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  1. Amazing developments. Do it for the shirt!!
  2. Amazing progress. Shades of the Basque team and the Dutch team and Brondby all over again. How were Ireland seen as overachievers even though they are ranked 1st in the world?
  3. i actually have that hairstyle right now Amazing centre back signing.
  4. Great progress as always!!
  5. tough one, but the squad seems to be coming along. Do you prefer squad building to a quick win and get basically, did you prefer winning with Fenerbache to West Ham?
  6. Wow, tough penalty shoot out, but great to see your team back in another UCL final. Is Rostov's reputation now world class?
  7. Maybe the bundesliga in your save is what La Liga is in real life. Barca Real Atletico are Bayern, HSV and Dortmund.
  8. Is this the first time in a while that Robertson didn't win fans player of the year?
  9. Amazing!!!
  10. Your draws have been so tough, What next, the Mighty San Giovani?
  11. Just caught up with this. Great progress, winning titles every year, Pep better watch out!
  12. Beating grasshoppers is impressive though, no?