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  1. And to cap off a wonderful save in Estonia... I expected it to take way longer than 22 years, but I am very proud of these boys!
  2. After Odd, I would love to see Ole ply his trade in Germany soon, playing German football it needs to happen
  3. Game: FM21 PC Type of Game: Career Age: 16 Timezone: EST When can you play: Practically always Steam Username: Fudal77
  4. Title, we will be using the normal fantasy draft rules.
  5. I like that it is just a flat horizontal line of 6 attackers
  6. For some reason the top teams in Spain always seem to be top heavy. However with Barcelona’s budget you can certainly compete for that UCL!
  7. Is Seidi a club legend now? Surely he’s on the list
  8. How many points do you get for a penalty loss? This system is so confusing . Doing great as always though!
  9. Sign that CB up he’s already world class and there’s not much else that you need to improve on in order to get top 4!
  10. Am I crazy for thinking you might actually complete this?
  11. Where in the hall of fame are you now? surely top by now
  12. This is such a feel good story already i’m loving it
  13. The new match engine has absolutely killed my long throws but other than that the only thing I can notice is conceding more (went from 0-1.5 XG to 1-3 XG every game) XG with my 2-3-5 formation.
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