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  1. We made it a treble-double by winning the league on the last game of the season and also winning the cup again. With 3 games to go we were level on points and thankfully we won all three remaining games whilst Kobenhavn only won twice. Having said that the most outrageous thing happened as Kobenhavn went on to win the Champions League being Lazio in extra time in the final In Europe ourselves we finished 3rd in our group ahead of Basel and dropped into the EL 1st KO Round but subsequently lost to Nice. Faghir was the cream of the crop again this season with 25 goals whilst Daramy and th
  2. Another pre-season done and we did well in the transfer market again. A couple of fringe players left for small fee's but both were foreigners so that's good. Incoming were Alfonso from Penarol for £4m, a pre-agreed deal but he's now a wonderkid. He has a release clause so I don't expect him to stay long if he transfers his goal scoring rate from South America to Europe. Arriving on a free were Mohamed Daramy from Inter, he joined them a few seasons back but spent all of his contract out on loan which stagnated his development and newgen Daniel Banks from Chelsea, a defensive mid by trade, he
  3. Smashed through another season and another double to make it a domestic double-double. We had a bit of a disrupted start to the season as both first choice wing-backs were injured but we managed through. Idah was in good form before the mid-winter break whilst after the break Faghir took over and scored most of the goals. In Europe we did better than I expected despite finishing bottom of our group as we beat both Celtic and Man City at home. In the winter transfer window we lost Adrian Giunta for his release clause of £13.25m to Jiangsu which was disappointing but I went out and re
  4. Outs first, two young players who were waiting in the wings to take either wing back slot. Both had kicked up a fuss last season about game time, both on breakthrough prospect contracts and 18 you would assume time off the bench and a 1 in 4 start ration they would be happy. Left sided Per Weisdorf left for Napoli for £2m + 50% profit and right sided Daniel Diaz went to Borussia Monchengladbach for £3m + 40% profit. Incoming for the first team were four players. Three free transfers in Japhet Sery Larsen from Midtyjlland as CB cover, Jorrit de Geyseleer from Leuven as first choice GK and
  5. Season five completed and domestic double winners to boot, we won the league by four points to Kobenhavn and beat Vejle 1-0 in the cup final. We also reached the 2nd KO Round of the EL, again winning a group consisting of Besiktas, Hoffenheim and Sevilla before being dumped out by Monaco who dropped down from the CL. With our league win we go straight into the CL Group Stages according to the league rules so that will be profitable for the club. Our wing backs were instrumental in our season, Iuri (RWB) scoring 9 and making 17 assists whilst Diomande on the left scored 12 and made 11 ass
  6. Was given £9m to spend and my wage budget was doubled. Daniel Diaz (regen) joined for £210k from Deportivo Tachira and went straight onto wing back training. Frederik Winther signed from relegated Lyngby for £1.6m about £4m less than what I was quoted last season, he slots straight in as a BPD. Emiliano Marcondes joins after his release from Brentford, he will rotate with Jordan in the AMC slot. A new reserve keeper signs from Milan for £200k. Rodrigo Domingues joins for £450k from Portuguese side Famalico to provide LWB back up. A fourth Danish player signs as regen Per Wiesdorf signs f
  7. Season four done and dusted and we were real title contenders this time round, we finished the regular season top of the league, just one point ahead of Kobenhavn. Going into the Championship group we had a good chance of the title but fell just short, finishing a single point behind Kobenhavn, as we lost to them and Midtyjjland. We reached the 2nd KO Round of the EL, it was World Cup year so as group winners we bypassed the 1st KO Round. We were drawn against Sassuolo in a 1-legged tie and we were battered 3-0. We had beaten Zenit (home and away), beat Frankfurt once and Malmo once in o
  8. Red card was 80 minute but this takes the biscuit!
  9. Season three with Brondby was a tale of two halves, we were in pretty good shape until the winter window came. We were in 2nd position and had got through our Europa League group stage to face Spartak Moscow in the 1st KO Round. Then the vultures came after star right wing back Valdo, no doubt about it he wanted to leave and had a £9m release clause, a few bids trickled in for twice his current value but way below the mark of £9m. Immediately increased it to £8.75m + 50% profit. Clubs came back, Liverpool, Inter, Spurs, Man Utd, Milan, Bayern to name a few. Off to Man Utd he went and he's now
  10. What a signing this guy has been, five goals and 16 assists in 34 games last season which saw him crowned as Superliga Young POTS, he's now worth £900k and won't sign a new contract. We went one better last season in Preliminary Phase by finish 2nd to Kobenhavn, just 5 points behind. We had a good shout of pinching an unexpected title but blew it with a couple of games to go in the Championship Group as Kobenhavn beat us and went on to be crowned a game later. However another 2nd placed finish and CL football was secured for the season. I made one further signing as Juan Manual Gutierrez
  11. So like I said, I haven't continued my Newcastle save and instead opted to manage in a country I don't think I ever have before and that was Denmark. I decided not to make like too hard for me and chose to start with Brondby. A club that is up there but is behind Kobenhavn and Midtyjlland by a little way but better than the likes of Aab, AGF and Randers. I've completed the first season and we finished 3rd in the preliminary phase which was the expectation but it was AGF who finished ahead on goal difference in 2nd not Midtyjlland and Kobenhavn were well ahead by 12 points, they could tak
  12. Another season done with Newcastle and probably my last as we surpassed all expectations and won the CL beating Man City on penalties in the final. We finished 4th in the league which was another improvement, so we do have the PL to win but we're quite far behind the likes of Liverpool and City in the league. Rafael Leao had a great season, scoring 42 goals including 25 in the league which led him to top scorer and he also scored 15 in 13 CL games. Behind him we were fairly disrupted in the AM/IF positions with Fati and Cherki having major injuries whilst Tysgankov, ASM and Almiron havin
  13. I think it was the FMI Update on Steam
  14. it might be included in the update I've used for the transfers
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