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  1. Glad to see you back! I'm working on a Dafuge/Youth Save with Stalybridge Celtic in my 3rd season of Relegation Survival...I need to be picked up reading about other people's success!
  2. Mexican Career haven't played there in ages... Will you be doing a youth save or by any means necessary to achieve global domination? Good Luck! Watch out! I am a serial save commenter...who likes talk about my own save in comments...
  3. Better watch out about Stoyle...refusing Valencia's offer might send him into a funk or start a dressing room uprising!
  4. Do you have any players with good personalities to combat low determination? Mentoring does help....just don't overload the mentoring group or your good players will lose their "good" personalities. I am finding training low determination and Unambitious up to "Balanced" isn't that bad....in fact IMHO "Balanced" has gotten a bad rep from the fact that "Good" Personalities were too plentiful and easy to train. As long as your team Leaders have "Good" Personalities and support you....you will have few problems with players and be able to give lots of "hair dryers" at halftime! Edit: I think Tommy Holmes will make a respectable winger if you fix his determination...
  5. @yipster1986:Youth Challenges seem to be like the lottery because of the intakes. You can be a tactical genius, but if you don't have a player for a certain position your screwed because you can't buy or sign a replacement @Muttley84: Your youth challenges on the forum show what can be done without cheating and or a bit of luck. Keep your head up your making great progress. In my own Youth League save I am only hoping for survival in the VNN (England) as Stalybridge Celtic!
  6. Do you have the game sort out the Cup draw's all at once or one at a time? or do you "manually" pick the matches? I always have the program do them all at once for the larger rounds but I always "manually" pick the matches for Quarterfinals or better (if I'm involved) And I find the Cup matches relatively balanced but I will pay attention starting this season.
  7. Very Burnley form...good at home not so much away from home. What formation and roles are you using?
  8. Into my third season in VNN with Stalybridge. Having many of the same problems as you did with Strikers scoring. If I could find a goal machine I would be promoted. I have finished 9th and 10th after being picked last each of these last two seasons, My defense is best in VNN gave up just 45 all season. Problem we only scored 50. Which led to another season of more ties than wins or losses. What is keeping us up is our prowess in Deadball Situations. I have a FreeKick taker with a 15 rating in VNN. He was player of the year. (10 goals and 13 assisits) Your bank balance seems a little low for a Championship side especially if you aren't buying any players. Do youth programs cost that much money?
  9. @optimusprimal82: Difficult question - do you feel/see any tangible benefit from doing it? Besides morale from team bonding etc? Seen a few people suggesting they score more from set pieces/concede less but curious how much of that is perception bias justification or actual endorsement etc? My answer is that I FEEL I score more from set pieces when I set the training to practice Set Pieces. The ONLY real feedback I can base it on is my AssMan's feedback. I haven't done a research experiment with training or without....(It would take too much time and be too much like a job...I play for fun and escapism.)
  10. Training Module is easy if you fake it like me. Let the AssMan do the general training. Check the Calendar every few weeks and tweak a little bit. Fill in a few of those rest blocks he leaves open.
  11. Good Luck! Find an HOYD that's preferred formation is same as your primary formation, so you have less retraining to do.
  12. Playing Youth only on FM Touch...are you masochist? Also picking the least pedigreed team...I guess the rewards will be sweeter. Hoping for a better outcome than the "Calabrian Catastrophe" (A little hyperbole) I only play with the full FM19 (without editor) and I do have a skin with Instant result button. (I abide with any result because I abhor save scumming) That allows me to plow through seasons. That said I am still spending a lot of time playing FM.
  13. Good to see you making progress. Sprinkle a few "Team Bonding" practice sessions in and morale will stay high. Also I have decided to restart my Dafuge Save and emulating your Hyde career. Except I am managing your rivals Stalybridge!
  14. Good job with promotion and my guess is you will get your wish: A Relegation Battle in the Championship!
  15. Good to see the new facilities coming through for you. Now is the time to find a HYOD with a better Personality to improve those regen personalities! (even though I find many more balanced and worse personalities in ALL intakes and across the game world as well.) Need to get the Hyde FC "Autobot" assembly line of Model Professional regens up and running!
  16. Nice to see a Dafuge Challenge. It might inspire me to restart mine with Stalybridge!
  17. Sorry that you were fired. I was enjoying your career. I ended up switching teams to NYFC in the Preseason of my second season in Serie A because I feared getting fired! @Muttley84 you just had some horrible luck and I had some INCREDIBLE luck. I also learned a thing or two reading your career.
  18. Journeyman saves are always the best. Most of my saves are me working my way up to managing one of my favorite football clubs. and I have fond memories of most of the stops along the way...I end up googling the more obscure ones to learn a little more about them than FM provides!
  19. You might want to Hold a team meeting or sprinkle in some Team Bonding sessions in your training. I have found that team bonding sessions help to mitigate unhappiness in my current save (Monopli in Serie A) because I've been in a relegation battle and needed some way to combat morale drops. (I think of it as the manager buying the boy's a beers at the local pub)
  20. It is unfortunate about your form. I finished my season in 17th place...I won over half my points (18 of 35) by beating the three teams that got relegated both home and away. How are you doing against Sassuolo, Parma, and Verona? For a Serie B team or newly promoted team the TV Deal in Serie A isn't bad, but to truly compete you need better commercial revenues and or Sponsorships.
  21. Did the upgrade come from a request of yours or was it done by the AI because of Club Philosophies? Even If my team gets sent down I'm going to bank about $30 Million from the TV Deal in Serie A. Which will allow the club to operate in Serie B for a few years(2-3) if we get relegated and don't come right back up.
  22. I see you sold a youth academy product was he of no use to your team? Do you have a goalie to replace Furlan? Maita was your DLP and engine that made the team go, Who's replacing him? In my save I am 850-1 and 1-5 to go down. I can't stop shipping goals. we're playing well against the relegation folks (winning or tieing), but anyone half decent scores goals for fun. I lost 0-6 to Frosnione! Joel Campbell scored a hat trick and their CF dominated my 3 CB's.
  23. That 4-2-3-1 Wide was a little to attacking for me. I would change the Careilo to a DLP-D or BWM-D to protect the back four. The Mezzala would become the Careilo to further the defensive efforts. A defensive 4-2-3-1 Wide can work...so don't throw the baby out with the bath water per se! Fraser Meaney would make a great Shadow Striker or F9 to top the formation...
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