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  1. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Youth Intake 2034 This was the first intake with my new HoYD, Lorenzo Crisetig who has a Professional personality with 12 for JPA/JPP but only 8 for Working with Youngsters. Nothing stands out in particular. One stand out player in Mesaric but its another GK, a couple of other players who can become something decent. Something i'm really happy with is the personalities and determination, forgetting the bottom three players, just one player with single figure determination and two players overall with a negative personality. The majority of these players will be signed.
  2. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Winter Window Ins & Outs Two in this month, both youngsters. Lien, a tall striker from Norway goes straight into the youth team. The other player is my new first choice right back, becomes my highest transfer in at £1.1m and he's a wonderkid to boot. Also becomes my highest paid player at just under £6k per week but has a £3.7m release clause thanks to his silly agent. Out are the following three players. Top and bottom were both 3rd choice full backs. Fares was signed in the summer for the U19's, half a season on loan in a first team will help him.
  3. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Winter Break - 2033/34 Utter dominance for the second season in a row. Olimpija really struggling this season, I may have to give them and Maribor some more money to rebuild somewhat. Real Madrid are the current holders of the CL so to only lose 2-0 and 3-0 is quite good. I said before that I hoped to use Anderlecht to pick up the points in this group and we did. We also got a point from the Monaco away game so that left us with 7 points and we finished.... 3rd! Europa League KO's here we come. And we got.... Roma. Tough draw but winnable over two legs I feel.
  4. ToMexico!!

    [FM19] We beta Basque in glory!

    Dortmund doing the business in August after a couple of big sales the month before. Lewis Cook always seems to make the big money move on FM, seen him at all of the top 4 and even Bayern and Barcelona on FM18 saves. Anyway fantastic achievement to win La Liga so soon, who's going to be the main man up top this season?
  5. ToMexico!!

