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  1. First Choice Striker Sale Not a player I wanted to ever sell but he's outgrown the club. We got 2.5x his value and a profit clause in there. But look at his wages and loyalty bonus!! Its going to leave us short up front, so I will be in the market for a new striker. I have over £4m available and 36k p/w wages left to spend.
  2. African Champions League 2025 We defeated ASEC Mimosas in the opening Preliminary Round (3-1 on agg) and that was followed up by another close (3-2 agg) win over Angolan side 1 de Agosto. That sent us to the Group stages once again where we face Al-Merreikh of Sudan, Ah-Ahly of Egypt and CO Bamako from Mali. Ah-Ahly dominated the group as we lost and drew to them. We easily beat Bamako and Al-Merreikh. We would face our nemisis ES Tunis in the Quarter Finals. Dominated them to send us to the semi's. A big home win followed by a poor away loss. The final beckoned. A big away win followed by a nervy home draw. Winners of the ACL. £1.92m prize money won.
  3. Player Sales Update Before the new season kicked into full swing we had two more player sales, both players had been moaning so I decided to cash in. Both were first team players, Kwarteng was starting a CB and still is my record purchase whilst Diallo was first choice before being replaced by Ibrahim-Yeboah. I feel I could have got more for both players but we made a profit on both players. Also selling Diallo to a rival is a risk but I feel we should be OK, strengthening them does help strengthen the league a little. Player Sales Recap Year | Player | To Club (Country) | Fee | Notes 2020 | Gideon Asare | Al-Batin (Saudi Arabia) | 70k | Still at Al-Batin, played 163 games from RB 2021 | Yaw Moses | Henan (China) | 110k | Still with Henan, been relegated and promoted twice 2021 | James Asamoah (YP19a) | Al-Hazem (Saudi Arabia) | 46.5k | Release Clause meant cheap, damaged his cruciates last season 2022 | Ibrahim Conde | Al-Fateh (Saudi Arabia) | 210k | Now worth 2.7m, played every league game in past two seasons 2023 | Josh Yaro | Henan (China) | 250k | Relegated in his first season, promoted back to Super League last season 2023 | Osei Basit | Renhe (China) | 900k | Sale was £849,500 of profit. 2023 | Mohammed Lamine | Al-Qadsiah (Saudi Arabia) | 425k | Played 51 times in past two season since leaving, worth 2.5m now. 2023 | Soulymane Diaby | Al-Fayha (Saudi Arabia) | 250k | Sold off the back of an excellent season, wanted to leave, worth 1.9m 2024 | James Sibo | Liaoning (China) | 1.2m | Played just 14 games last season, worth 1.9m 2024 | Kwadwo Mensah | Real Salt Lake (USA) | 150k | Sold too cheaply, scored 7 goals and made 7 assists in his first season 2024 | Alain Njoh | Shenhua (China) | 900k | Biggest club a player sold to 2024 | Mohammed Kwarteng | Al-Taawoun (Saudi Arabia) | 500k | Worth 2.2m since signing 2024 | Emmanuel Diallo | Asante Kotoko (Senegal) | 325k | Sold to rival club Disappointing to have not sold to a European club as of yet and that no player has developed enough at their new club to have then made the move to Europe.
  4. 2024 Youth Intake Summarised with Gyan potentially being the most gifted player to come through the rank in recent years. Still not a great intake in fairness, speaks volumes of the quality of first choice players we have at the club currently. Taking a closer look there are more players with an adverse personality than a decent one. The determination stat is 12 or higher for the four players with 'fairly professional', 'fairly determined' or 'determined' personalities which I like a lot. We also have a Swiss player in the intake albeit with a Ghanaian 2nd nationality, he was actually born in Switzerland too, Schwyz to be precise, which is just over 4000 miles away by road. Taking a closer look at Gyan, he's fairly determined with 16 for determination but isn't natural at any one role in his natural AMC position, go figure. I haven't had a decent AMC through and did start retraining an AML to AMC and has done well when called upon. I think after the evaluation his potential will have increased. He will spend the rest of the season in the U21's then promoted to the first team from next season.
