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  1. In regards to the first point, I guess it depends on the implementation but I highly doubt you'd be forced to run the womens leagues much in the same way you aren't forced to run the French leagues and so on. More generally though, smaller DB's tend to have higher transfer fees & poorer players getting picked up for top teams who then fall by the wayside. Larger DB's tend to have too many players going on frees, lower transfer fees since more options are available. Then other considerations like detail levels come into play and it starts to get real complicated. It's hard to fin
  2. @Novem9 SI have a workflow in place for fixing issues and the harsh reality is some will get put back because there isn't enough time or there isn't the ability to fix them (without in turn fixing something else) in a reasonable time frame. Of course you can wonder if it will have an impact but it likely wouldn't for a few reasons that I know of, off the bat. The staff that work on the interface, probably won't have anything to do in regards to the implementation of womens football until the version of FM it is actually appearing in. Data issues, you need to persuade researchers tha
  3. Are you looking specifically at the WB position rather than FB? If so, its because he has no experience as an out and out WB. Train him on the position, play him there and it will be reassessed by your staff.
  4. Height is used to determine whether or not a player will even need to jump for the ball. I used to rate Marko Arnautovic below the recommended band for a 6'4" tall player in the air because the more I watched him at Stoke I couldn't find instances of him jumping to win a header/contest an aerial battle. He was big enough and strong enough, but after speaking with the head researcher at SI, the best way to replicate how Arnautovic actually played was to undercut his jumping reach which would mean for aerial battles his standing height would be used. It should've been around at least a 13
  5. If the game moves beyond the space you can afford to give up on a hard drive, or it moves beyond a data amount you can download at the levels FM uses then its unfortunate but it was going to happen at some point if you have such low overheads. Seems weird to worry about this when you use all leagues in the game. That alone uses a whole host of inefficient resources on your computer because you don't actively play in every league at the same time. There are also some arguments to be made that running every league compromises the game a bit because at certain points the transfer system and
  6. So when you win, is that you or is that the game imposing its narrative that your team is going to win now? I'd hate to think all my achievements in this game were based on the game determining a narrative in which my team were to win the champions league this season and it not having anything to do with the decisions I make.
  7. By 2024 you've not had enough time in game for any improvements begin filtering through but the game does, to an extent, allow for the uplifting of nations. Arguably one of the bigger challenges you can take on in FM because you need to be in the league itself and also doing things that would encourage your domestic rivals to better themselves and be more competitive on the European stage too. If you've got 6-8 domestic teams with top training facilities and given decent accounts of themselves in Europe you'll find that the players will be produced at a higher level over time. But this is
  8. Human error on my behalf, somewhere down the line I'll have missed his transfer to the club. I'll look to get him added moving forward.
  9. There isn't really much benefit in steam trying to deceive you about what is going wrong launching it there. It's based on Total War Attila but the recommendation I saw for steam error code 41 was: - Restart PC - Disable antivirus - Right click steam & run as administrator - Verify game cache
  10. Hi gf_bay, I replied to your topic on the general discussion board. As there are people set as this it would be best to continue the conversation on general discussion to better understand what's going on with your game.
  11. If only Stoke were still in the premier league @XaW :P Although I fired up a quick new save just to check something hadn't gone wrong with the data as I haven't changed anything for a few years. @gf_bay Banks, Matthews and Waddington pretty much speak for themselves and go without saying. Neil Baldwin is in as recognition for the fact he's had a pretty spectacular journey as a Stoke fan and even managing a stint as kit man. Doubt anyone outside of the club and Stoke fans are aware of him, but within the club and among fans he's well known. With most current/recent players I tend
  12. Games are less important at younger ages, but game time at an appropriate level is still helpful to development. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't a distinction between involved in match-day squad and not players for training. So if he's not involved in the U18 games then he's likely getting 3 days of that week in which the training schedule is reduced account for the day before, the day of and day after the game. Generally it is advisable to sign more players from the intake but you need to be keeping an eye on it and potentially cutting loose those who aren't developing.
