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  1. I can't say I've noticed a slow down of sorts but maybe because of my laptop I don't get that. I just find watching the game so boring, I'm not the archetypical tinkerer, I tend to use one tactic, buy players to fit the said tactic (well in this save sign wingers to play at CM seems a strategy) and maybe change a role (to more attacking) as the players we have and the team gets better. I prefer the signings, youth intakes and club development side of things rather than the football itself.
  2. Thank you! Game speed is relatively good still, I have a gaming laptop so I can run a lot of leagues and depth to the save. I use an instant result skin, I've not watched a game for probably 3 versions of FM now.
  3. Player Sale - Jan 2062 Our first choice left back leaves for France and Marseille for £15m rising to £20m, it leaves us a little short in that position but we'll be fine until with what we have.
  4. It makes for good reading, I think I may make a few changes to it. For instance, time frame in which the player was at the club to show how quickly they scored the goals and position maybe as all are strikers except Svoboda who is a central midfielder but will drop off the list soon though. We've got maybe three or four players in my current team which will displace players from that list in the next two-to-three seasons.
  5. Seasonal Recap/Review We've completed a further two seasons and the summary looks like this. We continued our league wins and now we total 38 league successes in the save. We were also back to our best in the cup, winning it both seasons after the 2nd Qualifying Round debacle in 2058/59. We also continued our dominance in the Champions League beating DR Congo clubs in both finals. Andrew Momodu has taken over the clubs goal scoring mantel, notching 63 goals in 2059/60 and 57 this past season, his total for the club is already at 130 in two seasons. The clubs current t
  6. Oh of course, we've slipped up more so in the cup, when international call ups have created havoc in the squad, sometimes having to play 3rd choice/youth players. I've just clocked 1800 games with Etoile, which is the most I've done with a single club. Unfortunately, I've worked all through lockdown but fortunately I've been able to take my laptop to work with me for much of it and have it running alongside my work. I also play with instant result so I can complete a season in a day if I don't have any distractions.
  7. They are pretty incredible numbers but we have to remember where we are, Congo, not the strongest footballing nation on the planet.
  8. Another Takeover? - June 2060 Less than a year after the last takeover we look set to be taken over by a tycoon.
  9. Unbeaten Run - May 2060 Our long standing unbeaten league run has come to an end at 446 games, shame we couldn't reach the 500. We were defeated 2-1 by CARA Brazzaville.
  10. Thanks very much! I believe this is the furthest I've been in any FM save, still got a few seasons in me yet. I'm shocked by the quality of some of the players I've been able to attract to the club, nurture and then move on for big money in some cases. I'm still not been happy with my intakes despite having described as one of the best youth system in the world by my board. Yes we've had some good players come through our intakes but not enough in my opinion.
  11. Are we back to our best? - Jan 2060 We've hit double figures four times already in nine games, we hit double figures four times in our entire league campaign last season.
  12. Takeover - June 2059 We've been taken over again, the DR Congolese board have been replaced by some Congolese chaps. They have bid for Veselin Donchev who despite being a decent enough looking player isn't worth the £6.5m bid that's been accepted. However, I'm going to let the transfer ride and see how he does for the club.
  13. Bi-Seasonal Review As a squad we're very much in a transitional phase as players like Bamba (36), Juma (34), Svoboda (34), Diafouka-Ndingha (31) and Ndombe (31) are at the end of their careers or are starting to decline. These five players alone have over 3000 appearances for the club between them. We have a number of good players coming through but things just aren't clicking right now, goals scored numbers are down but the results keep coming. Niava Hermann Bamba is leaving the club, returning to ASEC Mimosas on a free transfer. I wanted to offer him a new contract but very much
  14. I finally managed to have a read through a what a save you have here, well written with so much depth. Looking forward to seeing how it goes in South Africa!
  15. Poaching Update - April 2058 Junior Kaya-Ololo has come through at Krasnodar. He's better than I expected, considering his star rating upon his poaching back in 2055. Updated the table to show who is left playing, Minga-Tiani is 35 and due to retire soon.
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