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  1. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    There's a like button, you can tag people, you don't need to quote a massive post just to agree with it.
  2. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    But I thought researchers had to change PAs every year!?
  3. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    You can not believe in it or redefine it, but it exists. Try as I might I'll never be a poet laureate, or a nuclear physicist, I simply don't have the potential ability. I could get so far, but eventually I'd reach my mental limits and get no better no matter how hard I try. That PA always exists, they just haven't reached it yet. The reshuffling is a bit naff, but it's slow enough that it pretty closely matches what happens when a player reaches their peak, they can't increase their attributes any more, get any faster, or shoot any better. But they might be able to work at their running off the ball, at the expense of working on their heading, or their set-pieces. You say you understand the statements, but you've already said you have a different PA than SI Unless you're going to PA each individual attribute a global PA models the real world just fine. The limit IRL is just as hard as PA is, albeit less reach it than in FM because FM is about (mostly) professional footballers who're more likely to reach theirs than the average man on the street.
  4. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    These bold bits are almost contradictory. You say differences arise as a result of genetics. Then that you don't believe Messi or Ronaldo have a special gene. You're right in both. There's obviously not a football gene, but there's many many genes that impact sporting performance, and these work in combination to produce variations in: Height Length of limb Bone Density Lung Capacity Peak Ventilation Rate Heart Size Heart Stroke Rate Circulatory Capacity Muscle blood supply Intelligence Spatial awareness Peripheral Vision Working Spacial Memory Communication abilities Muscle fibre composition Ability to put on muscle Connective Tissue Flexibility Coordination Eye-sight Agility Reaction Speeds And many more. Like players in FM, these will all have a base value that they'd sit at if that person sat on their arse all their life. Then they'll have a physical peak that they will not get better than even if they trained from birth to be a footballer. It's been shown how Wayne Rooney, for all his flaws, has absolutely incredible spacial awareness and peripheral vision. So even if he'd never learned how to pass a football, he'd have a better awareness than others about where the players are on the football pitch. Yes some of this is learned, but many kids have the same football upbringing as Rooney, but don't show the same ability. No matter how much I train, I will never be a top marathon runner, I'm too stocky, I'm more suited to sprinting, but I'd never be a top sprinter either, because I don't have the limb length to reach the correct top speed. I could reach my PA in sprinting and still be no-where near national standard, let alone Olympic standard. This is the same in football, it's just far more multifaceted and why I mentioned earlier a PA for individual stats would be the ideal way to go, and a PA for physicals, technicals and mentals would be a decent compromise. But PA still exists, it's just weighted differently for every person. You mention "other players don't come close to the hard work and professionalism needed to get to the level of cr7 and messi", which is hugely factually inaccurate. There are tonnes of examples of model professionals who will never be as physically imposing as Ronaldo, as stable and nimble on the ball as Messi (to stick to the physicals), let alone have Ronaldo's technique when striking the ball, or Messi's at controlling, passing and curling the ball. Beckham is touted as one of the most hardworking professional players, and all he got was the passing ability. He was always quite slow, rather lacking in agility, and not known for his dribbling. That's ignoring the professional dedicated players who never make it out of the lower leagues because they're too slow etc.
  5. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Re: the bold bits. You keep forgetting that most players never reach their PA in FM. It is not a case that everyone's getting to 24 and never improves. Most players still have potential that they can unlock up until the natural decline on or after 30years old! Also, PA should never fluctuate. Because it is that player's natural limit. Your natural limit will never increase, you'll just get closer and closer to it. If a player DOES hit his PA it's because he's reached the highest attributes he can reach. We're not talking about an intelligent person learning some more facts, we're talking about a football player's attributes reaching their sum peak. This doesn't mean he can't get "better", you / the AI as managers can still improve the spread of those attributes through training. He can still have a stormer of a season, he could still play for a team which makes better use of his attributes and out-perform his previous performances. But again, we're talking about the absolute minority of players here. Everyone else still has CA points available to improve their attributes Basically this whole thread is about people not understanding that CA doesn't equal performance, and that PA is not something that most players reach. CA development can be improved, PA could be increased if less players got near theirs, but ditching it without adding other limits (thus defeating the point of ditching it) would be fruitless.
