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  1. You also get some old players come back to play for you in the game
  2. On your home screen, use the "Team Competitions" section
  3. Holland FC is a team that does exist, and this is correct. They come from a town called Holland-on-Sea in Essex.
  4. I've just had a player sent off in the FA Cup, but his suspension is only for FA Cup games, whereas it should be for all domestic games. It is the booking-related suspension for the FA Cup that only apply to FA Cup games. He was sent off for a dangerous tackle, straight red.
  5. As Boston United researcher, I've already noticed a few wage figures that are too high in the game, will be amended when I next get the opportunity. Tootle and Fitzsimons are essentially double what they should be (possibly missed contract amendment from Notts County transfer). Paul Green slightly high, as he's gone part-time to allow him to focus more on his "A1 Football Factory". Tyrell Warren slightly high too, he's essentially our first backup for RB/CB at the moment, same with Lewis Gibbens who has been out on loan from BUFC already.. Will look to give modest increases to Platt, Thewlis and Shiels. Any corrections for the Boston data, feel free to mention me in your post in this thread.
  6. No, they disbanded due to cost-cutting. I'm surprised you can't ask though. https://www.herefordfc.co.uk/academy-bulls-academy-closed-for-20-21-season/
  7. Updating social media reaches a bigger audience, and more quickly, it's how it works nowadays. The feature blogs ARE on the website.
  8. You do you. If someone creates a Twitter account, solely to get new features news - I don't see the problem.
  9. Could add some sort of physio/player/manager interaction before a game, asking for advice on whether the players starts, goes on the bench, doesn't play, etc.
  10. The editions on CDKeys are Europe and Worldwide. Europe is the one you want. Interesting how they say you'll get beta access, as I thought they needed to be on this list: https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  11. Go to their Transfer History, and change the dropdown top left to Released Players
  12. https://www.shopto.net/en/dwnld58827-football-manager-2021-p510778/ Better off buying from ShopTo as you'll get the early access beta.
  13. Depends where you live, and what site in question you're ordering from...
  14. Actually, that is how it works this season. It wasn't last season in the PL - but in other countries they used the VAR screens more. I think SI used the system that was most popular across the world. The only one I think is wrong now, is when it's VAR to decide if a foul was inside or outside the area - this is done by the VAR official, and not with the screen. I think they need to change the animation for when the ref goes over to the screen - just an inset animation would do, or even fade to show a big screen with the result.
  15. Once the game is released, the 10% discount is stopped. "Secure 10% off and gain Early Access to Football Manager 2021 by pre-purchasing any time prior to full release" https://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-2021
  16. Doing a Director of Football challenge, and he was about to sign a midfielder on loan. However on the final confirmation screen, he got a report from the physio to say the player was injured for 3 weeks and prone to injury - so he cancelled it! Love that.
  17. They are on the list of approved retailers, so you should get early access. https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
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