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  1. The U21 European Championship format, both the qualification and the finals will/are changed. Bottom page https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/news/newsid=2590728.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_UEFA_European_Under-21_Championship_qualification https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_UEFA_European_Under-21_Championship regulations https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/Regulations/uefaorg/Regulations/02/57/87/64/2578764_DOWNLOAD.pdf And are you planning to include the new Europa League 2 in FM 20? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Europa_League_2 https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/General/02/58/61/42/2586142_DOWNLOAD.pdf access list 21-24 cycle UCL, EL, EL 2
  2. Hej Freddie. Thanks for your feedback. I forgot to mention that this problem only start from the third season (20-21) and onwards. I did try and do the things you suggested aswell, but the problem still occour. Perhaps you can take a look at it one more time? Thanks
  3. Hello I have created two tourments, UEFA Superleague and UEFA Euroleague. I have the setting set where the superleague should pick the latest winner from the euroleague, in the following season. That works well. The problem is that the superleague will also pick the winner before the latest winner, so we will have the two last winners from the euroleague playing, instead of just the very latest winner. I believe I have set the correct settings. But perhaps you can take a look at it? I will attach the editor file. Thanks! Liga- & dataopdateringer.fmf
  4. Not only did they change their name they also relocated to Vilnius, Before that they were officially based in Trakai, a town located around 30 km from Vilnius. The request was accepted by the way. Just to clarify it
  5. I guess you tried to start a new game and the files you wanted to use wasent there, right? If so, read below. I am not sure how the setup is on a MAC, regarding steam and mapps. But try and locate a map called "steamapps", inside that map there should be another map called "workshop", click on that and check out the "content" or "downloads" mapp. It might be in one of those mapps. Then try and move it to the "editor data" map located somewhere inside your document mapp.
  6. All Lithuanian II Lyga clubs are in the database, but the two regional leagues are not. So he will have to create those two leagues, I am not sure he will do that. Furthermore it is something I as a researcher for that country are thinking of adding those two leagues to the database in the future. The reason why we havent dont that yet is because that the anount of regional leagues are changing all the time. Sometimes its two, sometimes its three, sometimes its 4 and sometimes its only one. But I can see, and I am glad about that, that they have decided to stick with two regional leagues. So lets see, perhaps we can get them implemented soon, for those who are interested
  7. I am having some problems with getting B teams promoted. The correct settings should be set and this was not an issue in previous FM versions Is this a mistake in settings or a bug? Perhaps you can look into it. Thanks Test.fm
  8. Am I the only one having problems with getting reserve/B clubs promoted? It has all the correct settings set but no matter how long you play they will not get promoted. I am not playing in Spain, Germany or anything like that, where it sometimes takes ages. This was not an issue in previous versions. Perhaps SI could look into this? Thanks.
  9. Very complicated league system in Brazil. However I fully understand it now Thanks for that and your great work as well
  10. All right. Thats all I need to know. It makes sense now. I will play in Rio. And that championship already have at least 4-5 clubs in the 1 to 4 division I believe. I guess "the overall table" option is the one to look on then in this case?
  11. I understand the league structure, but I dont understand what position a club must achieve to get promoted to Serie D, or what stage a club minimum must reach to achieve promotion to Serie D if thats the case? Thsnks
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