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  1. Finally the 343 diamond should truly prosper. Along with GPG’s overlapping 3412. The holy grail’s have been unlocked let’s hope SI have them working well. Going by the videos it’s seems as if they took their time making sure they had it right. Don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new edition of the game for a long time. Between the WCB and the new data hub including pass maps etc
  2. Am equally excited! Im Hoping it will give us clear indications of how good the pressing is working etc. On my Atalanta write up I used a lot of graphs to show their real life examples but could never make one to show how my replication compared. The fact we shouldn’t have to go to great lengths to extract and make the data a weapon anymore like we used to. It will also give us a greater game-plan as we can see how clear the opponent plays without watching their individual games. It’s the most excited I’ve been for a release in a long time.
  3. You must be very happy to see the data hub! Very excited myself for it but considering you’ve basically manually been applying it to your saves am sure your delighted about its inception
  4. Thanks man. It had the potential to be my best ever had I started it with ample time. But it was a great learning curve as well. Main reason I fancy the happel challenge, I wanted to go back to Holland, so I can continue the style of play I was building here back in the country it started also with the wide centre backs I can now make a LVG/Johan system or even my Atalanta one so it gives me more flexibility again and gets me back to the back 3. I done heerenveen a few year back and it’s still one of my most enjoyable saves winning the Europa league. The other big reason why I fancy it is, I never really move clubs, usually building something for ten seasons and the starting over as a new save. This challenge would help encourage me to journey as I have that set out in my mind. So rather than do 7 seasons make a good side then reset I’ll have in my mind I need a move. Don’t get me wrong I invest a lot of time researching my save idea, getting the right club which holds so much minor things to make a match. City, fanbase, Derbies, traditions, style of play, facilities and of course history. Thrown into getting the right character to manage this usually throws a spanner in the works when moving. But if I allow myself to be more open to the idea of moving from the start I’m sure It can be a nice transition. After all 7 seasons at the first club is ideal. Even if I won the Dutch cup earlier on than planned would still need to wait on the big three offering me in! With all the new features and the fact I should be based more in the UK next year for work I would say this is the most excited ive been for a save. The wide centre backs that I have craved for about 3/4 seasons are here I just hope there done well. so excited that it’s time to buy a new laptop the omen has done me well for the last 5 year but the excitement warrants an upgrade
  5. This seen a change in the writing style. Now showing how I play the game more and with less off the story element. FM22 I look to find the perfect blend along with more data analysis which will be aided with the new feature. Ruch will be the second save FM22 I think as I fancy the Ernst happel challenge for my first save, my plan was to go to Holland and implement total football in its homeland but coming across the Ernst Happel challenge I can combine it all. Then take Ruch in the second half of the cycle. Although I have looked at Catania and Bari after finding inspiration from verdi!
  6. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58777054?at_custom4=F588DFAA-25F2-11EC-8801-DC01933C408C&at_custom3=Match+of+the+Day&at_campaign=64&at_medium=custom7&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom2=facebook_page&fbclid=IwAR0GESkJkt-VPRfqFoJ_JTTO1_7FHIk4zvXXzFe6MA2B9nbHJxhdLBYgcB0 Roberto am sorry to say but VERDI found him first!
  7. Its Not Goodbye It is See You Later The time has come to call it a day on Ruch Chorzow on FM21. In the season and a half here, I really had it all going how I planned, actually quicker than expected. I love the idea of the save, a true fallen giant with great rivalries and financial hardship from a working-class town. This is the main reason I stop it now, as with FM22 looming large I can’t do it justice and would rather keep them for some time during FM22. In all honesty I started the challenge all too late and then work hit which stopped me playing for 6 weeks and I never truly recovered due to FM22 coming up. So, it’s goodbye for now but I’ll be seeing Ruch again. My attention turns to FM22 as I work out my plans for the game and the purchase of a new gaming laptop. My Omen now 5 years old so upgrade is planned for FM22. Thanks to everyone who had an input, reading, commenting, liking, inspiring and actually helping make the team playable. Am sorry It sort of dropped off, but pipelaying season in the North Sea means I do 12 hour shifts 7 days a week sometimes for a month at a time. I’ll be sure to pencil Ruch around this next time to allow me time to make them great again. SixPointer
  8. I know the feeling. And now I feel it’s too late to really get going again with Ruch. Work is mental at the minute. some month. Great result against The might Ajax. Miles in front in the league 👏🏻
  9. Glad to see the Ruch formation come to life somewhere else. Tomorrow I plan to try get back into FM21 one last time before FM22. Which means Ruch will suffer in 21. But I do plan to take the same Challenge on in FM22. Maybe not as my first save but definitely as my long term one due to how much I loved it there.
