliate and not B team that is part of the main club Go to B Check 'Staff' ribbon There is no 'Overview' t
  5. My B team is not within my club. It's made as my club's affiliate. Is there a way to force them to go pro? Since them being semi-pro means that they have 3 days a week training regimes and not every day and this can possibly hurt my players development. Also there is very weird interaction because they have access to only 3 of my coaches (1 of 2 fitness coaches and 1 of 2 goalkeepers coach and 1 regular coach). Any ideas how to fix this training issue?
  6. 1. Introduction In this experiment we will check impact of Ambition, Determination and Professionalism on overall team performance. Idea for this experiment came from discussion about impact of those 3 attributes on youth players development while it's influence on players game performance was unknown. In the end we want to develop players that are good on pitch and not only on paper. 2. Game setup and testing environment In this experiment I've decided to use Liverpool F.C. with Knap's Parisienne tactic and using option to holiday the whole season. Other things that were set to
  7. Well because tactics is a big factor on how your players behave on the pitch. Their rating in FM21 seems to be more of their individual performance focused on certain stats rather than overall team performance. To give you an example. You can have clean sheet but every offensive move from your opponents it stopped in your midfield already. In terms of your team performance it's great because you're dominating opposition. But that also means that your defenders won't have chance to prove themselves. On the other hand you can lose a game but opposition is putting long passes and your physic
  8. Maybe I'm wrong but I think in older FM's when you won a match by a lot (like your case) it felt like the team was overall dragged up with ratings. But in FM21 I feel like ratings became as it should be, more 'individual', so if someone is lazy ass and the team somehow win by huge margin they can still get relatively low rating if they didn't contribute.
  9. Do you by any chance play something like park-the-bus-counter-attacking tactic? Because frankly that's the only thing that came to my mind just out of thin air without looking at your team. That kind of tactic could possibly get low rating because it has: low number of key passes (in compare to possession based/offensive tactics) low percentage of completed passes (you just get the ball, put long pass and hope for the best) low number of created chances very little possession (low number of passes in general) low number of interceptions/recovered ball if you
  10. I meant only those included in these files. Beside that I think every club can have an takeover on random. I'm not sure if there are some hardcoded boards/owners that cannot be changed.
  11. @Toshevbgg What is your league position and how many of your players have average rating over 7? Because I don't think it's possible for example to win the league while having all player with that low ratings.
  12. Imo main problem in current version is with CM's rating. Other positions are fine. It depends a lot on your tactic. For example I have 4-4-1-1 tactic with heavy usage of WBs on both sides and one of my best players according to average rating is my LB who even if don't get any assists get very high ratings because of huge amount of key passes. I had game where he didn't have goal or assist and he became MotM with rating 9.0. While on the other hand I can't get my CMs rating higher than 7. From all my CMs only my one Mezzala have average rating higher than 7.0 despite the boys having much bette
  13. Afaik those are files that 'force' future takeovers. Like they are preprogrammed to happen in certain time span. If you delete those you won't have those preprogrammed but other takeovers will still occur randomly throughout the game. Keep in mind that not every takeover results in brining sugar daddy that will splash cash on everything.
  14. I can just use custom database and Regionalliga is playable there. I just thought that using 'default' database will almost guarantee no issues. That's only difference. Otherwise as you said I can load custom database with 5 playable tiers and watch my boys getting promoted. Wow. I never realized the thing I just checked. Even thou in schedule team have only few friendlies when I checked random players they have stats like they were playing regular league. I knew that it's a thing for unplayable leagues and teams. That teams have 'simulated' leagues and fixtures but I always
  15. So I basically have to let them still play friendlies and then one season they can appear in playable league like out of thin air?
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