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  1. This is really hard to argue with. Think you could fill a whole team with high performing fullbacks and wingbacks from this tournament, so this is a nice way to get Shaw, Spinazzola and Maehle in. Argument to be made for Schmeichel in goal I think, purely due to the amount of shots he faced and saves he made. Insigne also unlucky to miss out, but just wasn't as dangerous as Chiesa and Sterling.
  2. No. But then would I be upset if he got offered one? Absolutely not.
  3. What a game. I have never been that tense throughout a game. Their FK was a screamer, other than that they didn't cause much trouble. Pickford had a wobbly game, but ultimately I don't think he can be held accountable for that goal given it was such a belter. The Pen was soft, but was checked by VAR and wasn't a clear and obvious mistake. Kane's take was tame, but well done on the follow up, and with the OG and the earlier save, it's a shame Sterling didn't get on the scoresheet officially. Think we really could have done with DCL in the box at times. I'm a little baffled as
  4. Mancini trolling with the rotation too!
  5. Just joined, straight in at no. 9 Not going to be able to field a full team tonight though I don't think Anyone taking points hits?
  6. If anyone hasn't listened, Southgate was on an episode of Jake Humphrie's High Performance podcast. The way he speaks about his job is a massive insight, and it's clear why this England feels so different. https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9yc3MuYWNhc3QuY29tL3RoZS1oaWdoLXBlcmZvcm1hbmNlLXBvZGNhc3Q/episode/N2RlMDk4M2QtNDE4MC00Y2YyLTk1YzEtNDIxYzZkOTdjOTBm?ep=14
  7. He just seems to have confidence in all the players to do a job if required, decisions are made based on who's best suited to the game at hand. No shoe-horning players in. I like it.
  8. I know I know, I just didn't want anyone to feel they had to. I wasn't digging at you as much as clarifying for anyone reading that it was a joke. Sarcky pants.
  9. Absolutely non-dickish. Name them here if you like! Edit: missed a page and you have 👍 Neither's that. The prize is there to be won. Good has been done from this already, and someone might bloody need that £15 for something. In fact I fully support whoever a wins choosing not to be named if they want, and I'm sure @Weezerwould oblige in not making it public 👍
  10. Count me in for the draw, I'm also all aboard the charidee bandwagon.
  11. This thread deserves to be on the front page still... I've been using a control possession 433 (DM and AMR/L) tactic at Man Utd to great success against the smaller teams, however I was struggling closing out close games and throughout the big games, partly because Maguire's lack of pace and Lindelof's lack of aerial presence could easily be exploited. I now start big games with a slightly adjusted version of the Gaius Diamond. It's also pretty compatible with my default tactic as something to switch to later in games to see things out. A few tweaks I make depending on how the g
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