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  1. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Amazing stuff. Love the tactics as always
  2. Fantastic Europa league run
  3. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Wow. Now this is borderline mad scientist kind of stuff
  4. [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    Celtic must be fearing your arrival to the SPL
  5. [FM18] Welsh Dragons - Carmarthen Town

    The Brexit rule has actually made things infinitely worse. Now you can't pick up a discarded European regen either
  6. Wow, great job Noikee. I'm amazed you are doing all this with the Europa fixtures
  7. Fantastic first half
  8. [FM18] Welsh Dragons - Carmarthen Town

    Still it was amazing just to qualify and then to beat Milan. That counts as a success. The UCL revenue changes everything now.
  9. Good progress so far.The Europa league money should help you immensely. There's still time to catch up in the league though, so everything is still in play!!
  10. Great second half of the season. Looking forward to where you go from here
  11. at this rate, in 50 seasons, you'll finally get a wage of 1,000 per week
  12. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Nice change of events. Hope to see the Daunabian tactic eventually, as long as it does not affect your results. I'm enjoying it all.