  6. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    That should just be covered under normal CA development. And probably already is. As CA gets nearer to 200 it should take more and more stars to align for a player to reach their PA. A 20A player should have no issue reaching near their PA as long as they're injury free and playing/training regularly. A 100PA player would need to move into a decent league, be training in proper facilities, have physios to look after injuries and be lucky avoid any that requires extensive surgery, will have to have experience of first team football early, and playing regularly in their 20s. A 200PA player should have top training and facilities throughout their career, should be professional and diligent with their training, should be playing at the top level and performing well, have good luck wrt injuries and/or have good rehab/top surgery when they do occur etc. etc. if they are to get anywhere near their PA. You get the point, basically the higher up the PA scale you go, the harder it should be for players to reach their peak. Therefore you can have more players given sky high PA, without worrying that you'll have XI Messi standard players in every national team. Quite the balancing act though.
  7. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Can someone explain why we should have a hidden part of an attribute that's already meant to be hidden? What benefit does that serve?
  8. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    PA can't be overcome, it's a fixed limit of CA. Not always the same due to the possibility of minus figures. The PA of known players will always be the same for all saves, yes. However the players which actually reach their PA will change. Where their CA is spent (attributes wise) will change. How good that attribute spread makes them as a player will change. Whether they actually perform to that level will change.
  9. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    It's clear he just doesn't understand how PA works. Or is just doggedly attached to his suggestion and is wilfully ignoring any explanation as to why PA is better.
  10. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Little sneak into the mind of a researcher there, makes perfect sense and another reason why PA works pretty much exactly the way it should in real life. Thanks santy. BTW I wasn't saying it doesn't happen, but it sounds like there may still be room for improvement in code and in advice given to researchers.
  11. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    The solo answer here is for SI to give the researchers the confidence to set high PA for highly rated lower-league players who could become good. I say confidence, the confidence is more the fact that these guys are going to be in their mid-20s and highly unlikely to make their PA, but given the right conditions they might. This however, would only work if Human players couldn't just do a search for these high PA players, buy them for peanuts and make them all come good. i.e. if PA was encrypted. Also this doesn't mean the actual Vardy of 2013 will become the Vardy of 2017, that's crystal ball stuff, but what it does mean is that some players from the lower leagues will do this. So forget the actual Vardy, and instead look for the ageing lower league players who do have good PA and do move through the leagues. This already happens (no idea if it happens enough), it's just not necessarily the same players who make it in real life, and it's never going to be.
  12. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Force ref and almanac. Boom. @herne79 is absolutely correct and it's what I stated quite early on in my involvement in this seesaw game. I'm not blaming them, it's just the fact of the matter. Some players they'll over-rate, some they'll under-rate. That's life. I'd probably prefer they erred on the side of high PA for players though, and then SI factored this in and further increased the number of stars that have to align for a player to reach their PA. This would mean there could be players at Brentford, for example, with 180 PA quite comfortably, because unless they have a stormer of a season, get spotted and moved up the leagues, the likelihood of them reaching their PA is minimal.
  13. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    re: bold bit, no it doesn't. Researchers under-rating PA of players is the issue.
  14. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    You're wrong. Firstly at 23 you'd have to be pretty lucky to have got him to his CA. Secondly things should change in 7 years, you'll be moulding his attributes Additionally his CA will increase when he plays well, And it'll take hits if he gets injured. He may not even be able to recover that lost CA So the problem you're trying to fix simply doesn't exist I'm not a researcher, but that's certainly not the way I would expect them to be working.
  15. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Researchers have to adjust everything each game. Each game is a snapshot of the data at that point in time. The issue here is in researchers being human, not in the way PA works. I'm not "focusing" on anything. It is possible for A Jamie Vardy in FM13 to become an FM17 Vardy, but not THE Vardy, because the researcher gave him a low PA. You could argue this is the researcher's fault for not spotting the potential that the player had. But you're effectively asking them, or the game, to read the future and allow that to happen in FM. I expect you also want that Leicester team to win the PL too? And for all the transfers to happen the same? Please do stop repeating yourself. A player, cannot, out-perform, their potential. That is a logical impossibility. I cannot become better than the best I could possibly be. Does that make sense? Your issue is not with PA, it is with researchers rating PA too low for players who have potential, but are unlikely to reach it. I am not blaming any researcher for this because it is impossible to know. However I expect the best solution here is for SI to continue to develop the player progression paths such that players can be given higher PAs with less and less chance of players with certain poor attributes reaching them. Yes they are. Read the thread. The issues are highlighted throughout this thread. Read the thread.