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  1. Here's a quick one for you, I'm looking for a 4231 of 442diamondnarrow that is more cautious (Balanced or Positive). All the recommended tactics appear to be Attacking with very aggressive pressing, and this is my plan A, but I may occassionally need to be less gung ho, any recommendations?
  2. How is it so hard for people to realise the "it's coming home" thing was a massive ironic ****-take?
  3. But equally if a team with a good attack went guns blazing and lost 3-2 for example, people'd say they were irresponsible at the back and should have kept tighter so that their goals counted more.
  4. It just comes back to this idea that "talent" is creativity and attacking. They won the game, and did so whilst creating chances and looking threatening on the break, so by definition didn't play "too defensively". They set up not to concede, which is just as valid a tactic as setting up to score one more than the opponent IMO. Different strokes etc.
  5. As much as you can complain that France were too defensive (I don't believe there's such a thing), Belgium completely ran out of ideas at half-time and had no way back after the goal.
  6. Worth pointing out that Ali's clearly been nursing a thigh injury for the tournament, so his performances are slightly easier to defend, but his selection is more the question-mark. Rashford wouldn't be able to do what Sterling is currently doing for the side but is more of a natural finisher (that one chance aside). His key skill is on the ball dribbling, which is better suited to playing against a defence that Sterling has just been pulling all over the place and tiring out.
  7. France have more options to play differently, and have a bit more depth, should rightly be slight favourites, but if Belgium can get their starting XI firing I think they'll win.
  8. Completely agree with this. The weakest performer this WC has been Ali, and he acknowledged that in his interview. I'd be tempted to swap him for Delph's industry in midfield for the Croatia game. For me this is a game where we'll really need Sterling and Kane doing what they did against Sweden and dropping deep to hold the ball up for others.
  9. I have done this for exactly the same reason. Horrible night's sleep though.
  10. I think if Alli's injury is still there he should come out for Delph. Same with Young out for Rose, for the same reason. I wouldn't change anything else, Sterling is doing a good job of holding the ball up and making moves on and off the ball for others. Lingard has been quiet (partly because I think the opposition are watching him more now) but his movement and energy is outstanding. No-one's really shone so far other than perhaps Trippier, and none of England's performances have been obvious standouts, so this whole thread is a little confusing.
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