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  1. kidthekid

    [FM17] Trials and Triumphs of a Turkmen

    Fantastic. Great job
  2. Oooh, great season so far, hope you can pull through here.
  3. kidthekid

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    finally caught up. Loved every post. Like what you've done with the recruitment this season. Hope this is the season you win the CL.
  4. kidthekid

    [FM19] Not all that glitters is gold.

    congrats on the cup win. Great progress so far
  5. Just caught up. Amazing UCL result with Inverness. Roma seemed to have started well also
  6. kidthekid

    [FM17] Trials and Triumphs of a Turkmen

    great work as always
  7. So it's been a while since I did anything FM related due to a new job and everything. However, upon returning to FM it seems that I accidentally saved an experimental save over my Jamaican save. Usually, I have other auto rolling saves but I periodically delete them, so it was the perfect storm. It was fun while it lasted, thanks everyone who read and commented. PS: Just realized this thread title is a rip off of an FM 12 thread. Well then.
  8. kidthekid

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Great progress as always. The league has been really competitive in the past two seasons. How the other teams doing in Europe?
  9. kidthekid

    [FM19] We beta Basque in glory!

    Finally caught up. Fantastic work as always.
  10. kidthekid

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Truly top stuff. Congrats on the Europa league. And seeing the prices or Christensen and Kimpembe, 101 mil is low for De Ligt.
  11. kidthekid

    [FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

    Great first season. Congrats on the cup win.
  12. kidthekid

    [FM19] Viennese Waltz

    Tough end to what was a great season.
  13. kidthekid

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Great result. The future is bright.