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  1. Played as a goalkeeper when I was younger, at no particular level just local youth teams. Absolutely loved penalties, probably my favourite thing. Pretty much no risk of having blame on you by the end, a chance to be the hero, and get to fool around putting the takers off too. Not sure how much that carries through to international level mind you, and definitely never wanted to take on myself.
  2. Is that Maguire's Scottish cousin Hamish who's still celebrating their famous 0-0 thrashing of us?
  3. Generally agree, but can't about Saka. If we'd got him on earlier, particularly while Italy were behind, his runs would have been that much more effective. Chiellini could afford one tactical yellow, he couldn't have kept doing it.
  4. Best team won. I do feel a bit robbed by Southgate though, despite being 100% behind him for everything he's achieved so far. We were crying out for Saka to come on and push Italy back while it was still 1-0, but he left it too late. Then crying out for fresh attackers, particularly after Chiesa went off, but left that too little/late. Mancini made proactive changes, Southgate just didn't. Less said about penalties the better. Even if you still have the same 5 taking - one of the Harrys has to go last. On the red card shouts - they're definitely both in the "seen them given" category. Chiellini's reminds me of a red card Rooney got when he expected a yellow - it's excessive force as well as a tactical foul. Jorginho gets away with a very stampy motion that is very often punished. Can't blame the result on either decision, neither is clear cut, but those are my thoughts on them.
  5. I mean, even if Denmark had held out for another 15 minutes after going a man down, what makes it certain or even likely that they'd have won a shoot out? We beat Columbia in 2018 and Switzerland in 2019 - Southgate's England emphatically aren't Old England. Schmeichel's saved 23/91 in his career (25%) vs Pickford's 11/46 (24%) - so even the goalkeeper "advantage" I've heard tons of people mention doesn't actually exist.
  6. Video unavailable in the UK, but why you'd jump to the conclusion that there must be a conspiracy is baffling.
  7. Hadn't realised how deeply embedded that song was in me until I heard it then - almost started crying! It must be one of my earliest footballing memories, certainly of England. 8 years old and balling my eyes out after we lost to Argentina.
  8. I've generally been texting a friend during games, but I'm watching live and he's online. There's a whole routine at kick off where I pause, then start again when he's caught up Has only been an issue for me against Croatia, because with the warm weather and windows open we could hear distant neighbours when we scored. Weather's been crap for all the others, and my only immediate neighbour is Welsh.
  9. Of course you don't ffs. I'll be wearing mine though, because it's been on for all the others.
  10. Very poor line from Ukraine, why are they lining up so deep for that? Thought it was pretty “standard” to line up on the edge of the box.
  11. I’d forgotten Mount was playing tbh, couldn’t work out who did the little one-two with Sancho in the highlights
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