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  1. Is FM2017 the best ever?

    Well, the patches for a start. Why should they be withheld from paying customers?
  2. Is FM2017 the best ever?

    Tthose "benefits" of subscribing are not benefits at all, they are just things that would be taken out of the base game. You're not rewarding people for subscribing, you're punishing them for not subscribing. Personally, the whole idea of paying an ongoing amount for games like FM puts me right off it. Subscription makes sense in certain games where additional levels etc are being continuously created and added to the game (many MMOs for example). That doesn't apply to FM though - you buy a version of the game that does not change (bar minor transfer updates). It would also presumably bring with it other issues, like having to be online during play (or at least during start up) to check the subscription is up to date. It just seems to me that the subscription idea is trying to fix a problem which doesn't exist.
  3. Is FM2017 the best ever?

    I wouldn't buy it on subscription, personally. And who is pending £50 on FM? In the UK at least, you could get it for far less than that at release, never mind Steam sales etc.
  4. Yep, it looks to me like width is going to be the main problem. I can't see anything that is going to stretch your opponents defensively, so you won't be able to create a variety of types of chances. The most straightforward solution would be to get your fullbacks further up the pitch, but I appreciate you are trying to keep them defensively solid (which is the tradeoff). Instead, you could try moving your BBM and BWM to the ML / MR positions? This is something I do quite often, even if the players I play there aren't actually "meant" to. You could try putting Friberg to ML as a Wide Midfielder on Attack, then Abubakari to MR as a Wide Midfielder on Support with "Close Down More". In my head this should give you some more attacking width, but with similar defensive behavior. Some experimentation of roles would probably be needed though. Personally I think a few of your Team Instructions work against each other. For instance, whenever I want my teams to pass into space, I also want them to run with the ball when they are in that space. You could prehaps try taking one or both of these off, to see how the wider midfield performs.
  5. Young Player Philosophy

    Ikpeazu plays 100% of the time when fit, he was recently out for about 8 weeks though. We play a long ball game I've never quite managed to replicate in FM, relentlessly direct. It just about works with Ikpeazu to aim for, but falls apart terribly without him (Ben Williamson is probably a lot better in FM than real life this season). He's absolutely a fan's favourite, great to watch him in a proper battle with the centre backs.
  6. Young Player Philosophy

    Glad to hear it, hopefully you'll be able to follow us in the play offs too (if we sneak in). Elito is a bit of a fans' favourite, even though he's not actually achieved anything of note yet. Goes missing for large chunks of games (or entire games, to be fair) but has the occasional blinder. Presumably you saw his 1 man show against Carlisle a while ago? (Last of topic post mods...)
  7. If we win, no punishment. If we lose, 2 weeks wages. Get your priorities sorted @FrazT!
  8. Young Player Philosophy

    Yeah I always find this in the lower leagues, the youth players are just so much worse than those you could sign for free. You could try to upgrade the academy, but by the time it's producing League 2 standard players you'll be in the Championship! I think there's also quite a bit more flexibility in fans' minds as to what counts as developing "your own" young players IRL. Using Cambridge as the example since you're managing them and I support them: We've not had a youth team player properly break into the first team in ages. Luke Berry and Josh Coulson still play for us, but made their debuts in 2010 and 2007 respectively. Liam Hughes also made his debut in 2010, but left last year. Before that you probably have to go back to John Ruddy, who has obviously moved on a bit since then Leon Davis has made 5 appearances so far this season, is on the verge of becoming a "regular". Will Norris is regarded by most people as "one of our own", even though we actually signed him as a 19 year old. However, as a keeper, that seems younger. It definitely wouldn't count on FM. Good luck, but personally I'd try to get the board to remove the philosophy.
  9. In "Analysis" you should be able to see a diagram of where the 61 shots were taken from (broken down into "on target", "off target", "blocked" etc, which would certainly be worth seeing.
  10. Blocked? Would love to see the detailed stats for that game, was one of the instructions "shoot on sight" by any chance?!
  11. Mark Noble has missed 4 of his 22 Premier League penalties: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/mark-noble/elfmetertore/spieler/31835/plus/0?saison_id=ges&wettbewerb_id=GB1 (Useful site generally btw if you are looking for stats)
  12. IWWROCKS Vs Noob21 On penalties, can't separate them. Gorando Vs Andyh21 Harryseaess Vs RickyButton Baptista_8 Vs Whoopy D
  13. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    He won MotM against San Marino didn't he? Give him a break
  14. IWWROCKS Vs Scott1892 Noob21 Vs managerdude_66 Citizen Kane Vs Gorando Andyh21 Vs darren1983 Harryseaess Vs Hodgy adhikapp Vs RickyButton Baptista_8 Vs Bliss Seeker Whoopy D Vs Cougar2010