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  1. Okay, I have no words to express my disappointment about this discussion. I tried to provide the reasons, but it seems the ego of you blind your eyes. I know you did tons of work for this game and there is nothing returns, so the advices makes you feel blamed, I'm sorry for that and I won't bother any more.
  2. I think either the researcher or the normal players like me are both football fans, and we also love this game very much. We all want the datas in the game are more close to real world football players, and I do appriciate the great work the researcher did for us, you all have my full respect. And I also want to say that making advices politely is not blaming the researchers, why couldn't you even take a look at these advices just because it's subjective? I post the data to support my advices, 10 playes at the age of 17/18 played more than 20 games this season. I want to ask a q
  3. For Gonçalo Inácio, his pa is -7.5. Let's take a look at his match history this season. We can see it clearly that he became a regular starter in year 2021, and he performs really good for his age. I know it's hard to make a accurate adjustment to his CA because the samples aren't enough, so 116 maybe is good enough for him now, but why give him such a low PA. I know maybe he is not the top talent at a younger age , like 15,16, so the researcher won't give him a PA like -9, but didn't he worth a PA like -8/-85 or around 160?
  4. I'm so disappointed that Lucas Calegari's pa is -8, especially Menino got a pa like 168. I know it's a subjective thing, but Lucas Calegari worth a pa like 154-160 at least in my opinion.
  5. I'm shocked when I saw the PA of Tiago Tomas. 1. He is a starter of Sporting this season, even after Paulinho joined in winter. 2. He is only aged 18. 3. Sporting is the leader of the league now. In the major leagues such as PL, Serie A, La liga, if a regular first team player is younger than 20, his PA will definately be -85 or -9, not to mention the leader of the league. We can also compare him to a young player in the same league last year, Fabio Silva, he is not a starter of porto, and scored 0 goals, but got a pa of -9. I understand a play's PA is subjectiv
  6. Sebastian Walukiewicz capa 128/-8 is a little low for him, his ca is ok, but his pa need a little strengthend, maybe -85 or 162-165 in my opinion. He played almost all the league games for Cagliari this season at the age of 20. Although Cagliari is in relegation zone now, but he is so calm in game, and shows great potential in these games. His performance this season also attract big clubs like ManUtd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal etc. So I think his PA really need a little upgrade, thx.
  7. Noa Lang CAPA 113/-7.5 is too low, maybe 128/-8.5, 128/160 is okay. Look at his statistics this season in club Brugge, and he really burst out in the new year. He is so young, so I think he deserves a much better PA like -85 or 160-164.
  8. Claudinho (Red Bull Bragantino) CA/PA 129/138 is too low. This guy performs amazing this season. I watch some video of his highlights this season, he is such a skillful, dynamic player. I think he really deverse a upgrade in the game.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I found that when a young player aged 17 or 18 plays regular first team games in the 5 major leagues of europe always got high PA, the younger the higher. -85 seems to be the lowest PA for a player like that. It's very easy to confirm that, use the Editor to filter all the players with PA of -85, -9, -95. So maybe you should take a look at this. This is just for reference only, thx.
  10. Boubakary Soumaré PA 154 is too low, should be 162-164. He is a regular first team player in Lille, and is tracked by big clubs these years, like ManUtd, Milan, Napli. And he refused a transfer option to Newcastle around 40M£. All these shows that he is so under rated with a PA of 154. A. Saint-Maximin moved to Newcastle with an transfer fee of 18M€, and his PA is 165. This is for reference only.
  11. Lucas Felipe Calegari from Fluminense. Pa 138 is too low, should be -85 or 160+. He is a regular first team player this season, and he is aged at 18! If a player can play first team games in europe major leagues at this age, his must got a PA like -85 or better.
  12. Tariq Lamptey: pace 16 is too low, should increased to 18-19. Actually Tariq beats Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies by a mere 0.09 km/h! Jayden Braaf: pa -8 is underrated for him, should be -85 or -9. Jayden Braaf has been named as the 2020 ManCity U23s Players' Player of the Year, he won this title when he was 17 years old. And compared to Sancho when they both aged 17, Jayden Braaf mainly plays for u23, and sancho mainly plays for u18. I think Braaf is as good as sancho, and his pa is too low for him.
  13. I'm sorry, is there any researcher can take a look at this?
  14. I agree it hard to judge because many players doesn't have the right condition to sprints without the ball, but I still think Lewin's pace is underrated in game. Look at this video, it's the highlights of the match Burnley vs Everton, you can start from 7:12. It shows how fast Lewin is, and we can see he is much faster than any other players on the pitch, like Richarlison. This sample is for reference only, I still respect your effort and reply here. By the way, it seems the algorithm of caculate top speed by OPTA has changed, we can find that the top speed of seaso
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