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  1. Having the same problem with this myself. Allowed 4 one game but then only 3 the next.
  2. I can show you Lincoln’s fixture list? Think all Carabao cup first round games kicked off at 3pm. This is only for this season as the fixtures are usually scheduled for a mid week https://www.skysports.com/carabao-cup-results
  3. Minor issue but my Carabao cup game on Saturday 5th Sept kicks off at 19:45 when it should be 3pm
  4. This was an issue during beta where a friendly is scheduled on the day of the Carabao cup first round and this appears in the schedule twice
  5. Hi @ScottT87 and thanks for the info, you haven't rambled at all! Have considered all your points and spoke to head EFL researcher, please see points below: Heath Lane was originally called Heath Lane before the sponsorship, we weren't sure whether sponsored names for training grounds was included, have decided to leave it as it is for now but will revisit this in Jan as data now locked. Soule, I have his injury marked to include however we can't cancel the loan in game until we get confirmation from either club the loan has been cancelled as he could come back. Morton injury also no
  6. Anderson has DR set as 12/20 and WBR at 14/20 in the database. This means he is competent in the role which is fair
  7. I agree with the traits you have listed and will get them added to the database. Not sure why it’s labelling him as a RWB, he’s defo set as CB in the data. I’ll have a look at that one. @Dean Gripton please can you add the mental traits Montsma was rated by the Dutch researcher but has since had a big increase to the database myself and EFL head researcher are happy with his individual stats.
  8. Champions of Non League, We know what we are

  9. I feel like i know james Martin personally. thanks for your great story
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