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  1. We’re all with you during this time <3 don’t ever think you’re bothering anybody in here with a PM just to have someone to talk to!
  2. Would love to see you do a journeyman winning a trophy with all of these clubs
  3. I can’t help but laugh at the same result back to back
  4. It’s a shame you’re 12 or so years in and have such a boring Zweiter Bundesliga
  5. Brilliant stuff with Lechia, and a great start with Montpellier! Making me want to play catenaccio!
  6. Caereu Ely October-November Results We lost in the cup with 1-33 odds
  7. Caereu Ely Early Season results Not the greatest first month, but September was nearly perfect!
  8. As for the tactic I will be going with through the friendlies and early season here is the most boring tactic you’ll ever see , we might struggle playing out from the back with our general lack of footballing ability, but we’ll figure it out.
  9. Caereu Ely The club vision Very vague culture but all we have to do is avoid relegation. The club I have already put in an offer for Dave Vincent as he is actually a fairly good defender for the Welsh second tier! The playing staff 3 5* Strikers and our best GK is 1 and a half stars, uh oh The only rule I have set for myself is to not use the same tactic at 2 different clubs
  10. Club #1 Caerau Ely Caerau (Ely) Association Football Club is a Welsh team based in Cardiff. It was formed in 1955. The club plays in the Ardal Leagues South West, which is tier 3 of the Welsh football pyramid. Caerau Ely were formed in 1955 joining the junior division of the Cardiff Combination League. A set of red jerseys given to the club by Mr.Ron Miller of Cross Bros. AFC was to determine the colours of the club forever. The club started its playing days on the Ely Racecourse moving on to Glyn Derw School in the eighties and then finally moving onto the Cwrt-yr-Ala grou
  11. The tactic This is very very loosely based on Brazil’s team during the early 80’s with Pele and other legends. Result I know it’s the MLS but we were winning games 5-0, 4-0 regularly with an above average team. I know from my last thread on here that gegenpressing is OP on this FM, but this tactic seemed to work even better than the last one!
  12. He looks insane for 16! What a bargain
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