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  1. I'm afraid I don't know about that.
  2. Have just looked into this one and the issue is nothing to do with @BelgianResearch. It's not intentional, the club was removed (as it was the wrong club as you identified), however I believe the academy he was at isn't in the database. So he was left as a free agent but with a future transfer. Our database extractor has therefore not found him when creating the games database.
  3. Have had a quick look and looks like a 1% chance of a temp below 22. If you're seeing this regularly perhaps there's something weird going on we need to look at but without any other reports of low temps in the summer I'd imagine this was a one off.
  4. That's ok. Your operating system is the software that allows you to run other applications, eg Windows 10.
  5. His acceleration is 9, pace 14. Which reflects that he isn't quick off the mark but once he gets going he is reasonably quick. He's been playing as an overlapping center-back, a left back and a left-wing back this season and looks pretty quick when he's galloping down the line. He's an odd player as given his height you're expecting to see a clumsy center-back but he's actually deceptively quick and talented in possession.
  6. I updated as much as I could so you should be able to see what changed in the full release. I made so many changes I can't recall each individual change. If something wasn't changed your posts still there so I'd hope the German research team will pick up on it for future updates.
  7. I've added him so he'll be in the next db update (after than Jan transfers).
  8. We have a fix to name them Hertha BSC if playing in the German language and that'll go into a future update.
  9. I amended as much as I could in the time we had remaining but couldn't get to everything that's been posted. Your post about Mike Büskens did make it in. Anything factual that didn't make it will be seen by @Kox and should make the next data update.
  10. Could you report this in the league specific issues forum please.
  11. Thanks - need official link rather than transfermarkt ideally, but have found them and verified all.
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