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  1. This keeper has made some horrific errors tonight, why on earth did he not belt it out ffs
  2. Great finish from Wijnaldum... but that goalkeeping is really questionable
  3. Austria have been mediocre but they've scored two really nice goals.
  4. I think great performance is a bit too far - we were pretty solid at the back (albeit that may be in part to Croatia offering very little going forwards) and in general controlled the game, but we looked pretty incoherent going forwards - don't think any of our attacking options played particularly well. Still, an excellent result and definitely something to build on going forwards.
  5. I thought Trippier looked alright at left back in the friendly but its a really odd decision to play him there in a competitive match especially when we already have a few good left backs in the squad.
  6. ****ing hell the BBC really need to invest in a mute Savage button.
  7. That tackle was fine. Very harsh to give a free kick and a yellow.
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