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  1. We ended up spending £130m on new players having sold £90m worth too, big outlays of £58m on a ball playing centre back and £22m on a new LB. We won the league, cup, super cup and got to the final of the UCL but were beaten by my former club Rangers. In the 2052/53 season we blitzed the league, winning 35 out of 36 games and breaking our own points total to reach 105. We also won the cup and a 2nd UCL title, beating Wayne Rooney's Athletico Madrid 4-1. We also reached the final of the CWC losing out to Bayern Munich where former favourite of mine Sedlacek stole the show. Striker Pacifico dominated the season with 55 goals. We made more money than we spent this season as we sold our Macedonian wonderkid to Bayern for £72m (rising to £80m) and replaced him with a better right winger for just £25m, we also upgraded our LB for £34m. I think my time with Olympiakos is up as we look for a new club to take on, we have Belgium and Germany available but with only Frankfurt as an available job, they don't appeal to me. Time to resign and see what comes up.
  2. Another two seasons completed in Greece. 2049/50 was a league and cup double whilst this past season we created history by making it a treble with the added bonus of winning the Champions League by beating Milan in the final 1-0. Last season we spent just £9m on two players whilst bringing in £34m which settled any problems with FFP and then this season we raked in £182m by selling our Peruvian wonderkid LB to Crystal Palace for £40m and German CM to Brentford for £55m, then in January we sold last season's top scorer Proietto to Juventus for £93m rising to £110m. We spent £95m ourselves on nine new players to beef up the squad. A new first-choice GK (£14m, release clause) and back up for £3.5m, a new LB from Real Madrid for £7m, two starting CM's one for £7m from Guingamp and the other from Inter Milan for £25m, he was a wonderkid and has bossed our midfield. We also signed a Greek CB from rivals AEK for £16m and a 18 year old Greek/German CM from Leverkusen. Another wonderkid for £3.5m from Viking who scored 13 goals and made 19 assists from RW and last to join was an Italian striker for £9.5m from Roma, who scored 16 goals in 22 games since joining. Our CL run was pretty decent, finished 4th in the league phase with one loss, we then beat Athletico Madrid (5-3 agg), Chelsea (8-4 agg) and Inter (3-1 agg) to then beat Milan 1-0 in the final. We've qualified for the CWC in 2053 so two more seasons in Greece at least, current holders are Newcastle. We've got £255m in the bank now, due to move into a new stadium this summer and on the verge of maxing out the facilities. Our intakes have been poor the last two seasons but our HoYD did get poached by Man City. Ideally I need to sign a top class CB and an up and coming LW, we have £140m to spend if we want to.
  3. The first season in Greece is done and Olympiacos are back to being Greek champions, finishing 15 points ahead of Atromitos. New signings Ovejero (Arg/RW) and Proietto (Ita/ST) doing the business with a combined 66 goals and assists between them. We ridded the side of 12 players for a combined £74m, which also reduced the wage expenditure by around £500k p/w, sorting out the FFP issues we were facing. Still some players to get rid of but now we only have one player receiving more than £100k p/w whereas we had five when I joined. We've been given £50m to spend on new players of which we need a new GK, a top-class DM and a backup striker.
  4. We end our 18-ish month spell with Freiburg having finished 6th in the league and winning the Pokal against Leverkusen. The financial issues holding the club back, deep in the red at the end of the season again, only for the prize money and sponsorship to only slightly put us in the black but we were given £55m to spend. I don't want to put the club further in transfer debt. Despite having the most promising teenager in the game in Jordan Hussin I decided to leave to join Olympiacos after their manager was sacked for finishing 2nd. We've only been given £6m to spend despite nearly £90m in the bank but I don't see us needing to make major changes to the squad to win the Greek SuperLeague with AEK having won it the past two seasons. I've removed Czech Republic from the save, changed Scotland to view only and added Belgium as another managerial destination.
  5. Not sure what my next plans are. I'm happy with the save I have now, I want to manage in Greece and then add a few other countries as we move along.
  6. I managed to get Freiburg up to 7th, just below the predicted 6th place. Our finances are a shambles so had to cull a load of players on high wages but the board then decided to spend £150m on a new stadium which they took a loan out for. Cheers We got given about £15m to spend on new players, signed a 20yo CB for £16m, a French wonderkid CM for £7m and a RB for £4m. I sold my first choice RB and a DM for £60m to help cover the expenditure but we find ourselves in the red already (in Feb 2048). We're currently in 4th place, in the Pokal Quarters and UEL R16.
  7. I've moved on from Rangers after four seasons with four SPL titles, three UCL's and numerous other FA and League cup wins. Made plenty of money for the club only for the new manager to come in and spend £250m on all I can say is dross. I joined the Greek national team briefly for six months, winning three of my six games in charge before German side Freiburg offered me an interview. I got the job, they were down in 13th place after a poor start in the league but they're a Champions League side predicted to finish in 6th place. They got some good players with decent value who could be shipped if needed plus a plethora of young talent in the second team waiting to take a spot in the first team. I actually wanted to move to a Greek side hence the move into international football with Greece but my god international football is boring on FM. So maybe the plan changes as we go to Germany and then to Greece before moving back to Germany with one of the big three.
  8. Been a while since I've contributed with a save on the forum but been reading still and I've had a save which I've really enjoyed and also enjoyed not writing about it either. Originally a British Journeyman but with England as view only, it's branching out to a European tour, adding and removing leagues as we go, albeit we've only managed in the Czechia outside of the British Isles. We ticked off Wales with Haverfordwest, a pit stop in southern Ireland, completed Northern Ireland and dominated in Czechia with Ceske Budejovice including winning the Conference League. We've just moved to Rangers who somehow don't have a single Scotsman in their first-team squad. They've actually won every single title from the start of the save until last season when Celtic pipped them by a point but Vincent Kompany left to join the Belgian national team. I've come in a sold their best player to Liverpool for £42m and replaced him with a wonderkid from my former Czech side for £12m who's started well. We've won seven from seven so far but face Celtic next.
