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  1. AM99

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Aye players should play with their hands tied behind their back now, good one ref/VAR.
  2. Aye there has been some questionable decisions but theres probably been a good 10 minutes wasted by constantly going back and forth to VAR, and even then he's made 1 wrong decision and one questionable decision and theres been plenty of wrong penalty decisions given still with it. Its ****ing embarrassing.
  3. This match has been a great advert for why VAR is terrible, an utter farce.
  4. AM99

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    That is incredibly harsh
  5. Not convinced that was a penalty.
  6. I like the look of Saudi Arabia going forward, look like a disaster at the back though...
  7. AM99

    The T-Shirt Shirt

    That hurts my eyes.
  8. AM99

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Just won a squad battles game 5-3, got disconnected from Ultimate Team for no reason at the full time whistle, get straight back on, and its given me a 3-0 loss, well played EA
  9. The Black and Gold one is beaut
  10. AM99

    England's World Cup 23

    Bit disappointed that there is no Shelvey or Lascelles in the squad. Not sure Jones, Cahill, Maguire and Welbeck deserve their places on merit of this season. Would've been interesting to see someone like Grealish given the chance, wasn't a fan of the lad initially but has done well whenever i've watched Villa recently.
  11. I missed the first 6 so can't comment on them, first one I saw was the Norway one which was diabolical. Moldova, Holland and Denmark were my favourites, and Israel's was catchy too.
  12. AM99

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I decided to start playing again yesterday, how come the football league TOTS players seem to be very scarce on the market? I wanted to buy TOTS Jack Marriott and Sol Bamba but not seen either on the market, only seen a handful of TOTS Sessegnons' and Neves'.
  13. I struggle to get into non football related games these days, I definitely get more than enough mileage out of FM and usually play Fifa a fair bit for the first few months before getting bored/annoyed. Most of the other games i've purchased in the past few years i've never got into, Fallout 4 being the exception and probably my favorite game in the past 5 or 6 years or so. Doesn't help that i'm **** at games and give up easily as I rarely can be arsed repeating the same thing over and over again, which bought an end to my attempts to complete the 1st Crash Bandicoot of the trilogy and Witcher 3.
  14. AM99

    Custard - Hot or Cold?

    I usually have warm custard with a cake, too hot and my tongue gets burnt and **** that. On its own I would rather have it cold. It has to be ambrosia custard as well, any other custard is wrong imo.