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  1. Good guess. So an analyst might be brilliant at identifying player or team strengths or weaknesses but not very good at presenting that information to the manager. The presentation is how well they communicate that to the manager. So a higher score would mean the most relevant and useful data is in their report.
  2. I appreciate the input and I know some people would agree with you but my personal preference is to have Argentina as his first nation. He's always referred to as an Argentinian, he considers himself Argentinian and his cap for Italy is documented in the database. I don't think it would be correct to set him as not wanting to play for Italy, I think he'd probably play for whomever gave him the opportunity, I just don't think one cap in a friendly should make him Italian.
  3. Thank you although I prefer to have him as Argentinian. He has his 1 app for Italy and this should be in game I believe. However he was born in Argentina and has said his dream is to play for Argentina - "my heart is from Argentina and my next step is to play for them." http://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/15509671.Schelotto_ready_to_get_his_teeth_into_new_adventure/ http://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/16271244.Schelotto_reveals_he_was_on_Argentina_s_World_Cup_radar/
  4. Bong - Yeah it was a bit late to get this included, in the last hours before the update we have to prioritise what gets done and this wasn't important enough to make it in. Ryan - I think both could be higher, although both are weighted very highly so just adding 1 to both would boost his CA by 3 points. That would make him the 4th best player at the club. I'll look at it again when the files are back with us for the end of season review, but I hope you can understand that when you say "very" low, just an improvement of 1 makes quite a big difference. Stephens - I haven't added AMC recently, he's had an ability to play that position for a long time. He has had a tweak, his Heading, Teamwork, Work Rate and Agility all went up, as did his CA by 3 points. Gross - If I add 1 to each of those attributes his CA goes up by 4 points. He already has good scores for these attributes and I think his overall profile gives a good reflection of the type of player he is. Propper - Again, a 1 point increase here would mean a 1 point CA increase. It could be tweaked up by 1 I guess, but for me it's one of those where there's a few attributes that you could argue could be a tiny bit higher and before you know it you have a big CA rise to someone who is already rated very highly. Izquierdo - Yeah, it's 0 at the moment so gets randomised. I'll enter something here when files are returned to me. Dunk - He did receive a decent boost before the full release of the game. I stand by 10 for Concentration and 13 for Marking, and yes it was dropped by 1. He's been culpable plenty of times this season of losing his man at corners. His brave blocks can often be a result of not marking well enough to begin with. His captain when Bruno doesn't play, largely because he's the longest serving and playing at the back, I don't think he's a leader, I think he has always benefited/needed a leader in the form of a Duffy, or Gordon Greer in the past alongside him. I think his Passing, Technique, Vision are good for a centre back. It's easier when you're deep, with only players in front of you and less pressure on the ball. I think over his career he has lost his head in important matches, like getting sent off against Derby in 2016 and missing the game at Boro and 1st leg of playoffs against Wednesday. Dunk has a higher CA than Duffy, the star ratings do not reflect a players ability. Cheers for your thoughts!
  5. I missed that, which is frustrating as I buy every programme. Sad news.
  6. Simon Tipple

    Player Valuations Are Unfair

    Looking at the database which drives this, there is a disparity between the value of the top players in Germany and Italy, which I wouldn't expect to see, but I'll have to discuss it with the Italian Head Researcher and our lead QA for Transfers to verify whether or not they believe it to be wrong. Actively looking into it though, so if they agree that it's wrong we'll get it fixed for the Jan data update.
  7. Thanks, not sure if he was ever in my file as joined and left on loan so quickly! £286 isn't the wage I noted down in July so something's gone amiss there, will get it changed.
  8. Simon Tipple

    [Romania] (Official) Data Issues

    Probably best to chase him up on it.
  9. Simon Tipple

    [Romania] (Official) Data Issues

    Always email for these things, too easy to miss on the forums. Gripper does the EDT files so best to contact him.
  10. Simon Tipple

    Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I think we already have what you are trying to achieve. A players PA is not the CA they will achieve it is what they could achieve and it already takes into account their mental attributes, bad luck with injuries, game time and so on.
  11. Simon Tipple

    [England] Free Agents

    Please post any data issues related to free agents in England here. · Please note that much of the data in the database is of a subjective nature and many people will have different opinions about this kind of data and this must be respected. · We would request you all to adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics: 1. State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data. 2. State what you think the data should be. 3. State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.
  12. Simon Tipple

    [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Thank you, this is under review.
  13. Simon Tipple

    [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Players have to be 16 or older to be in the game. With Lindsey he will join in January so I expect that'll be reflected in the Feb update that'll contain all the moves from Jan.
  14. Simon Tipple

    [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    This doesn't look like a data issue to me, perhaps worth posting here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/569-other-gameplay/