  9. Yeah, realism is for the best, making an unrealistic move could always derail the save. I was offered the Linfield job before taking the St Pat's job, they would have given me £4k p/w personal wages, an £18m transfer budget and a £200k p/w wage budget. A far cry from where I was with Haverfordwest. Glad I walked away in the end. TNS imploded in my first season with Haverfordwest, they finished 4th behind Barry and Penybont, they seemingly are back on top so far this season. Good luck with finding your next club, I look forward to seeing where you end up.
  10. I've really enjoyed reading through the thread, so much so it inspired me to start my own British and Irish save albeit less England. Where are you looking to move to next? What jobs are available? I'm now in 2029, started at Afan Lido; won promotion in 2024/25, took the Haverfordwest job in 2026/27 and won the league in all three seasons I was at the club. Just taken over at St Pats Athletic in Ireland who were in 9th place and facing relegation from the top tier. Heavily in the red on the balance but have managed to move up to 7th with 12 games remaining and the outside chance of a playoff spot. I may use St Pats as a stepping stone to a bigger Irish club.
  11. Didn't realise it had changed to a degree. Because I wanted that French angle, I wanted a limitation to the save that didn't allow me the choice of thousands of players to choose from which Spanish Basque would give me.
  12. Is it not possible in the editor, I'm no good with the thing so wouldn't know where to start if it could be done. It is a tough challenge so much so I've had to alter the rules for it already. Relegation back to the 4th tier is a real possibility this season, our better players are all wanted and our starting GK is on his way already anyway.
  13. Even with promotion, we're struggling to bring players in to improve the squad. Our options are very limited. So, I've decided that I will expand our options...I've opted to be able to sign players whose second nationality is from those nations that can play in the Coupe de France. I've made shortlists for these nations (except St Pierre & Miquelon, as there aren't any players). This should give us enough scope to improve the squad and thus compete in the French National. The players I sign must have French as the first nation with one of those countries as second nationality.
  14. May 2028 - Season Review Two late goals against Wasquehal all but sealed promotion, and four goals without reply did so even though Trelissac made it nervy bringing it back to 4-3. National 2 - Group D - 2nd (Promoted) - An unlikely promotion considering the squad but we're like a band of brothers, we stuck together and battled. The season was built more on the defence with just 29 conceded which was the second least behind league winners Montpellier 2. French Cup - 8th Round - Isle-en-Dodon, Pertuis and USC Dijon were all beaten before Aigues-Mortaise beat us. Top Scorer - Stanislas Salles (19) - a consistent performer across the season, played mostly at LW but also deputised at LB. Most Assists - Cameron Sainte-Rose (15) - the right winger has outperformed his attributes for a couple of seasons now. Ave. Rating - Stanislas Salles (7.29) - as well as his 19 goals he managed nine assists and is wanted by 14 clubs including Bordeaux, Troyes and Clermont. A fourth takeover didn't materialise but the board did stick £110k in twice to help the club but it was to no avail as we kept losing money hand over fist.
  15. April 2028 A poorer month with just one win in three, we were lucky against APM Metz as we were dominated by the home side. We then dominated by Redon at home and we probably should have lost. We were really poor against Toulouse, amassing just 0.37xG and our goal was scored by them. The loss against Toulouse has allowed Bergerac to close the gap back to three points. We have two games remaining against 9th and 10th-placed teams.
  16. March 2028 A good month with two wins especially over Montpellier 2 which was actually their first defeat of the season. I think Bergerac would go above us if the level things up on points with us. It's head-to-head results that they would be ahead on just 3-2 on aggregate and then goal difference.
  17. March 2028 These intakes are getting worse.
  18. February 2028 A good month could have been a great one had we not lost narrowly to Bergerac. A goal-shy month thanks to Mickael Fari being out for 5/6 weeks with an ankle injury, thankfully we still have Salles on the left wing. Montpellier 2 are running away with it but thankfully we're still clinging onto 2nd place, if we'd beaten or drawn Bergerac we'd have been so much better off.
  19. January 2028 A big win over Nantes 2 in the opening game of 2028 before a solid draw against Vendee Herbiers. The table includes an early Feb game. A small gap has opened up to 3rd. We're going to lose first-choice goalkeeper Sergio Imaz to Ligue 2 side Dunkerque, it's going to be a huge loss.
  20. December 2027 Unceremonially dumped from the cup by Aigues-Mortes, our downfall was rotating the squad. We beat Trelissac in the last game of the year, a few days later than scheduled due to a waterlogged pitch. We end the year in 2nd place behind the still-unbeaten Montpellier 2.
  21. November 2027 A surprise loss against Redon but probably deserved in the end. A comfortable win in the cup to advance to the 8th Round where we will face Aigues-Mortes. Only one goal was needed to down Toulouse 2, in an even game that we edged. A Mickael Fari hattrick sealed the three points and took his tally to nine for the season. Montpellier 2 remain unbeaten.
  22. He looks class, I would love to have someone as half as good as him to pop through at the club. I look forward to seeing any more that come though for you.
  23. October 2027 A goal-fest of a month with 16 scored in four games, albeit 11 of those coming against smaller clubs in the cup. A probably expected loss against Montpellier 2, Salles breaks the club goalscoring record with four goals against Pertuis and another two against APM Metz. Montpellier 2 opening up a gap at the top.
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