  5. Becoming a Selling Club Since the sale of Sibo, I feel we have become a selling club, ultimately that's what we would become but I didn't think so soon. We've only sold two more players but both were key first team players that contributed heavily. Mensah originally arrived as a back up player but improved and scored a few goals as a Support Striker but he moaned about Salt Lakes and Houston initial offers being rejected, I increased it and got a clause in and off he went. I knew Njoh wouldn't have been here for long but we got good money from Shenhua plus a sell on clause in there too, he owned the 2nd DM spot along side Breciano but I do have an adequate replacement and pre-arranged a deal for Ghanaian DM to come in from the RTD Academy. I've managed to convince my current starting striker Ibrahim-Yeboah to stay despite offers from China, it won't be long before they're back with a bigger offer. I need to improve my scouting team and get them out looking for the next best youngsters to be signed. Although we do have a few decent scouts already at the club.
  6. 2024 African Champions League We've just had our worst performance in four seasons by bowing out at the Quarter Final stage. We had a relatively easy group with Stade Malien and Dynamos Harare but we also had our nemesis ES Tunis to contend with. ES Tunis beat us to take top spot in the group seeing us face Orlando Pirates. Quite shockingly we lost 2-0 in the first leg which was at home, I felt we weren't playing well enough to over turn that result but we did get a win in South Africa to make it more respectable over the two legs.
  7. Sibo Sale Last season I somehow convinced Sibo to stay in Ghana after a few Chinese teams made offers for him. This season however I was unable to convince him otherwise as he kicked up a fuss when I rejected Liaoning's offer. After consideration, seeing that I had a more than adequate replacement for him I offered him out for more than their initial offer and they bit. He becomes our biggest sale so far at £1.2m total. He joins the long list of players to jet off to China to earn their corn. Sibo started with the club in my first season of this save in 2018, he played 233 games in all competitions for us, collecting six Premiership Division titles, two National Cups and an African Champions League title. Player sales have now racked up to £3.6m.
  8. International Duty Before the new season has started we've had 11 players called up to represent Ghana at the CHAN. All the players in the tournament have to be based in their nations league system. Going off the last friendly, nine of the team that played were from Ashanti Gold.
  9. 2023 Youth Intake Doesn't bode well not being categorised. Urgh, poor. Although a LB that potentially could become a decent back up player. As it stands we have Good Youth Facilities, Exceptional Youth Recruitment and Well Established Junior Coaching. So overall decent facilities, its the HoYD which seems to be the problem, we're struggling to attract the calibre of HoYD to match our facilities. He has a Determined personality 16 for Working With Youngsters but 8 for JPA & 7 for JPP . So I will be on the look out for a better member of staff for this role.
  10. Dick's* Debut *his name isn't Dick Another player of mine to make their full senior international debut was Richard Ibrahim-Yeboah who came through the 2020 Youth Intake. He played the first half of a narrow 3-2 loss to Germany. He's scored 12 times in 18(11) first team appearances this season plus six assists.
  11. Bye Bye Basit He'd moaned a few times during the season about wanting to move to a bigger club and China was the most likely destination but many of the clubs who bid had put derisory offers in for him. Then Renhe became interested and that sparked a little bidding war which they won. 900k all up front but with no sell on clauses. He cost me £500 back in 2020.
