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  1. re. tab bar, sidebar. I'm not sure you can achieve exactly what you want. Everything is initially contained within the client object browser though, i.e. the sections_menu_strip (tab bar) and the sidebar_menu_table. You could try moving the widgets, I've purposely labelled to point you in the right direction, around but you will need to make sure you capture the codes in their entirety. If I was to try via the client object browser I think I'd take the sections_menu_strip and place that piece of coding below the sidebar_menu_table but so it is above the screen content - I don't know how that will effect the main screen info though.. All of this is clearly labelled within. I would back-up my work first before attempting any of this btw. I've tried to give potentially, although more out of hope, an easier solution above. There's another potential option which is similar to what I have in my personal skin but it would involve making the arrow box deeper and/or putting something else in that corner, I have a logo for example. So whilst the sidebar isn't moved up, it 'connects' better as the tab bar has been moved over. This does require greater skinning competency though as it involves completely removing the sections_menu_strip from the client object and putting it in the titlebar.xml, after making the titlebar height greater (titlebar height is easily found within the header.xml) and then separating the vertical layout of the titlebar. (You may need to extract any files you are missing as per the regular instructions in the sticky posts.)
  2. Yup, no worries - initially I thought it would be in there too. I have a feeling that was where it used to be but could be wrong.
  3. Yes what do you need clarifying, I've stated the panel it can be found in (match console panel obtainable via the resource manager extraction in case you wish to investigate). And I've stated the graphic location (boxes/floating/standard/paper). I've also stated exactly where the graphic is read from within the aforementioned panel, i.e. line 1. This is for info. purposes. (You could just list another directory in its place if you already have a graphic you want to use elsewhere and don't want to copy it, you have several options tbh.) But for all extensive purposes the panel info. is only for exactly that, info. I find it's better to give too much than not enough though... If you just want to make the change and you aren't interested in behind the scenes, just making the graphic I've stated more transparent will do. It sounds like you should already have most of the base graphics if you've extracted the toolkit, i.e. sitoolkit\skins\fm-widgets\graphics\boxes\floating\standard so you should already have the basis for everything you need already if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. In-game widgets around the pitch is controlled by the match console panel, the graphic, top line. "boxes/floating/standard/paper" Just edit the graphic's transparency. There's plenty of free softwares which can oblige.
  5. You'd need to find where that page is reading that directory - just not sure it's possible to find that to edit. Can't remember any precedent either tbh. The Match Pitch panel screams to me that it's still hard-coded (it was in previous years when I've moved the pitch around to accommodate titlebars). If that's the right graphic and nothing has changed this year though that's something, presumably the graphic could be edited at the very least to something other than grey..
  6. I've messed around with the 2D pitch in the past and I can say a lot of it is hard-coded. I think you're wise to switch focus on to the split view , those panels are much more customisable.
  7. Small stadium pack in fmscout's download area. It's mentioned there will be updates to this skin and I strongly suspect an instant result button will be added in one of the later editions too btw just like last year. Just give it time.
  8. If yours are relying on the selector panel for the appearance you might have to go into each of the 'options panel' linked within and remove the container title from each one. More hassle if yours is organised that way but not particularly difficult.
  9. FM19 selector panels are causing a duplication. Deleting the container class within the relevant selector panel has solved my issues. For example within player overview small selector panel remove the first container class on the line with id="SUBP". It'll be something like class="subsection_box" or possibly it's just a bordered_box. Just the class and appearance, keep the actual container.
  10. Not sure how I feel about the colour scheme. Didn't intend to use as much secondary colour around the top details but primary seemed a bit saturated, probably due to side-bar, not sure...
  11. Any third party graphic packs added separately over-ride those within the game (if added correctly, i.e graphics folder within sports interactive folder, in documents). I see no reason why this would change with a licensed addition. It does beg the question of why you'd purchase such an edition if you intend to replace the elements which differentiate it from the original but as I understand the price of these editions are the same I guess you're not losing anything. (I would advise against it if the price is more though or anything is missing compared to the standard edition of the game as graphics packs can be obtained easily and freely online.) Here's a thread for more info. also.
  12. What you're asking for isn't right or allowed anyway. If the author wanted it published or made available to 'us' here he would have done so already. You should PM the author directly yourself, end of discussion.
  13. Match-day loan limits can be added in the same place; fixture rules.
  14. Ok I'll have to look into whatever it is that's contradicting the handbook I presented. Less work though so good. By not mentioning the rest I'm assuming that's all right.
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