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  1. It was a fantastic save as always @_Ben_!
  2. This is a great thread although I think a strikerless system would fit better for what Pep has been aiming for this season, with the decline of Aguero. This is the tactic that I made which has yielded very good results in the VNN with Alfreton.
  3. The amount of goals you score is as always, absurd! Doing a great job!
  4. The Greek lad reminds me of the Spanish kid you did the experiment with at Guadalajara. He ended up being a decent player too IIRC
  5. I have the config.xml showing but what should I do with the graphics folder? Edit: Nevermind I have figured it out thank you so much!
  6. I have installed multiple skins and compressed them (rar to zip) and added them to my skins folder for fm21, but they don't show up in the dropdown menu in game. Any idea how to fix this?
  7. European Journeyman Fudal Ekenäs IF First 6 Games And that last game
  8. European Journeyman Fudal Ekenäs IF I have finally signed my first assistant manager and I have to say it is quite the coup Say hello to Heikki! He doesn't have the greatest attributes, but I am quietly thinking he will improve as he is quite young, and has a decent personality, plus 5 badges to complete.
  9. European Journeyman Fudal Ekenäs IF The Squad https://gyazo.com/368f3f464217190f2e51308a5dcee8ca The Club Key Players Ayabulela will be our rock at the back. With 16 acceleration he will allow us to play a high line and his marking will be key. Darren will mostly be deployed as a Shadow Striker, however he may see time at RW, or as a DLF.
  10. European Journeyman Fudal We had a choice between 6 clubs. Cefn Druids (Welsh 1st Tier) Syrianska FC (Swedish 2nd Tier) Lida (Belarussian 2nd Tier) Pomorie (Belarussian 2nd Tier) Sportul Snagov (Romanian 2nd Tier) Ekenäs IF (Finnish 2nd Tier) I have known that I will not move to a Belarussian team for a multitude of reasons, so Lida and Pomorie are off the table. I also don't feel like managing in the first tier of a country isn't very realistic at this point in my career, So Cefn Druids is off the table. That leaves me wwith Syrianska, Ekanas, and
  11. European Journeyman Fudal Some of you may have seen my saves on FM Touch, but now I finally have my hands on my PC, and I am ready to get stuck into my first save! This is going to be a European only journeyman with these leagues loaded: https://gyazo.com/7ffeaa068dea1509fb97360bedca7bb2 https://gyazo.com/567a74c24998669fe15a57551df29ed8 I have no badges and will be a Sunday league footballer, so I can start from the absolute bottom I will be managing national teams as well, just for the added fun of it and now I am going to holiday until I get a job
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