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  1. New Season, New Problems Well this problem isn't really a new one, its more about which new players are wanted. I want to limit the amount of first team players I sell each season but this season could be a real problem. I've already made two sales. One first team, the other a rotation player. Owusu kicked up a fuss last season when he was kept at the club then suffered a long-term injury then subsequently signed a new contract. Beijing came sniffing and his head was turned, rather than battle to keep him I sold up. The second player to leave was my first choice LB, a free signing the season before there was no chance keeping him when Portuguese side Benfica made an offer. Selling two is bad enough having all the below players wanted is worse. All young players and four are first choice. Haynes is wanted by Flamengo and Al-Hilal, we could get a small fortune from the latter. Nii Armah is also wanted by Al-Hilal. Pesir is wanted for the first time after last season goal scoring heroics, Premiership side Burnley would be front runners but also Al-Hilal make it a treble for them. Lastly Stark is wanted by a host of clubs and am currently in negotiations with Celta Vigo. He's grown far too big for the club and reluctantly I have to let him go. The other two are wanted by Ghanaian sides.
  2. Season Review - 2044 I expected to win the league but we needed to improve all over the field to retain our title. We were immense, ok we dropped points on two occasions but they were both after we had sealed the title with four games to go. Before those slip ups we only conceded one goal in the league and that was on the opening day of the season to would be bottom side team Wassaman Utd. Our main rivals Asante Kotoko were well off the pace and probably hated us by the end of the season. We beat them in the cup final. A pretty easy run playing second division opposition until the quarters. We also beat Asante Kotoko in the final of the Champions League albeit a bit closer, in each knockout round in fact, where we drew the away leg each time. Rewinding to the beginning of the season we beat Asante Kotoko in the Super Cup to start our march to domination. A tight affair against the Tunisian side in the continental super cup. And as you can see we unbelievably won the Club World Cup beating Man City in the final. Pesir was the goal scoring star up front but it was Haynes (YP41a) who excelled from midfield contributing 30 goals from midfield. Nine players in total reaching double figures for goals and seven making double figures for assists. Only two players joined as we promoted from within. We did however over the course of the season sell three first team players in Quaye-Oviasu (GK), Diallo (CB) and Bah (CB). The two defender sales left us a little short but the latter sale was near the end of the season. Gyimah, Yeboah and Asare were all U21 players who were moaning about lack of first team opportunities yet not actually good enough to impact the team. Three excellent youth products who are beginning to really influence the team. Stark kept 26 cleans sheets in 37 games across the season. He's wanted by Bournemouth, Southampton and Celta Vigo and I had rejected multiple bids from German clubs like Leipzig, Hannover and Heidenheim. Haynes really excelled like I said above, 20 league goals left him second in the charts behind Pesir on virtue of having played more games. His media description is strong defensive midfielder but that's not how I play him and that's how he scored so many goals. Karikari is my DM, he plays as a DLP, unfortunately he only made 5 assists but he does play with a defensive role set. He does however have a 93% pass completion rate in his 40 games this season. Towards the end of the season a news item sprung up to say my chairman was looking to step aside and soon after we were under embargo. The new chairman was rumoured to want to invest £70m into the club. However from the new item above, no investment will be made. Maybe he saw our finances and thought, why bother? Massive money in the bank, even after tax and shareholder dividends coming out. We have £95m to spend this season, I will probably now every spend 1% of that. Youth facilities were downgraded this season so I persuaded the board to return them to State of Art.
  3. Awful Intake In Ghana, we don't get "tagged" intakes in terms of golden generation etc its always "xxxxxxx player is the most gifted....in recent years" This is the worst intake we've had in recent years, seems like as soon as I gave my HoYD a new four year contract instead of a rolling one-year deal as such he's produces an absolute whopper of an intake. Only three guys have been signed from this intake; Stephen Osei, Samuel Mustapha and David Sykes, the latter purely because he's English. I may go back and sign the Norwegian too for that reason.