  10. Incredible stuff in just fire years. Congratulations! May I add always nicely written in fact I think probably the best. Also you’ve stuck to your guns with your tactical ideals and through the finest recruitment policy brought some incredible signings. This is certainly well deserved and you’ve earned it. Enjoy the glory!
  11. Well people the wide centre back is here!! Bring on the overlapping cbs in a back 3
  12. You seen the clip? Looks good! Given me a lot of what I was looking for. Mainly the WCB but also a data hub, now am really hoping the analyst and scouting reports are just a little more detailed and I’ll be delighted. They should be saying like such n such a player is a weak spot as he is slow, or is vulnerable to a press etc. And we should be seeing more individual stats from the oppositions reports etc where the analyst comes up with certain ideas for a game plan. It does to an extent now but very small to how real life. Same with the pre match team meetings,
  13. FM22 feature drop looks niceeeeeee wide centre backs!!! Finallly!!! The Atalanta recreation can be Matched. Wide centre backs with an attack duty. I will be going back to my beloved back 3 very soon people 😍😍
  14. Hahaha I think we all have the things we like to blame it on. Mines was aww it’s a bad save. You’ve won ten in a row. And have to save it (cause as humans we need sleep to function although being an FM addict I often push the limits with this) And then you re load loose the next two and draw 4. And I blame because I stopped on a winning run 🤣
  15. I believe in Livorno especially with how clever Verdi has been with his tactical decisions of late
  16. I think the ME becomes and easy target when people get frustrated but for me SI do a very good job. Can it be better of course but it’s not an easy task especially these days with how fluid football has become along with how tactically astute managers are.
  17. There was lots of complaints that the AMC role was broken in fm20&21. But for me I find it’s people doing exactly that suffocating the space number ten.
  18. Much like yourself I don’t think I could keep playing an older version of the game when the new one is there. Plus it would just delay me getting to grips with any new features or match engine changes. However I have loved FM21 my Norwegian save with Odd was a success. I probably started Ruch to late but my work never helped it got really busy around the same time then I was home for abit and now with FM22 on the horizon I’ll probably finish the second season and leave it there. Delighted with what I’ve created and I think I’ll be back at ruch FM22 as my second save once the database is made. I’ve always had an eye on them so I’ll definitely be back. And there promoted in real life so wouldnt be much different from what I’ve done. I fancy a few ideas for fm 22 on top of that for first saves. Holland is calling me again just for the positional play I’ve been creating it suits Holland as it was created there. Denmark - Odense or velje would be cool first saves but after norway I’ll maybe see them fm23 greece - aris have been deducted points and have a great fanbase and a lethal city derby with PAOK so could be a nice ten seasoner there. russia for you sounds good, a place I’ve never managed. Always liked the idea of dynamo Moscow were great in the soviet league but have never flourished in the RPL. Or one of the Siberian teams perhaps Tom Tomsk. first you on the beta for me will always be Scotland i do it every year. Get my national team on the go for a few weeks gets the game moving for me. But this time we will have qualified for a major tournament so am no sure if the appeal is there so I may do team I support heart of Midlothian
  19. The 4th Uprising - To My Narod Slaski By Hook Or By Crook! November 2021 Nice four game month to take us into the winter break, well nice is maybe a stretch. This will be no easy task, all four are in the hunt for promotion playoffs. Olimpia have only lost one in their last 5, Pruszkow have won their last 3, Wisla looks like the easiest fixture but away games always are tricky, Stal Rzeszow are the form team in the league and only sit 6 points adrift of us. It might be winter, but this month could really see the league heat up.... Boys again responding well to the training program before a tough away trip, Average rating of 8.01 which am really over the moon about. This being my first real attempt at setting team training since the overhaul. I was happy leaving my assistant to it and just focusing on individual training, but I always felt it was an area I had to learn to match my reasonable knowledge of the tactical creator if I was to become a better player. At first, I found it all very overwhelming so many options hence why I had left it to the ass man, but with researching the tactical periodisation it gave me something to base on and structure it around, give me an oath so to speak, it’s really the same way I got better with the tactical creator by using real life ideas and translating them into