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  1. Welling United: Vanarama National League South December - January Still in first after a strong two month period. New Signing - Tom Platt
  2. Welling United: Vanarama National League South The tactical evolution... just against 4-4-2 Its a formation many are comfortable with, and we will only be using it against 4-4-2. This is my tactic from a former attempt at a thread on the forum. October - November 5 main great players who I hope stay for next year. We will improve other positions besides for these and goalkeeper.
  3. Welling United : Vanarama National League South August and September Update We are REALLY struggling against 4-4-2’s. All of our dropped points have come against them. However, we sit in 5th after an overall great stretch. Sanchez Ming has been an incredible player so far, having 10 G&A in 12 matches. Coombes has been caught offsides about 20 times, but still has 7 goals, somehow. Again, it was a great month for the squad, and some tactical tweaks are on the way.
  4. Welling United: Vanarama National League South Now, I want to go in depth with the tactic. We line up in a 5-3-2 formation with a DM. Positions and their roles GK: Classic shot-stopping GK, just meant to get the ball to the wingbacks and keep the ball out of the net. CB(CO): Main job is to protect balls over the top. Needs to be a pacey CB with decent anticipation to be able to predict the balls over the top. LCB & RCB: These players are way more important to our play than CB’s in a flat back four. They practically act like defensive full backs without the ball, and with it they are extremely important in recycling possession. They are tasked with protecting the wings when the CWB’s are bombing forward. HB: This position is required to have a player with great positioning and ability to switch the balls to the wingbacks. When Jan does not have a reliable defensive midfielder, he likes to switch this role to a Regista, and take the AP to a BWM. CWB’s: The two most important players in my tactic. They play like wingers just 20 yards further back. They need to have the stamina and work rate to be able to bomb down the wings and then chase back when possession is lost. They need to have a good cross in them, and Jan will even use a natural winger if necessary. AP: This position is very difficult to plan for. Jan has used a AP, RPM, BWM, and BBM in his past as a coach in this position. However, the AP has stuck the best, but if it doesn’t work he isn’t hesitant to make changes. MEZ: As most people will tell you on this forum, it is one of the best roles in the game. It is the role that is most similar to how superstar Kevin de Bruyne plays in real life. It is a central midfield/winger combination that is crucial to almost all of our attacks. DLF: Used to hold up the ball and recycle possession between the LWB, AP and AF, however he should hopefully chip in with some goals as well. AF: A classic goal scoring role, if this player fails, the tactic will practically always fall apart. In the next update, our VNS season will get underway and I will highlight the first group of matches.
  5. Club #1 Welling United : Vanarama National League South The Best Players:
  6. The Manager : Jan Novak Our man is a player from one of my former saves, with Banska Bystrica, in Slovakia. He was a striker that scored over 300 goals in all competitions for my all-conquering side. This is going to be his journey across Germany, France and England, trying to reach #1 on the Hall of Fame list.
  7. Hansa Rostock Welcome to the end of season 1 update where we go through the Winter transfer window, and the remaining games in the league. Here is the shopping list that Moritz and his assistant manager made up last update: Moritz Shopping List: - Backup Roaming Playmaker - Starting LB - Starting Left footed CB Let's see the potential targets at each postition. LB's: Unfortunately the only LB that was even on Scherff's level, will be on loan until the end of the season. Also unfortunate is that Grosch, who would be starting for the rest of the year, will only be joining next season, but he will probably start next year as well. Two options here, but I went for Pasquarelli, he just looked a better player and will be on loan for the rest of the season. Youth Intake Preview: Breaking this down GK- nothing listed Fullbacks- few fullbacks CBs- nothing listed Wingbacks- no new wingbacks DMs- one great DM prospect could make this a good intake Wingers- no wingers CMs- nothing listed AMs- no attacking mids STs- no strikers Now on to the games... January FC Bayern II 1-2 Rostock Goals: Butzen, Konigs Early goals sealed the game. February Rostock 1-0 Uerdingen Goals: Opoku Chemnitz 2-2 Rostock Goals: Nartey, Vollmann Rostock 1-0 Braunschweig Goals: Konigs Rostock 1-0 Meppen Goals: Butzen Duisburg 0-1 Rostock Goals: Konigs Beautiful football going 4-1-0 and 4 clean sheets. Moritz is happy. March Rostock 1-0 Wurzburg Goals: Verhoek Ingolstadt 0-2 Rostock Goals: Nartey, Hildebrandt Rostock: 1-0 Koln Goals: Thellufsen April Halle 0-0 Rostock Goals: Start of the weirdest run of form I have ever experienced playing FMT. Also, 0-0 draw Rostock 1-1 1860 Munich Goals: Nartey Munster 0-0 Rostock Goals: Mannheim 1-1 Rostock Goals: Opoku Zwickau 1-0 Rostock Goals: May Rostock 2-2 Kaiserslautern Goals: Nartey, Konigs The only game in this set that I feel we didn't deserve to win, however a late team goal from Moritz's boys gave us 1 point. Jena 1-0 Rostock Goals: Rostock 1-1 Unterhaching Goals: Atilgan So, so, so, so frustrating in April and May. I believe that a late equalizer from 1860 is all to blame, as the morale went down the drain. My strikers forgot how to score, even though we had 3x as many shots than our opponents except Kaiserslautern. I just hope next season will bd better, as we will have to recruit plenty of backups. Highest Goals: Opoku & Verhoek Highest Assists: Omladic Highest AR: Butzen Highest POM: Butzen Geh Rostock!
