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  1. If we'd had a competent refereeing team, we'd have had three points in Cardiff.
  2. The Iceland fans weren't the first to do it so the French can have a go if they want.
  3. That would be the qualifying campaign where Scotland finished above Wales.
  4. Must have missed that vote of all Scotland fans. I expected England to win that game. It was a few days after the qualifier against Ireland which was a physical encounter.
  5. Just shows you where 7 wins from the last 16 competitive games can get you in the FIFA rankings.
  6. Judging purely on this World Cup, South Americans are dreadful singers.
  7. Hard to have any sympathy for a team that played for a 0-0 from the first minute.
  8. Make your mind up.
  9. Laughing at the misfortune of others doesn't mean they don't care about their own team far more. And there's nothing modern about it. It's been happening since footballing rivalry began.
  10. I doubt it. Wales are talking themselves up to be near the level of Belgium.
  11. Don't think we've ever been out with one group game still to go tbf.
  12. Pirlo was an absolute joy to watch. The penalty just the icing on the cake.
  13. Might have been better for Switzerland had Djourou been sent off. Absolute bombscare.
  14. It was quite dull for the most part but I can't ever remember a fantastic World Cup (been watching since 1990). I much prefer the Euros and the Copa America.
  15. Muslera and Butt are making goalkeeping look far harder than it is.