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  1. You're missing Atletico Madrid! The ultimate nearly men
  2. Yaxshiboyev might be the greatest name i’ve seen this FM Would love to hear English commentators attempt a pronunciation!
  3. Polish in heritage yes, but I am an American, Fudal is actually a part of my grandfathers surname when he came to America at Ellis Island, they gave him a more American name after gaining citizenship.
  4. It's always interested me seeing how people interpret someone's age/ethnicity due to their syntax and choice of words, while most of the time I can tell if someone's native or not native speaking, it's more difficult pinpointing nationality and age for me
  5. El presidente definitely has some shady dealings going on in the background . I wonder what the main criminal enterprises in Bosnia do, just better hope you keep producing results or else things might get a tad scary
  6. Semyon: "Four." Vadim: "What?" Semyon: "Four." Vadim: "Four what Semyon?" Semyon: "Our two goalkeepers have made four mistakes leading to goals. In eight games." Vadim: "It's really been that bad? You said I was joining a title contender Semyon." Semyon: "And 3 penalties given. I've told them not to even attempt challenges in the penalty box. Our defenders don't have half a brain between the four of them." Semyon peeks into the dressing room to see our center back pairing playing rock paper scissors. Vadim chuckles. "You can't just blame the players. Tha
  7. "Finally! A striker!" "Vadim, Vadim, Vadim. I thought you knew me comrade. It's still only a false nine, don't expect too much." Vadim groans.
  8. "You see it isn't my fault!" Semyon yells. So who's fault is it? The players? We're supposed to be challenging for the title Semyon!" His boss, Anton Alikhanov was far from pleased. "We took- I took a hell of a chance promoting you from absolutely nobody, to manager of this prestigious football club." Semyon, not one to avoid confrontation snaps at him. "Absolutely nobody?! I had schoolboys playing football Russia couldn't dream of! Those were true footballers. They could all tackle and finish." "You're not safe in your job Semyon, just because I owe you one doesn't get you
  9. “All great managers name their style of play!” said Semyon. His newly appointed right hand man Vadim Ignatjev replies, “Do we even have a style of play?” he chuckles. “We’ve lost 3 of our first four and only scored one goal. I understand you want to prove to the Russian media that Russian football needs a revamp but you have to understand this isn’t sustainable!” Semyon sighs. “You’re freezing out two of our best players because you’ve decided to play without a striker??” “You’re a sick man, Semyon.” Almost 5 minutes of chilling silence passed before Semyon excitedly exclai
  10. Having a rough bedding in period, but i’m sure it has a lot to do with the 0!!!!!! tactical familiarity we have with the tactic. Noted! I’m not expecting to sign too many players over 23, maybe only former academy players, but if I do, I will make sure to sign Germans. I am also one to borrow ideas from other players, mainly the 5/3 at the back trend, which inspired me to do my tactical replication of Gian Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta side.
  11. Semyon wasn’t sure how to respond when he was offered the job. His boyhood club had come calling at last. After nearly a decade of youth coaching in and around Kaliningrad, Semyon finally got his big break. At the age of 21 he was just coming to the end of his youth contract with Baltika. He was coming off a severe knee injury, and the club doctors warned him of it being a recurring injury. However, his manager gave the young man a chance at youth coaching levels. Semyon, always being one for competition, didn’t realize he was getting himself into a U12 side, not the U21’s that he was expectin
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