  13. FM Touch is very much moving in the direction of standing alone away from the FM game, so it comes down to preference. At a guess FMT would normalise the things you can't control from the FM version of the game and provide a narrower scope in which those aspects have an impact. I had a couple of years almost exclusively playing Touch but Touch robbed me of where my greatest strengths lay in man management, identifying youngsters through targeted scouting and in developing players. Tactics were never my forte so I very much needed those other areas of the game to make my teams competitive
  14. For some clarification, I won't remove RDF's post because he's right his video was fine & which is why it's back visible in post https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/548292-total-control/?do=findComment&comment=12984010 Videos may be hidden while they're under review by the mod team because of the nature of content we can't host on the forums. Where possible we do aim to keep videos up that are helpful and useful with tactics, which fair play to RDF, this one is.
  15. The research team don't set players expected playing time, or squad status. If you feel it's out of place it would be worth raising it as a bug.
  16. I've not got much knowledge in terms of if the editor is available through the MS store or how to get it. However, depending upon exactly what it is you're looking to do (there are quite a few limitations it imposes) there is a Create-a-Club option when starting up a new game. It may be worth checking that out and seeing if its what you're after until someone who knows a bit more comes along.
  17. I suppose it depends exactly when, considering a number of Man City's sponsorships could be in some way tied to their ownership you might have been seeing an inflated figure due to that. Or it could be other things. Stadium sponsorships when moving to a new ground can be very lucrative and dramatically inflate a clubs sponsorship revenue too.
  18. I'll be honest I can't really think of any particular patch cycle that is inherently exciting, as a patch cycle. When it comes to fixing bugs, the aim is always going to be to get them fixed but there can't be a set time scale on that from developers because resources are finite and some bugs will inevitably be a higher priority than others. Then again, even the highest priority of bug doesn't guarantee it gets fixed if you can't fix it, you can't fix it.
  19. I would argue that Cristiano Ronaldo ages better than any other player in the game, and has done for several years. He has the perfectionist personality. Driven, Iron Willed (very few of these knocking about mind), Model Citizen, Model Professional, Perfectionist, Professional, Resolute and Very Ambitious are all great and hugely positive indicators. Ambition is an indicator of how desperate a player is to want to get to the top, Professionalism is an indicator of how long they will likely remain at the peak, Determination is a little less specific in its influence but its always th
  20. It is luck of the draw, I left a player on not too long ago hoping to get to half time. The next tackle in on him finished him off for 3 months.
  21. In addition to what Frazt has said, keep in mind you're also risking a potentially worse injury by leaving the player on.
  22. The 1-20 range is to determine the scope of professional footballers. So a 1 is still an attribute supposed to represent a far more effective deployment of a particular skill (whether that be passing, strength, first touch, positioning etc) than the average person in the general population. For example, Usain Bolt would be faster than any footballer in a straight race but when it comes to deploying his speed on the pitch and in footballing context he may well not have warranted as high an attribute as you first expect. Nothing came of his foray into football in the end, but there were some ser
  23. In the same way as player attributes, its a judgement call. The gap between a 1 and 20 is not as large as players think it is, and so when people are discussing an 11 or a 15 for an attribute that doesn't have as much impact as they might think. More often than not if you want to make a striker a more effective goalscorer moving his finishing from say 11 to 15 is not the best way to do it. It is where a lot of minds will gravitate to though, sometimes even among researchers because its the easiest to understand and most logical place. Statistics are generally the worst source to rely on since
  24. The quest to understand team stats goes much deeper though and requires analysis of multiple further aspects. You had 27 shots, 12 on target as a team. But who did they fall to, and where? If there's a particular player who stands out as wasteful - you then need to find out why. Is he shooting when other options are available? Then you need to consider PI's and PPM's and his attributes. If there aren't other options available then you have to consider why this is tactically, maybe another player should be available and staying to offer an option but a PPM is running contrary to tactical instru
  25. I don't think clear cut chances equates to one on one and what exactly the game constitutes a CCC isn't exactly clear cut. The immediate assumption would be that as a multiple, consecutive winning champion you rarely come up against teams who are prepared to attack and will look to sit back, frustrate and try to get a goal on a counter. So you might indeed be getting chances up close to the goal, but with multiple players in the way, putting pressure on the forward and so on. In the Champions league you're more likely to come up against teams who will be less cautious/defensively minded
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