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  1. This is going to take a few months, may struggle to complete it for 2021 due to work commitments. The match screens are going to be a killer but I think there's potential for it to fit really well with the 2006 theme if I do it right. Unsure what to do with newer screens where there's no 2006 reference, just going to wing it for now whilst trying to keep it relatively minimal.
  2. Sorry, just seen this. Been messing around for 20mins but can't get it to stick either. I've got something similar on the competition overview page - <record id="default_properties" file="competition/competition overview player stats panel" maximum_items="10" ..... /> I couldn't reapply it successfully but I dunno if the principle can work. There's this also in the game files elsewhere - <integer id="max_items_per_row_or_column" value="3" /> Both relate to container classes tho. so will prob. need reorganisation if either were to work.
  3. I've not done any skinning for a few weeks tbh, getting bored of skinning a lot earlier these days. I had done a lot of the graphics and rearranged the inbox to how it used to be, it's not the most practical though lol. The settings.xml alone is going to be a major job, at least a few weeks work for me at my speed lol. Don't know if I can bring myself to do it any time soon. I was going to look at the match titlebar but I have about 13/14 so already so it's a bit more work than usual too as it needs to be added to all the selector panels. I think that was where I stopped.. I was struggl
  4. Like below, in '06 if there was a pic. to be found it would become embedded in the personal details, taking the place of some of the labels. I'd have to re-organise a bit though.
  5. Cheers guys, I'm in 2 minds but should prob remove the sidebar icons and might embed the profile pic like how it as back then, replacing some of the details labels on the left. Totally missed the tab bar buttons though, that needs changing.
  6. Started my 2nd skin for the year based on FM06. The panel itself has taken 4/5 days. Considering how long one panel has taken I have my doubts it'll be finished for FM20. FM06 was built when resolutions didn't have the same clarity so I might go back and modernise it a bit after doing a few more panels but for now...
  7. The appearance needs changing, I've even given an example to copy and paste. Please read my posts fully.
  8. It's the widget just above (in the default files) <!-- coloured actions bar image --> <widget class="main_box" id="ACTb" appearance="boxes/custom/interface/tab bar/paper" red_replacement="primary"/> I suspect the graphic it's pointing to is transparent which is why the appearance directory needs changing.
  9. You need to extract the panels file using the resource archiver. Directory details are in the guide. In terms of the tab bar, that's usually contained within the client object browser and is the sections menu strip part of code. You are then looking to add or edit a 'red_replacement' value and appearance value, to the primary colour within the widget line of code, i.e. appearance="boxes/bordered/solid/paper" & red_replacement="primary". titlebar search panel.xml
  10. titlebar search panel is a different panel, you've presented the code pointing to it in the titlebar.xml. 2 different panels. You are then looking for something similar to the below (from my skin, yours will differ slightly): <!-- title area --> <widget class="text" id="sect" font="title" alignment="centre" size="14" style="semi_bold" multiline="false" auto_size="vertical" wants_mouse_events="false" dont_give_default_focus="true" colour="secondary"> <record id="object_property"> <list
  11. Experiment with the gap value, same line as wkdsoul mentions in his 1st post re. this panel. That can probably be reduced for low res. too.
  12. I looked at the panel in 2 resolutions on my laptop and I had no problems with the alignments either time, it actually looks fine in my empty base/test skin regardless of resolution which is little help as I can't replicate the problem (see screen below in low res. (lack of graphics, fonts, etc. is to be expected as I'm missing those ofc)) This would suggest the panel is ok though at least although the issue is somewhere else in your skin... Therefore I would look at the paper config and the image borders., i.e. C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skin
  13. I'm thinking it's the horizontal_inset in your first suggestion but what container code did you go with in the end, mine or blue's? It'd be easier if you attach your panel here (match titlebar) and I can take a look at the code in full rather than snippets, should be fairly straight forward to amend (I'll describe what was needed for future reference too).
  14. I was messing about with these the other day and I find the insets are a bit tight. @beanos36 and that looks like what you need to adjust the horizontal_inset.
  15. Change: <container class="bordered_box" appearance="tcs/match/titlebar/score" > For: <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/bordered/solid/paper" red_replacement="black" >
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