  4. New Contract Just signed a new contract worth £22k per week over four years. This is huge money for Ghana and probably even Africa. I'm being made to work for my money though, I have no less than six players currently wanted, four of those first choice players. I've rejected bids for my only available RB, an Ivorian CB, my Ivorian LB, my CB/DM who currently a starter, my young Ghanaian CB I signed from Guingamp, an AMC who just came back from a long term injury, my German youth product GK is wanted by mid-tabled German teams, my little Brazilian AMC is wanted in England and my DM youth product is wanted by Monaco and Porto.
  5. Continental Competitions I only have Ghana loaded with England/Spain/Germany as view only. Champions League English teams and PSG dominated. A surprise win for Napoli in the middle there. Europa League More mixed across the big leagues. Runners-up spots for Hull, Bristol City and Ipswich. Copa Libertadores Annoyingly not got the name file so not sure who some of the Brazilian teams are. Only Brazilian/Argentinian teams in the final it seems. Copa Sudamericana A little splash of variety with Guarani and Liga de Quito winning from elsewhere. Asian Champions League Chinese dominated winners with Saudi Arabian teams runners up. North American Champions League Atlanta United and America (Mexico) dominate the winners list.
  6. Sell on clauses paying Dividends Whilst he was here, Jospeh Gueye (was a bit part player who came off the bench mainly but did contribute 51 goals in all competitions. He was unhappy with playing second fiddle to another foreigner in Ndiaga Diouf (who has since left) so was sold for just 675k to Genoa to help free up a foreign player slot. 133 goals later and the 30 year was sold for a huge £44m to Guangzhou in China. Unfortunately we only had a 20% sell on as the negotiations were set and non-negotiable by Genoa. But that 20% gives us £8.8m overall from the clause. Something else I noticed is whilst he was part of the Genoa strike force they finished runners up in the Europa League which see me do an update on continental competitions.
  7. Other International Competitions World Cup Shock winners in Poland in 2038. As surprising is Australia finishing 3rd in 2042. European Nations League A couple of wins for England in there under the management Nathaniel Clyne's then Matthew Targett's guidance. Italys domination of the competition between 2023 and 2031 was immense. European Championships An early win for England but a surprise win for Norway in 2028. Asian Nations Cup Australia in good form leading to that 3rd placed place in the World Cup. Copa America A good win for Mexico back in 2032. Gold Cup Main dominance from USA or Mexico but a couple of wins for smaller nations in Jamaica and Costa Rica. Oceania Nations Cup As expected, New Zealand dominate.
  8. African Cup of Nations/African Championship of Nations Now theses are two different competitions. Cup of Nations is the major tournament where teams can pick players of their nation from anywhere in the world. The Championship of Nations is where the team can only have players that play in the domestic leagues only. There are also U20 (every two years) and U23 (every four years) variations of the Cup of Nations tournament. That means there are lots of international call-ups. African Cup of Nations Past Winners So Ghana are only one time winners since the beginning of this save which is fairly disappointing. Four third place finishes whilst is good is worrying in the aspect of are the players good enough mentally. U20 African Cup of Nations Past Winners Much better, shows good promise for the next few tournaments as Ghana have won the competition three of the past four with four wins in total and two 3rd place finishes. U23 African Cup of Nations Past Winners Held every four years Ghana are one time winners back in 2031. African Championship of Nations Past Winners The domestic based competition had caused me many problems in years gone by with lots of call ups into the squad, one time we around 14/15 players in the squad and not all domestic games are postponed. Past Managers Gregory and Birgir Meling were both previously employed by me at Ashanti Gold but left to take management roles at Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak before taking the national job. Disappointed to see the FA return to Poku after his previous spell in charge was fruitless. My U21 coach John Ofori is the U23 Manager and former player Emmanuel Toku is the current U20 manager.
