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  1. 2031 Season Review League An unbeaten season but it was only until we defeated Altyn in game week 20 when I opened a gap to make things more comfortable. Turkmenistan Cup Back to winning ways in the cup as we defeated Asgabat easily in the final. Champions League More progression in Asia as we reach the 2nd Round for the first time. A shock away win over Esteghal in the 3rd game week saw us pip them to 2nd place. A superb home draw to Sepahan wasn't enough as they went on to easily beat us back in Iran. Transfers Quite a few players left us including Satubadin who was on a youth contract, Asgabat felt it necessary to spend £375k on him. Incoming; Aliyev slotted in at RB, Jelecic at AML and Mbang settled in at CB, we had to wait until he turned 18 for him to join from Cameroonian side Brasseries. Squad We changed formation as we struggled for decent attacking options and I think it showed. Minhairow scored 31 goals this season which was much lower but he spent 8 weeks on the sidelines through injury. Yereshow slotted in at AMC and created 16 goals as well as scoring 19. Jelecic had a good debut season as an inverted winger. Malaysian CB Rosli will be leaving at the end of the season to free up a foreign spot which will be taken up by an Australian next season. Behind the Scenes I signed another new contact with a small wage increase, I'm here until the end of next season now. The youth facilities were upgraded and now sit at an Average level. Whilst typing this the board have just agreed to improve the youth recruitment also. Finances £2.1m of profit this season. Over £1m in prize money alone. £4m in gate receipts for the season. Career Summary
  2. 2031 Youth Intake The preview wasn't great and until about a month before the intake came through I realised we didn't have a HoYD but I purposefully didn't sign one for this intake. Finally however a player to be excited about in Ignatow. Some decent technical attributes to start, coupled with good determination and work rate. Physicals are a little lacking but will improve in time.
  3. 2030 Season Review League A poorer season in comparison to last but another title as expected. Turkmenistan Cup Not entirely sure what happened except we had a man sent off, they levelled the tie up in normal time before scoring 3 more in extra time. Champions League Two wins improves on last seasons performance but still a long way to go. Transfers Two in including Japanese winger Kawasaki. Energetik took four of our players. Squad Goals from my two strikers but nothing beyond that. Minhairow equals last seasons goal tally of 43 whilst making 10 assists too. Nikiforov scores 28 yet decides to leave the club rejecting my contract offers. Kawasaki makes 13 assists in his only season here as he heads back to Japan. Also leaving will be Supriadi as I look to recruit a new right and left winger to freshen up things. Behind the Scenes I signed a new contract worth £2600 p/w keeping me here for another two years. Training facilities improved to a Great standard whilst I have asked for further upgrades to the youth facilities and data analysis facilities. Finances Another small decrease as the cost of improving the youth facilities has just come out, £1.2m in total. Career Summary
  4. 2030 Youth Intake Again another poor intake, we haven't had a 5* player in what feels like a long, long time. 4 x WBLs this time round
  5. 2030 Youth Intake Preview Taking bets on how many wing-backs I get come through!
  6. Improvements May 2030 Further improvements in the training facilities will hopefully pay dividends on the pitch as players begin to reach their potential. Won't be long before I ask for a youth facility improvement.
  7. Competition Rankings We jump above the Malaysian Super League. Champions League Draw All the Al's. After taking points from Al-Jazira last season I'm hoping for more of the same.
  8. 2029 Season Review League Undefeated but it wasn't all plain sailing as by the half way stage we were only a few points ahead of then 2nd placed Altyn. 80 goals is the most we've scored in 5 seasons but way behind the 105 we scored in 2024. However defensively the 16 goals we conceded was the least yet. Turkmenistan Cup Another cup win as our toughest test was in our first round. Comfortable 5-1 final win to take our 6th cup win. Champions League A tough group meant some tough results which was expected, what wasn't expected was the four points courtesy of Al-Jazira. They had Augustinsson (Bremen) Fosu-Mensah and Matias Pellegrini (Inter Miami) in their side amongst others. Transfers All the players that left were squad players except Vitor who was our starting CB, he wanted out and refused to sign a new contract. Incoming were effectively three squad players until Zafar Minhairow became first choice for us. In July I replaced Vitor with another Brazilian at the recommendation of our DoF, Jesus managed to score on his debut. Squad 43 goals for Minhairow is a new club record for a season. Amed had a very stop start season with injury and being called up to the AFCoN squad for Ivory Coast and then didn't play. He also kicked up a fuss wanting to join a bigger club and will be leaving at the end of the season. Behind the Scenes We improved the date facilities for the first time and also asked for improvements to the training facilities again which are costing the club £1.5m. We also improved the junior coaching and youth recruitment, our youth setup is now costing us £75k per month. Finances Small decrease this season despite the training ground investment costing £1.5m. Season Summary
  9. 2029 Youth Intake Despite this being a pretty poor intake there is signs that the junior coaching is taking effect with 3 players having 1.5* current ability.
  10. 2029 Youth Intake Preview What is it, an excellent group of players or not great prospects or at the required standard?
  11. Not entirely sure, the last 3 or 4 intakes have been pretty poor, not just for me but for the nation in an entirety. Hemra Bayramow was the last great (in relative terms) player that was produced and I poached him for Altyn. If anything he has actually declined in ability due to the standard of coaching/facilities not being the best. From my career summary you can see that I've improved the training facilities once to a good standard (best in the country) and youth facilities 3 times to Adequate (also best in the country). I've further increased the Junior Coaching which is now Exceptional and the Youth Recruitment which is now at an Excellent level. There's only so much I can do, the other clubs need to improve their facilities too which I don't think any have. I can overpay for their best youth products which helps me player wise and them financially but won't ensure they spend the money on upgrades. I'm currently rejecting offers over and beyond £100k for extremely mediocre players from teams like Altyn and Ahal. I have sold a couple of players then brought them back as they have improved through playing and have become solid bench players. I'm also in the process of trying to find a better HoYD to see if that helps, which is becoming a struggle also.
  12. Thanks, was indeed a great run. Struggling to strengthen my team with home grown players at the minute as we generally have the best available player in each position.
  13. 2029 Champions League Draw Tough draw but that's expected we're the weakest team in the competition. Other club not drawn was Jeonbuk.
  14. Competition Rankings Another improvement of 4 places this season as we leapfrog the Indian, Indonesian, North Korean and Iraqi top leagues.
  15. Takeover December 2028 I've asked the board for improved junior coaching, youth recruitment and for a technical director which they have granted all.
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