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  1. Premier League fixtures - there seems to be an awful lot of consecutive home/away league games. In this example Man United have loads of periods where there are 2 home games in a row, followed by two away, with a big blob of 4 home games in a row in April. Not got a screenshot on hand but the December/January period seems off too, with very few games in December especially around the Christmas period and then an absolutely stacked schedule in January too.
  2. This is the only forum I properly use. I use twitter and reddit too but more for browsing rather than posting anything.
  3. Kettle and Doritos for me. A quavers win against a crisp of the quality of Cool Original Doritos would be an absolute travesty.
  4. I had two pancakes with lemon juice, sugar and toffee sauce... absolutely ****ing glorious.
  5. Nah, I like salt and vinegar crisps and I like peanuts so I should like the concept, but the one time I have had them the taste of vinegar was overwhelmingly strong that I didn't get close to finishing the bag
  6. Not my favourite crisp overall but I do love Lightly Salted Kettle crisps on a Prawn Mayo sandwich.
  7. That looks glorious - at least an 8/10.
  8. I like The Weeknd but this hasn't really worked so far.
  9. Chiefs are having a right shocker.
  10. I think the ME is a pretty big improvement on the previous few versions of FM but I also think there are a lot more bugs and small issues outside of the ME that are a bit irritating. I'd say its a step up on the previous few versions of FM though.
  11. Jimmy Carr is one that stands out as being annoyingly unfunny. I think Lee Mack is very good on WILTY, but i've seen very little of him outside of that so I can't judge him really.
  12. Takeshi's Castle was a valiant effort.
  13. Sent This round has not gone well for me. Didn't have a clue on most of them
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