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  1. v PSG Finally another win over PSG at home, this was the 2nd game of the season so we're 3 points clear of them
  2. Summer Transfers We've made three signings this summer that will strengthen the first team. Matt Lloyd joins from Man Utd for a club record £15.25m. Primarily a CB, he can play DM but thats a position we don't use. The young Welsh defender has seven caps for this country already and will play along side Brazilian Marcos in the heart of defence. Another defender to join was Christian Cerda from Brazil. The Chilean international will take over from Paul Alves at LB. We also signed Daniel Maka from Polish side Legia for £3.5m rising to £5.5m. The youngster will play second fiddle to Bruno Cunha at RW with the view to take over next season if he progresses well.
  3. Job Offer Winners of the 2022 World Cup and Runners up this year want me but I have declined.
  4. Affiliation Update We persuaded the board to add a further two clubs but of their own discretion. However, we are yet to see any academy graduates from any of our six youth affiliates which is concerning.
  5. 2033/34 Season Review I would class this season as a success to be honest, we finished in 3rd place again, on virtue of goal difference to Nice who drew on the final day of the season to see us leap frog them. It could have been better though, we were top at gameweek 19 but had a blip including losing to PSG, we reamined in 2nd until gameweek 34 when we had another blip due to a goalkeeping injury crisis, we dropped to fourth place but that last day win managed to secure us third once more. We had another disappointing season in the French Cup, we only reached the 11th Round much to the boards dismay, they wanted at least the quarter finals. We had a great Champions League campaign though. We were drawn against Ajax, Benfica and Zenit in the group stages, where we won five games and lost away to Benfica. That incuding 7-0 away in Ajax in match one, 6-3 at home Zenit and 5-1 at home to Ajax. We were drawn against German giants Dortmund in the 1st KO Round, we lost the first leg 4-3 on aggregate but won the return home leg 3-2 to send us through on away goals. Fellow French compatriots Nimes were up next, a cagey 1-1 away draw was overturned by a 4-3 home thriller to send us into the semi finals, where we would face Man City. This is where the goalkeeping injury crisis would also hurt us, we lost, heavily, at home, 7-2. Shameful. We perked up in the 2nd leg but lost 3-2 to see us lose 10-4 on aggregate overall. We have now set the unwanted record of conceding the most goals in the CL in a season. Champions League Results Marco Giunta continued his fine form this season scoring a record 41 goals for the club, he signed a new contract too which was pleasing. Wonderkid Miroslav Luptak had a good season as his strike partner, scoring 29 goals and making 15 assists. Matheus on the left wing scored 27, whilst Cunha on the right scored 15. Sebastian Iselin made the CMa slot his own with 13 goals and 10 assists in a fine season which saw him called up to the Swiss national team and score two goals in his five international appearances. The under 19's had an absolute dominant season winning the league by 10 points and scoring 127 goals and winning the competition overall by beating Lyon 6-1 in the final. We've made a good amount of money this season, largely thanks to the Champions League run and domestic prize money. With all this money I've asked the board for further upgrades to the to the facilities again which are going to cost us £10m. We also have had news that the new stadium is going to be delayed by five months.
  6. Congrats on the league win and promotion. A mightily impressive cup run too, shame prize money only came in at the last hurdle. Is that the case in real life? If so, I'm shocked at that!
  7. Haha thanks, I knew it was in game and I have signed players from America, Japan and South Korea before but this is the first time I've signed a Chinese player.
  8. Youth Intake Review This is a pretty decent intake with 3 x 5* potential players, again centred very much around France with a bit of English thrown in and a player orignianally from Guinea-Bissau to add to the map. Personalities are quite poor still except the four that really matter at the top. Alfred Messan is the best of the bunch for me, although 2.5* CA already skews things slightly. Map of this Intake Map of Nations represented
  9. New Signing Probably the first time i've ever signed a Chinese player. Wang Yimin is not quite first team level yet but at 18 years old he could improve to be a good back-up option. This is the first time I've had this message too, so it will be interesting to see how much his signing can boost our finances.
  10. Youth Intake Preview Another golden generation incoming but we have another decent GK, a promising CB, a top CM, and a fine prospect ST coming through.
