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  1. Congratulations man. Been trying to catch up with your thread, but I just jumped to the 23rd page and I feel like I got the hang of it.
  2. Congrats on the title and decent performance against Bayern. Martin Ibrahim looks like a future world class CB.
  3. you keep getting close. Hopefully third time's a charm. Are you using the attacking 4-3-3?
  4. good run of form in the league. Back on top where you belong.
  5. really solid progress in your first two years. Unfortunate with the runner up spot but good progress nonetheless.
  6. really great read. Loving the progression. Can't wait for you to enter Turkey or Ukraine or Russia.
  7. Just found this thread. Really enjoyed it. If this is how the save ends, it was awesome to read.
  8. very belated, but congrats on finally winning the league.
  9. Riverola is excellent. I keep hearing that natural fitness is the main attribute in determining how long players retain their physical skills, but if it is, then this bodes well for you.
  10. Crazy to see Benteke managing in Cyprus. Same with Enner Valencia
  11. Amazing save as always from you. Just curious, I remember a save where you let your DoF sign players for you, do you still use a DoF to sign players, or you sign them yourself?
  12. gutting way to end the season. But still it was a great one, you and Porto only lost once.
  13. I took a couple months off but one of the first things I wanted to do when I came back was to see the progress of this save. I'm truly enjoying catching up. Like how you go into detail about your tactics, youth development and transfers.
  14. Just found this thread. This was an awesome read. I love the idea of plays. I can imagine you having those signs that college football teams use, where the players turn to the sidelines to see the play.
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