  9. Thanks, it has been incredibly easy at times but also quite hard despite the dominance due to the sheer amount of squad departures and constant rebuild. My ultimate goal is still to manage the national team to World Cup glory but I am yet to get that chance and unfortunately the golden generation is coming to an end. Hopefully with my academy and other teams in Ghana we can build a new national squad good enough to take on the best once again.
  10. Ashanti Gold Update - 2043 So like I said I've played 18 season since my last update and a lot has happened. Its been absolute utter domination in the league having won it every season except one, where we finished 2nd to Asante Kotoko in 2042. The below table will show what competitions we have won in every season so far. We've monopolised the Champions League winning it every season since 2025, many of our wins against fellow Ghanaian's Asante Kotoko. Primarily in the FA Cup we've played younger players so not dominated the competition as much. Super Cups are not a priority and treated as friendlies. We have managed to win the Club World Cup on two occasions beating Shanggang and Arsenal. We need a bigger trophy cabinet!! 84% win ratio, 2.96 goals scored per game and 0.47 conceded. Huge money in the bank, we rake in around £7m per season in prize money on top of any player sales. I make sure to add 50% profit sell on to any sale where the player goes abroad. We play in the To Mexico Park which was completed in 2039, the first time I've ever had a stadium named after me. The training facilities were actually just downgraded from State of Art so they are in the process of being improved again. Every thing else is maxed out except Data Analysis. Lots of experience and foreigners in there. One aspect I always enjoy is bringing in former players as staff members. All time records. Youth Players The above guys are all in the first team. Stark (YP40a) is a German U21 international and came into the first team this season, keeping 10 clean sheets in 11 games. Karikari (YP41b) also got his chance this season after the sale of my Tunisian DM to Saudi side Al-Faisaly. Haynes (YP41a) made the step up before Karikari despite coming through at the same time, he was capped at U19 level for England but has since played at U20 level for Ghana, the first of two Englishmen at the club. Julio Cesar was a bit of a punt, his transfer was arranged when he was 16 so I had to wait two season for him to join from Brazil for just under £500k. Lastly is Pesir, the Czech international was also a pre-arranged deal for 650k from Sparta Prague back in 2040. He's since become first choice after my number one striker was sold into China. Above are my three brightest prospects in the U21s. Duah-Badu (YP42a) has every oppurtunity to become a Ghana legend, such a shame I also have Stark, the actually Ghana No1 and another top GK who I signed from the RTD Academy, someone will miss out. Ambassa-Matip has just arrived, another player who I did a pre-arranged deal for, he joined from APEJES in Cameroon for 60k. Last but not least is my other Englishman Jack Riley, the youngster joined through the academy in 2042, travelling all the way from Oldham The last piece to my update is on a former player. Joseph Sekyere (YP29a) was sold back in 2032 to Man City for £3.5m. He was good when he left but my god he has improved ten-fold. 258 goals in all competitions and 229 assists for Man City. He retied from international football this season after amassing 122 caps scoring 59 goals. The best player I have ever "produced" in any FM save.
  11. OK, so since I last updated this thread which was in 2025, I've completed another 18 seasons. I'm going to do my best to try and update it the best I can from that point without going in too deep.
  12. That's some feat then, beating all those teams who have full U19 squads. When my teams have won it before I've mainly just had the nation I'm playing in loaded so many "big" teams had the greys filling their teams.
  13. Great insight into your methods of playing this game as ever over the past few pages and some great progress to boot. I've had troublesome players before but nothing like Dulce, seems crazily over exaggerated in this save game. I've had the same in the U19 CL, I guess it depends on what leagues you have loaded as to whether clubs in the competitions have enough players to make a U19 team rather than having a few players and then filling the rest out with greys. Shame Africa doesn't have something similar for my current (long term) save with Ashanti Gold.
  14. I really wanted that top transfer to be Nakata, not Sakata! What a great player he was!!
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