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  1. Right, I've clearly misjudged the mood so won't say much else. I assumed everyone had just finished a nice day in the sun watching England win, so might find it amusing re-reading the post match chat that ended up widest of the mark. Not trying to be a smart arse or anything, literally just making a little joke.
  2. I've just caught up on the thread (and the match one) from pre-kick off to now in one go. You've got people calling the line up embarrassing. saying that Southgate should be criticised for it regardless of the result, that it's boring and only designed not to lose. Perhaps the manager isn't actually a boring clueless simpleton, and has at least earnt the benefit of the doubt by now for his decisions?
  3. I wasn't on the forum before kick off so can't have a friendly laugh about other people having a meltdown?
  4. And on Trippier, did anyone else hear what Southgate said about the reasoning? Seems solid enough reasoning to me, more to do with individual players than tactics: https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/gareth-southgate-england-kieran-trippier-euro-2021-b940368.html “We felt that his talking across the backline and his ability to get out and stop crosses quickly and his experience on a day like today - alongside Tyrone Mings, who is relatively early in his international career - would be a good stabilising element.” “He is a very underrated player,” Southgate added. “People a
  5. Need to watch Mike Basset at some point before the first England game, as is tradition. I think you could do a cracking remake/sequel with him yelling at racists that boo, then having players banned for historic tweets, his star player missing a panenka etc.
  6. Only one person in the world thinks Neymar's theatrics at the World Cup weren't too much, and his name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior
  7. Some fair points - a corner leads to a goal about as often as a free kick. However, I don't agree that you have to make an equal fuss about all forms of cheating. Mulling it over, these are the reasons I think diving is generally worse than some other forms: It is accusing another player of wrongdoing. Claiming a throw/corner is not lying about another professional's conduct, so in that aspect it is not so bad. It works more often. Every time the ball goes out (unless 100% clear) you get both teams appealing for it. That appeal therefore shouldn't actually sway the referee either wa
  8. On a similar theme - anyone who walks away holding the ball when they have given away a free kick should be carded. It's another case where referees simply have no intention of applying the rules.
  9. Literally nobody is saying that. Diving is still the biggest problem in my opinion, because it is the one with the greatest "reward" for the offender. A good dive might, as a topical example, lead to your team scoring the first goal of a World Cup Final. Arguing about a throw in, or someone who feigns injury, very rarely have such an impact. If everyone stopped diving the game would improve, and more focus would be given to other offences.
  10. No, I'd also like it if players didn't start an argument and appeal for absolutely every little throw in decision etc. However, of the two offences, diving causes the bigger problems.
  11. Would have Pavard and Trippier in for Marcelo and Silva, plus Lukaku for Kane. Edit: And Hazard for Ronaldo.
  12. Absolutely they need a break - maybe extend half time by a couple of minutes? I think the principle of having the on-field referee make the decisions is important, unless it's a purely factual check like offside or the goal line.
  13. What would be your thoughts about handing out yellow cards for first half dives during half time? Not a complete solution, but to me that would at least go some way towards punishing players during the game, without disrupting the flow.
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