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    I'm gonna say what a man with two penises says when his tailor asks if he dresses right or left: yes

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  1. Here's a quick one for you, I'm looking for a 4231 of 442diamondnarrow that is more cautious (Balanced or Positive). All the recommended tactics appear to be Attacking with very aggressive pressing, and this is my plan A, but I may occassionally need to be less gung ho, any recommendations?
  2. No service charge is compulsory in the UK.
  3. Well... erm... yeah... nothing that stimulating... I was just off work visiting family for Christmas.
  4. I've missed two months and you've only just pipped me by 1 point
  5. Or your 2MP selfie-camera wasn't deemed high-res by our particularly-fussy-about-image-quality quiz-master
  6. Wow I was confident I'd get a decent score then
  7. I'm not sure you can take a "candid" of your own body tbh... I'm really not proud of my knowledge of this place in truth.
  8. There are fewer days in February in fairness.
  9. Erm... no you didn't. The subject was something along the lines of "ffffuuuuuuu....." And I'd already "sent" in the thread...
  10. I've definitely got two out of three, guessed the third.
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