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  1. Simon Tipple

    [ENGLAND] Nottingham Forest Data Issues

    I've unfortunately had to remove a couple of posts here. When a player joins a new club that player has been assessed by the researcher of their previous club who has seen more of that player and we discourage making many changes to a players profile until the new researcher has seen enough to make their own judgement. That doesn't mean we cannot be reactive if something looks very wrong and Rob and Gripper will consider any considered opinions. As ever, if you think there is an issue, state what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data; state what you think the data should be; state reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.
  2. Simon Tipple

    [Europe] Data Issues

    This isn't a data issue. If you have examples of what you believe to be a bug please post them in the Dynamics and Interaction forum.
  3. Simon Tipple

    [Australia] Data Issues

    I've contacted our Head Researcher for Australia and asked him to advise on us on the reported issues.
  4. Simon Tipple

    [England Isthmian League – Levels 7&8] Data Issues

    Will look into that one, thanks.
  5. Simon Tipple

    [Asia] Data Issues

    If this is an issue it would be for the League Specific Issues forum, ideally with some further information as I've just looked and there are 24 teams, so perhaps there is some confusion here.
  6. Simon Tipple

    [Oceania] Data Issues

  7. Simon Tipple

    [Oceania] Data Issues

    Thank you Saltori.
  8. Simon Tipple

    [North America] Data Issues

    Thank you demodave.
  9. Simon Tipple

    [England Isthmian League – Levels 7&8] Data Issues

    Thank you, do you know the full extent of the agreement at King George's Field? How long they'll be there, assume they are renting?
  10. Simon Tipple

    [England Regional Leagues – Level 9] Data Issues

    Thank you, have released him from Ashington.
  11. Simon Tipple

    [England Regional Leagues – Level 9] Data Issues

    Thanks, have updated.