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  1. @Neil Brock this appears to have solved the issue along with putting the game into windowed mode. Thanks very much for your help and support
  2. Same thing happened to me, however I had a back up save. This still works but freezes on press conferences and matches and can only be unfroze by doing ctrl alt del
  3. Yep. Done all that and still freezing at same points. Processing rest of game is still very quick and no issues just press conferences, Team talks and matches where the issue is
  4. Was playing FM fine this morning then logged off. When I logged back on steam updated. When I went into Steam FM19 was uninstalled. Reinstalled FM but my save game was corrupt. Luckily my backup save was only a game behind and not corrupt. Now the save I was running is very slow processing press conferences and matches to the point where it freezes and the only way to move it along is to Ctrl-Alt-Del. This then unfreezes. I have verified game cache on steam. Any other suggestions?
  5. Had something g similar where FM19 was uninstalled. Reinstalled and restarted computer and managed to save my save game but lags on match screen now and have to Ctrl alt del to move game along during matches
  6. As whitehouse was under 24 at time of deal and we offered him a new deal you did pay a small fee for him
  7. Into my second season with Lincoln and my first year scholars who are now second year scholars appear to be too old to play for U18 team. I have checked my data files and all of the players I added have the year of birth as 2001 as requested, but the game appears to be generating the date of births before 1/9/2001 thus making them ineligible when in effect they would be able to play as second year scholars. save game loaded as Lincoln u18 ineligble
  8. Jonny Margetts has left Boston to join Gainsborough today 23/10/18
  9. Yeah unfortunately I can’t set Chapman to be in the first team although in game he is rated highly enough to be in the first team. Because we are heavily stocked with CM the game naturally puts him in the U18 squad, plus he’s still U18. i will try get Rossington added before data lock but can’t promise, especially with Lincoln already having 2 sports scientists as it won’t be considered immediate. Feel free to report anymore errors you see, wasn’t trying to be obstructive to the opening post we just need a bit more info then check the website
  10. Hayden is down as a sports rehabilitator which isn’t a role within the game. Lincoln already have Hine and Treadwell in physio positions with Rands as U18. Jordan Askew is down as performance analyst which again isn’t a role in the game. We do have Data Analyst but again already have Young’s as head of data and Page & Ellis as data analysts. If you could provide some info on Rossington like dob, date joined club I will endeavour to get him added before data lock. However can’t promise it would be completed in time and your more looking at Jan update Do you have any playing squad feedback?
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