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    Wife, Mortgage, 3 kids. I've got what most of you have to look forward to ;-)


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    playing cm, pool and a Beer

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  1. Cheers for the tag, hadn’t seen this, I'm good for one mate
  2. I'm in, hopefully better luck that the national shambles over the years
  3. paid, why is the prize fund £180? thought it was 32 entries at £5
  4. 1. readingfanman 2. Jonno-Blood 3. Robbie.Knox 4. TigerChris 5. darren1983 6. Jorg 7. Emersonlfc 8. Umney 9. ShyBaldBuddhist 10. gillsminnow 11. Pukey 12. Neil Brock 13. Bigmarsh
  5. Don't normally come in here but great effort from Arsenal, pleased for Wenger after the stick he's had. Unlucky guys!!
  6. Shortest analysis ever at full time as they go and watch the England game
  7. She's only crying cause she forgot to put the washing machine on!
  8. 3 wrong decicions, not a foul, offside and a red card get that roon ye Mancini
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