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  1. I understand the focus is on FM20 but this is a very significant bug that hasn't been addressed at all and no update since February. Disappointing
  2. Has there been any news regarding Google Stadia after the initial announcement?
  3. First Super Cup for my Everton save, season 21/22 and I have 15 players unavailable due to international games. Is this something you are aware of or do you need me to save game in?
  4. Is there any update on this? Such a disappointment to watch a shoot out but not see the crucial miss.
  5. Thanks Declan, I've just taken the Everton job and the assistant manager position is vacant so that makes sense. Cheers
  6. My individual role familiarity has suddenly gone black offering no information at all, this then has a knock on effect to the Analysis screen. Is this a bug or something I'm missing?
  7. I'm also experiencing this issue on iOS, do you need a topic in that forum also?
  8. I think this is a bug but apologies if not, playing as Man Utd I won the Champions League and therefore qualified for the world club championship. Much to my surprise Man City were also in the competition! Played them in the final and beat them Is this a bug?
  9. Straight red - 1st of the season results in a Warning, 2nd red 1 week fine, 3 or more 2 weeks fine. 2nd yellow - warning Absent from training - 2 weeks fine always.
  10. Can anyone provide any feedback on the 3D Performance on Samsung tablets? I have a Samsung tab A 10.1 and couldn't play FMT17 on 3D due to poor performance, has it improved at all or am I looking at a new tablet? Anyone have a tab a or S2 with FMT18?
  11. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm still tweaking it but I'm still getting strong performances out of my team. Maybe niasse is just awesome
  12. During pre season I was playing commentary only with replays set for goals. No replays were shown despite the box being ticked. Is this a known known bug? If not what details would you like?
  13. I converted to FM Touch last year and it's the best move I ever did. Full FM is just too bloated for me, with my family commitments I can't get through 2 seasons in a year. FM Touch gives me more flexibility for playing on the road (tablet) or at home (pc). I now use my dinner hour at work to smash through a few games on the tablet! I don't miss the features not included at all, the only downside is FM Touch requires me to spend more money as I need to buy the tablet version also. In short, FM Touch saved my football managing career.
  14. Hi all, Would like some feedback on this tactic I've created and still working on. I took over at Everton after they sacked Koeman in mid December, since I've had very positive results apart from Arsenal where Coleman was sent off after 10 mins (we were winning 1-0 until then). In just a short amount of games it's helped Oumar Niasse to register 2 separate hat-tricks (miracle). Good wingbacks needed for increased creativity. When playing away from home consider removing one DLF for a DM if winning and needing to tighten up. Assistant set to TT and zero OI needed. Set pieces are FM18 default currently. Download: 5-2-3 WB EVERTON.tac
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