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  1. When are Red Bull going to give Albon the boot? He was going quite well at one point but, but he couldn't beat Max on a bad day for max.
  2. Its hard to judge who is the best driver ever but I would pick Hamilton over Schumacher as Schumacher was prone to the odd crash. The cars of yesterday looked more difficult to drive, so its hard to judge who is the best but Fangio winning that many titles especially in a era where a crash could be fatal stands out.
  3. You could argue some the countries biggest universities are up here and so therefore lots of students passing the virus around.
  4. Seems a bit extreme for Turkey to be that early. Surely they can start at 12?
  5. They need to sort out clubs too. Too many are playing as two players with one being an any, playing with 10 men behind the ball and making it hard to break down. Of course if they did attack they would be destroyed. The any needs to go and EA should make it so that defending like that, would make it really hard to get up the pitch and score.
  6. I meant in the fact the track causes too many red flags, anywhere else and strolls crash wouldn't have caused the race to be stopped.
  7. I suppose it's the new that makes it exciting and the fact Sainz was closing Gasly down for the win. I felt it was kind of an enjoyable without the Red flag as Bottas and Verstappen fell down the field.
  8. Alesi's career has always been weird. He just ended up following Berger around. He should had won more than once, a good driver but I don't think he was consistent enough to be in a leading car. The 90's seemed like a weird era in driver talent. It felt like there was a drop off in talent and you just had Hakkinen and Schumacher at the top and lot of alright drivers behind them and not one's where you could label them potential champions. Hill and Villenerve won world championships but they made so many mistakes in doing so.
  9. The thing is with Gasly is we don't really know how good that Alphatauri car is or have we ever?. We all like him back in the red bull but it's hard to judge him against a very average team mate. Say we stick Gasly back in the red bull and he is struggling to beat the RP's and the Mclaren's, it wouldn't do him much good. If you actually look at most qualifing sessions the Red Bull is only qualifying in 3rd by only a few tenths and that is mostly down to Verstappen rather than the car. The car is actually better in the race but Albon is struggling to make that count. Gasly should be aiming to d
  10. Has Racing point in any form won a race? I think he will bottle it somewhere!
  11. It's mad. There is no other sport where it goes into a lottery like this!
  12. What's happened to track limits? It looks like drivers could use more than the track at times!
  13. A drunken run is the way to go! . Never done it but I would had thought Ale and water were two different things? So running wouldn't really get rid of the ale like water would.
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