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  1. I had a go at some of your tactics after getting a bit bored with my Southport team. I had reached the prem but I have not reached the champions league after trying for 2 years but I have not been missing by loads. I have been basing my team around up and coming kids. I have tried 4 or 5 of your tactics but my results are all over the place and makes no sense. I have to say I was 4-0 down using 442 to Man City and scored 4 second half goals to draw 4-4. I stuck with this tactic for a while and I binned it after I lost a league cup game to some lower league team as there was no consistency. I can't work out if it's the kids I am playing or the tactic. Also if I use defensive wingers do I have to buy players that suit that role? I must admit the full backs are my weakest area of the team but it's hard to find good ones and they get caught out alot. Ps I am in the year 2027.
  2. It would be like the football managers back in the old days on the mega drive etc. I wouldn't mind it but it would be strange playing it on a controller instead of a mouse. It's a mouse based game if I am right?
  3. What does strong/fairly strong next to each postion mean on the op?
  4. Thanks for that. It appears to have sorted the problem. I will now play it and see if anything else happens.
  5. I hope this works. I am using AVG and my computer knowledge isn't as good as it should be.
  6. I have not played FM for a while. I am not sure if my AVG anti virus has done anything or the update file has failed but FM will not launch as it keeps coming up with an error saying C:\program Files (x86)\\steam\steammapps\common\footballmanager 2017\fm.exe
  7. Been giving AFC Flyde a go. Got promoted first season as you may expect but I thought the team would be good enough for the conference. I found myself too close to the bottom for my liking so I cleared half the team out and brought half a new team!, It sill isn't perfect but we are now around 8th at the half way stage. Finding good defenders is tricky.
  8. Anyone know why my players are always unhappy with the standard of fitness no matter what I try?. Anyone got any tips? Please note that I am managing a non league team.
  9. He struggled a bit today. Not sure how he can have a future with us as he looks very average. He is probably ideal for a lower prem team at best
  10. Liverpool posted a pre-tax profit of just under one Luis Suarez (£60m, so maybe without an arm). How much investment do you think there'll be in the summer then? I would be concerned if we were not making a profit.
  11. 0 0 is not bad result. Seems like both teams set up for a draw and that's whats happened
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