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Die Hard is definitely a Christmas film!! Solid start to the A-League season, shame about the cup final, probably came a little too early in the domestic proceedings. Good luck for the rest of the season!
  6. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Thanks, yeah domestically we're dominant, its in Europe where i'm needing to improve again!
  7. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Reaching the CL Group Stage & Transfer Update We entered the Champions League in the 1st Qualifying Round after the league slipped down the European Coefficients. Chikhura of Georgia were up first and easily defeated 7-1 on aggregate. Tougher opposition in Rosenborg were up next and after a 2-0 away win I wasn't expecting such a dominant home leg to advance 9-0 on aggregate. By this point the goals had been shared around a bit amongst the squad. Dundalk up next and they suffered a 7-0 hammering in the home leg with Lucas knocking in five for himself, we advanced 9-1 on aggregate. We were seeded for the Play-Off draw and we got Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Our first non-win result for us in the competition this season as we drew 2-2 at home. We rested players in the league for the second leg and that paid off as we hammered them 6-0 back in Israel, with Lucas notching four this time. Lucas ending the qualification period with 14 goals in 8 games. Aiming for 3rd here with the points coming from Anderlecht, I hope. No players joined other than the three youngsters. However quite a few left albeit all on loan except one. Mujanovic hadn't developed as well as I had hoped so offered him out and got a bite from Dinamo, £2.4m is a good price for him. Of the players out on loan Zagar and Sow i'm most interested in seeing how they develop, especially Sow as I wanted him to have a full season at CB at a decent club.
  8. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Future Proof(ing) with Youth Apart from the first team regulars in Havel, Novotny and Francisco I thought I would show a few of the youth players who will contribute towards first team matters either this season or next. Signed for 100k last season from Sutjeska, he featured 8 times in the league and had 7 clean sheets. Signed for 2k from Centre Africain, promoted to the first team this season and has trained as a CB. Another CB who I signed for 60k from Krsko three seasons ago. Currently learning from Zajc. Signed from KR for 100k. Spend last season out on loan at Gorica where he made 24(4) appearances. Cost me 600k last season from Wiener Neustadt. Loaned to Olimpija last season, will rotate with Krabec this. Summer signing for 150k from Sogndal. Two years in the youth team will see him improve greatly. From our intake of 2032, currently being tutored by Lucas, has already gone to Fairly Prof. Future 1st Team ST.
  9. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Slovenian First League - 2032/33 The league table tells the story, absolute domestic dominance. Two things should stand out, 0 in the Loss column, so an unbeaten season finally and singular figures for goals conceded. We failed to keep a clean sheet in my last two games of the season so it could have been just seven conceded. We made it a domestic double by beating Olimpija comfortably in the final. I rotated even more than in previous seasons as I looked to make progress in Europe but to no avail. Two major stand out performers in Lucas (29 league goals in 30 games) and Gajic (29 goals and 27 assists). Gustavo did well on the inside forward role on the left and veteran (well he's 32 and leaving at the end of the season) winger Pecnik who contributed 15 assists. Huge amount of money sat there with the board providing big budgets. I can spend nearly £500k a week on wages yet my total wage budget is £42k p/w before a few yearly increases. We have agreed with the board to spend some of that money on facility upgrades. The best bit of news for the close season so far is the signing of a new contract for Novotny, signing a 5-year deal with the option of another 3 years if and when needed. Season | League | Pos | Cup | Europe | Top Scorer | Most Assists | Youth Recruit | Junior Coach | Finances | Ave Att 2017/18 | 2nd | 9th | Quarter Final | - | Debenjak (13) | Debenjak (7) | Above Average | Adequate | 59k | 140 2018/19 | 2nd | 9th | Quarter Final | - | Damiano (18) | Kodermac (16) | Established | Adequate | 170k | 128 2019/20 | 2nd | 3rd | First Round | - | Kodermac (16) | Vezjak (6) | Established | Adequate | 214k | 148 2020/21 | 2nd | 1st | First Round | - | Kodermac (11) | Kodermac (10) | Established | Good | 500k | 240 2021/22 | 1st | 5th | Semi Final | - | Kodermas (12) | Sres (YP19f) (8) | Established | Good | 658k | 418 2022/23 | 1st | 4th | 2nd Round | - | Pljava (25) | 3 players (9) | Well Estab'd | Excellent | 931k | 413 2023/24 | 1st | 1st | 1st Round | - | Pljava (20) | Huc (11) | Well Estab'd | Excellent | 1.5m | 473 2024/25 | 1st | 1st | Finalists | EL 2nd Qual Rd | Savin (32) | Pecnik (15) | Extensive | Exceptional | 2.3m | 651 2025/26 | 1st | 2nd | Winners | 4th EL Group F | Savin (41) | Savin (20) | Extensive | Exceptional | 8.1m | 1189 2026/27 | 1st | 1st | Winners | EL 1st KO Rd | Savin (41) | Kragelj (16) | Extensive | Exceptional | 9.8m | 1159 2027/28 | 1st | 1st | Finalists | EL 2nd KO Rd | Savin (26) | Savin (21) | Extensive | Exceptional | 15.3m | 3155 2028/29 | 1st | 1st | Semi Final | 4th EL Group D | Savin (38) | Lucas (20) | Extensive | Exceptional | 18.1m | 3030 2029/30 | 1st | 1st | Winners | EL 1st KO Rd | Savin (43) | Gustavo (19) | Extensive | Exceptional | 25.2m | 3530 2030/31 | 1st | 1st | Winners | 4th CL Group E | Gajic (28) | Savin (16) | Extensive | Exceptional | 32.4m | 4337 2031/32 | 1st | 1st | Finalists | 4th CL Group G | Lucas (38) | Gajic (22) | Extensive | Exceptional | 46m | 4871 2032/33 | 1st | 1st | Winners | 4th CL Group C | Lucas (39) | Gajic (27) | Extensive | Exceptional | 54m | 5158
  10. ToMexico!!

    [FM18] - Downham Market

    Well done on the cup win and solid season in the league. Strong sale for non-league level still, are you going to reinvest the money? Could easily find some good players plus a new striker that you need now
  11. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    A Long Summer Ahead? Not just one world class manager in the stands but two, Jardim and Sarri spotted watching Novotny. He's now a wonderkid, not really set the league on fire however, been tinkering with his role/tactics to try and get him scoring more. Currently have him as an AM(a) with Shoot More Often added, which should go with his 'Gets in Oppostion Area' PPM. Anyway, he's wanted by no less than 12 clubs; Milan, Inter, Juventus, Monaco, PSG, Benfica, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd.
  12. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Thanks, it is indeed, i've pre-arranged some deals for the summer for some more youngsters to supplement the U19s. I'll do a future of Brda update in the close season.
  13. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    U19 Champions League Last season the youngsters got to the Quarter Finals before being knocked out this year they've done much better. They smashed the group stage, then beat Marsielle on penalties to progress, need penalties again to beat Valencia, smashed PSG but then lost on penalties against Juventus in the final. My only gripe would be that Juventus could field players at the age of 20 in their team, but take nothing away from the achievement.
  14. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Winter Window and Youth Intake Two players left this window, both promising youngsters who threw their rattles out of the pram when I rejected some poor initial bids. I don't want bad eggs in this club if I can help it so off they go for some good profit and have 50% profit clauses in the deals. No golden generation again. Awful, time for a new HoYD. Only though with decent personality/determination stat combined will be signed up for depth.
  15. ToMexico!!

    Tasting Success in Slovenia

    Yeah, so close yet so far. We're not too far away though!