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  1. Editor keeps on crashing when I try and load it up, don't know whats going on there. Edit: Ah don't mind me - accidentally installed it onto a different path to FM - working fine now!
  2. Related to the post a few posts above i've also seen a team have a game played in that early Nov slot that should've been played after the first round of the Europa League groups stage. This is in season 2 and in this case on my save Watford finished 7th last season and qualified for Europa League, and they should've played West Ham between the Standard Liege and Preston games, however for some reason that game was moved to the weekend of 8th November, where it was the sole Premier League game that week. Every other team bar Watford/West Ham have a 3 week break between end of Octobe
  3. On my journeyman I took over at Hull halfway through the previous season with them having recently been relegated to League One, and they have a few players who were unhappy at being relegated to League One. I got them promoted back to the Championship but the same players are still being unhappy at being relegated despite us being back in the Championship and won't sign new contracts which is worrying given they only have a year left on their contracts. How would I go about making them stop wanting to leave as it doesn't really make sense that they'd be upset about a relegation when we'v
  4. Aye players should play with their hands tied behind their back now, good one ref/VAR.
  5. Aye there has been some questionable decisions but theres probably been a good 10 minutes wasted by constantly going back and forth to VAR, and even then he's made 1 wrong decision and one questionable decision and theres been plenty of wrong penalty decisions given still with it. Its ****ing embarrassing.
  6. I like the look of Saudi Arabia going forward, look like a disaster at the back though...
  7. Bit disappointed that there is no Shelvey or Lascelles in the squad. Not sure Jones, Cahill, Maguire and Welbeck deserve their places on merit of this season. Would've been interesting to see someone like Grealish given the chance, wasn't a fan of the lad initially but has done well whenever i've watched Villa recently.
  8. This computer looks fairly impressive to me for its price but i'm sure there is a catch of some sort given the huge discount - http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/hp-pavilion-550-276na-desktop-pc-silver-10146632-pdt.html i'm not much of an expert in any way so can anyone help?
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