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  1. I think that's okay. You manage Benfica - top team, at least in your division. You have Weigl as a HB. As an idea, you can try to play WB in automatic duty when you play against strong teams or your opponent has main attacking force on this wing
  2. When I read something about 442, I always want to play 442 Great job!
  3. What average possession do you have? Do you use Counter Press as a constant TI? May be your players are not ready for counter pressing for the whole match? For me, split block is much safer) And what your idea to for Play Out the of Defense? You have DPde and seems that you want fast transitions? For me, no holding role for CM in 4231 = a lot of problems)
  4. Yep, that's true. My last try of 4231 was with Borussia Dortmund. I wanted to play 4231, but I didn't want to play possession based football. My solution was "Fast possession" attacking football =) So, I used positive mentality, shorter passing, higher tempo. As the result for 3 seasons: - 3 times champion, 2 domestics cups, 3 supercups, but every year I was knocked from Champion League - first knockout round, all 3 times from English teams from London - Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham)
  5. Wow, yep. it's great progress. He has rather average Positioning and Concentration, but it can be compensated by anticipation and acceleration. You know, on paper it looks pretty well. And only you can see how your team plays matches, especially with stronger teams. And of course it is very interesting to look on your tactics wholly (mentality, TI).
  6. As an idea, but maybe I'm totally wrong... As for me you do not have good pair of CM for 4231, so I could think about 433 Wide?
  7. Mr. Abramovich is it you? 16 matches, 14 wins, 2 draws, 42 goals - 2.6 average per match, only 6 conceded I think that's great results)
  8. So, I scouted Moriba in my save) As for me, he is not perfect player for 4231 as DPsu. He is very good player, but for me is much more attack minded (positioning 11 and traits "run with the ball often" and "tries tricks" are not for the holding CM role in 4231. I suppose Camavinga/Tonali is perfect mactch for this position.
  9. Patience and only patience) How many matches have you played with new tactics? What about tactical familiarity? Do you watch full match? How did you concede goals from Brighton? Counters? And I'm still not sure about Moriba as DP... Can you share a screenshot of his stats and traits?
  10. I don't like WBa at all) too risky) WBsu and TI overlap works pretty well. Test it out is very important. Yes, that was the first role I've thought about. For possession based style could work pretty well.
  11. You've got very powerful and young players - I think everything is ahead)
  12. Personally, I don't like CMsu in 4231. He competes with AMsu in your tactics. Sorry, but why you don't play James as a WBsu? In some matches add Overlap Right TI to improve his mentality. WB is much more aggressive and you have Camavinga as a great cover). Do not forget, you manage Chelsea And sorry, for me the defensive part of your tactics is vulnerable. High defensive line, Counter Press as constant TI (could be very dangerous in matches with TOP teams).
  13. @MRAFTCT as for me - great tweaks. I only can advise to be more compact in defense. 4231 - is a top heavy formation. I think there is no need to play higher line of engagement. Higher defensive line + standard LOE can be perfect. And split block of course. And sorry, but I'm not sure about your choice of players for your 2CM. Tonali better to play as DP, but Moriba - he is not good in defensive play as for me. These two positions (2MC) are vital for your play. You definitely need 2 players who are at least good in defense. And for your RB role - i think Wing back can
  14. Sorry, I said it wrong. Roles and duties are the base for any tactic. But when we speak about counter attacking football, fast transitions - mentality makes your tactics work properly. In fm20 I managed Leicester. Roles and duties were well balanced (thank you for all your posts), but I watched matches and saw that something does not work. I made one tweak - switched mentality from balanced to positive. And it was totally another team.
  15. Not at all. I think real experts @Experienced Defender, @zyfon5 can g help you much more than me) It seems to me that you do not pay the necessary attention to mentality. As for me, mentality is the key to fast counter attacking football. Roles and duties are on the second place and team instructions polish your tactics. To play fast counters you have to allow some level of risk to your players, especially when you play against Top teams. So, I think positive mentality can be great for style of football you want. So, I think you need to choose mentality, balance roles
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