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  1. You're right and that's exactly where the issue lies. For FMT21 consistency will always be out of 25 games. If that changes in the future to be out of say 20 games or 30 games - it would require an enormous change looking back at data for a game locked in the past. That's with what is a relatively straight forward/binary attribute. If in the future some of the more subjective attributes get a change with evolution of the ME (or even in the background such as for hidden attributes like professionalism) then it becomes a lot more difficult. The biggest issue of course, even beyond this one, is that some time in November SI have to stop selling FMT 21 completely. No one will be able to buy a new copy directly from SI. There will be a finite supply of third party key sellers, but they're never getting replaced either. Releasing updates and supporting the game after this point likely becomes tied up in licensing issues too although I'm far too ignorant of how that all works.
  2. Each annual edition of FM has changes in the way things are done from a research perspective, but for FM22 everything will be the same across the FM22 titles under whatever label they may have (from a research perspective). However by FM23 there will be some more changes. Changes in the way attributes work, changes to contractual clauses not just in how they work but how they're applied. New features bring new attributes. The QA testers come back and point out that a player who was absolutely fine last year is now performing too strongly or too weakly. One example is over the last couple of years how we set optional extra years for a player has changed. A few years ago pace and acceleration were rebalanced in the ME and attribute weightings. This meant that CA's changed without changing a single attribute on a player. It's very easy to slap a name on a particular portrayal and claim its a player, but if that top player, with a distinct style is behaving nothing like themselves in the ME and wider game world, then its a failing on our part and I'm sure most others like myself aim to avoid that. If we're then looking to do that for multiple editions of the game its going to come crashing down extremely quickly because it would be too much and not doing that would just make it a hollower experience for it. What's the point in providing a data update if its correct in name only?
  3. While the time of researchers like myself may cost very little for you, it wouldn't be particularly appealing for me to have to provide two broadly similar sets of data in different ways so that one is compatible with a previous version of FMT and that another is compatible with the present version of FM. That's before you even have to figure out a way for SI to get around the primary problem, FMT21 has a limited shelf life in which SI can be actively working with it based on licensing agreements. You can't go back and buy FMT20 through Steam.
  4. So yeah, its a new feature because it wasn't in the game before, but now it is. I was looking at the original post in this thread because its titled headline features and couldn't see it. But a feature, something that is included/happens with the game, and it being new... they kind of have to be described as new features.
  5. How fast the game processes the leagues you've got loaded is more down to detail level and the like. Most of what slows it down, in my experience at least, is the amount of additional tasks you can pick up as a manager in FM vs FMT. The reason I recommend trying the demo is because you can interact with the responsibilities, find a sweet spot that you're comfortable with and then see how it feels in terms of playing through the game. The leagues obviously do have an impact, but if you're comfortable with the playing experience of those on FMT then having those same leagues on the main FM game should not in any way be a barrier for you. Just match up your detail levels.
  6. Is there something specific you can quote or link to that expands on this? I don't recall seeing anything just touting the autosave aspect as a feature.
  7. I can appreciate that @Burbian De Bay but its very much opinion based. The biggest driving force for me switching, and why those press conferences and media interactions are still there - in FMT I never felt I could as a manager, manage the peaks and troughs in player performance. There was a lack of realism for me there because I couldn't use the press interactions and team talks to temper overconfidence or repair damaged morale.
  8. If you are a PC/laptop based player and do have some reservations about the speed of the main game, I would absolutely recommend trying the demo even if only for FM21 and the responsibilities. It slips under the radar since you don't interact with it often. Improvements on this front probably were one of the bigger things that let me move back across from FMT fully with FM21. Here's a snapshot of mine from my save in FM21: Most of the media stuff I hand over to my assistant as well, just via the button in game, personally I just like the option to wade in with those from time to time.
  9. I would suggest the support link at the top then. As far as I'm aware though you can disconnect/remove a microsoft account and re-add it afterwards. I disconnected mine a long time ago as I didn't like the fact everything on my PC was tied to an outlook account given how prevalent data leaks and the like are.
  10. Support: Games - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) From what I've seen on Reddit someone claimed they troubleshot this with microsoft for an hour with them concluding it was a game issue. One person claimed that synching up time & date solved it for them. One has listed using windows + r to launch the run window and then typing in wsreset.exe. Another person has said that they went to Settings > Accounts and disconnected their microsoft account in all applications. The more extreme solution touted was a complete OS reinstall.
  11. When you start the game is it initialising in task manager and then just hitting a memory cap and staying flat? Rarely had that happen with some games and its just been a case of ending the task and trying again.
  12. Tried a reinstall of the game? If the game is crashing, is it also producing and crash dump files as they could be worth uploading.
  13. I'd suggest you might need to reinstall steam. Otherwise it might be worth searching the steam forums to see if its an issue on their side, I had a brief search myself but couldn't see anything offering a solution for those who had a similar problem.
  14. Have you tried running steam as an administrator? If Steam isn't coming up at all that's most likely going to be the root of the issue.
  15. What if its already out and you just haven't pressed download on the game yet.
  16. Not something I'd have any knowledge of. The figures I mentioned above were rather arbitrary and just based on napkin math rather than anything actually real or tangible.
  17. Are you able to sign in via your browser on their website? If so then it does suggest maybe its an app issue over a connectivity issue.
