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  1. It's actually been pretty positive considering the amount that could be retiring but haven't! So far anyway. But if someone's decided they're not gonna play the next major tourney they usually retire straight after the previous one.
  2. I doubt they voted by specific position...Just defenders, midfielders or forwards...hence Varane at LB and Marcelo RB.
  3. It's been emotional. Roll on Euro 2020.
  4. Ignore me...I was reading a 2017 article 🙈
  5. I thought Nainggolan had reversed his decision?
  6. That brings it back straight away. Can remember exactly where I watched that one now.
  7. So, Tim Cahill has retired from internationals...any others? The fewer the better!
  8. @GunmaN1905 I just looked up the 2010 WC qualifying. 5-1 and 4-1? I can't remember anything about those games strangely.
  9. Ooohhh...embarrassing, get Inside Paper manager of the month and pull a stupid face
  10. No-one knows how he'd have done. But people who write him off as a terrible manager are wrong IMO.
  11. + the ref going back to the screen after he'd once left it showed that he had no confidence in his decision. Shouldn't have been given.
  12. Just think...when you've played football, could you really react to something that quick and make a conscious decision not to handball? It's very difficult. Anyway, hardly moved his arm, so no pen IMO.
  13. France bored me for most of this tournament, a shame they won but they were very difficult to beat, and Mbappe is a ridiculous weapon. I miss Spain of 2008-2012 I missed the BBC and ITV ending montages. Will they be online?
  14. I had Portugal and Griezmann in 2016 (bang on), and Croatia this time
  15. 11th for me. Was top for a while early on but faltered
  16. I'd be supporting Croatia anyway, the fact I have £140 riding on them means moreso.
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