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  1. Hi Lee, best to ask on our crashes and technical issues forum if the FAQ doesn't resolve the problem.
  2. Please follow the steps here and let us know how you get on:
  3. It's most likely related to the editor data I'm afraid. We'll take a look, thanks.
  4. If you don't mind it would be handy if you could post about this one here.
  5. Any errors like this should be posted in the League Specific Issues forum as they are issues with the rules rather than the data. Thanks.
  6. I think you have the wrong end of the stick here. Neil was explaining that when we make changes to the match engine code we have to keep an eye on the impact that change has on the match stats. For example, a change to the code could potentially see every team scoring/conceding an extra 20 goals per season. We need to ensure the changes we make to the code are still producing sane results.
  7. He's not because we don't currently support that role in game.
  8. Players can develop at different rates throughout their careers in FM and therefore you can have late bloomers.
  9. Do you have a save game from before the link was terminated that you could upload to the FTP? Ideally as close to the termination as possible. Haven't been able to reproduce this here. As ÍBV manager you should be able to right click on a player and move them to the affiliate club, in this case ÍBV/KFS? There is an issue with not being able to move players on youth contracts that we are looking into.
  10. Thanks, have identified that one and is under review.
  11. We have tried to reproduce this in the office with no success. Do you have a save game from before the link is terminated?
  12. HK/Ymir are your U19 team, they're just shared with Yamir. I'll see if we can get them added to the Menu bar to make this clearer. I've also added the issue with the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment descriptions to our internal system as these should be consistent across the 3 clubs.
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