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  1. ham_aka_stam

    Is this true?

    How does that work if a player is off-field for an injury then? Technically the kick-off cannot take place.
  2. ham_aka_stam

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Just me that thinks what @samba23 said is semi-intentional? Southgate has said he's playing to the player's strengths: pace, movement and energy. I don't think sticking another holding midfielder in is the way to go about it against sides like Tunisia and Panama. Against Belgium and bigger, maybe.
  3. ham_aka_stam

    Is this true?

    It is true by my understanding, if they'd all left the field of play, no Portugal players would be in Spain's half, so Spain could have kicked off
  4. ham_aka_stam

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    But in my example, until there are a representative number of black people in the media who are "successful" you're not giving equality of opportunity. Whilst those who aren't racist like to think race doesn't exist, it very much does, and it's been shown that minority kids need to see people "like them" succeeding or they'll grow up thinking that the world is stacked against them, which has the net result of perpetuating whatever problems already exist. The same applies to gender, and why there's such a stress on getting women in STEM fields to make themselves known and share their stories.
  5. Don't like Safe Spaces? Don't use one. Pretty simple.
  6. ham_aka_stam

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    Personally I think it happens with contact with the media/society tbh. Until roles/positions etc. in public are more equal, kids are going to grow up to some degree thinking superheros, doctors and politicians are all white and black people are more likely to be sportsmen, rappers, or in prison. I thought that's why there was such positive noise about Luke Cage and Black Panther etc.? Humans are very good at plotting patterns in their head and learning to behave in response. If that inequality is what we put in then we're going to get the same out. You're talking about kids in multicultural societies too, and a lot of kids don't grow up in those sorts of environments, their parents may be racist, blaming everything on various ethnic/religious groups. But yeah, it's definitely learned.
  7. ham_aka_stam

    Apple HomePod

    Can't you do everything with these that you can already do with your smartphone of choice? OK Google, works perfectly for me on my phone...
  8. ham_aka_stam

    Sugar tax

    I don't really drink fizzy drinks, prefer water, but I've left my waterbottle in the car today. Anything fizzy screws with your teeth though right? I thought chocolate was the best thing for a hypo?
  9. ham_aka_stam

    Day thread

    Onion has to be pre-cooked I think, has to then be fried really hot so it's crispy.
  10. I read him described as vegan gammon earlier which made me chuckle. Love the Smiths, hate the man.
  11. ham_aka_stam

    England's World Cup 23

    My understanding is you constantly rotate that stuff in training so that the players can swap when tiredness/injuries/suspensions come into play and not be all "UGH I'VE ONLY TRAINED IN FRONT OF BUTLAND! I CAN'T UNDERSTAND PICKFORD'S ACCENT"
  12. ham_aka_stam

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    No it was originally Bills Bills Bills.
  13. ham_aka_stam

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    Clarified. I am finding myself very amusing this morning.
  14. ham_aka_stam

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    I'm with EON after plugging my numbers into Uswitch and going with whoever were a) the cheapest and b) had good customer service ratings.
  15. ham_aka_stam

    Day thread

    Your Dad is ****ed.