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  1. @JJ72These things are the daddy https://www.screwfix.com/p/fischer-high-performance-universal-plugs-ux6-6mm-100-pack/22190?tc=TT9&ds_kid=92700048793290424&ds_rl=1249413&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-OeBBhDiARIsADyBcE78wpHFq1x5yI3JM2C9ZUdRogPYGo3Hy6iCKC74YoGOoSrw1rr-DboaAtCAEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. Yeah I mean, in all my attempts at lols I forgot to wish you all birthdays. Hope they were good gents!
  3. I do this when redecorating/buying furniture. Cut out cereal boxes to scale with the furniture, draw the room out on graph paper, and then you can rearrange things without any heavy lifting.
  4. Suns. Suns was a thing. There are Suns now.
  5. He's obviously just confused about the meaning of best ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Kasbah? I think you mean the Colly, as it should always be known... So many (blurry) memories there.
  7. I'm so ****ing smiley. Thanks everyone for not being the UTTER SCUM you come across as online. I declare you all SIRL.
  8. Is that what this was all about? Post boosting?
  9. I seem to remember being particularly proud of an apple punfest... Oh the glory days.
  10. Just caught up with this thread, bloody hell. Powlay was mean, probably a decent guy IRL but got off on being a dick to kids on the internet. He used to PM me telling me how beige he thought I was and that I should stop posting, dullard was one of his favourite put-downs. Bit of a bully really. He used to run a social club and that's how the him and hilly's mum thing became a thing. Don't think they were actually an item, but Powlay would say he was going to ask her out etc. and we all wound hilly up about it. I remember Powlay starting a thread about getting his pool table reclot
  11. If you put that much salad on a pizza (rocket is acceptable) there's something very wrong with you. And whilst that is not a full english, and deserves no place in here (except to annoy Harry - a valid justification) I would happily put it into my face. Herringbone's breakfast is purely let down by attention to detail in my opinion. The toast and bacon have been mentioned, both needed longer, however I think a key aspect missed in critiques thus far is the way that the bacon appeared to have been added to the plate so carelessly. If this was indeed the work of an outside agent "the mrs
  12. Jesus. No one's trying to police your thoughts. Yes, we're (straight men obvs) programmed to see women as sexually attractive, but as others have said, and you've ignored, it's your words and actions which matter. So many women are in the sex industry in the same way so many people are in the twitch/streaming/vlogging industry. Not because they think all gamers should be treated like celebrities, but because there's a market for it. You also say "so many". What proportion of women do you think are in the business of making money for their appearance? It's negligible. It's app
  13. If a woman is saying "I'm here, please pay x to enjoy my body". That's not objectification. That's a business transaction. If you think men can't tell the difference between the job that a lap dancer / onlyfans model / pin-up model and " a woman on the street", and think the rules that apply to one apply to all, you have a pretty dim view of men.
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