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  1. Mid-table not bad considering it looked like I was in a relegation battle at the end of the group stage!
  2. Donnarumma Walker - Maguire - Chiellini Dumfries ------------------------- Shaw Pedri - Hojbjerg Sterling - Schick - Chiesa Was really struggling for central midfielders like
  3. Saka has balls of steel to step up to the plate and take a penalty in that situation - I think the decision to have him take that penalty is questionable but Southgate must have his reasons. Thought overall on the night Italy deserved the win, we started off really well and then slowly started letting it slip towards the end of the first half and didn't get a grip again until well into extra time. Think Southgate got some key decisions wrong tonight unfortunately but across the tournament he and the team have done the country proud and I think the national team is going in the right direction.
  4. **Italy 1-2 England** The goalscorers - Immobile - Sterling, Kane The times of the goals Immobile (43) - Sterling (35), Kane (86) How many penalties will be scored in total? 0 Will the match go to extra time? No Will the match go to penalties? No How many yellow cards in total? 6 How many red cards in total? 0 Time of the first goal scored? 35th minute Time of the last goal scored? 86th minute First team to score? England Last team to score? England
  5. Much prefer the BBC's coverage.
  6. Its soft but you rarely see those overturned once they're given - however if it wasn't given in the first place i'm not sure they'd give a penalty with VAR. I've not seen any replays of it but on first viewings I thought the one on Kane in the second half looked much more a penalty.
  7. What a win! I've never experienced a cup final before - World Cup Semi finals and FA Cup/Europa League quarter finals is as good as it gets losing in the World Cup semi took time to get over though.
  8. Tuesday 6th June Italy 1-1 Spain (5-4 pens) 20.00 Wednesday 7th June **England 2-0 Denmark 20.00** How many penalties will be scored in total: 11 How many matches will go to extra time - 1 How many matches will go to penalties - 1 How many yellow cards in total - 12 How many red cards in total - 1 Time of the first goal scored across all matches - 17 Time of the last goal scored (excluding penalties in the event of a tie after 120 mins) - 76 First team to score - Spain Last team to score - England
  9. Switzerland 1-1 Spain (4-3 Switzerland on penalties) Belgium 1-2 Italy Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark **Ukraine 0-2 England** ------------------------------------------------------ Penalties: 9 Matches going to extra time: 2 Matches going to penalties: 1 Yellow cards: 12 Red cards: 1 England goalscorers: Stones and Sterling
  10. Lost 5-1 to Hertha BSC but the goal that we scored never actually happened. When I try to click on it it just shows us taking kick off after they scored the fourth goal and passing around a bit in midfield. It should've finished 5-0 the goal doesn't show up on the XG chart or anything like that either. I wouldn't have minded too much if my player stayed on after being sent off after four minutes however Hertha BSC v Newcastle.pkm
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