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  1. I exploit the transfer system when multiple clubs offer for a player I want. I max out the contract so they except my offer immediately, then delay the transfer until it cancels. After a round or 2 (or 3) of doing this, all other teams lose interest allowing me just to offer a normal contract that they then accept. I almost wish FM would put something in the game that after 1 or 2 times of not completing a transfer the player/agent would say, do you know what mate, you're messing me around so I'm not going to let you offer me anything. A bit like when you actually withdraw from a contract then try again, and they're not willing to talk because of the breakdown in previous negotiations. Of course I could not do the above, but I can, so I do. How else am I supposed to get De Ligt to Brighton? If anyone else does this please let me know so I don't feel guilty when I do well in my save.
  2. I remove all player injuries/bans (all teams not just mine) and recall all of my players away on loan, including youth, so I can decide whether to train them or find a suitable team for them. Increasingly I find that I have started to fix determination and natural fitness of my U18/23 players as they are always shockingly low (I start dozens of new saves in an attempt to see if its an issue and it definitely think it is). Generally I'll only fix those that I know have a decent chance of making it irl, leaving the fate of the others up to the FM god's. Think I'll do that from the start of my main save this year as it really bugs me. At some point I will try a save without any changes as I do feel a bit guilty that I feel the need to mess with the database. Just realised this thread is for in game editor.... don't use it, all the above is pre game.
  3. Is it something you can change back? With the deal being suggested that it will go through at 4.4million that is money that won't go through to Brighton in the game in June/July 2019. If you didn't set this then I guess you also haven't been able to take that transfer value into account when setting the balance and transfer budget?
  4. @Simon Tipple Sorry, just to add, Ales Mateju is only on loan at Brescia rather than signed permanently. There isn't a report I can find that says the loan has a compulsory purchase. https://www.brightonandhovealbion.com/news/2018/july/ales-mateju-joins-brescia/ https://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/16349850.albion-confirm-departure-of-ales-mateju-to-italian-club-brescia/
  5. Thanks for the reply. I do understand about Dunk and remember having a similar conversation this time last year about him. I can agree with you on leadership but defensively he is rated poorly compared to other mid to lower prem teams CB's so hope you can take a look. Stephens has been playing DM this year when we've played 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 (probably more like 4-1-4-1 the way Brighton play). Thats been used 4/5 times this year? Even if he's not given 19/20 for DM I think 18 would be a fairer reflection. Get where you're coming from with Propper because he's a very intelligent player, but it does make him a light weight defensively in the game which I'm not sure is true in real life. I've also just seen Dan Ashworth is joining as Director of Football as a future transfer. His reputation rating is 1*, I know DoF isn't his real job but can this rating be made 4/5*? I'm not sure theres anyone else with so much respect and appreciation over what they've achieved. Out of interest, does signing DoF with a high rep boost the clubs rep or is it performance/facility based only? Thanks for your thoughts on the rest of the team.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, I'm sure he went through all the checks and appreciate you'd have watched him far more than myself. Just giving an observation based on his record last year. Yes slow start for him at Brighton, he had a shorter pre season after the World Cup and Chris Hughton is usually reluctant to throw a new signing straight in to the team. He started Saturday though so hopefully gets a run in the team.
  7. @Simon Tipple My thoughts on the Brighton team- I raised this in Dutch league thread as the file would only just have come over. Alireza Jahanbakhsh- I'm surprised he hasn't had a large boost at the end of last season? He has exactly the same stats as he had after the January transfer update. Top scorer and 12 assists in the team that only finished 3rd, also voted 2nd best player in the league. I bet his CA is some way off some of the players at PSV and Ajax, which is unfair. He's also not got full green as a right winger when he played 95% of his games there last season. Mathew Ryan- Agree with the reduction in command of area. Although he's had a bit of a boost elsewhere I think reflexes could go up another couple, his shot stopping compared to other premier goalkeepers is very low. He was very consistent last year after a the first 2/3 games. Lewis Dunk- Leadership could go up a couple to 14 now he has captained a fair bit more, flair has gone from 5 to 13 which I think is excessive, 9-10 would be ok. Agree that concentration has stayed low at 10 but his defensive stats, tackling and positioning are still low from last year. Marking is good at 13 but I think tackling should be 16 and positioning 15. The low concentration rating still gives him room for an error. He's just had a call up to the England squad, admittedly because a player got injured but it showed he's next in line and well thought of. There are the likes of Jack O'connell and Chris Mepham or have similar or better defensive stats in the game and they've only had one full season in the championship, let alone be in a team with the 9th best defensive record in the premier league last year. Gaetan Bong- Good he's had a bit of lift mentally and defensively, another +1 for tackling and positioning I think are deserved, hardly anything goes by him. Dale Stephens- +2 for positioning, strongest part of his game. Long shots could come down a little now. Please boost his DM rating to natural, Brighton play a 4-2-3-1 deep imo so should be natural there. Davy Propper- As per above with Stephens, Brighton play 4-2-3-1 deep, Propper played in the DM role all season. I don't think he should be natural as I think he's played out of position so accomplished would be good. Along with that his tackling of 8 should be around 11/12, he's already very good in the game though so would expect one or two of his mentals (except positioning) to drop to balance it out (his technicals are otherwise are all good). Pascal Gross- Increase vision and first touch, reduce tackling and pace. Jose Izquierdo- Dribbling increase +2. One of Brighton best players, not sure if his CA puts him in the top 5 in the team? (No spoilers other than yes or no please) Great work with Glenn Murray btw. Oh and Percy Tau is valued at 20mil haha. Not quite sure how that worked out? U23's Fix ben White's determination to something reasonable. I think playing the who of last season in league 2 and winning best player or something shows he's up for it. Brighton obviously struggled to get in a 4th CB this summer before signing Burns and they must have been comfortable in not getting him in until January, presumably because of how much they rate White. He only has a potential 3* at the start so potentially could have a boost. Max Sanders call up to England U19's and captaining the U23's, bigger boost and PA boost? Thanks for reading as always!
  8. I'm surprised Alireza Jahanbakhsh hasn't had a large boost at the end of last season? He has exactly the same stats as he had after the January transfer update. Top scorer and 12 assists in the team that only finished 3rd, also voted 2nd best player in the league. I bet his CA is some way off some of the players at PSV and Ajax, which is unfair. He's also not got full green as a right winger when he played 95% of his games there last season. Raised in here as his file would have been sent over to the Brighton researcher which they won't touch until the January update.
  9. I'd be more concerned he's not even considered an accomplished right back than the long shots.
  10. Linked to this I've recently had a scenario where a player wont enter into discussion for a pre contract agreement on the 30th Dec as they want to wait and assess their options. However, when making a bid and their club accepting they are willing to speak to me and I can offer terms. Two possible reasons here- 1. My club does not have a high enough reputation to be able to offer pre contract terms (in which case the wording from the player/agent doesn't add up, they should just tell me they want a bigger club) .... But I must have a good enough rep as I can offer terms after a bid is accepted.... Do you require a higher rep to be able to offer pre-contract terms over a normal bid? 2. There is a fault/bug and the player should be refusing all clubs advances regardless of whether it is a pre-contract offer or a bid through their club, unless the high status of a club makes them change their mind.
  11. Thank you, I hadn't noticed that the emblems weren't the official ones so thats fine. Premier League players did have faces though (most of them) and they have disappeared since re-installing, all except for Watford. I haven't ever loaded custom data like additional faces or logos. Do you have any idea why my game might not be picking them up? I've deleted cache folders, uninstalled and re-installed again with no luck. Thanks
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