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  1. [Brighton & Hove Albion] (Official) Data Issues

    Kayal - super annoying, not sure how I forgot to add that. Duffy and Dunk both received an equal boost. I'm not sure what makes you say the players continue to be underrated, they squad is rated as the 2nd best in the league behind Newcastle. I think Duffy's defensive stats deserve to be better than Dunk's. Dunk offers more in terms of his ability on the ball, in possession. Stephens +1, Knockaert +1, Baldock +3 all received little boosts in the update. We don't rate players by stars, that's just the games representation of their ability within the current squad. Thanks, I did spot this but sadly too late for the update. As far as I can tell it wasn't publicised by the Albion or the local press!
  2. [Guiseley] (Official) Data Issues

    Conference clubs can loan players but we only reflect window to window (as in - August->Jan and Jan->May) long term loans. It's explained in the FAQ at the top of the forum.
  3. [North Ferriby United] (Official) Data Issues

    Tinkler was signed on loan after the transfer window had closed so was a short-term loan which we don't include in the update. Dixon is sadly an error and should have been moved. You can update the moves in the editor if you'd like to include any short term loans in your game.
  4. [Guiseley] (Official) Data Issues

    We only include long term window-window loans.
  5. Hi Dan - Richard Bennett had his CA boosted by 6 points and 9 of his attributes were improved so we did give him a boost. He had 8 goals at the time the file was out with our researcher and he noted Bennett's progress in his email update to us at SI. Given that he'd been playing at Level 8 for the past few years it's been a reasonable step up for him to the 5th tier. He's certainly not rated as a lower North/South player, his CA places him as a star player in our guidelines for the top sides in those leagues and a first-team player at a good level in the National League. In addition to Bennett, Barrow had 7 players CAs increased. We'd welcome any further feedback in the Barrow Data Issues thread. Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoy the update.
  6. [Woking] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi James, We'd love to have you all in the game although at this stage it would have to wait until the next database update (which might be next Feb after the transfer window). I'll send you a DM.
  7. [Birmingham City] (Official) Data Issues

    There tends to be movement at the start of the game as clubs who have vacant roles look to fill those roles. Sometimes that's fine and correct, on other occasions it may suggest the other club is missing a staff member who should be in the game or they're looking for more coaches than they need etc.
  8. [Woking] (Official) Data Issues

    Unfortunately we're not able to add players at this late stage but we'd love to include them in the next data update and any information you're able to provide would be very useful. Thanks!
  9. [Wrexham] (Official) Data Issues

    Jake emailed me during the week about Bircham, Horn and Keates and they have all been done. Wolland (assuming it's till end of the season?) and Partyn will probably have to wait until January now.
  10. [Torquay United] (Official) Data Issues

    These have both been fixed for the full release.
  11. [Southport] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, will get that changed!
  12. [Maidstone United] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, you should find the capacity set as 2,500 upon release of the game, which will rise to 4,200 in the spring.
  13. [Chester] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for reporting this issue @McClane29. I think the home kit issue was a coding issue that appears to have since been fixed as the back of the shirt is blue in my internal build. I'll get the away kit updated for the full release.
  14. [Dagenham & Redbridge] (Official) Data Issues

    He signed on the 21st October, the beta was launched before then hence he's not available in the beta at present. He'll be there on Nov 4th when we launch. Thanks.
  15. [Brighton & Hove Albion] (Official) Data Issues

    I don't believe he is working with the U23s or U18s but much younger age groups that we don't represent in the game. There's a good chance of him becoming a GK coach upon retirement in the game though. Cheers!