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  1. wow amazing, what is even more amazing is that you are favorites to finish last in the EPL
  2. 2020/2021 Season update We have played 31 games in our 33 game Jamaican premier league and I choose to do my seasonal update now… First half of the season We started the season against the three best teams and lost all three. The first game we were terrible but the next two could have gone our way. Eventually we went on a good run and then the inevitable collapse happened. After we lost 3-0 to a bad Montego bay team, we were 9th place and far from the top 4 and I knew it was time for a change. I was able to see that our wingers in our 4-4-1-1 formation were not producing much in terms of creating chances or finishing moves. I sent my scouts to look for 3 star wingers and they came up with nothing. So it was either, change formations or retrain players. I chose the former because I’ve had some bad experiences with retraining players in this save. So this was the result. If you put the DM in the CM strata it becomes similar to the Ancelotti's Christmas tree. So how did the change go.. Second Half of the Season We are a different team. Finishing better, defending better and finally being able to be competitive against the big teams like Waterhouse and Harbour view. Most importantly the comical errors have drastically reduced it, I owe that partly to the addition of a DM but also being able to get better CBs during the window. The key roles are the shadow striker, the roaming playmaker and the wingbacks. In terms of technical ability, the wingbacks are rubbish but they have been decent in their new attacking roles. They have really added a new dimension to our attack. The AM-S role is still hit and miss though. We are 4th place with two matches to go and are 6 points ahead of 5th place Humble Lions, who we play next. As mentioned, the top 4 go to a playoffs. So if we can finish in the top 4 we have a chance to win the title...in theory that is. But we need to finish 4th first of all. The fixtures seem almost rigged as we play 5th and 6th to finish the season.
  3. kidthekid

    A career in England?! Fire and Blood!

    It's coming home isn't it Sorry for the jinks
  4. The clean sheet is a very devious or dare I say fraudulent negotiation tactic by the manager. But wow, these contracts are enormous.
  5. kidthekid

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    The higher seed rule seems fraudulent but excellent work getting promoted.
  6. kidthekid

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    Great thread man. Love that you have been able to play completely different styles in your FM 18 saves.
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    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    fantastic first season in the top flight. @oriole01 , isn't Olimpija supposed to be good?
  8. We having turned pro yet and we had about 1.7 million in the bank, but I couldn't help it, I asked for training upgrade since Junior Coaching isn't an option anymore, and youth recruitment (this is pre FM18) isn't an option...And they obliged. I don't want to ask for youth facilities yet. I feel it's on the lower end of importance for me..ah, what the hell, couldn't help it, I asked for an upgrade on that too. So we've spend 875,000 pounds on upgrades. That's slightly more than half of what we had in the bank. I hope we make enough money to turn professional soon. I feel like I'll regret the upgrades in the short term.
  9. 2020/2021 Season Preview So this is our third season in the Jamaican premiership. The first two seasons we finished 9th and in both seasons we suffered epic loss of forms with patches of winless streaks. I have switched tactics once more and I intend to be more hands on. I still plan to use instant result but not at the same frequency. Transfers We are actually spending money now. We spent a total of 3,400 pounds all in 48 months installments . In anticipation of a move to a back 4, I signed 2 fullbacks (the two guys who came on free) . My youth intake players will act as backups. I let our goalkeeper go and promoted one of our intakes to a starting role as I felt that with game time he would develop into a top goalie for this level. I signed a technically gifted midfielder in Campbell. By technically gifted I mean he has first touch, technique, and passing all above 10 . He has good dribbling and passing as well. He lacks finishing so he'll play in a deeper midfield role. The other paid signing is a speed merchant. He should add something to our strike force despite his lack of technicals. Tactics Last season we played a 3-4-2-1 with three centre backs, 2 central midfielders, 2 wingers, two AMCs and one striker. We have moved to a 4-4-1-1, with a 4-4-2-0 strikerless and a 4-4-2 as alternative formations depending on who is available. I know having two playmakers next to each other is frowned upon but I set them as playmakers to encourage our defenders to find them. The 4 players that play in this two roles have some of the best ratings for first touch and passing so we want them on the ball a lot. Also, the United team that won the champions league in 08 had Carrick and Scholes playing as DLPs. At least that was my interpretation. So this our version of that partnership. I'm starting with 6 TIs; Play out of defense, close down more, pass shorter, work ball into box, stay on feet and prevent goalkeeper distribution. So far in preseason (yes, I'm watching the games now), our attacks tend to come from our deeplying playmaking duo. They exchange passes with themselves and the defenders, then when our wingers or attacking midfielder create space, they they launch passes and good things happen. I haven't instructed the front 4 to roam from positions yet, but I may do that eventually depending on how thing unfolds when the real season begins. I also want to switch the DLP-d to support and DLP-s to AP-S because I feel the dlp-d is too constricted, but I know that could cause other problems defensively. I think my team is good enough to go against anybody in Jamaica, but it requires me to micromanage more than any other save. Leaving it to my assistant can be problematic, as we concede a ton of late goals and some of that could be avoided if he doesn't wast esubs early on.
  10. Really top work getting into the Champions League
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    Tasting Success in Slovenia

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    A career in England?! Fire and Blood!

    congrats on getting into Europe