  8. Hansa Rostock Moritz joins Rostock in a mid-table position, and the board expect to reach the 3. Liga playoffs. After joining on the first of November, here is how his first two months went. Mannheim 2-1 Rostock Goals: Opoku Unfortunate late loss to Mannheim, players got complacent Rostock 1-1 Zwickau Goals: Opoku Red: Butzen We very much could have won this one by 3 if we didn't get a 20' red. Kaiserslautern 0-2 Rostock Goals: Nartey, Opoku Two assists from our starman Nik Omladic got us the deserved win. Rostock 0-0 Carl Zeiss Jena Frustating loss to a defensive Jena team Unterhaching 1-2 Rostock Goals: Opoku, Omladic Easy win for the boys until Nartey (Mez) got a late own goal, then it was squeaky bum time. Magdeburg 1-1 Rostock Goals: Nartey He would make up for it in the next game, with DLP Hildebrant spraying a beautiful 30+ yard pass that would be compilation worthy Rostock 4-1 Großaspach Goals: Bulow, Nartey, Opoku, Straith An all around fantastic performance leads us into our winter break, and Moritz has plenty of business to do. Moritz Shopping List: - Backup Roaming Playmaker - Starting LB - Starting Left footed CB Geh Rostock!
  9. Hansa Rostock On November 1st, Moritz got his first expedition into football management, leaving his side job as an assitant coach of a local U-9 team. He was offered a $3.2k per week contract for one year only. Moritz doesn't appreciate the lack of trust that they are showing him, and he is quite offended by the lack of length on the contract. However, things were looking dire at the local primary school's training ground, so he didn't have much room to complain. The Squad 5 Year Plan The tactic Moritz considers himself a connoisseur of possesion football. For the past few years he has been arduously studying Xavi and Iniesta pass compilations on Youtube with unnecessarily loud techno music in the background. He despises defensive football. He considers parking the bus a sin of football, and he believes it ruins the purpose of the game. He gives his attacking 7 (striker, wingers, center mids, and wingbacks) plenty of room to express themselves, while the back 3 (defensive mid, centerbacks) can sit back and spray a ball in if needs be. Lots of focus goes into his wingers, and he is hoping his two star players, LW Opoku (on loan from Hamburg) and RW Omladic can provide important attacking input, and carry the attack. Geh Rostock!
  10. Moritz Hanraetz Say hello to the hero (or villain) of my Football Manager 20 Touch save. Moritz was born into a working middle-class family in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, more specifically the city of Stuttgart. He fell in love with the beautiful game at the little age of 6, and has been a die-hard supporter of his hometown club ever since. It has been a dream of his since those times as a child to eventually hoist the shirt of Die Roten above his head. However, his lack of not only technical, but physical ability to play even at a sunday league level forced him to give up those dreams. Now, he is trying his hand at football management. Game Settings I have loaded Germany (3. Liga), France (National), and Switzerland (Challenge League), as France and Switzerland are quite close geographically to the state of Baden-Württemberg. He will start unemployed with Sunday League experience (which is generous.) Goals of the Save: Win a trophy with a team from all three countries. (Germany, France, Switzerland) Get the VFB Stuttgart job. Win the Bundesliga with VFB Stuttgart. Reach and win a European Final with VFB Stuttgart. Get the Germany job. Win a trophy with Germany. Play enjoyable passing football.
  11. Longford - Irish First Division Halfway through season 1? 2? I don’t know what to call it, since we’ve been here since last season, but this is our first full one.
  12. Longford - Irish First Division Youth Intake #1 Gerard looks like he could be a future star, if he develops with his 3 determination. Transfers Looks to be our number one until we manage to get promoted Hopefully will be a solid striker for us, looks like he can be the top goal scorer this season Hopefully he can supply Corey with enough assists to push us into the promotion places
  13. Longford - Irish First Division After completing the first season, with us only managing for four of them, we finish 7th in the table.
  14. Longford - Irish First Division https://images.app.goo.gl/4SDH5pbsuAXKem5Q7 They are currently in 7th, and they play at the City Calling Stadium, which seats 6,850, according to FM. My goal for this club, is to get promoted within the next two seasons, and get a job with a bigger Irish club.
  15. The Ancestral Agenda Hello, welcome to my first ever save on this forum, and it will be a semi-journeyman. The main premise of this save is I will only play with clubs from one of three nations: USA, Ireland, and Poland. The reason for that is, is that those are the 3 main countries of my heritage. My father’s side is from Poland, and his father moved to the US in the late 50’s. My mother’s side is from Ireland, and her mom moved here in the mid 60’s. Since I am playing FM Touch on an iPad, I could only use three nations, thus being the reason I only chose my three major backgrounds. Updates will be bi-monthly, and transfers will be a mix of me and my DOF. With all that being said, let’s get on with this...
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