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  1. Player traits are just that, tendencies towards a certain way of playing. There is no best/worst, it's just what fits into your system.
  2. Tempo doesn't affect how long your strikers take with their finishing, but a lower tempo game will wait until a clearer opportunity presents itself before playing that final ball, or will pass the ball in defence for a bit before getting the ball into the MF/AT. I'd remove TI entirely, watch the games, and then decide what you want to add to counter/exaggerate what you're seeing.
  3. What Druvi said to be honest, there are definitely some issues with you tactic which other more skilled people will pull apart (in a nice way). However don't underestimate the motivational and confidence side of the game. One loss can easily turn into 10 if you don't handle your players morale well. Going into the tactic, think about space, and what you're telling each player to do, the DLF for example is being told to come deep, into the space where the AMC is, you have AMCL and AMCR on attack duties, without knowing about their roles I can't suggest what they might be doing, but they will be getting in each others way if you're attacking narrow. I would remove all of your team instructions as a starter.
  4. I'd disagree that AF doesn't work in a 4123, you just need to be willing to switch it up if he's not getting enough of the ball. If you're having lots of shots but not CCC, where are these shots coming from? Are players shooting because they have no other option? How can you give them more options?
  5. This thread would be hugely useful a) to someone fairly new to putting a tactic together and b) playing away from the big sides where you can dictate how you want to play and build a team around that. Some of your methods for putting a tactic together are very straightforward and methodical and should help anyone create a "basic" (meant in the most positive of senses) tactic that gives them a base to work on. Bravo.
  6. What's the order of priority between Opposition Instructions, Player Instructions and Team Instructions? Further Questions: a) If I have a player set to close down more, and then I instruct the team to close down more, does he go to the top notch? b) What if he's on close down less and my team is told to close down more, does he go up a notch to close down sometimes? Or does he join the team on close-down more? c) What if it's something like Dribble Less which I'm choosing, and that player's role has Dribble More as a fixed instruction which I couldn't manually change? Will he dribble at normal levels, or continue Dribbling More d) What if I tell a player to close down less, have no TI on closing down, but have his opposite number on the OI close down always? Does my player close him down more than he usually would? Or do other players get involved instead?
  7. I'd disagree and say that you're only in the defensive phase when you're re-organised after an attack, I haven't played with IWBs in the WB/DM line only in the FB line and they very much rush to get back into line with the defence. I'd still be wary of relying on the AP(A) offering much in the way of protection to the box, but will have to give it a go to know for sure. Keen to see how the OP gets on.
  8. Yeah in transitions might be OK, but when in the defensive phase (I realise this is to be used against Parked Buses, but this may still occur) he may find himself stretched, and any opposition movement could see CBs running out to close down, leaving gaps.
  9. I'd imagine you may struggle against teams that pack the midfield, with only one CMs Bear in mind in defence any WB or FB will still look to form a line with the CBs, so you're going to have one player in front of them.
  10. The "golden zones" thing is massively important, once you mentally graduate from "I want a good tactic", you realise that controlling these positions with one tactic is next to impossible. I play 433wide with 1 DM and 2 x CM. So naturally my DM looks after the rearward zone, but I have options with regards to the advanced zone, I can have my ST drop, i can have a CM push on, or I can switch it up and forego some control of the DM zone, and go for 2 x CM and 1 x AM. Due to my playing staff (Kondogbia, Pogba, Ali - alternates of Herrera and Witsel) I can switch from one to the other with ease during a game. Having players who are capable of destroying and creating, whilst working hard and getting stuck in, is a luxury many aren't lucky enough to have, but having an understanding of the key attributes which makes them so versatile helps people no end. I like the idea of trying to explain your thought processes, as even simple things like the rampaging CM are seen by many as the AI just deciding to win, rather than them seeing it as a result of their own actions/inaction: they've given the opposition space.
  11. You're dominating possession because you have no attacking players in the middle and lots of players for your playmakers to pass to behind them (3 x CB, 1 x DM and the other playmaker), so they're just going to keep recycling the ball in and around midfield a lot... that doesn't score goals. Without one of those players being a bit more adventurous the ball is only going to get forward when absolutely guaranteed, or when your F9 drops deep, leaving you with one advanced attacking player. I'd imagine most of the time they slowly make their way up the pitch before having shots from outside the area (you have lots of shots but, on the whole, very few Clear Cut Chances), or passing to the wingers, who cross, but with only your CF guaranteed to be in the box, you're going to struggle to get goals from crosses. My advice: Ditch all your team advice, but seeing as you seem to want possession play I'd keep the Tempo at 1 notch lower than default, or maybe tick the "Retain Possession button" Drop your wingers into WB position as your first port of call positioning-wise, you need defensive cover on the wings and with an attack duty they're going to find themselves very far up the pitch when you lose the ball. You could keep the attack duty once they're back there, but only if they're fit enough and work hard enough to get back and defend. I agree you should have a more adventurous DM, a BWMd or even Support would work very well there breaking play up. If he goes wandering closing players down too much you still have 3 CBs behind. I'd then get one of your two CMs to be a runner rather than both floating and trying to playmake. You could make Wilshere an APa, or you could put him as an CMa to really get him forward, but a CMs would probably be my choice. I'd then consider making your DLP an APs, but you'd have to see how that plays with your team. As long as he stays as support he'll still be around to cover defensively, but you don't need to have him fixed in position like a DLP as you have 4 defensive players behind. Finally, I'd consider going to a Standard mentality. Control assumes you're going to dominate play, and allows your players to play wider and roam a bit more. I'm assuming as Bournemouth you aren't a dominant force, so I'd go Standard (for reference I play as a dominant Manchester United and I play on Standard). But this isn't a necessity.
  12. Additionally, I find when playing as the dominant team, you often have to work harder to adjust your tactics to overcome the opposition's weaknesses. For example, I'll move my DM forward if the opposition only has 1 ST and no AM. I'll push a CM forward or pull a ST back into AM if the opposition doesn't have a DM. I'll man-mark the WBs of a team with no forward wing players to ensure they're kept quiet. I'll play an attacking ST against teams with a DM to keep him out of the space the DM is occupying, but I'll play a Support ST if that gap is free to try to split the defence up. What I'm basically saying is: it's tough at the top. And as herne said, you sound like you did pretty well. In that 80-something point tally season. Perhaps try to get back there first, then look at where you drop points and consider making a few changes for those sorts of games?
  13. I know the total injuries is lower, but I wondered whether the incidence of training injuries vs match injuries is higher.
  14. I'd say that's slightly misleading given that that is a training page, and whichever role you select a) automatically highlights those attributes and b) adds a line on the chart to track progress. But thanks for the response
  15. That's interesting because the Development > Training page definitely seems to suggest that some roles improve Determination.