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  1. Match-day loan limits can be added in the same place; fixture rules.
  2. Ok I'll have to look into whatever it is that's contradicting the handbook I presented. Less work though so good. By not mentioning the rest I'm assuming that's all right.
  3. That was my question but... I've been sitting on the rules from Prem to Conf. for a while as that was all I could find... I had another look and I think FM has it wrong. Vanarama National can have up to 8 long-term loans (but 4 must be 23yrs old or under). VNS/VNN can only have 4 long-term loans (think in-game it's 6). (SEE: 6.6.2 in the attached pdf) 5 loan limit in match-day squad for all leagues down to step 6 it seems (SEE: 6.4.8 in attached pdf). Does FM have this right for the Vanarama leagues? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back on topic, you encouraged me to look into step 7 again and I found the Isthmian rules (http://www.isthmian.co.uk/downloads/rules). I'm pretty sure this relates to all of the Isthmian Leagues (i.e. all 4, 1 at step 7, 3 at step 8 - and therefore also likely to be applicable to the rest of Evo-Stik Leagues at step 7 & 8). Trying to find any info. any further down the pyramid could be difficult. A 5 loan match-day limit (SEE: 6.4.8 within the document of the web-link above) is applicable here too. Whilst there is a long-term loan limit of 6. I was expecting some limit tbh hence my enquiries. Having tried my best to fill out the squads at step 7 in the editor, no team has more than 4/5 long-term loans atm I can confidently say. (SEE: 6.6.3 within the document of the web-link above) Short-term loan limit of 12 seems pretty universal, as do the majority of the rules. Both documents are very similar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So there's a bit of info. on the loan situation. Potentially step 5-8 need amending. My hunch these or similar loan limits probably extend even further. I personally can't believe any team can have and/or play an unlimited number of loanees. Personally I'd apply the limits as low as possible. I made similar edits last year but can't quite remember the details. You probably know better than me but I'm sure there was a rule section somewhere. I'm currently finishing reviewing the VNS but once I'm done I could attempt it but might need some pointers. Cheers standardised-rules.pdf
  4. Good point, that's a lot more hassle than I originally imagined. Whilst I have your ear, are you familiar with the loan rules below the Vanarama leagues. Are there long-term, loan limits/match-day loan limits? No worries if not.
  5. Is it possible to decrease the relegation spots and number of teams in the Northern Prem. for one season due to North Ferriby being wound up? - in terms of if I tried it myself, just wondering if it's even possible.
  6. Great work with the step 3/4 play-off picture. Really impressive, especially the step 4 p/off group. Just some minor feedback of sorts only involving the step 3 play-off finals, the rest is spot on. These are to be decided by geographical location I believe. So I slightly altered your file so the Southern Prem South winner plays the Isthmian Prem winner. Southern South versus Southern Centre increases the possibility of 2 Northern-ish or 2 Southern sides being promoted. I can understand the logic of keeping the Southern divisions together and there's certainly nothing in stone as to what the allocations will be (not that I could find anyway). Just law of averages there tends to be more Southern teams in the Isthmian Leagues than the Central. I think the whole motivation of the reorganisation was to keep things a bit more compact.
  7. True, I can see the logic in your compromise - am I right in thinking the loan limits do exist IRL though ignoring the dual reg. issue? I ask only for my own reference, I might add it myself (if I can remember how). I can understand why you wouldn't to.
  8. Are there any loan limits, in terms of long-term loans & match-day limits, which apply below the VNN/VNS? I can't seem to find any info. for this, this low in the pyramid. Neither this or @lionel messi's mod. place any such limitations which means you could field a squad of loanees. I've tried to fill out the squads at step 3 and I'm pretty sure I haven't come across any side which has more than 5 long-terms (that doesn't take into account the first half of the season though and potential long-term, 'half season loans' up to January. Just squads as they are now). Maybe this is coincidental and there aren't any limits but personally I'd be surprised and thought it was worth questioning.
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