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  1. I don't believe he is working with the U23s or U18s but much younger age groups that we don't represent in the game. There's a good chance of him becoming a GK coach upon retirement in the game though. Cheers!
  2. Not sure what to make of these two.. &
  3. Sunday 19th Eurostar to Paris, Monday 20th train to St Etienne and going to Slovakia vs England. 1am train back to Paris, Iceland vs Austria on the 22nd and then back to London on the 23rd. Can't wait!
  4. They're in the process of being sent out already.
  5. If you requested a boxed copy, you'll be able to play the pre-release beta as soon as you receive the game in the post and install it. If you requested a digital download you'll be able to play the pre-release beta as soon as you receive your code.
  6. As others have pointed out, the data is not as out of date as you suggest. We do our upmost to ensure the data is as up to date as possible. We've got a fantastic team of researchers who I'm sure would work right up to release date if they were allowed to but we need to have a cut off at some point to ensure the data is fully tested. It's ever so easy to create a massive problem in the game just by accidentally adding and extra 0 to a wage for example! After our researchers around the world submit their final data we have a limited amount of time to update the database internally. This tends to mostly involve fixing any errors that have been picked up in testing but where possible we'll also update the data to reflect real world changes too.
  7. There's a chance they will yes.
  8. There isn't a set date for Tottenham to move into a new ground so there's no date to display in game.
  9. Blimey, you've almost got me wanting to play as Newcastle! Epic.
  10. I believe this is an error in the beta, should work in the full game.
  11. Apologies for that, the translation wasn't fully complete in time for the beta but I'd expect it to be sorted in time for release.
  12. Please post any data issues in the data forum, best place to get your issues seen to by the relevant researchers.
  13. Yes, Football Manager Classic will look different to Football Manager 2013.
  14. You'd never praise Brighton! "blimey, Poyet's still a **** then" is far more likely.
  15. Massive mistake from the linesman for that one! It made the game come to life a bit though, as we pushed men forwards and you then countered us on the break. Was still finely in the balance. Finally got Vicente on the pitch and has that little bit of star quality to make something happen and get us the goal. Was a good game, both teams looked very good.