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  1. Simon Tipple

    SI 'inside view'

    This is the office:
  2. Simon Tipple

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    He's not because we don't currently support that role in game.
  3. Simon Tipple

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    I think you are mistaken. He is in the game.
  4. Players can develop at different rates throughout their careers in FM and therefore you can have late bloomers.
  5. Simon Tipple

    [Iceland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Do you have a save game from before the link was terminated that you could upload to the FTP? Ideally as close to the termination as possible. Haven't been able to reproduce this here. As ÍBV manager you should be able to right click on a player and move them to the affiliate club, in this case ÍBV/KFS? There is an issue with not being able to move players on youth contracts that we are looking into.
  6. Simon Tipple

    [Australia] Data Issues

    Thanks, have identified that one and is under review.
  7. Simon Tipple

    [Iceland] Data Issues

    We have tried to reproduce this in the office with no success. Do you have a save game from before the link is terminated?
  8. Simon Tipple

    [Iceland] Data Issues

    HK/Ymir are your U19 team, they're just shared with Yamir. I'll see if we can get them added to the Menu bar to make this clearer. I've also added the issue with the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment descriptions to our internal system as these should be consistent across the 3 clubs.
  9. Simon Tipple

    [Australia] Data Issues

    Bauthéac, Keogh and Vargas wages are under review as these wages are being generated by code and are quite clearly very wrong. We're working on a fix for these. Baena is a similar issue, as the wage is blank in the db, but in this case just needs to be set in the db rather than a code change. Halloran and Honda wages are set in the db, so a different cause but also under review.
  10. Simon Tipple

    World Cup 2018 awards

    No, but it's under review.
  11. Simon Tipple

    [Germany] Data Issues

    Nope, licensing. That said the title bar colours in general come from a limited colour palette so very rarely match the jersey's anyway.
  12. Simon Tipple

    [Turkey] Data Issues

    Sorry @CANER CMZ but I do not understand the question? Are you saying there is VAR in reality and it should be in the game, or are you saying it is in the game but not in reality?
  13. Simon Tipple

    [Spain] Data Issues

    Hi @Vicz, we have been receiving regular updates from our Spanish research team over the past couple of weeks so I'd hope issues have been addressed but I'll give them a nudge towards this thread. Thanks.
  14. Simon Tipple

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    There's no need to apologise - I appreciate the feedback and am pleased to be able to give you a little more insight.
  15. Simon Tipple

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    @SD & @PandoraBox - Once release is out of the way we'll analyse the data and have a look at this.