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  1. I like to have 75 players at the club. (25 per team) and maybe up to 10 on loan some where.....
  2. How many unbeaten can your team reach?....You tactical Genius!
  3. Good work! The facilities and Youth setup will become more important as you progress. Because it is unlikely that Monopli will attract great sponsorships or a big fanbase.
  4. Interested as always....even if spreadsheets make my head explode.
  5. Grenoble Foot 38 September 2026 : Regular Season "snatching draws from the Jaws of Victory" Gerard looked at the schedule for September and sees five fixtures after an international break....Four in the League and one in the Europa League....as always Gerard is looking for 8 points from the four matches. Unfortunately the first...is a trip to the "Death Star" in Paris. Schedule The month began with the international break....several GF38 players made their debuts for their country's including Marcin Bulka....the Backup GK. The Stormtroopers were as fo
  6. Grenoble Foot 38 August 2026 : Regular Season "Good times, Bad Times" Gerard looked at the schedule for August and thought that the 8 points from the four matches he wanted was possible and probable..... Schedule The season started off with a trip to the Loire Valley and Angers SCO.....This was a match GF38 should win but they would need to get down to business quickly. The match itself was a bunch of missed opportunity's for GF38 and Angers scored a wonder goal....and then the team had to get a late penalty..... The Analysts didn't have mu
  7. Grenoble Foot 38 July 2026: Preseason "This will be our year...." Gerard was happy with the strengthening of the team even if he went with the "shotgun" approach..... He even added a few players during the preseason that will see time in Ligue 1 or Euro Cup. As always he has the team play two Friendlies a week to build up match fitness and get new signings used to his tactical system.... Schedule As one can see the team had a good preseason with only one loss.... The biggest event in Football/Soccer was happening during the Break....The WORLD CUP!
  8. Grenoble Foot 38 June 2026 : Offseason "Playing Rotisserie Football" Gerard was ecstatic over the win in the Europa Conference League. He was also conflicted....because the team now had the funds to upgrade its playing staff hopefully. Should he change his methods from bringing in young players to develop or look to established stars. He understood that Europa League would be a step up in competition compared to Europa League Conference. Also he wanted to improve the team not the least to get the idea that it was fighting relegation every year to be a thing of the past. Wi
  9. All you can do is play who is in front of you. You are doing great! Remember the immediate goal more points than games played. first goal for season 40 points....once you get that you can start planning or worrying about other things like European places....
  10. Grenoble Foot 38 Awards Night 2026 Season Review The new players.....Matias Soule was loaned from Juventus and provided a creative spark....he will be back with GF38 Next season. Chrislain Matsima was the Big Signing and was everything that was expected of him. Therry Reiver -Morand showed his quality in spots, and Louis Munteanu's promise was cut short with a terrible injury. The player transferred Andoni Pascual left for a record fee...Gerard didn't want to lose him but a disagreement about a new contract led to him leaving in January. The rest of the pl
  11. Best of Luck at Millennium Stadium! Going to Cardiff in Wales.....don't party too hard if you win!
  12. Thanks. It was a incredible journey considering we were faltering in the league....I think it made me fall in love with this save and FM all over again. Maybe Dinamo can pull off Champion's League Trophy!
  13. Grenoble Foot 38 May 2026 : Regular Season "Don't Stop Believing" After the losing that happened in April the team's shot at European Soccer remained the Europa Conference League....and even that remained a longshot after the opening loss to AA Gent at Stade des Alpes....Gerard remained optimistic.... Schedule The next match after the disappointment against AA Gent was a visit by PSG.... May the third came and the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper's arrived at Stade des Alpes.... It wasn't much of a match.....Kylian Mbappe scored an early goal
  14. Thanks for the support. I have played till the end of the season.....the Trip to Paris....didn't go well.....let's just say. The team did take a trip to Glasgow in Late May though....
  15. Grenoble Foot 38 April 2026 : Regular Season "The Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell" Gerard was less than enthused by the results in the month of March....but was thankful for the International Break. The schedule in April was very busy with six fixtures in 22 days and the possibility of a seventh as well depending on the Europa Conference Match.... Gerard was looking for a minimum of 8 points from the four league matches and especially looking to the AS Monaco match at the end of the month to cement a European Place. Schedule The month started out
  16. Yes, I know but there are matches in May versus PSG and OM that make the chances less likely. We are throwing away points against lesser teams....it is infuriating....even if we are technically overachieving based on the Season Preview.
  17. I have to agree with @Jogo Bonito. The AI is changing it tactics more often and has probably changed it estimation of your team. I think you still have a chance....a couple of tweaks...don't try a Major Overhaul during the season.
  18. Grenoble Foot 38 March 2026 : Regular Season "March Madness" Gerard buoyed by the near perfect month of February was looking forward to doing it again in March. The schedule had Five fixtures in about Three weeks. Three in the League and Two in the Europa Conference! The League matches were manageable but getting tougher.....all would be important for the fight for a European place....as always Gerard wanted at least 6 points from the 3 matches. Schedule The first match of the month was a trip to RC Lens....who was battling Relegation.... Grenoble was
  19. I knew you could do it! The Sassuolo game happens to all teams....don't fret you are safe. Congratulations you get to do it all over next season....
  20. In my GF38 save Arteta was fired by Arsenal and has become a "Journeyman" spending a season or two, and NOT reviving any Team....Last Seen at RC Strasbourg in Ligue 1. You are doing great work....tell the Press to ***S Off!
  21. A team of Wonderkids....to team of Wonderkids...
  22. Grenoble Foot 38 February 2026 : Regular Season "Let the good times roll" February is a busy month but Gerard knows it will be critical to any chance of staying in European Football unless by a Miracle the team wins Europa Conference League! There are 6 matches in 28 Days! All are in the League, with 4 at home and 2 on the road....Gerard is looking for at least 14 points to give GF38 a good position heading into the top 6 fight. The realistic answer is probably 12 points.... Schedule After the match against Brestois the team had a week to get ready for
  23. I am not confident, but there is a decent chance of a repeat..... I am just about to do another update and we played well....but played mostly relegation fodder....the closing months will be squeaky bum time! I must say I got lucky with Bernard Laurent in my First Youth Intake....I was doubly lucky in that players have been poached from my system by the likes of Bayern before I even see them. I am also thinking of a tactical overhaul.....and ditching the 4-2-3-1 Wide....
  24. I am currently in the 2025-2026 season.....It is our third season in Ligue 1. Bernard was in my first youth intake.....I just finished his transfer saga in my current update. Also my Board wants U-23 on the first team and players from lower reaches of French Football as required parts of the Club Vision. That is the only reason I am not really bringing in the old guys who can still do a job.... Chrislain Matsima is the only player that I have bought before....(in my Clermont Save on FM20). I tend to listen to my scouts....but I make final judgement. I could have sold Bernar
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