  18. Yes the costs of FMT were being shouldered by the main game, but SI can see the player numbers of FMT - to such a level that they could see one of the main features being used was the versus mode which is going to be put into the main game as a result. While FMT was a part of a main FM purchase, it was also sold as a standalone entity for a reduced price. It's entirely hypothetical and I have no idea about actual figures but for every £1,000,000 or so that FMT costs to develop and bring to bear, you'd probably be wanting to see at least X thousand amount of players using it as their main conduit of experiencing FM. Based on the retail price of the game, personally if I was making the decision I would settle on around 50,000 players per million in costs (50,000 x £20 = £1,000,000). After relevant fees are taken into account for platforms etc I'd expect a retail price of £35 to result in somewhere around £20 or less for SI. You might be happy to shoulder it on a lower amount if its not too far below, but there is definitely a point at which you're throwing good money after bad. There is a comparable event in gaming recently with WoW classic, where the developer brings it out as something for the playerbase and they had very little, to no faith in it. It came free with your monthly sub to the game and was just an added extra. However, Blizzard were quickly jumping on the bandwagon once it caused a huge increase in monthly subs and there was data showing a sustainably profitable playerbase was there. It would take a monumental idiot to truly believe that SI threw so much money after FMT with the sole intention of it dying. They would have loved for FMT to have come out and it to have doubled, trebled, quadrupled sales. If FMT had outshone the main FM game it would have shaped and moulded the development of that in all likelihood because you're seeing what your audience wants. Like versus mode coming to the main FM game, if something works then naturally SI will look to ensure its also available in the main game. This isn't some personal attack on the core FMT playerbase. This isn't some vindictive actions from a developer who wants to leave the industry and move into another area like we've seen elsewhere. It's not a TV or game studio who are deciding that while it does make money, it just doesn't make all the money and so has to go. It's just... business. SI tried it because players wanted it. While FM doesn't have a traditional competitor like LMA Manager, Total Club/Fifa Manager, on the lighter weight end of the spectrum laptop gaming/mobile gaming FM has a lot of competitors chasing new players.
  19. Dynamic potential will never make sense for the way its supposed to function in the game, the path its going down is for greater and greater variance in player development. It's always going to be incredibly difficult to represent players who drop off in football. How many do you not hear the story about why until they've retired or long since moved on? It's worth remembering as well that player development hasn't been on rails in the same way as it used to be for quite a long time. I've rated quite a few Stoke youngsters at -8/-85 over a handful of years now and they never appear on any of the top rated youngsters or must buy youngster lists, yet a search on the forums show for the odd person here and there they've been very impressive. Given the way those players careers have panned out in the years since, its been good to see that I can rate them with their high potential and yet they don't just become certainties in the eyes of the community.
  20. I think with pre-release material for games its only good for the right kind of person. I'm one of the people for whom, with any game, I need to avoid it like a plague. A few too many Peter Molyneux games and then the nemesis system from the first Middle Earth game ruined preview content for me. With FM and sports games in general there is always going to be a limited amount that can be done, and somewhat frustratingly we're still waiting on the entire industry to make a big step forward with AI. It feels years overdue now. When it comes to the data side though, there is a lot more scrutiny involved for things we submit, a lot more information is provided by SI as well before beginning. Its not perfect but the prime example is I saw a legends FM Database knocking around. George Best had a 17 for natural fitness in it. I never downloaded it, but even if it had been paired with a professionalism attribute of 1 it wouldn't have been an accurate reflection of Best.
  21. @itsrpss it's not silly questions, I don't know the answers to all of them myself. Firstly, when it comes to getting FM on an ipad it appears a few months ago a Safari compatible version of xcloud (the streaming the game option) was released a few months back. I think this is where you may need to do most of your research on and seeing what others are sharing their experiences as when it comes out because I expect someone could well do a guide on it then. You can get the game through the pass and have it for as long as you remain subscribed, or buy the game outright. Here is FM21 on the microsoft store:
  22. It's very difficult to shift peoples thoughts or opinions. The simplest example I can give related to FM is the Jumping Reach attribute, a lot of players will still default to the wrong thinking there despite a long period of time having been spent correcting that and even renaming the attribute. Changing other players view of FMT prior to now was largely as successful as convincing people that its right for SI to stop making FMT the way they have prior. And of course you will expect things to happen based on the past, but that's not a guarantee. There used to be the World Soccer Manager splintering off of the game for a number of years, then, there wasn't. For what its worth as well, gamepass isn't the only way to get the xbox edition. You can still buy the game as a one-off fee on its own through the Microsoft store.
  23. @bluman it wouldn't be right to assume only PC data has been used to decide on the future through tablets. Ultimately it's no consolation to the people who were playing it and were its active user-base. The reality is the game didn't bring in enough to justify continuing as it was. It was only part way through FM20 I switched back to the main FM game, there are going to be so many factors that as an end-user we don't get to know. I know that the stores on android and apple can be quite costly, without any comparable set-up that Steam and Epic have based on volumes sold. I don't know if that has an impact on FM but it creates problems. I do spend quite a bit of time talking to people in the business I work for though, and getting things approved with apple can be very difficult and time consuming. Personally putting aside the moderator & researcher aspect, if SI make a decision for monetary reasons I can't begrudge them it too much considering they're one of the few game studios who've been around for a long time and aren't actively trying to gouge me for money. Proof that I have been a huge fan myself of FMT:
  24. Don't think its been announced as of yet, but as with all major instances there is the effort made to include them where possible. If Amnesty International get their way though there won't be a takeover.
  25. No, it has already been confirmed that women's football won't be in FM22.
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