FM. I must say I think the long-term objectives at Ruch will not be met In FM21 due to FM22 being around the corner, however the one thing ill definitely take from this save is the team training which I now really enjoy and fully see its worth when creating a club DNA. Olimpia Grudziadz (A) 1-1 Wasn’t to be, just couldn’t find that all important second goal. Really took the game to Olimpia after they equalised and made some really good chances, in the second half the game fizzled out and we slumped to the draw. Some notable performances, the new look front three gave a good account of themselves all but hitting the net they did encounter a keeper on the top of his game. Pawlowski has been the signing of the season a real rock at the back hopefully Poland youth coaches have taken notice. Young Luczak at just 15 really is pushing to make that RWB slot his own still very all or nothing at the minute lacking consistency but what can you expect from a 15-year-old. Znicz Pruszkow (H) 3-2 I expected a tough game even though they were coming off a loss to Slask II which seen them jump us I still knew it would be a battle and the visitors proved me right, Maciej Firlej proving to be a right handful easily the best striker ive came up against in this league, the poacher just punished Banach on the shoulder of our high defensive line and in the end the big centre back was subbed off. Idzik had a bad day in front of goal however the wide men either side got goals, although they both got them from the different positions as Kuczera moved central and Bak to the right after Jano came on for Idzik which worked wonders and flipped the result on its head particularly the third goal where all three combined. Kuczera goal I don’t think their goalie will want to see again he closed him down well, but he kicked it straight of the forward which the landed in his net... I suppose his work rate, endeavour, and the opposition instruction to close down the keeper earned us the goal. The winner is what we are all about at Ruch Chorzow and was worthy of winning any game. Another wonderful team goal built on the left and finished on the right, The front three all involved but the real star of the move is Jakub Nowak the Mezzala his movement is superb and with it he cuts open the defence. First dropping into a nice space to take the ball of the LWB then dropping it into Jano form a one-two to open the space up before hitting Kucera who turns it around the corner for the on rushing Bak who yet again proves that winger on attack duty to be deadly. This is clearly one of the biggest weapons in the Salida systems armoury which has spurned the third system to be a slight opposite. Which is now ready after being long overdue. Wisla Pulawy (A) 0-4 The Hook - named after the Enganche, sees the third system was finally unleashed and boy did it work. I had stated for a while the need for the central striker to be attacking space in behind that coupled with the need for a system with a number ten. The idea is the AF will work the space as well as help in build-up, the Enganche is the Enganche is just pulling strings from the middle, while the winger is switched to the opposite side and the IW MEZ WB combo now comes down the right, The RWB is given an attack duty and it’s just a standard full back on the opposite side rather than an invert. This is all to add variety, the team instructions are largely the same its mainly formational and roles n duties that mix it up. Three systems ill now cycle with opponent or game dependent, each built heavily around the key principles and same ideals with slight adjustments to give us enough variety to keep the opponent’s on their toes and counter specific threats. Hattrick for the AF, 2 assists for the Enganche and RWB(A) and 5 key pass from the Mezzala. Real good numbers for its first full outing in competitive games, wide men lacked a little, but everyone is allowed a bad day. The DLP was vital in keeping the game ticking over becoming a link man doing all the easy stuff while the Mezzala offered a lot more than I expected as the second pivot done some real dirty work and the played a little more direct, both complemented the Enganche perfectly who also wasn’t shy in doing some dirty work. First goal instantly highlights why I went for an AF, he has the CBS pinned thus giving the Enganche the space to operate if need be but also gives us a more direct ball in behind. The RWB takes up his offer and lifts a lovely ball into the channel much like the balls the winger latches onto in Salida, great off the ball great pass great finish. The second goal shows off a whole new weapon, CB snaps into the challenge then ENG, MEZ play a one-two before the Enganche hits a raking through ball for the advance forward to latch onto he runs through and as Kuczera likes to chip the goalkeeper. More direct approach but very useful for some of the stubborn defences I had come up against. Third goal sees him finish of a great cross from the RWB, safe to say he certainly enjoyed his day on the shoulder and is