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  1. One other save game won't load, the third has loaded though, so maybe it's a savegame issue.
  2. Happens on load of saved game by the way. I'll give another save a go.
  3. Hi all, Having this problem: http://tinypic.com/r/jrbkue/9 It was working fine yesterday I've verified game cache, but still no luck. Might sound stupid, but how to I go about uninstalling to try reinstalling? If I try to do it through windows, Steam tells me I'll have to redownload it again, which I don't really want to have to do.
  4. Wales > Iceland > Italy > France > Germany > Portugal
  5. Rooney. Can. Actually. Read. Though. Even. If. At. A. Primary. School. Level.
  6. Mata wasn't bad...
  7. Give me a shout if you can't
  8. a) Yes b) The PL is very different to La Liga c) The above is further demonstrated by this season being particularly weird I don't like Van Gaal, but if his target was to keep champions league football and reach the semis/quarters of the FA Cup, and he manages it, then he deserves to stay. If he misses CL, then as Icon said, he'll expect to pulled up on it, and factors like quality of performances, style of play, signings etc. will play a part.
  9. And when it's Ibra you don't even need anything near to his best season to get magic.
  10. Sounds like a "Why did Daley Blind cross the road?" joke
  11. Well that was a shambles. Started so well but Martial was the only one with any ideas in and around the box and he was out on the wing. Made even less sense then when Young came on the play upfront. All while Mata is on the wing, and a winger is playing no. 10, and it still confuses me why we have a DM at CB who's not got the pace to make up for his pressing
  12. Oh please just go away.
  13. Not even a CB? Idiot.
  14. Shame Martial's our only in form winger...
  15. succeeding != replacing