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  1. Thanks for the link. It doesn't quite answer my question around familiarity though. So if I train a player in 'position' rather than 'individual' role, will they be familiar with a wide range of roles, e.g FB-a/s/d & WB -a/s/d, rather than just the single position I'm training them in, e.g FB-a?
  2. I've found this as well in this years game and I'm not sure it's very realistic. Using the OP's example, if my CD is set to train as a CD-Defend because I want to improve his defending skills, but actually played him every week as a BPD, I'd expect his tactical familiarity to become full as a BPD. He would play every week as BPD and would also train as a BPD in every match preparation session. I also have an issue how much tactical familiarity changes when you change the role of a player. A player could have full familiarity on BWM-S, but change that to B2B or CM-S and it drops to the minimum familiarity despite the players attributes being perfect for the 'unfamiliar' but similar role to BWM. I have a full back who's trained on FB-A, change their role in my to Support and familiarity decreases to 60/70%. Is that realistic? Team in real life will approach games differently, sometimes changing tactics and use of players multiple times within a game but I doubt anyone would say their familiarity would be 50/75%. I think the settings around this are far to sensitive, especially for something that's only really been introduced this year?
  3. It wouldn't result in an ultimatum though would it, c'mon. Negotiations would continue as if that offer didn't happen as it was better than expected, whether they wanted it or not.
  4. It happens for players so why cant it work for staff? Adjust squad status and low and behold you see their interest level change. Exactly the same premise. It's not difficult is it. Contract defaults to Director of football role. Club says 'we want to offer you a chief scout role..... Person says, 'No thanks, don't even bother offering me a chief scout role'. Or 'I'm dubious but will hear you out'. All achieved by changing the staff role before making an offer, as per FM19 and all other versions. In real life I'm sure conversations happen before a contract offer goes in. 'This is my preferred role but may consider 'x' and 'y'. Still waiting for someone from SI to confirm comment on this.
  5. I know this a relatively small change from FM19 but seems unnecessary to remove it. Can someone from SI confirm its removal and reason for doing so? Interest level in general, and interest level in the specific role offered is equivalent to player negotiations and squad level.
  6. I've noticed the same problem as the OP. Staff interest level was present in FM19 and has only been removed for this version. I've wanted to give a contract to numerous staff but not the role that initially appears by default in the contract negotiation. I change the role once, or twice and they pull put of negotiation. With the interest level I could gage straight away if they would be interested in the role I wanted to give them. Quite often I'd be willing to give them the role they want as the staff that can perform a couple of roles are often fairly good. However, in FM20 as the OP stated, you often find they pull out of negotiation and you then have to wait 'x' number of days to restart. I think it's realistic to show the level of interest staff have in a particular role. It's similar to squad status for players.
  7. It's not a change from previous games. The U23 staff have always been able to train the senior team for as long as I can remember. Yes it's a bit exploitative as it allows greater coverage over all the training areas for the senior team, so you can make workload 'light' rather than 'average', or 'average' rather than 'heavy'. However, as mentioned above it's really difficult to find 4* and above U23 coaches, so quality of training isn't really boosted.
  8. When I start a new career the database is showing as 2.1.0. Should it be showing as 2.2.0 or even 2.2.3? This is in the drop down on the top right of the career game set up page. Is there a place where you can check what your latest downloaded update is? I have steam set to 'always keep this game up go date' and have re-started steam a few times so assume I have the latest hot-fix. The fact 2.1.0 is showing has made me doubt this though. Thanks.
  9. Anyone able to confirm the above please? Sorry @Simon Tipple - Assuming you've had a Brighton save on the go, has 1st season expectation setting changed so it can now be fixed by the Board with no option to change it? Edit: I'm in the process of getting a new laptop as my current one is old and can't progress the game to find out for myself.
  10. Thank you both. Last question, as the numbers on the benchmarking and comparison are a little confusing for me. Would you expect a MacBook with a 8259u with 8gb Ram to perform far better than the 3615Qm with 16gb Ram, and comfortably run FM with 12ish leagues and 90,000 players?
  11. Anyone notice any changes to the setting of season expectation in the 1st season? I'm playing as Brighton but can't change 'Avoid relegation'. I usually select mid-table or something for a bit of a transfer and wage boost, plus it keeps the pressure on. I'm only allowed to change cup expectations on the opening day... will I get opportunity to change the league expectations deeper into pre-season?
  12. I've been looking into the newer MacBook Pro models and the processors are described in the same way as my 2012 one. Take a 2017 model - "Core i7" 2.9 15-Inch (Mid-2017 Retina Display, Touch Bar, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) is powered by a 14 nm, 7th Generation "Kaby Lake" 2.9 GHz Intel "Core i7" processor (7820HQ), with four independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip" A 2018 model - "Core i5" 2.3 13-Inch (Mid-2018 True Tone Display, Touch Bar, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) is powered by a 14 nm, 8th Generation "Coffee Lake" 2.3 GHz Intel "Core i5" processor (8259U), with four independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip" And mine- Core i7" 2.3 15-Inch (Mid-2012/USB 3.0) features a 22 nm "Ivy Bridge" 2.3 GHz Intel "Core i7" processor (3615QM), with four independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip" Should I be trying to avoid the 'four independent processor' models or are the 2017/18 models so much better this doesn't really matter? @Smurf Thanks for both your help on this thread
  13. Hi, Not quite sure why I'm asking as I know the specs will be fine, just don't want to shell out for a new MacBook and it not do the job. The below will be fine right? 2019 MacBook Pro 13" Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz, 8 GB & 256GB SSD - I'm potentially upgrading from a mid-2012 but it has 16gb Ram and 500gb SSD, so want to check 8gb and 256gb will be fine. I usually try and run 90k players and around 10/12 playable leagues. Thanks
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