  11. Affiliate Clubs I cancelled the affiliates of Beauvais Oise and Toulon, whilst the board cancelled Zilina's. The board have been rather reluctant to increase the number of affiliate clubs we have but we've added Tenerife and SV Ried this year, hopefully we can persuade them to add more.
  12. A Look at the Squad Goalkeepers I'll begin by saying I'll sort by CA and show the first choice (1), the back up (2) and hot prospect (3) for each position. Long term player Antonis Stergiakis is into his last year of his contract, finally means he will leave after offering him out for the past two seasons but no one wants him. Robert Slancik - into his fourth season with us now after joining from Slovan Bratislava for £800k. He's unhappy as I pulled out of negotiations on a new contract where he wanted £40+K p/w. Stanislas Richard - will get more game time this season as he improves and Slancik plateau's. Miloslav Vacha - labelled as the next Petr Cech, he was signed for £50k from Sparta Prague. He's joining Jablonec on loan this season with the view of promoting to the first team after. Right-Back Daniel Patrick - a solid performer at RB, averaging just under 7 in his time here. A little dry with assists compared to others. Candra Bagayoko - came through in 2024 so has been with us nearly 10 years. His quality has waned a little as the players around him get better. Joseph Kambale - according to the coaches he is our best prospect at RB but I don't see it. Centre-Back Leandro Marcos - signed for £10m and has done well in his two seasons here so far. Few too many yellows for my liking, 56 in 89 games Ruben Roa - a solid option but not what I want as a starting CB, will be moved on if there interest. Nelson De Bruin - only joined in January after signing for us 18 months prior. Is ahead of Roa in the starting line-up despite his inexperience. Left-Back Paul Alves - again a solid player but we can do better, only kept because he's from our academy. Jacky Prigent - came through in the 2032 intake and promoted to the first team at the back end of last season. Will possible take over from Alves next season. Centre-Midfield This is fast becoming a weak area of the pitch and I'm looking to upgrade at least one of the two positions if I can find the right player. We use a DLP/CMa combination. Richard Ondoua - plays the CMa role and contributes well, 25 goals and 31 assists since joining three seasons ago. Danilo Soca - the current DLP. a freebie from Uruguay has done his bit for the club but should be replaced. I can't pick one - Adanguede is primarily a winger who I'm retraining to AMC, he could play CM but doesn't have the work rate/team work needed; Cavalli has the work rate/teamwork but not the vision; El Haouel is just 16 but has the makings of a good CM if his vision/passing improve; Marechal is only 15 but need a lot of work to reach the required standard we need. Right-Winger Bruno Cunha - 68 goals and 41 assists since joining speaks volume but his numbers have declined last season. Could be due an upgrade. Francisco Perez - his ability is decling against our other players but he remains a useful player. Yaya Cherni - he's actually on AF training to increase his ability around the box but will revert to training RW when his shooting pops to double figures. Left-Winger Matheus - an excellent signing since joining for £4.3m last summer. 28 goals and 17 assists in his debut season. Yves Bessala - another academy player who should be upgraded upon. Appeared as a substitue 30 times last season. Probably Yaya Cherni again Striker For this season I've changed from having an attacking midfielder to two strikers in a CF or AF / Poacher combination. Marco Giunta - what a player for us, 107 goals in 140 games, not bad for £12m. Miroslav Luptak - the reason for switching to 4-2-4 wide. I have to make the most of this wonderkid whilst I have him. 18 goals last season will be improved upon. Oliver Forster - I also wanted to give more game time to Forster, the young Englishman wants to leave for first team football. He played 17 times last season scoring 5 goals.
  13. Improvements The board rejected both of my advances initially but I won them over. Although the start/completion date on them both is questionable.
  14. Our Season Wasn't Over Yet Winning the Europa League meant we were thrust into the Club World Championship at pretty short notice. We entered at the Preliminary Qualification stage against New Zealand's Team Wellington, a tie in which we won 6-1. We were drawn against Dortmund and Gremio in the group stage. A 2-2 draw against our German opposition and a comprehensive 6-2 victory over the Brazilians saw us top the group. We were drawn against a familiar foe in the quarter finals in PSG. We were hammered but an experience for our young squad all the same.
  15. Stolen Staff PSG finally steal a staff member from us. Pompilio was a 20/20 scout, so disappointing to see him go.
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