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  1. This is a catch-all "he's not very good mentally" comment. I've no idea the exact driver, but it suggests a few of his mental attributes are particularly low. You get a similar one if their physicals or technicals are particularly good or rubbish. i.e. Player is a technical footballer His Ball Control highlights his great technical ability. You might find that this comment came alongside a specific pinpointing of a poor attribute.
  2. I'm guessing his success is mostly down to the quality of his attack, as that back 6 is very defensive and will form a wall. With only one attacking role he's probably playing on the counter somewhat too, avoiding penning the opposition into their box, instead, letting them come out and play, but winning the ball around half-way or further back.
  3. Help me develop this Regen

    I assume players "know" that they're weak-footed, and therefore avoid that foot? (Outside of the ppm of course). Does their tendency to use their weak foot increase as their weak-foot rating increases? It would be nice to have a "Weak Foot Preference" attribute.
  4. It also does PPMs if you don't pick the "off the field" one too right?
  5. I think I know the answer to this, but can a positive tutoring experience with a poor-role model, have a negative effect on the tutee's attributes too? i.e. Determination / Big Games / Consistency / Professionalism dropping?
  6. Target Man ideas

    With a Support mentality, depending on your team settings, he'll be quite cautious, and that setting is to encourage him to turn and look for runners with through balls/flick ons. IMO that's quite an important part of being a target man. The cautiousness of his mentality won't mean he's spraying passes around willynilly, this'll be for goal-scoring opportunities or on the counter predominantly. I'd argue a targetman with poor bravery isn't worth the punt, you need him to be getting stuck into some rough challenges and making a nuisance of himself.
  7. You haven't got Work Ball Into Box switched on have you? This reduces crossing tendency, so they're more likely to look for a dribble/passing option.
  8. Player Traits

    Player traits are just that, tendencies towards a certain way of playing. There is no best/worst, it's just what fits into your system.
  9. Need help with 4-2-3-1

    Tempo doesn't affect how long your strikers take with their finishing, but a lower tempo game will wait until a clearer opportunity presents itself before playing that final ball, or will pass the ball in defence for a bit before getting the ball into the MF/AT. I'd remove TI entirely, watch the games, and then decide what you want to add to counter/exaggerate what you're seeing.
  10. Need help with 4-2-3-1

    What Druvi said to be honest, there are definitely some issues with you tactic which other more skilled people will pull apart (in a nice way). However don't underestimate the motivational and confidence side of the game. One loss can easily turn into 10 if you don't handle your players morale well. Going into the tactic, think about space, and what you're telling each player to do, the DLF for example is being told to come deep, into the space where the AMC is, you have AMCL and AMCR on attack duties, without knowing about their roles I can't suggest what they might be doing, but they will be getting in each others way if you're attacking narrow. I would remove all of your team instructions as a starter.
  11. I'd disagree that AF doesn't work in a 4123, you just need to be willing to switch it up if he's not getting enough of the ball. If you're having lots of shots but not CCC, where are these shots coming from? Are players shooting because they have no other option? How can you give them more options?
  12. This thread would be hugely useful a) to someone fairly new to putting a tactic together and b) playing away from the big sides where you can dictate how you want to play and build a team around that. Some of your methods for putting a tactic together are very straightforward and methodical and should help anyone create a "basic" (meant in the most positive of senses) tactic that gives them a base to work on. Bravo.
  13. What's the order of priority between Opposition Instructions, Player Instructions and Team Instructions? Further Questions: a) If I have a player set to close down more, and then I instruct the team to close down more, does he go to the top notch? b) What if he's on close down less and my team is told to close down more, does he go up a notch to close down sometimes? Or does he join the team on close-down more? c) What if it's something like Dribble Less which I'm choosing, and that player's role has Dribble More as a fixed instruction which I couldn't manually change? Will he dribble at normal levels, or continue Dribbling More d) What if I tell a player to close down less, have no TI on closing down, but have his opposite number on the OI close down always? Does my player close him down more than he usually would? Or do other players get involved instead?
  14. Overloads & playmaker

    I'd disagree and say that you're only in the defensive phase when you're re-organised after an attack, I haven't played with IWBs in the WB/DM line only in the FB line and they very much rush to get back into line with the defence. I'd still be wary of relying on the AP(A) offering much in the way of protection to the box, but will have to give it a go to know for sure. Keen to see how the OP gets on.