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  1. I sort of have that covered with Preston NE, but that could be in the future afterwards and if I don't revisit Clermont!
  2. Good shout.... I am still planning on Preston, but I think Southport FC will be non-league save...I am choosing between AFC Fylde, Chorley, and Southport when starting at the bottom. Let's just say I have a thing for Lancashire....
  3. I was able to do it in the second season with them and stay in the Premier League by playing TikiTaka Football. (Basically, keep the other team from having the ball. Using TikiTaka Template in game, no changes) and then a bad run of results the second half of my second season in Premier League made me buy a bunch of "Wonderkids" and go Full Gengenpress! lol. Also since your doing a Preston save I might do a different save on FM21....but I will play my current save just to see how the Gengenpress works out! Thinking of other Lancashire Teams.......not BURNLEY! I abhor th
  4. Preston North End 2021/2022 Update: We have reached 40 points! We should be safe from Relegation...and it is the end of January!
  5. Preston North End Midseason Report 2021/2022: As you can see we are overachieving but I think it is truly an ME oversight. I am playing as a TIKI-TAKA Team and basically playing Keep away with the ball. This is something I figured out by accident during my Clermont save this summer. That being said Begovic has been huge upgrade in the Goalkeeper position. He hasn't kept many clean sheets, but has made many game winning saves that his backup Declan Rudd would have let in even though he kept 18 clean sheets in the Championship least season. A lot of players will be head
  6. Great Thread Koetzer! Where are you thinking for FM21? I'm personally going to start in England with Preston North End and try and become the anti-Burnley with British youth even if I half to buy it. I am playing with them now as my last save.
  7. Preston North End Update 2021/2022: As you can see not a bad start to the season. I tweaked the tactics again after the ties and loss to Man U. I actually lowered the tempo. My slow team is actually playing better at this new tempo and it works well with Tiki-Taka. I wasn't expecting to win against Liverpool....and this was the team they sent out. and this was the result! Leicester had quite at team also.... but we won....and it was a nail biter....We scored early and had to hang on late. This is the Premier League Table so far... The
  8. Preston North End 2021 Summer Transfers: I told the team I wouldn't make too many additions and we would fight to stay in the Premier League. I let some more "deadwood" go. Most of the signings are for when we are back in the Championship because I can't see us staying up. I thought about changing to a 3-5-2 WB formation, but couldn't sell any of my "old" Wingers including Leading scorer Sinclair. I signed another CB...because I can't seem to have enough! Creating congestion in that I have 5 CB's for two places. I will keep the 4-2-3-1 Wide Formation because of my Wingers..
  9. Preston North End 2020/2021: It has been quite an adventure this season. Strong start in September and then a disastrous run of form around Christmas had me planning on next season in the Championship. Sold our DLP-D and the Goalie whined that I was wrecking the team.... As you can see not much to work with budget wise. I am going to have to save most of that Transfer money so that the Team can be on solid financial footing. As you can see we broke my rule of thumb of 2 points per game gets you promoted or win the League! 92 would have done it, but we came in
  10. 2020/2021 Preston North End Midseason Update: We are doing ok....but we have had an up and down ride. Played well against good teams and inexplicable losses against Relegation-Fodder...Playing us and winning couldn't save Tony Pulis at Cardiff!
  11. Preston North End 2020/2021 Update: We started off sort of Lacksadaisical but with tweaking roles and TI's I was able to start another unbeaten streak! This game was the Fruition of the Tweaks to the Roles, Pi's and TI's! This is the Current Team Tactic: It is my current interpretation of Tiki-Taka: and this is the Current Standings in the Championship: (As of 9 days ago...LoL!) We are trying to bring Glory back to one of the oldest clubs in Football... I hope that this is thought provoking...I basically am playing with the players that are already
  12. @Ronaldo Beckham: Morale improves or stays stable if you use the team bonding session after every game (or Community Work) like recovery. It definitely helps... It has kept my team of misfit toys together even during long spells of losing.
  13. Preston North End 2020/2021: I didn't really bring any new faces in and let as many players go as possible with expiring contracts and will try to replicate last seasons exploits. The Bookies think we will be a mid-table team.... I have save about 2M in getting rid of the deadwood... but spend less than half of league average on wages! Transfers: The incoming player was a youth player let go by Man United and I took a flyer.... None of the outgoing players will be missed.
  14. Preston North End 2019/2020 Season: We were in good shape for a "Miracle" Season with for Games to go... The Big Game was next: and a Consortium came in and ended our financial woes...I guess! We ended up the Season in 3rd place....much better than expected and with a chance at the Premier League! The Loss of our Starting Right Back for Two Games really hurt the team during the Two Match Semi-Final. The Season is over here is our review: We overachieved in the League and fell short of expectations in the Cups. Next Season I expec
  15. Our Good Run of form has come to an end.... but since the team is doing well I did have a chance to manage the team next season!
  16. I have good Fitness Coaches and Sports Scientists. I expanded and recruited the best available to me.
  17. Preston Midseason Report 2019/2020: The team is doing reasonably well...except that it is basically an Injury crisis scenario. I have a player that is out for 15 months at beginning of season (Lee Moult) and a deadman scoring (Jayden Stockely). Every other day someone gets hurt for a month at a time even after hiring Sports Scientists and better Physios! We also had a down turn after early success that threatened my Leadership. but are now on a significant unbeaten streak as the team gets used to my Tiki-Taka tactics that I am borrowing from my Clermont save.
  18. Moving on to English Football... This team will be my first save in FM21 as well. Trying to create a giant with another underachieving team. Here is the Team History and Background: The Manager: The Season Preview: and the Star Report: This is the team I won't make any major changes until after the season. The team should be able to finish in the lower end of the Top half of the League but things could go pear shaped quickly.... My Goal is something similar to my Clermont save earlier this year.
  19. Malaga Season 2022-2023: Season wasn't bad but we were carried by our new Star Striker. As one can see he is the man! Individual Awards: and here is his profile: We paid 24M for him and he has a 60M Release Clause....Arsenal came after him over the summer. We had one or two good games but this team of the week brings tears to my eyes. and the winner of the 2022 World Cup was Italy!
  20. I know I don't know what is going on this is how I normally post.
  21. You should be able to beat Anderlecht twice and possibly get a draw at home against Athletico. If you do both you will come in third and qualify for Europa League.
  22. Malaga Season 3 Update: not bad for a team of 2nd Division castoffs. Team Summary from both Homescreen and LeagueScreen. Team Sorted by most appearances: Our Goalkeeper made 45 APPS! He personally kept us up with a little help of our new Striker Stiven Plaza. The second Half of our schedule: Notice the almost 3 month long winless streak! Malaga's Best XI: and Fan Awards: and Champion's Cup....was won by Liverpool! Not shown they beat PSG 7-1! without Mane who plays for Barcelona and PSG is
  23. You are doing really well. Just enough improvement every season to want you to keep going...that is especially important with long-term saves. Are you going to continue this after FM21 comes out?
  24. Doing Great with Real Hispalis! Looks like you are ready to put a dent in the Big Three! As for the AI getting wise to the tactic (This might be confirmation Bias), but it seems that teams press my players more and defend better in season three of playing same tactic thus the "terrible" results. It seems to happen in all my saves....the 3rd year slump or 2nd after promotion.
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