probably why he enjoyed the winger role so much, he is however great at the false 9 role as well when he is more creative, that word variety pops up again he has now become a more complete striker and player which is my aim, in an ideal world I would want ever player capable in at least three roles. The real-life table as its stands, still unbeaten so maybe Ruch were already onto something they did smash the Liga 3 as well so maybe am not doing anything to special just yet. Another comparison is that Stal Rzeszow had become our closest challengers as well by far the best team in the league on form, so it was going to be a good battle for sure. Stal Rzeszow (H) 1-0 Knowing that they had a very solid defence, in fact the best record in the league I knew I would have to be creative to break them down. What struck me was when reading through the reports they used two inverted roles on their left-hand side. This coupled with their playmaker made it very clear they wanted to overload this area, however I also viewed it as a potential weak spot for us to exploit with the winger on attack duty being a danger to the space the IWB would leave. I didn’t however go with the Salida which already operates with the winger there. I put a spin on the new systems. I flipped the wingback to a fullback to help defend against the overload and switched the IW to the W(A). The reason I never flipped to the Salida was purely for protection, there AMC was highly dangerous with the two CMS it would help nullify him, also the Mezz drifting into the half space would help on their overload side give the fullback and hand in turnovers to get a press into their area quick. Another key point was I wanted the left back and winger on the left to stop their exploit side having any joy as they could just go man for man making. The man marking on the left would also stop them being dragged into the overload. This is a good example of tweaks I use before games to gain advantages especially in bigger games where I know it will be tight. I make three systems to counter specific threats and usually that covers all angles but there are occasions when I use a small tweak as it simply makes more sense. Salida would probably got the job done but our left side would certainly have been vulnerable. Throw into the fact they had two very slow CB’s but strong It made more sense to have the AF than the F9. In the build up to the goal you can see why I used this altered system in the attacking sense. Already Bak isolated 1v1, with the RB behind supporting freely. Their IW on the left has decided to pick up the mezzala due to the fact there two CMS are doubling up on the Enganche. As the move unfolds the Enganche drops deep on the ball the AF peels off, but most importantly the MEZZ runs of the IW and becomes the perfect third man he slips to the winger with some nice foot work and a great finish we are 1 up. There really is no better feeling for me in FM when this sort of thing comes off, finding gems or developing players is great but to me when a tactical idea plays out and comes off exactly how you intent it’s a different level of satisfaction. The win sees manager of the month swing my way as well, always nice to get the recognition. Also shows you how inform two of our opponents in the month were, cause the managers come 2nd and third with the same win ratios. So this month really was massive especially heading into the winter break. The media have now delivered the statement, Its now regarded as Buchala-Ball. Nesselquist first now Buchala. FM21 has been great for my tactical growth this year especially attacking in two different ways gives more depth to the learning. The finances are still on the slide, like I stated a few months back losing 100k a month will do that. Loan repayments take up the revenue made in a month instantly, so you’re onto a loss right away just on the running off the club. Staff wages and youth setup play their part, but they are essential as from the golden generation last intake that’s the best chance of us making money. This was always a task hopefully we can get that promotion to ease our worries. The table makes for better reading this month, now the seven points that separates us from second place. Slask II had a poor month which allows us some breathing space, Rzeszow now join the hunt for real. Our goals for are incredible and our goals against isn't to bad either to think we were promoted I really have to be happy. With 10 regular season games left the focus must remain now with the third system firing I'm hoping that provides us with the last piece of the jigsaw to see us seal promotion. Thanks SixPointer
  20. Good to hear your back!! It’s been some journey in Switzerland! You were probably write about my Ruch save the long term plan came to late into FM21 life although am still plugging away at it. what’s the plans for FM22 got anything in mind?
  21. yes it’s heating up nicely!! One more update and I’ll be back upto date with were I am in game.
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