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  1. m_fenton

    Raheem's leg controversy

    Fantastic. The article's actually sort of worse than the headline, which is incredible.
  2. m_fenton

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Except Kane's already massively outperforming Rooney at World Cups, so it's not really comparable. To me this system seems to work OK, certainly no need to change it much because a dirty, scrappy team almost managed to bundle an undeserved draw.
  3. m_fenton

    Belgium - Panama 16:00 BST

    Not offside due to the defender playing him onside (ie, the usual reason).
  4. m_fenton

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

  5. m_fenton

    Morocco v Iran

    Honestly not sure. He's proved himself repeatedly bad as a club manager, but repeatedly fantastic internationally. I'd like to think so, but last time he got us relegated to the Conference! Possibly just the right person at the wrong time though. The photo's from a Guardian article (https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/14/morocco-herve-renard-cambridge-world-cup) this week and people who played under him (including a young John Ruddy) rave about how ahead of his time he was. We always seemed to be trying to do the right things, but the results were pretty abject. A lot of people think that if someone else had handled transfers, he could have been great. Maybe that's the difference internationally, no transfers to worry about. He did once quite entertainingly get his English in a muddle during an interview, saying "I apologise for next week", but it turned out to be correct as both were rubbish.
  6. m_fenton

    Morocco v Iran

    Not to boast, but that's me mostly behind his head in this picture.
  7. 128 in a straight knock out format. No seeding, just a big free-for all. I think there are a few more than 128 teams, so allow as many byes as you need in the first round based on World Rankings. Edit: Or make up the numbers to 256 with some of those fake countries @Heartwork is always banging on about
  8. m_fenton

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    For balance, my wife seems pretty into the Morocco (and, oddly, ex-Cambridge) manager Herve Renard...
  9. Hell of a header to be fair, well placed and controlled.
  10. Russia don't look awful so far, but pretty slow all over the pitch.
  11. m_fenton

    Could we be about to have a World Cup Eve TWIST?

    It's not a breach of contract though, is it? The contract literally contains a clause for this eventuality, which Real Madrid are activating.
  12. m_fenton

    Could we be about to have a World Cup Eve TWIST?

    The way I see it, Lopetegui is an employee. He has decided to accept a new job offer, after serving effectively a sensible notice period. He had no need to tell his current employer that he was considering a future job offer elsewhere, just like I wouldn't need to tell mine. Real Madrid are to pay the buy out clause that the Spanish FA signed up to. I can understand the FA being upset at exactly how it was handled, but it was better than keeping it secret. If it was only announced after the tournament, after a Barca player suffered a freak accident in training, can you imagine the conspiracy theories?! Only the Spanish FA come off badly here in my eyes. Pure jealousy and anger, nothing rational about this decision at all.
  13. All my picks are top 20 then... not had the most exciting gaming history!
  14. Did you still want a paragraph of explanation for certain games etc? I realise I just sent my list in, no commentary.