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  1. pickyimp

    [ENGLAND] Lincoln City Data Issues

    He’s been added
  2. Jacob Fenton has joined Boston Town from Sleaford town
  3. pickyimp

    [ENGLAND] Lincoln City Data Issues

    Yeah unfortunately I can’t set Chapman to be in the first team although in game he is rated highly enough to be in the first team. Because we are heavily stocked with CM the game naturally puts him in the U18 squad, plus he’s still U18. i will try get Rossington added before data lock but can’t promise, especially with Lincoln already having 2 sports scientists as it won’t be considered immediate. Feel free to report anymore errors you see, wasn’t trying to be obstructive to the opening post we just need a bit more info then check the website
  4. pickyimp

    [ENGLAND] Lincoln City Data Issues

    Hayden is down as a sports rehabilitator which isn’t a role within the game. Lincoln already have Hine and Treadwell in physio positions with Rands as U18. Jordan Askew is down as performance analyst which again isn’t a role in the game. We do have Data Analyst but again already have Young’s as head of data and Page & Ellis as data analysts. If you could provide some info on Rossington like dob, date joined club I will endeavour to get him added before data lock. However can’t promise it would be completed in time and your more looking at Jan update Do you have any playing squad feedback?
  5. pickyimp

    [ENGLAND] Lincoln City Data Issues

    Like who? Have you read the opening post you need to be more exact in what your explaining? If you tell me who you think is missing I might be able to give you a reason?
  6. pickyimp

    [ENGLAND] Lincoln City Data Issues

    Who’s missing? You need to be a bit more specific then that!
  7. Lincoln keepers do where pink shirts when at home with black shorts
  8. pickyimp

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Very minor point but first season with Lincoln and Boxing Day fixtures are scheduled to kick off at 19:45 when traditionally they are 3pm kick offs. Potentially because boxing day is a Tuesday?
  9. Are you still playing the beta? In the official game he is back at Lincoln
  10. Which teams? I spent hours sorting Lincoln out
  11. pickyimp

    Warm up, squad...

    Another good point to this would be when you are traveling to an away game you name the players who you want to travel on the team coach and name the squad from that? No club ever takes the whole squad on the coach to a game
  12. One of them will prob be listed as assistant manager
  13. pickyimp

    Luton Town : Staring into the Abyss

    I feel like i know james Martin personally. thanks for your great story
  14. pickyimp

    How To Un-Alienate a Player?

    Works if you maybe get him to learn from a more senior player, specially someone you can rely on. I had the same problem and after a bit of cuddling from a senior pro he is now better then the senior guy and has taken his place in the team.