  12. 2023 African Champions League We made it to another African Champions League final. In the groups stages we went six wins from six after being pitted against Horoya FC, Al-Ahly and Africa Sports. In the quarter final we were drawn against Kaizer Chiefs, a big 3-1 away win was followed by a 2-0 home loss but away goals meant we were through to the semi finals. THere we met USM Alger, wins both home and away sent us to the final where we faced ES Tunis again. In the run up to the final we picked up a few niggly injuries, we went to Tunisia with a depleted first team and succumned to a 3-2 loss, two away goals though. During that game three key players in Mensah (our only RB), Basit and Breciano (our first choice DM destroyers) all picked up yellows which ruled them out of the second leg through accumulation. We lost 1-0 to see us fall to a 4-2 aggregate loss. ES Tunis defeating us for the 2nd time in three seasons to lift the trophy once again. Heart Breaking.
  13. Squad Strengthening I was wrong about the transfer window being closed, we had two more weeks to add some depth to the squad in some key areas. In before all of these though at the back end of last season was a new CB, 19 year old Mohammed Kwarteng joined from Hearts of Oak for a club record 350k, we overpaid but he's young and home grown. More young'uns joined, Addo from RTU was first he's joined Tema Youth on loan. Asare is a GK, 17k is a good deal for him at 23 years old, becomes 2nd choice. Mensah we overpaid for but he comes from a rival team so we weaken them also. Jalilu is an attacking midfielder who can play up top if needed. Nyarko is a back up left full back, allowing us to use Sibo at CB more prominently. One big sale was Yaro, he became injured after I rejected those offers before and at 29 he had began to decline. Although he was first choice RB, I offered him out and Henan and Yanbian bit at 250k, over one hundred thousand more than his value. It does leave us short at RB with only one player capable of playing there but with the quality of the opposition in the league I can rotate a CB into that role.
  14. Unhappy Atmosphere on the Way? The transfer in Ghana closed with one additional player joining a pretty decent squad but its not closed in China I've had to reject bids for three of my first team players which hasn't gone down well with them. Yaro is first choice RB and can cover CB, he's worth 155k and two clubs offered less than that up front. Henan have made two offers so far for Toku (21 goals/16 assists last season) both up front fee's less than his value. Lastly Emmanual Diallo was subject to an offer from Yanbian, again less than his value. Another player who is unhappy is Basit, who wants to leave for a bigger club. I want to allow players to better themselves but not when it makes the team worse. We shall see how this develops.
  15. 2022 - Ghanaian Premier Division We breezed to another title in overwhelming fashion, unbeaten and we dropped points in one game all season to end with a 29-1-0 record. We scored over 100 goals for the season again whilst we only conceded 10 all season, culminating in us keeping 22 clean sheets in the league. We lost the FA Cup final to league runners-up Asante Kotoko to an own goal in a tight affair, losing 1-0 in a game we couldn't finish our chances. Two players joined the squad at the beginning of the season, Lamine a central midfield option and Lartey a defensive reinforcement. The 3rd player to join was Njoh late in the season, the 18 year old Cameroon national will replace Nigerian Agor who's contract ends this season. We've also lost Ibrahim Conde, who took a foreign spot, his release clause of 210k was matched by Al-Fateh in KSA, he joins a 36 year old Sebastian Bassong. Squad wise we kept with the narrow 4-2-1-2-1 tactic where we played with a Segundo Volante. That player Braciano contributed 23 goals and 12 assists with an attacking role. Top scorer for the season was Emmanual Diallo who scored 29 in all competitions, his form getting him a call up to the senior national side. Toku contributed 21 goals and 16 assists as a supporting attacking midfield whilst four other players reached double figures for goals. Souleymane Diaby averaged the highest rating over the course of the season with 8.03, his form also earning him a call up to the Ivory Coast national team. Over the course of the season, we had a takeover which was pretty uneventful apart from a new contract for myself. We managed to convince the board to improve the youth recruitment again to Well Established but failed in an attempt to improve the youth facilities. The finances are at their highest levels at the end of the season so far in the save. We've been given a 1.7m transfer budget of which we've spent a nominal amount so far but we need to replace the departed Conde in the heart of the defence, a foreign player could replace him like for like. I also was to improve a couple of the back up options, we have six players who are rated at just 2*/2* ability.
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