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  1. Really great season. Pulgar does look class. Very well rounded, could even play cb in a pinch.
  2. so the league gets weirder and you find it "interesting". Ok then
  3. at least you finally got "staff". They might be horrible but they are still "staff." Great season though
  4. It has to be a bug that you can't find an assistant manager. Can you at the very least offer a coach the job? That being said, based on your results, it does look like you don't need one.
  5. Loving the save. Loving your transfer policy, it's sorta like what a director of football would do, stock up on youth prospects and they either help your team on the field or make profit in the future through sales or loans.
  6. This is one of the most depressive saves I've seen on here, and I've read @Bedese's threads
  7. Great escape. Hopefully things pick up next season, It does look like you've found a system that works.
  8. how is the league still close despite your unbeaten run? Terrific start nonetheless
  9. please be Sugar Boys please be sugar boys.
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