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  1. I have no idea I'm afraid, the Brentford data is all I deal with, sorry!
  2. Again noted earlier in the thread, it's a bug rather than a data issue.
  3. It's been noted on a previous page, it's a bug that SI are aware of rather than a data issue.
  4. Just a wild stab in the dark, but could it be caused by Russell Martin having a date of 30/06/20 as his leaving MK Dons date in his player history instead of 03/11/19 which is marked as his retirement date? If you look on this screenshot it seems to be picking that up as a leave managerial job date;
  5. Yes please, sounds like it's gone a bit skewy. Iirc there was a similar problem at some point on FM20.
  6. He has been set as both scouting in France and having scouting knowledge in France, we can't assign a figure for how much/little knowledge so I guess the game randomises it. However it shouldn't be coming up as 0 or no knowledge when the game starts so I'd suggest reporting this as a bug @darren1983
  7. There's a lot in that table that isn't how the real life season has played out so far. But remember it's only one save, you'd need a much bigger data set to prove your point. Did you start with the first transfer window enabled? That can make a big difference to how saves play out.
  8. It needs to be officially announced by one club or both before we put it in, Football Insider 'understanding' something isn't enough.
  9. It's not been officially confirmed as of yet by either club, unless you've seen something I've missed?
  10. Nothing has been changed in the database for this to happen. I've started a quick test save and there they are though. Game bug @Dean Gripton, or could it be a result of having so many players in the U23/B team that the younger ones are pushed into an U18 team?
  11. I really wouldnt know, I tried a test new game with all English leagues loaded down to National Leagues N & S with a large database and he didnt show up in game. What is interesting is the unique id alongside Paul Ince in Mr Ford's screenshot is not the one assigned to Paul Ince in the database (Tom Ince is correct, didnt check any others). THE Paul Ince is 2004544, there is no one assigned the number 2000066779 at all.
  12. He isn't marked as retired in the database. He hasn't had a job in football for over 6 years (according to his database history at least, and that job lasted 11 months after a 2 year lay off) which I imagine makes him a low priority for the game to activate when you start a save.
  13. Thanks, I think he's been given a generic DOB but will endeavor to correct it for the winter update.
  14. As far as I can see it hasn't been done yet, but thats not to say it's not being done as part of an ongoing process that I cant currently see.
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