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  1. That's an issue. I always want to have as many leagues as possible because I think "you never know", but the truth, I know I am not going to manage in most of the leagues I load, and my laptop punishes me..
  2. I wonder how many nationalities they have, due to the um...situations, do they even qualify as Swedish since , technically you are not the never mind
  3. I have that issue, like I think a player may be perfect as a deeplying forward but then he has low vision and passing and since that role is hardcoded to play risky passes, I either try to get him to learn to play short passes as a ppm or I change his role to a defensive forward and try to tweak the instructions.
  4. Sorry if I didn't understand, but do you mean you want the players with those roles to play less risky passes or you want other players outside those roles to play less risky passes?
  5. The letter to the Catalans was a nice touch. I though I saw Galatians, then I had to reread it. I wonder which other letters will be in the book. Letters to the Rojiblancos, Gunners?
  6. The book of Cristiano must be the most narcissistic book ever written
  7. By the way, I was just drawn against a Zanzibar team in the CAF champions league. I looked at the cub and they were semi pro. Journalists are expecting a cricket scoreline in our favour, so we'll see. Although their name is not in your league. Which makes me believe that they are now defunct
  8. it's a great opportunity to take revenge against Blackburn for laughing at you
  9. I feel like FM can do a family feud type of game show. Where you guess the second nationality. Then when someone gives a stupid answer...
  10. His name is Fernandes, which means he probably has a second nationality. You know the drill by now.. Looks like it's Belgium, as his been at Genk all career