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  1. Hello, I haven't bought a new laptop for around 8 years, which is why I play FM Touch on my ipad these days. However, being impulsive I've decided to buy a laptop the kids can use for homework and obviously the real reason is for me to play games. Two options... https://www.box.co.uk/82B10061UK-Lenovo-Legion-5_3064873.html Or https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-ryzen-9-4900h-16gb-1tb-ssd-geforce-rtx-2060-15.6-inch-windows-10-gamin-fa506iv-hn429t/version.asp My question are: Is the upgrade in CPU and Graphics worth an extra £400? Do you have any ot
  2. The Everton home kit looks to be more of a pastel blue colour rather than the traditional royal blue jersey. Has the colour been changed at all for the 3D view?
  3. Same for me playing on IPad 2017 (5th Gen), the continue button is requires more double taps than other buttons. As already mentioned the button changes colour slightly to reflect the press but doesn’t do anything.
  4. Could you please post the set piece instructions, corner and free kicks please as I'm playing on stadia.
  5. Any or help for stadia players who are unable to download tactics. Do you have in depth screenshots available so we can re-create your tactics? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know what editors are available for the stadia version? Any pre or in-game ones available?
  7. Thank you Ben. Do you foresee all newer patches such as 20.2.3 also taking longer than expected, especially over Christmas? Will 20.2.3 be released on Stadia in 2019? Thanks
  8. Silence is deafening right now, 20.2.0 was released for PC on 3rd December, longer than the 5 working days suggested. Two weeks tomorrow, I've stopped playing to be honest with you. It ruins the fun of interacting with others as we can't share similar experiences, tactics etc.
  9. Appriciate miles sending a tweet out....however I'm still on 20.1.4 Timescales are way out
  10. Thanks for the reply. This is only for the social media page I believe, I dont often check this page and would rather the news came to the inbox?
  11. Can someone help me and identify how I can subsribe my mail/inbox to manager changes for specific leagues, ie Premier League. I simply want to see the comings/goings and be notified when a top job becomes available without checking the job screen every week. Cheers
  12. Hi Neil, It's a bit disappointing that Stadia players are still waiting for the patch to land nearly a week after general release. I'm now in a situation where PC players have 20.2.1 and I'm still on 20.1.4.
  13. Can anyone confirm when the latest patch will arriveon Stadia? It's current still on 20.1.4
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