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  1. How would you expect it to operate? Autosave after every match? It can possibly extend playtime by a lot since saving the game, even after recent edition optimization, takes considerable chunk of time in a possible Iron Man play through.
  2. I may be wrong but I think scouts also take into account not only players PA but also probability of reaching that potential including players personality etc into account, so that may be the reason why your scout thinks that player with lower PA will be better than the one with higher PA simply because he thinks he's actually able to reach higher CA than the other player. On the other hand it somehow brings a lot of realism into the game. We don't have absolute certainty which players will become top footballers, otherwise all the top clubs would hoard them immediately and we would not s
  3. Maybe it's only half way solution but from my experience you can influence youth intake personality by your staff. And I don't mean HoYD only but all the coaches (especially other youth coaches/youth manager/assistant). I usually prefer coaches with desired personality over coaches who have better attributes but bad personality when it comes to my teams. Also worth mentioning all your players will naturally drift towards team's average personality (can be viewed in some club general tabs). It's not very fast but through the years all your players will drift faster or slower (depends on th
  4. I see this as a option in the menu on the start of the game (the same where you can tick/untick attribute masking) where you can increase reputation dynamics. Why we need this? Because if you want to make a '0 to hero' type of save nowadays (taking a small/low league club to top tier and champions league) depends on the league you have to invest A LOT of time into it. I know it's part of realism in this kind of games but having to invest like 30-40 seasons or more with one team resulting in few hundred if not thousand hours into one save which can take months or even whole year can b
  5. 'Minutes played' search attribute on default has only few values that can be selected from drop list: When player want to search with different value it's possible but he can't input integer because there is no input field but using [-] and [+] buttons he can change the value of attribute search. While it might be ok for most attributes when I wanted to look for players that had at least 450 minutes (full 5 matches) played I had to manually click 450 times because holding [+] or [-] buttons doesn't work. Suggestion: Make this attribute input field where user can type intege
  6. It's very hard to maintain long run saves. The issue that bothers me the most is constant stoppage of the game processing with all not important messages that player-manager gets. I propose to introduce option in form of checkbox list to select what events stop the game processing because now it seems that this is the thing that slows down the game the most. I've seen a lot of players that for example holiday 'until next match' to speed up the game progress. It's half solution. You can do this but it's very inconvenient to be force to holiday every single time between the games. Also
  7. It would be nice to have additional parameter for players search 'average value for selected attributes'. Reason behind it? It's much easier to find player within certain range of attributes than strict boundaries as it is now. For example let's say my club DNA are players with good passing/first touch/technique/decisions/composure. In current situation the best I can do is set minimum value for all those attributes and look through all the players that will show up. So I have 2 options: 1) I can set minimum value low and have to browse through potentially A LOT of players
  8. Thanks for taking a look on the topic. After you pointing out direction it turned out he actually has release clause for this club but you probably know that already. So everything looks fine I suppose in terms of potential issue (there is none). Only problem it's actually pretty hidden if you're not aware of it. It should be somehow mentioned in players contract of anywhere in his profile. Otherwise you end up in situation like me where after like 5 years you realize you can lose your very important player for pennies because of clause that was there before you even got to the club.
  9. Thanks! Uploaded files names: Till Lindemann - Kaiserslautern (transfer issue backup).fm Till Lindemann - Kaiserslautern.fm First one (backup) is in first issue occurrence, it's when transfer offer is ongoing and second one is some time after the second issue because I haven't done separate backup. I wasn't expecting this to go into bugs.
  10. Hi @knap. If you could just take the tactic and build a team around it from scratch which one of yours do you think would be the best? Which one do you feel is the strongest atm? Also quick question. Does IWB requires stronger 'inside foot' or they can be played with stronger 'outer foot' since I've seen in a lot of your tactics situation where in Liverpool it was still Robertson at IWB LB and TTA as IWB RB.
  11. Well it happened again. No clause. No asking price. No staff responsibilities related to transfers of ANY kind. What the hell is happening here?! It's definitely not pleasant to lose a player that way. [edit] Gladly he rejected the offer but I don't want to lose players in some magical way.
  12. My point is why they will try to go for the same 2 players every single transfer window completely ignoring the rest. It's just not very realistic. I have 43 players in U-19 team, and yet AI is going only after those 2 who are as stated before very mediocre even in my bottom table team.
  13. I've never said they are good at it. I was referring to the points that previous user wrote. I realize AI choice of transfer targets is usually poor because I see what my scouts/assman are suggesting me. Also that's the whole point of the topic. Why AI is so bad at transfers and goes for my random mediocre youngster with a lot of offers from multiple clubs (so there must be something that brings the clubs attention) while they don't even batch an eye on better ones.
  14. That's one of the reasons I like to play with editor enabled. Not for straightforward cheat but more like checking how AI is evaluating some things. These can be some important lessons. Like randomly checking some youngsters where both of them had 2 stars PA and one was ~50PA and second one was ~110. I realize scouts/HoYD takes into account also probability of players development, not straight PA but that showed me for example that it's always worth signing all players from intake. This costs pennies while you can otherwise release really nice player. Maybe not another Leo Messi but solid back
  15. Thanks for replay! This does not explain why some mediocre youngsters have interest of like 10 big clubs from my top division. I don't think they all need him. I'd also argue about that 'team fit'. We've all seen a lot of players being bought for a lot of money only to rot in reserves of big clubs. Another interesting thing is that AI perceive player's PA more accurate than we (the players) can. For example I had a player that had some interest from other clubs, very minor but still. So to get rid of those offers that stop my game progression I set his asking price to be like ~20 mln. And
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