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  1. KevinLFC

    Football manager on PS4

    It would be like the football managers back in the old days on the mega drive etc. I wouldn't mind it but it would be strange playing it on a controller instead of a mouse. It's a mouse based game if I am right?
  2. KevinLFC

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    What does strong/fairly strong next to each postion mean on the op?
  3. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    I kind of miss the old days when people crashed into the wall of champions and not just that this race use to be full of drama too but it's gone all too safe. Surely Kimi should had risked stopping again?
  4. KevinLFC

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    I am not sure if you guys can help me but I think I hurt my pec minor muscle playing tennis. I didn't think much at first but I carried on for a few more games around April. I woke up one morning with pains in the pec area which was burning so I stopped and went the doctors and they told me to rest between 4-6 weeks. I have notice a bit of improvement but not enough to return to play. What's strange is I don't feel pain at rest but I still feel a niggle when doing anything associated with the pec shoulder area and when I put more clothes on. Is this normal? and if the docs say rest for 4-6 weeks and its coming up to week 5 and I notice nothing different for the past week or so then it's kind of worrying. What should I do? Go back to the docs and ask for a scan. Pay for Physio? Or it could be on its way to getting better but it doesn't seem so?
  5. Not sure but I play tennis quite a bit and I had to stop in a similar way as it was hurting on hard serves and shots. Anyway from what I have heard it's not too bad for Serena.
  6. I currently have the same injury as Serena due to tennis. I have rested it for 4 weeks and it takes time to heal and I have still not recovered.
  7. I am in the same boat. Would be awesome to have otf doubles or something.
  8. KevinLFC

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Played 3 world cup games and my opponents keep quitting?
  9. KevinLFC

    F1 2017 OTF PS4 League - Season Two

    I'll be a part timer
  10. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    1 lap more and he would had done it
  11. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Come on Bottas!
  12. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Always Kimi
  13. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Yes it always is here.
  14. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    That is some scrap from around 6 onwards. If only it could be that close to first!
  15. KevinLFC

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    What time is race? 4.10?